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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy Rama wala Obeid salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I must say I'm really excited for where we are in the story currently you know the the dialogue that's currently happening just to quickly revise and remove salicylate wassalam grew up under the guise of study under the home in case of your own left Egypt of the kill the copper accident. I lived in Medina and got married in Marion spent 10 years in Medina and decided to come back before he could do that ultimatum. And Avi he asked Allah for his brother Harun as an AVI, the two of them got commands from Allah subhanho wa

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Taala, to go to Pharaoh to get free the Israelites to call Pharaoh to Allah and to repent. And they started having this dialogue, this dialogue we can eat it, because now the masala citizen is presenting Allah and Fiona has to humble himself before Allah ease but the more he's presented with information about Allah, the more elegant he becomes, the more obstinate he becomes, the more stubborn he becomes. And now he started mocking me Moosa, even mocking Allah Subhana Allah and Allah, Allah even said, I am Allah. And this, this conversation in dialogue is going to now continue and it's going to evolve not only into verbal dialogue, but there's also going to be some physical

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exchange now in childhood as we can see in the following verses of the piece of the story of nebby musala salat wa salam, O Prophet Moses and Rn o Harun. So in Surah poha verse number 56 Allah Allah tells us wala pada wall aka the arena who it nakoula for Canada, and indeed we we had shown him our signs our our miracles, hula all of our medicals for Canada but he denied the bill it turned away he refused, like much like what shaytaan did. You know the same type of descriptive language is used for fear owners was used for shape or color adjectives region I mean albina Erica Moosa now fear owner Pharaoh says, you know, a dictator Did you come to ask me to hurry gentlemen, Adina to drive

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us out of our land in albina Sarika with your magic. Yeah, Moosa. Oh, Moses. So this is his response to the signs that have been musasa to Islam showing him because obviously, you know, he also shows him the stick and it turns into a snake. And he shows him his hand and it comes out white. And this was big in that time. So magic and illusion was like really the, the driving force that that they were passionate about at the time. So when he showed him these great miracles fear, he started saying, you know, this is just magical you coming to take over you want to be you want to be in charge now and to drive us out to the land. And he carries on felanitx, TN McCabe sorry, Miss Lee.

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So you want to bring magic, we will definitely bring you magic. That's even you know better than that. This is the same as that. But the idea is that we're going to bring you magic that's going to overpower your magic, fudge, Albanian, our beynac and more agencies is now set an appointment or dialog is finished now. Now, set the date. Right meet you in the boxing ring in the boxing ring. lacing setup an appointment we're gonna we're gonna have a showdown of our magic using your magic Abdi my magic receives magic is better panela learn locally for and we won't break that appointment. Now Nuala and says we will not break this appointment. You will not make this appointment. We are

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going to meet in this one designated area. All mo to come. He says your appointment every Mussa system around your appointment is your Musina the Day of Atonement. Right they have this Xena means atonement, but it's referring to a festival Are you Sharon nursery Baha, and that the people must all be gathered at the time of Baja, meaning in the late morning, not very, very early morning at sunrise, but later on in the morning for the wildlife around in fear and turned a jam makedo and he started putting together his plot and his plan through matter and when he came all Allahu Moosa and Avi musala citizen says to all the people that he gathered, so we are now looking at the showdown

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will come to you. Right, this is wrong will enter you. Laughter Oh Allah, don't invent lies upon Allah. Right? Don't don't do what you're doing. This is actually inventing lies upon Allah kababayan lies for us. So Allah Subhana Allah will punish you. Allah Subhana Allah will take you to task. Yeah, they have been with such a punishment, or could have been minister and indeed those who invented lies upon Allah Kaaba has failed. They've all failed.

