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The speakers discuss the cultural and political importance of Islam, including its shackling and shakiness attributes, its use of shackling and appreciative names, its use of shackling and appreciative names in the culture of Chicago, and its importance in achieving good deeds. They also discuss the importance of setting prices for food and not giving in promises, the sharia and sh tablets, and the importance of respecting Islam and not being afraid to ask questions. The conversation ends with a discussion of a chat group and the importance of not being afraid to ask questions.

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And we know that the attributes of Allah are nothing like the attributes of humans so the humans bashfulness is based on fear, intimidation, shyness,

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weakness of the heart, not wanting people to talk or tarnish your reputation

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with Allah azza wa jal, it is unlike that because all Allah's attributes are nothing similar to the attributes of others. So Allah is bashfulness and modesty is based on strength, on power, on generosity, on His Majesty. He's not weak, to feel bashful as a virgin. Rather, he is powerful and he owns everything. And this is why Allah azza wa jal bachelors ness is not like ours. Allah's modesty is not like ours. Allah is so bashful and modest, that he does not expose his servant when he makes since, though Allah He prohibited it upon him. Yet, Allah does not expose him. Not only that, Allah azza wa jal is bashful. When you use sinner. When you, you disobedient, raise your hands

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to Allah, though you know that Allah knows that you're sinful and disobedient, when you raise your hands and ask Allah azza wa jal, Allah is so bashful

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that he answers your DUA and your invocation. Even if you're a Kaffir. Even if you're a disbeliever.

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He would not reject you, he would answer your DUA, and he would answer your prayer. Because he's bashful. He's generous, he's the all mighty, and he loves those whom are bashful as well.

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So when you're bashful,

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not to face or presses in their face, or

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people with no gratitude to what you've done to them. You're so bashful, not to face them and tell them that I've done this to you. And I've done that to you. Rather you call it a day and not respond to them. Allah loves this from you, when you forgive, due to your bashfulness Allah loves that from you. So this

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throws in our hearts, the love for this bashful God, Allah, the Almighty, who is so generous, so majestic, so kind, so wealthy, that he never returns us empty handed.

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As for the city, we're the one who conceals people's faults and mistakes. The Arabs have a tendency whenever they see a, an accident or something problematic. They would say yes, ah tear

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or Yes, tar. And both are not of Allah's names. The authentic Name of Allah is a CIT T. As mentioned in the Hadith, and look around you, we are all sinful.

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How many

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of us have been exposed to the public? No one knows the sins that I do in secret, Yet Allah keeps on putting his shade on me, covering me from people's eyes and not exposing me

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so that I may repent and ask him for forgiveness. And this is why Allah loves those

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who are bashful and who can see other folks sins. And Allah says, And the Prophet says, Allah is awesome, whoever conceals a believer in this dunya Allah who could seal him on the hereafter Allah who will not expose you in front of everybody else.

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And this brings us to those who

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master the art of tarnishing people's reputation. Those who keep on coming and popping. What do you say about so and so? What about scholars so and so Sheikh so and so some say he's deviant Some say he's a Hawaiian he Some say he's this. They just want to expose people, whether rightly or wrongly, they don't care.

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because when you expose people and show others their flaws and shortcomings, who remains without flaws or shortcomings me, so I expose him and hurt and those in these so that at the end of the day, I'm the only one who has no flaws or shortcomings.

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Be careful Wallahi those who try their best to expose people since Allah who would expose them in the midst of their own homes, with all doors and shutters closed, Allahu they expose them.

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And this is what the prophet warned from alayhi salatu salam, this is why the most heinous sin

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is the one you boast about. Allah conceals your sin that you've done last night. Morning time you go and call your friends didn't you know yesterday I managed to hook up with this beautiful girl, or I watched this movie or I gambled in a casino. And I want this and much so he exposes what Allah has concealed this person, Allah who would never forgive his sins, as per the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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The third and fourth names we have today is a shack it was shackle shack, it is the appreciative and shellcode is the one Most Ready to appreciate and they're very, very close in meaning and they all come from a shocker. Gratitude, to be thankful. Allah says in surah Nisa, May of Allah Allah who we either become in Chicago Tom, what are mentum? What can Allah Who Shakira and Halima? What would Allah do with your punishment? What will Allah gain from punishing you? If you are grateful and believe, and ever is Allah appreciative? What can Allah Who SHA Qian This is the name Shaka? So what does shakin in Chicago means?

