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The importance of love in Islam is discussed, emphasizing the need to be mindful of one's love and avoid confusion. The speaker discusses the importance of love in religion and how it is not just a theoretical concept but also a reality, citing the need for change in behavior and behavior. The importance of consistency and love for oneself is emphasized, along with the importance of having a strong relationship with Allah and being a good person for life.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah ashrafi mBiA. We'll move on into you know an AVI you know mowlana Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Are there any he was he remain rubbish roughly surgery were silly how many operator minutes melissani oni super Hanukkah Allah Al Melina Elana antenna in the cantle Allah will Hakeem Allahumma Aileen Mia and founder was it mean draft medica mean respected brothers sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. All these and things I certainly only use Allah Subhana Allah, Allah dude, Rahman Rahim, the one who created us and guided us to this Deen of Islam, the one who creates times

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of prosperity and times of adversity, so that he may exist as who of us are better Indeed, we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and thanking for this day of human Juma, despite our circumstances, and not being able to attain the massaging for most people, however, we are still in a blessed day, and we are in a place in time is a lot more common emitter level for when a loved Island loves the people It tastes. And this is a very good introductory point to the topic today. And the topic today is of course, love. And we are not speaking here, as opposed to what some people may think about love as in love of each other. For a better man has a woman with three men, but rather a much more intense

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love. And in actual fact, I recall an incident in primary school, when our principal, he played a song, and he told all of the students to listen to this song. And this is part of you know, the Monday morning assembly type of motivation thing. And the song was the greatest love of all. And he told us to listen intently. so that we may discover in the song what the greatest love of all is. And so listening to the song, eventually, the lyrics get to the point we the person singing says, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

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After this incident, the principal then asked

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all of you, you have found the greatest love of all, and everybody raise their hands. And I didn't raise my hand. So it is a bit strange, because I didn't quite understand the exercise. And this principle, even asked, you know, pointed me out and asked, you know, why why don't you love yourself? You know, what is the what is the issue? I didn't speak up at the time, because I was I was feeling a bit of peer pressure, you know, because everybody else is saying they found the greatest level and I'm sitting and I didn't find the greatest level. But it was not that I didn't love myself at all. That wasn't the issue. The issue was that I was conflicted. Because as a Muslim,

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even as a child, I understood that learning to love yourself is not the greatest love of all.

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learning to love yourself is really good. But the greatest love of all is the type of love that would lead you to sacrifice life and limb for the cause. And many people are not willing to sacrifice life and limb for the love of themselves. And indicative of this is the fact that many people take their own lives now to be loved.

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But when we as children, the stories of the Sahaba, let alone the story of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and the extent of sacrifice, hardship or difficulty that they went through and maintained the motivation, which was a much greater love than love of themselves. It was impossible that learning to love yourself was in fact, the greatest love of all. And this is the reason I didn't raise my hand at the time.

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Fast forward today to the year 2021. At the end amidst a pandemic, right, hopefully in shall at the tail end of the pandemic.

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Just yesterday, I had a meeting with a good friend of mine.

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the screen he opened up to me about some family members of his and the difficulties that they are currently experiencing. And you was trying to ask me if it would be possible for me to assist them with some guidelines from Islam, because he did not feel as though he was well well enough equipped to deal with the situation. What do you wanted to tell him really was a very simple message. Come closer to Allah. Allah will sort out your problems for you. The simple message and often people feel an inhibition that you know what, just yesterday

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came right to speak. So how can I go and tell other people if you first and foremost if this was, you know the standard, then I would never be able to tell anyone anything because I also just yesterday came right in fact, I'm still trying to come right today.

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But I do understand where this person is coming from, they're looking for a position of authority. The point is that this person that I'm speaking to open up further and say, You know what, Montana, just a couple of weeks before my Father Hajj, which was the last Hajj that was performed? Well, internationally, at least, just a couple of weeks, I woke up to the realization that you know what, I need to get my life in order, I need to start making solid daily, I need to start approaching my Allah because I don't know what tomorrow holds. And ever since then, I've been consistent to this Alhamdulillah now what I find in my life, is that no matter what happens, no matter what I come

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across, no matter how, you know, things are happening around me how the world is, is changing around me. I find myself contented because I have a lot in my life, and everything else is secondary. Everything else is

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a bike away issue. For as long as I have aligned fine. This was the gist of what you see.