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but then as I also they disputed me to whom they feel the matter bainer home between the two of them they started debating back and forth. I said rune measure and they started keeping private consultation with each other these magicians now because they brought magic and abuse as magic was there so then I started talking to each other about the situation. All that being said in Havana NASA hirani you read any up giacomin article, they said this these two magicians they've come because they want to drive you away out of your land they want to take over you care him and they want to use the magic to take over well he has had a bit of a catechumen with law and they want to

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they want to drive you out of your land and do away with your your good life your your exemplary life they want to take you out of power so that they can take over for me okay the home. So then he says Casio your plot and I've come with what you what you've planned so much to suffer, then come forward in a line in a soft Walker the polyoma Minister Allah and today the successful one will be the one who

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is victorious. The one whose magic is victorious today means the competition that one is the successful one that's the winner all who yeah Moosa those magicians and said oh Moses Eman topia was an akuna element Alka either you're going to cost first or we will be the first to cost meaning we will either you do your spell we do as well because they still thought this is all bunch of magic Allah Bell poo who says it No you cost for either a bamboo mouse I see you whom then suddenly the ropes that they had with him and the sticks his head with him started you Hi yellow la he started appearing as insane because of the magic and the hottest app that it was moving. Right? So unless

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telling us that it was ropes and they were ropes and they were sticks, and they looked like they were moving and it was the magic that was causing him to move. So we know magic is reality we know that we know this from various parts of the Quran

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add magic is bad magic is wrong. Like real magic, not like you know three tricks and card tricks and things like that was that is also problematic. From a shadowy point of view, we speaking about actual magic, black magic using jinn and witchcraft and so forth. That is reality is discussed in the poor and we have discussed it before in our own Java. At the masjid, we are lectured on mobile imagery, and we do know from the seed of the prophets Assalam from Surah Baqarah from other sore in Nakuru and these things already are a reality but we don't focus our lives on these things. And then as we move on, oh Josephine FC Fattah Moosa, he sends to himself the fear of Moosa, that he felt

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that, you know, this is now this is now working. Well, now let the half but then Allah Subhana Allah said, latter half don't fear in the candle Allah because you are going to be victorious, you're going to rise. He says, What Altima fie aminika and throw what is in your hand. Hello pofma. So now, remember previously, when w Moosa threw down a stick, it became a serpent. So it looks as though what what these magicians are doing, it looks like it's doing the same thing. There is a difference. They are using magic to make sticks look like snakes have a moose a stick really became a snake because this was all left behind without his intervention. And now Alessi not only would it become a

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snake, it's going to swallow telecom is going to swallow ma so now what they are doing, so this serpent is going to be such a serpent that it will be able to swallow the spell or the sticks that they're using in their mouth. So now because what they are doing, okay, do sahelian is the blood of a of a magician of witchcraft or a witch or wizard. What are you flee who say hello and the wizards and the witches will not be successful, I thought no matter where they come from, this is something that we can learn. Number one, Islam makes it clear on Sharia makes it clear. If you resort to witchcraft wizardry, you are out of the fold of Islam, because that is an act of COVID. You

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resorting to powers that are of the unseen that's not allowed behind with either, even though the power inevitably all power comes from Allah, because you resorted to that power, you're out of the fold of Islam. What we also learn from that is people who do resort to Witchcraft and Wizardry, they might have apparent success, you know, the spell for you know, getting a lover back and a spell for getting your money back and for coming out of debt and for this and that. People use these type of things. Perhaps they work, perhaps they work sometimes, but they don't become successful. Because these things are evil, and they take from you and then they give the analytic from him they give you

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you never really become successful.

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you'll fail in every avenue of life. Allah protect us, Allah forbid. So while are you for yourself a thought that the magician will never be successful no matter what. Unless he's found PR Sahara to Sujatha. Today remember what happened now. I mean, Musa threw down his stick and it became a real snake, big snake and it swallowed the sticks that were moving that looked like snakes. Now the magician's to handle life if you if you know your field, if you know your illusions,

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and you see something that is real, and that's completely out of your league, you have to submit

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When, when, when you take an amazing piece of technology technicians and to engineers and to developers,