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Shaka in Chicago means that Allah azza wa jal with his might, with his glory.

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expresses his gratitude to those who do their deeds sincerely for his sake.

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So he thanks them. And he forgives their many, many faults and sins, and He would never ever neglect the good deed you had done. Rather, he would multiply it to many, many faults without account.

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Part of Allah's being appreciative is that He rewards for one good deed 10 times

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and these 10 Times up to 700 folds. And Allah multiplies to whomever he wills, much more than that part of Allah azza wa jal is being appreciative, being Shaco and Shachar is that when you do good deeds, not necessarily he will postpone rewarding you for it, on the Day of Judgment traveled, we see it here. Sometimes you give in charity $10. And without noticing before that day ends, you get 1000. From means you did not anticipate.

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You never know how Allah azza wa jal appreciates what you do have the good deeds. And if you're sincere, Allah will multiply. The funny thing is that we are unable to do good deeds without his support.

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So, he facilitates for us to do good deeds. He provide us with with provisions with means so that we can do these good deeds, then he praises us. And he compliments us for doing good deeds. And he expands our chests fills our hearts with light and Eman gives our bodies strength and agility blesses all of our affairs with things that he had given us initially, yet he's appreciative for us doing what he ordered us to do. Part of Allah being appreciative is that when you ever leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah azza wa jal would replace you with something that is better. A brother called me yesterday, asking me about prayers.

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Sending a forged document in an interview showing that he has a buffed experience of five years where actually he does not have except one.

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And I told him whenever you leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah who would grant you a provision from means you did not anticipate. All what you have to do is believe. Believe that Allah is a provider and never lie, never cheat, and he will take good care of you. Part of Allah being appreciative, if you come to Allah azza wa jal

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a bit, he comes to you all the way. If you show Allah that you want to get closer, Allah would facilitate that for you and he would reward you folds and folds.

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The fifth name is

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mentioned in the Quran, and it was mentioned 14 times.

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And this name by itself needs lectures, not one lectures, because this is the art of living under the names of Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah says Allah hoo ha Liverpool coalition in Wahoo other coalition in what kill? What kill?

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What does what kill means? It is the trustworthy Disposer of affairs. Allah is the Creator of all things and He is overall things Disposer of affairs. What do we mean by what kill in Arabic, if I hire someone or appoint someone as my word kill, then I have given him the power of attorney have authorized him to act on my behalf. So if I want him to be my work, he'll my agent, my representative, the one given power of attorney, then in marrying my daughter to x y Zed, he takes care and he looks into it and it facilitates thing. If he's my agent or my work he'll responsible of leasing a house or buying a car he does whatever I need to do.

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So when a person

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takes Allah azza wa jal as his Joaquin, means that he surrenders his powers and authority to Allah has powers and authority and he trusts Allah azza wa jal, and he depends and rely only on Allah to facilitate his affairs. This is known as Tawakkol. And this requires lectures without and because the essence of Islam depends on Tawakkol Allah azza wa jal is, they will kill whom we authorize whom we beg, rather than authorized to grant us provisions, food,

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the life of our hearts, the Earth, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, everything is in his hands, and he is our Joaquin. He's the one whom we depend upon. rely and trust. And this is why he suffices us and He pleases us subhanho wa taala. And Allah azza wa jal

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is the only one that you can depend upon. Because he never dies. Listen to this beautiful verse. Allah says, what what kill I'll hate Allah the law.

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You cannot depend on anyone except him why? And rely upon the Ever Living who does not die. If I depend on someone who dies, what happens when he dies? I'm lost.

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I'm beaten.

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I'm overcome by all others. But when I depend on the high, who never dies when I rely on and trust Him, then I am a winner without any doubt. The following two names usually come together.

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It is our build. l bow suit. orbit is that with holder l bow suit, basit is the grantor of ample provision.

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And these names, as we've mentioned before,

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are usually combined when mentioned. So we don't mention one without the other usually,

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especially in the car build. Why? Because it may make people think that Allah withholds and withholding is

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Not something that is

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positive, without the other side of it, which is the grantor of ample provision. So the used they have to be used together. Generally speaking, Allah says in the Quran, Allah who will build the way up Soto where la he told Joan and it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance. And in the authentic hadith, this is where we get these two names of Allah from the authentic hadith. And as I said that prices went up at the time of the Prophet has some in the market. So the people went to the Prophet Allah some complaining and asking him to set a limit for the prices. So the wheat, the barley, the dates, everything went up. And we know that price is dependent rely on supply and

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demand. So when the authorities when the government comes and fixes the prices, this harms the free market, and it harms the traders and the merchants, which is unaesthetic.