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And this, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, and doubtedly this is degrade this lovable

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alongside behind the hood. Allah teaches us about the importance of loving him in the core and the profits a little lesson and teaches us the importance of loving Allah in the sooner but how much should be love? A lotion behind everyone? Dinah? How much should we really

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have Allah in our heart so that we we are absolutely enamored by Allah that we are absolutely given to submitting to Allah in every sense of the word? Allah azza wa jal Eliza in the Quran.

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He tells us in Surah to Toba,

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who say to them, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam in can?

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Whatever Now, why, why newcom was word you can say to them. If your father's your parents, like your fathers and mothers, your children, your brothers and sisters, even your spouse's why she wrote to come even your entire family your entire time, what I'm wanting to move, even your wealth, which you have earned in which you have striven for what the general Shona casada are you business, which you feel that it will be in a loss, your fear that your business will will not make a profit to that it will in fact, incur losses, while my second or third owner, even your homes, which you are so pleased with, you know, Mashallah I'm very happy I have a home, I'm pretty happy that my home is

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paid for that it's almost paid for or uncomfortable in my home and hamdulillah you know, we're very pleased with our homes,

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any of these things, if they happen to be a habit, illegal, more beloved to you. Meanwhile, he was truly then God and he's missing. What he had in FISA really. And striving in the path of God means striving for the sake of God, striving for a cause that is not your own goals. That is not my goals. This is not even our cause, collectively, but it is the cause of God, it is purely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now we know it's purely for the sake of Allah, when we're not really getting anything out of it in this worldly sense. If your love of the previously mentioned things are more beloved to you, and the love of God is messenger and striving in his way, but are about to

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then wait, then wait, what is it a lot of God and to God brings these combined?

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Well, long les Coleman fess up, and God Allah does not guide the sinning people to handle

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this verse, in a very strong and stern manner, put the love of God into perspective.

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How much should we love Allah? The answer is more than anything. And to specify because I look at if you said, If you love anything more than God and His Messenger and thriving in his path, then wait until God beings is until God begins his command and he does not guide the descending people it would have made perfect sense. But it would not have been as effective as listing those items which industry

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All people have more love for, let's face it more level than anything.

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Your parents, your children, your siblings, your spouse's, your family, your wealth, your business, your home. It's like span a lot straight to the point. And we have to be in mind that this message is universal because 1400 years ago, loving your own is loving a man that is loving a building that you could build today. You could break it down tomorrow, no problem. And it was not the homes that we understand to be today. A business is maybe capital 100 camels, maybe 1000 camels that your business you have a fruit garden, you have a farm, but the means still far less sizeable than what we know today. Still, that was what people love. Today, it's just magnify

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the profits sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even highlighted our love for him, and how important it is, that we love Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam as as not as much as we love Allah nice acidity, but as importantly as our love is for long is Allah for the messengers on the line center? We know this from copper an old lady, how many times have we not heard the whole including Guna LA, Rue de

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la, ya la la la

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la la la la foon profane say to them, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if you claim to love Allah, because now you've established you must love Allah. So if you claim to genuinely love Allah, that wr oni then the way to loving Allah is first follow me the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam you have biblical law, when God will love you in return. And when God when Allah loves you, then he will forgive you of your sins. In other words, that which you do, which you will do because you're human, by mistake, or you fall into continuously because we are human and we make mistakes that will be forgiven by Allah. And God, Allah is the most forgiving the Most Merciful. Ally so a

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gentle one of these beautiful names is Allah why dude, the loving the loving God.

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And this love is unconditional. Right? It is unconditional. It's a sefa Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah refers to himself in the Quran as lafoon why dude is the most forgiving is the most loving Allah. And this is an important element to highlight. Because often, when people leave Islam for Christianity, one of the reasons cited most is that they found love of God within Christianity, and this is not the fault of Islam. This is the fault of the sources that they were taking the Islam from, because often we focus so much on the wrath of God, the punishment of God jahannam, the eternal blazing fires of jahannam and Hellfire and so on, and we focus so little on the love of

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Allah subhana wa ala we as if you walk into a church, that's like every sermon every week, all the time. God loves you, Jesus loves you. The Holy Spirit loves you. Now they've been there. Always either way, dude, he's the most loving God span Allah. Allah is loving.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam showed us that if we want to truly love Allah, that our love is developed through following the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and loving the messengers of the lightness and we just do different things right in reverse, which is quoted if you claim to love Allah, all of the messengers of the line and send them but in a hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is speaking to say now and so you not only expresses that, you know what, yeah, Rasul Allah, I love you more than everything and anything else except for myself at this stage. Satan their own mood was still on the on the manhunt on the method of thinking that the

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greatest love of all is learning to love yourself. The whole world thinks that to say no, most of the profits are some rectified in there and they say normal.