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you know, they will know if it's if it's amazing or not. Either they're going to say, you know, that's old news, or if they become embraced, they would know that they need to be pleased because they feel so similar in the year whenever Moosa threw down a stick and it did what it did. They immediately submitted for PA, they became they were thrown a Sahara to all the musicians were thrown together in frustration, they fell down Institute,

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although they said a man NAB Europe omsa immediately they fall down into sigil. I said, we believe in the Lord of Harun Oren or Moosa and Moses, just the moment they go, they were fighting for fear around and they were using magic. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala showed them signs, their hearts were open, they believe in the sense of genuinely looking for the truth. When they saw the truth. They recognize the truth. They submitted to the truth. What happens next because now, Farah owns own people, as just submitted to Moosa and Harun and he's not going to stand for that. I am meant to Camilla who Kabbalah and as an Allah come around, says, Do you believe in Him before I gave you

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permission to believe in him

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in a hula Kabira, como la de Lama como se ha, this is a plot your master, you know, the Big Chief among you. He is the one that we taught you magic. He's the one who told you to do this. But I got the idea. I'm going to cut your hands while joola come and your feet in a laugh from opposite sides. To your right and your left foot, lift and in your right foot. I'm going to cut off your hands and your feet from opposite sides. That's even worse, right? And he said, while I was suddenly gonna come, and I'm going to crucify you, on top of that, feed, you go in, and hang and hang you up on date bombs, while at the moon and you almost definitely come to know, a unit I shouldn't do either.

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One of us is more intense in punishment. And who of us? We know who of us here are actually immortal. It's behind a lot.

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Although they said London theater, aka la magia nm in a big net. We will never ever prefer you over what had come to us have clear signs. How can we still believe in you have to be so clear miracles, these are real miracles. What we did was fake. Right? While iv fatahna fathima. into pub. He said how can you prefer your award? What we now saw of miracles? Well, levy fatahna How can we prefer you over the one who created us from nothing? faculty mentor pub, so do what you need to do to get the key and look at the email. It just became Muslim. Now they just became believers now. But because they recognize the truth. Once you know it's the truth, you can't go back in tackle the heavier

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highlighted dunya that we choose the key is only going to happen here in this world. Because we were told about what you're after. We believe in that world you have this you only have control over this world. Oh phaedo in menap Europeana we believe in our Lord vs. sulfuryl Anahata Yana and you will forgive us our sins, wha, la Accra tener la and that which you had forced us to do in a sea of magic, while low hurdle and God is better, and God is immortal, are these everlasting? And this in Surah Taha, verse number 74 now takes us to the next point in the who may yet the Rabo moody may be the one who comes to his Lord as a criminal for in Allahu jahannam. Such a person will get the fire

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of how Leia moved to fi have an idea. That person won't live the in, they won't dive in SLM. They won't be because what they are experiencing is not death, because they won't come to an end. But no is it life, because you can't call that living as a punishment? Or may yet he meaning but those who come to Allah, on the dev gamma believers, they come as believers, but Amina Sonia has maybe righteous deeds or like Allahumma de Raja to Lola. So for them, they are high ranks in the agenda. Allah make us from among them so behind Allah, Jana, to Adam, gardens of Eden, meaning eternal gardens that God mean and how the rivers will be flowing from beneath Holly Dena Fie her led rain

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the info River Valley catches a woman second.

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That would be very convinced of those who made the zakat. askia they made purification of the enough's, they cleanse themselves, they turn to Allah. This listen is so profound, that one instant in the life of these magicians, when they saw a true miracle of Allah, they imagine keys to such a degree, that these are the words, Can you believe that? They witness the miracle of Allah? Would you agree with me that if you were to witness a miracle of Allah Subhana Allah, then it should shoot you up just like that? Well, allow me to say unequivocally, right now, as you read these verses, you have the potential to witness a miracle of Allah, the most powerful and everlasting miracle of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala and that is the Quran. Study the Quran, in the Quran, and you will see unless miracle alive and well and your Eman will increase the same evening like either solo la vida taking the Mohammed handling Nairobi alameen semi-naked rahmatullah wa barakato