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So the Prophet and his son when they complained to him to him, he said Allah is the one who sets the prices Allahu Musab

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al arbit al basit, the width holder and the grantor have ample provision. And he's the provider and Rezac. So the Prophet refrained from setting the prices because this is an Islamic, it's unfair, unjust, it's supply and demand, don't buy, it will drop. You keep on buying like crazy and nuts. The prices go up. So Allah is the One who withholds why? Because of his knowledge, he knows what's best for you. And he's the one who lets or grants ample provision. Why? Because he knows who deserves what so withholding and granting provision is what is meant by Albert l Bassett. In in my fist, this is up and this is bust Busto Elliot minister to open it to give and to withhold a pub is to make a

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fist and refuse to release what's in it. So if you want if you notice, Allah is the giver and the with Holger, Allah gives life and takes it away. Allah makes things easy and makes others life difficult. So, this is why you cannot say Allah withholds without mentioning that he also provides

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abundantly because both these names complement one another one without would not do and this is why it is Allah who withholds souls from returning to their bodies. It is Allah azza wa jal who accepts the charity from the rich and he subhanaw taala provides for the poor and to the weak. He's the one who contrasts chests and make them tight or expands them and filled them with light from his kindness from his beauty and etc. So, II he is the one who sets our hearts and souls free.

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Or he with holds them in his hand Subhana home as what shall we have a short break? Stay tuned, and inshallah we'll be right back

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a sin Omani come Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Today I'm going to talk about the book interactions of the greatest leader. The prophets of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ordered that they be respected and appreciated. An example of that is when he sallallahu alayhi wa salam prohibited feeding them food that others would not like to eat. All right, Aisha Radi Allahu anha. May Allah be pleased with her reported that the prophets of allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam was given a dub, a large type of lizard as a gift, but he did not eat it. So Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her said, O Messenger of Allah, should I not feed it to the poor, the Prophet of Allah so Allah Allah

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Who are they he was setting them responded, do not feed them, what yourself do not eat. That is a direct application of the saying of Allah which means, all you who believe spend from the good things which you have earned and from that which we have produced for you from the earth and do not aim toward the defective there from spending from that, while you would not take it yourself, except with closed eyes and know that Allah is free of need and praiseworthy, reported by Armand, a little Bernie rule. It's sound, Hasson in his book a saw here

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back. Rashid from Tunis.

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Rush it from Tunisia

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Russia, Russia, Russia,

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Russia, Russia, Russia. Yes.

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If it is not permissible for a revert transliteration of the Quran, how can you perform Makia Malaya was 1000 a year while he only memorize it few short surah in a red herring there is a closing or just come

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to us from the UK. Salam aleikum. Che sounds law.

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Chef, I kind of have

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questions. I mean, it's one question but the second is really quick as you know something that's very, I mean, at least the first one I wanted to also share what are the wisdoms behind you know the Sharia as prescribed as penalty for homosexuality and even other suits that are published by this to what

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I couldn't tell you the question

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what is the wisdom behind the Sharia as prescribed at this routine

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for homosexuality and even though the suits you also punish my death

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Okay, I will answer Sharla

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a deep from Bangladesh

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Oh, okay. Sorry shorty. We have Hamid from the US.

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South Allah

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I wanted to know like, in yours in my local masjid, they they are like

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doing some kind of conference or youth program or some kind of school district program inside the Masjid.

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Like in there, the non Muslims are coming and you know, the women are coming with short dresses, they're working in the masjid having conversation. During the start, they're having meals. And also, I saw those scholars here, online, they're having conferences or meetings where the shade male sits there and also female chicks are there. So are those Freemasons are those participants? Okay, I would ask you to Sharla Canada from Saudi Arabia.

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Salam Alaikum South Allah

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relative of mine is chronically ill. He said he would like to he would like to write a will to to half of his work or endowment and a half for his family but he's worried that that will not support his wife is just only housewife and all his children are small in writing or thinking okay, I will answer inshallah

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a deed from Bangladesh. So Allah

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so my question is Can I drink water from the bottle as someone said to me that profile doesn't forbid that when I asked him how he said me the professionalism forbid I'm blowing air in a vessel so I'm a bit skeptical about what he said so just extremely the Hadith where process on forbade to blow air in a water and Okay, I will answer inshallah it's made from Afghanistan.