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None of you truly have faith law, you know, aha, Dooku Hata akuna la he Meanwhile he Whoa, la de onesie. igmi Omid none of you have true faith, until I become more beloved to them, then then they parents than their children, and then all of mankind. Say no more. I do love Thailand would dearly love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam immediately, he said, immediately, I now love you more than even myself euro symbol, and the prophet SAW slmc theme and am now in these different ways of understanding this, the most likely interpretation is now your face.

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Absolutely complete, supine Allah.

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Loving Allah, loving Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we've heard this before. But love is not just this hypothetical theoretical abstract. You know, I love you. We know this because of our own personal relationships. If a husband says to his wife, I love you, but beat her black and blue. He doesn't express his love in any other way. But in words, she knows that this is not true love. This is fake. If a husband receives a word from a wife, I love you. But she doesn't look at him, she doesn't treat him well. She's not kind to him, they don't have an intimate relationship together, she doesn't serve him as a wife would would want to serve her husband, she doesn't follow his

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instructions. You know, there's just no intimacy in any form, whether that be emotional, or physical or psychological. It's just nothing. When they say to each other, I love you. You know, we met on a 14th of February day or an honor, but it means nothing.

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Because when you love someone, you show them love. I've seen, I've seen love, especially in this last, in this last month or so I've seen so much love from people, because love is supposed to be mostly platonic, right? It's not a sexual thing. Most of the time, between the husband and wife that's different, you know, that is a different element to that. But when Muslims love one another, when Muslims really love one another, I've seen Muslims being, you know, willing to sacrifice the loss, and suffer with nothing, or your own and pushing him when you can have him kasasa referring others over themselves, even though they have nothing, they have inferior goods, I've seen this type

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of love, and it's not in books in our time living breathing examples around us. And you know what they do, not only do they brighten up your day, they give you hope, that there's going to be a brighter tomorrow.

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And this is what we need. So we understand loving Allah, we understand loving Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, it's an easy thing to speak about. But just take a moment to try and comprehend how we stand in light of where we supposed to be. Do we have a lot more than appearance in our children and our families and our wealth and our homes and our businesses and everything? We really, if you're going to make a choice today, we find out just hypothetically speaking, you find out that the business that you have, or the job that you have is absolutely 100% not permissible. You never knew it comes to you attention, that you are actually in a position where you're doing something wrong. If you

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come to know that, are you willing today to make a change? Despite the difficulty that you might incur? A Sam won't ask you to immediately leave it off and go without anything. But it will ask you to immediately start seeking alternatives. If you find out that the bank account that you hold does not comply with the Sharia that whether you take the interest or not, it is in fact

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it is in fact still the Riba and you are still the giver of Riba even if you're not think of it. And you now have to make a difficult change because you have to go into the bank and you have to sign papers and you have to open up a new account and you have to give you a banking details to all these people. And it's a it's a little bit of inconvenience.

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Oh, we actually willing to go that extra mile. Because Allah His love for us is more important than the love of our thing. And ourselves. And when we really think about it like that, we have a big wake up call into into understanding that we have a long way to go, to build up our love, fall in love with it. But why?

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What if I am as a Muslim, and making Sodom and givings attack and fasting in Ramadan, I go and hogenom raw I gives SATA power when I when I can, you know, I'm a kind person, I'm a helpful person, generally speaking, right? Let's say I'm in that category. But I don't necessarily have that type of love that was described in these.

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What would be way to influence me to guide me to actually wanting to develop that love. How important is it?

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It's just two elements that I'd like to draw our attention to, which I have seen in the legacy of an individual who recently passed on. The one

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is a hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells

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When Allah loves you, it's good to see when Allah loves you.

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He says, to God, you are a Salatu was salam, LGBTQ, LGBTQ is the Archangel Gabriel, oh Gabriel,

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I Allah love that individual. And I command you LGBTQ, you must also love that individual.

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Then Allah Subhana, Allah commands you believe, to make an announcement in the heavens, all the beings of the hidden all the Malaika all the gene, oh, my word, oh, people love the heavens in the earth. Firstly, the heavens, Allah loves so and so.

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Energy very, I love so into. And Allah has commanded all of you to love.

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And remember, like a tsunami.

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They do not disobey Allah, they immediately they immediately love that individual. So it goes a step further. A lot of income owns that the melodica must also pass on that message to rule out the people of the earth. And all of the people of the earth don't know this. They don't realize it's not perceived. But Allah places the love of that individual in the hearts of humanity. And then we can feel this, because some people, we don't know them. We've just seen them.