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Or lobby lobby, sorry, lobby from Bangladesh.

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So long chit chat Allah.

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Chef, as we know that there is a Hadith insane Muslim that I live near Vitaly pepper told that to erase all the images as we all

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No. Now the question is, as far as I know from many of your friends was that you say it is permissible to watch cartoons and also play games. So how do you reconcile between them? Okay, smile. No, we have

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a boathouse from Bangladesh

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and I'm ready to

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see if I have a confusion I've learned from you let that lead to but there is one night around the globe like if it is on a Sunday, then it's on a Sunday night on every country. Now she's in Makkah it is 21st Ramadan like the ninth night of 21st Ramadan. It is suppose it's Lila to further tonight, but she is in our country it is 20th night of 20th Ramadan we have not entered the last night so Sheikh will it be the same in case with our country too? I'm confused about this shallow and answer you.

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We have is made fun of it, Stan.

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Sounds a lot.

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My question is shift that we all know that someone is a Muslim commit,

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commit act Akufo sale, Cofer

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is all deeds good deeds will be wiped out and now get known. My question is that if he repents and he become Muslim again does his good deeds from his past? Come back or you have to start from zero? Okay, I will answer you Jana from us.

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Hello Sheikh Salaam Alaikum

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I have a question about the daily of good stuffs with a love of my India for local as well

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then yeah

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this is good How many times should I read it one or three times in the morning and evening? Okay, I will answer inshallah

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CD from Germany

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so normally cookshare Or even sounds Allah Hi iosshare I'm doing well hamdulillah

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chef is said that it is mandatory to go to the message if you hear the ad then it is if some it is mandatory to go to the masjid if we hear the event Yes, but if someone lives in a non Muslim country and there's a message five minutes away from from him, but the message Don't make the SN outside of the message is he still is still military to go to the masjid.

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Okay, I will answer inshallah. I've been hacking from the US

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Yes. Yes, sir.

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As the question

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I'm listening to you what's your question? You're on there.

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Oh, sorry.

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On that we didn't go on read really interested in

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reading Quran.

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Yes. What about reading the client? What's what's wrong? What's the problem with that?

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Like was the meeting that was

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really bad

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I don't understand the question, but I'll try to answer it inshallah.

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Jane Doe from Belgium.

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Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah shake South Allah

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may Allah you are you on that TV and all of us today My question is about it's like a kind of complaint regarding this show. This show is everything is nice Alhamdulillah but on the Zoom call, some of the brother used to give the answer of some question regarding Islam, but I told them not to give the answer here because then everybody will start giving fatwa giving photo here so don't give but so what do you think about this like people giving you sorry new group in this in this zoom call? Okay. I will answer inshallah. Zeid from the US. So they

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want to know what is the wound on this car and is it this is it you have to give this a cut from your money from all year round? Or is it just what you possess JazakAllah which is UK

00:29:27--> 00:29:33

and I imagine the UK Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. I example albaraka to

00:29:34--> 00:29:39

see I think I read somewhere that the prayer is valid or the source

00:29:40--> 00:29:59

when you recite is invalid if you don't notice the letter from his correct articulation point. But say for example, I say the letter lamb and it touches the articulation point but also touches like a different area of the mouth, like the T for example. Or if I pronounced dot and then part of it touches the teeth does this invalidate

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Okay, I will answer Shala.

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00:30:06--> 00:30:50

Rashad from Tunisia, if you say that, reading the Quran through the transliteration, so you use the Roman alphabets to write the words like Al hamdu Alhamdulillah. And you write it in English als km UD U, for example. This is called transliteration, meaning that it is not written in Arabic alphabets. Because I'm an Arab, I don't know how to read it. So he says that if you can't read that, transliteration, how can a person who's an Arab, read 1000 verses of the Quran during night prayer, etc. I said it's easy. They don't.

00:30:52--> 00:31:13

What do you want us to do? Cut off corners, bend the rules. Writing the Quran must not be done with other than the Arabic manuscript that of Arabic calligraphy, according to the earth Mani, script, not according even to the conventional

00:31:14--> 00:31:30

contemporary Arabic typing, it has to be according to the earth manuscript, so that the Quran would be preserved as it was preserved for the past 15 centuries. Those who want to learn are the Quran, they can hear it by

00:31:32--> 00:31:41

listening to it, repeating it frequently, and they would memorize to the best of their ability. It is from the UK says watch the wisdom behind

00:31:43--> 00:31:55

putting execution, capital punishment, as a punishment for killing others for spreading corruption in the earth, for any adulterer.

00:31:56--> 00:32:04

caught red handed for someone who does the act of homosexuality. This is not my

00:32:05--> 00:32:58

call. This is the law of Allah. And Allah azza wa jal, the Creator of the heavens and the earth is not obliged to come and justify everything to us. And this is why we pray Fajr Toorak has murdered three rockers and the rest of the prayers are for and Nobody dare to say, Why two, not three, why three, not four. This is how Allah legislated it so as a Muslim, if you do not surrender your will to Allah, and say, we hear and obey. If you do not submit your will to Allah azza wa jal and accept unconditionally, whatever Allah tells you, you're not a Muslim, as easy as that. So whether you understand or not, this is not an issue. Do you believe in the Quran? To be the final revelation of

00:32:58--> 00:33:44

Scripture? Yes or no? Do you believe that there is only one God worthy of being worshipped in this universe? And he's the creator and his name? Is Allah? Yes or no? Do you believe that the Prophet Muhammad as Sam is the messenger of Allah? Yes or No? If you manage to say yes, yes, yes, then you have no problem. If you have doubts, or you say no to one of these questions, you're a Catherine, a deep from Bangladesh, he says, What's the ruling on drinking from a bottle of water, if this is your bottle of water, you can drink from it as you wish. The prohibition is to drink from something that is shared between people while breathing from it, or in it. So if you drink from a cup like this,

00:33:44--> 00:33:45

and you keep on

00:33:46--> 00:34:01

inhaling, exhaling, and God knows, Allah knows what falls inside, some of the brothers have like big A stuccos lobsters have mustaches that fall inside. And then he gives you the couple of said,

00:34:02--> 00:34:44

join in. With all due respect, what is this, the things moving inside? So no, this is what the prophet prohibited from but if it's your vessel, and you're drinking from it, there's no problem if it's a common vessel that others would drink, then you may drink from it, but do not breathe inside of it. So take a sip, and you can drink it and breathe and take another sip without breathing in it and Lanos best lady says the Prophet ordered as per Sahaba Muslim and Hadith Ibrahim Abu hijo sad that I didn't ever thought they told him shall I send you exactly what the prophet had sent me not to leave a portrait without

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this imaging it or, you know, destroying it. So how would that go with us watching cartoons? Cartoons are not stills. They're not hang hung on

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wolves, they're not with me all the time. It's something that I watch and see those who created it, those who drew it will be punished severely on the Day of Judgment. Those who watch it do not fall under that category. And Allah knows best Muhammad from the US. There are programs

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in the West European America, where they have an open day and allow people to come into the masjid. And I've seen some of those on videos. And it's shameful. You see women coming in their shorts, or in their blouses with their hair uncovered. Some of them even walk inside the masjid with shoes, and mashallah the 24/7 911

00:35:47--> 00:36:02

Messiah, who are ready to give fatwas so yeah, walking with shoes on carpet is permissible, the Prophet prayed wearing his shoes. And what about the women, this is for the masala, the

00:36:03--> 00:36:45

the advantage and the bitterness of the Muslims image. So we have to compromise it. This is not permissible. These are the houses of Allah. And they have to be respected. If women were to come in to ask about Islam to learn about Islam, they have to be modest, they have to be totally covered, like Muslim women. Otherwise, who cares about them, let them out. Who needs them to know about Islam? We don't lower the bar, okay, we raise the bar, and we raise the people to go up to that bar. It's not the other way around. Islam has a standard, we cannot go below that standard sharing platform on a conference or a

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lecture. Like we've seen the West, a chef is sitting next to a female woman and they're talking and they're giving the preaching.

00:36:56--> 00:36:58

This is not related to Islam.

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No matter how long your beard is, would you allow your sister to sit with another man like this? exposing her face laughing cracking jokes, at least her face is visible to everybody. This defies the core of the hijab, the purpose of the hijab, and coming from people of knowledge are so called Darat is even hideous. If you can't

00:37:28--> 00:38:21

stand the heat. Get out of the kitchen. If you're unable to abide by Islam, wholeheartedly, actually don't get involved in these devious things. Especially when people point fingers at you saying that you are our own model. You are the one who we learn Islam from so if you sit with women, then we can sit with women. And if you crack jokes with Sisters, we can crack jokes with sisters. And if you go to a nightclub to give Dawa in a discotheque might as well we should do that. You are a role model. Whatever you do, people would mimic that and imitate it, and you will gain every single sin people caught up with because of you and Allah knows best hit a camera says a man very sick wants to give

00:38:21--> 00:38:25

half of his wealth to his wife. This is totally prohibited.

00:38:26--> 00:39:08

Either you give her now as a gift, and register it in her name providing that you're not on your deathbed. So yes, you're sick, but nobody says you're going to die within a couple of weeks. But if you are sick that people say, I don't know, I'm counting the minutes. No, even if you write or give a gift, it is not counted. Because you are on your deathbed. If you're healthy, and you want to give your wife all of your wealth while you're alive and registered and go and document it and authorize it authenticated, no problem. Just a gift. But to write a will to be executed after your death. This is an invalid will.

00:39:09--> 00:39:59

Is my email from Afghanistan. If a person committed an act of apostasy, all of his good deeds are erased true. If he repents and comes back to Islam, will these good deeds be restored? Yes, with the grace of Allah azza wa jal, I will have Laylatul Qadr. in Makkah, it's on the 21st in Bangladesh, it's the same night but it is the 20th How could that be little other is not a repeat it is not limited to odd nights 2123 2527 29 It can be on the 20th and 22nd 24th 2628. Therefore, there is no contradiction. It can be 21st in Saudi and 28th in Bangladesh, Jennifer

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

From the US the DUA alumina silica for icfad Dunya Yamato. When to say this, you say it once in the morning and once in the evening, CD for Germany the machine is five minutes away. We don't hear the Adan you don't have to hear that then the distance which a normal person on top of the roof of the masjid, where are no obstacles or concrete buildings or cars or whatever, no obstacles and he calls a van with the loud voice, how much would his voice travel? This is the distance that you should if you live within the vicinity to attend the prayer five minutes, you must pray in the masjid

00:40:41--> 00:40:43

abit Hakeem. So

00:40:44--> 00:41:13

other than Ramadan, can we read the Quran? Yes. Okay. The Sunnah is to read and complete the Quran once every month. Whether Ramadan or other than Ramadan. This is a sunnah according to the hadith of a beloved camera, may Allah be pleased with them. But if someone can do that more, good for you. If not, then try your level best to read as much as possible of it and you will be rewarded for that. And Belgium for Janelle says

00:41:18--> 00:41:18


00:41:20--> 00:42:09

aggravated by some of those who participate on zooms chat of this program. You know, we receive calls through zoom. So there is a chat group. And some people ask questions, and some of the viewers volunteer to answer it. We have so many like those on Twitter, people ask me questions, and you get so many people volunteering to answer and some of them just Homolka they put my YouTube clip my previous answer, which means that they're students of knowledge, at least my students, so they know my opinion, and they correctly answer but others, they shoot from the hip. What's your honors haram? And it's not haram. So how would they have this audacity to do these things? These are ignorant

00:42:09--> 00:43:01

imbeciles, anyone who answers someone's else's question without being asked and add injury to insult to injury? By answering it wrongly. This is a pure imbecile. I can't help it. What can we do? And you find them everywhere? So yeah, the bear with them. Insha Allah Azad, from the US do we have to give the cat from what we earn or from what we possess, this is too generic. The cat. The best scenario is to dedicate one day on the history year, let's say one of Harlem and every first of Muharram, you calculate on that day, whatever you have in your possession that is accountable, whether it's gold jewelry, silver, cash, bonds, whatever you have, that is accountable merchandise

00:43:01--> 00:43:39

and you give 2.5% from the UK, he says if I make a mistake in pronouncing a letter, would that invalidate my fat Yeah. And my raka hence my salah, this is something that you have to go to an Arab imam in the masjid and explain to him by reciting it to him. And he would tell you whether this changes the meaning or not, whether you're able to say it or not, and whether this invalidates your prayer or not. This is all the time we have until we meet tomorrow same time I leave you here Manila was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. What he'll

00:43:43--> 00:43:45

do Ruby whether we

00:43:54--> 00:43:55

can we