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Mashallah, I like those people, you know, something about them just subpanel this is not coincidental. This is not manipulation. This is not some art of persuasion or psychology. No, this is divine. I mean, somebody could perhaps imitate that temporarily with some form of psychology. But genuine love is placed in the heart. Now, these individual passed on recently, so many people who hardly knew this person. They have testified to the fact that even though I only met him once, when I heard of his passing, I could not contain myself. I was so emotional. Sometimes people have professed that they were even more devastated. When he passed on then when the parents had passed

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on. And this is not just ordinary people that I'm speaking of. I'm speaking about people who are close to Allah, speaking about a bird you know, you'll serve as a low in the magic all the time. This handle like something that we should yearn for. Why because it's not from the people. It's from a law. To conclude, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, the ultimate reason why you and I need the love of Allah, not one, the love of Allah need desperately need the love of Allah Subhana. Allah is contained in a high difficulty since one of my favorite hobbies because, in essence, I look at this as a recipe for success in this world and in the world you're after. It's like a one size

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fits all methodology given to us not only by Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, but also by Allah because it's a disease LSP

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Quality so that I don't know what went wrong with the stream, I hope that we are back now inshallah I have no way of actually knowing because I've changed devices now. inshallah, if somebody wants to volunteer to control this, while we're doing the Juma that would be great. Because it will really assist in terms of the the smooth transition between starting and stopping schemes and so on.

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Yes, as I was saying, The oddities that Allah Allah set for us are clear, or precise, we cannot decide how we want to Allah tells us and then in addition to how Allah tells us to us, you know, it's, it's so beautifully laid out, because Alessi

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includes not only that, which we must do, but also that we should not do. You cannot, for example, be a good Muslim, I'm a good Muslim, but I am committing Zina all the time, or I am being rude to my parents all the time, who are not fulfilling the rights that are supposed to so included in a stay away from heroin which is actually a bigger reality. And they do it if it's false. So, my other TV show, so they cannot do close to Allah subhanaw taala except for this, then by two

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layer B now if it really sells and continues to grow closer to me, Allah with now I feel what what are now I feel plural of natural, which is also known as soon right. So you draw closer and closer to Allah Subhana Allah with that which is suing that the the supererogatory acts that are established by Rasulullah Saba Linus and now you can make your dad do now you can make your own life. Now you can because now you have all that which is the minimum, the minimum requirement, what do you do beyond this and hamdulillah

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and then the beauty continues. So you do what you thought you stay away from what is haram? You follow up with the sooner but you are consistent

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Not just, I'm a good person for today to order I go back to my old ways. Then next week Friday, I get inspired again. And then the next day I go back to my old ways No, I consistent, I'm excited every day, all five on time. I consistently try to stay away from how long if I'm addicted to Samsung, or the other app constantly check myself about it. And I constantly try to take myself away from it. And I will sort of and I will slip by Allah will help me if I have a sincere engagement had

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to this is the highlight that was heavy for me. When you maintain consistency on this method, staying away from doing what is called doing the sweetener, until Allah loves Reese's, until I love you, until I love that service. I love to win. I love that seventh point to some lady, yes, my ob, I become the US which the year I become the eyes of which they see, I become the hands of which they grasp. I become the feet with which they walk.

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And then either whenever in a ceremony when the person asked me,

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I give that person

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when that person seeks refuge from me, I grant that person

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doesn't mean some people, you know often interpret this as

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like pantheism, Allah becomes your hands on becomes yours, you know, you go to a different level. Now, what this means is your life, your deeds, your words, the things you do, the places you go, the things you listen to the things you see with your eyes of gathering not find your nuts, not by what feels right, what feels good, what feels desirable, but it is governed by will Allah be pleased with this

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will only be satisfied with me.

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Can I face a law on the day of judgment with this in my book,

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this, my beloved elders, brothers, sisters in Islam is why all of us we need.

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We need to have the type of relationship with Allah when Allah loves us. Because not only will that satisfy us in terms of love for the angels and the humans and everything in existence, but in addition, we will have such a relationship with a law that whenever we need to knock on a door,

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the first door that we knock is the door.

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The first one of whom we ask is of Allah. It's not that we really no need to go to the doctor anymore. We don't need to go to the to the lawyer anymore to psychiatrists, no, no, no, those are all the means. But the one who gives power to all of those means is Allah. And in this time of sheer desperation in this time of craziness, because we see craziness coming out, right? Because it's a difficult time.

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I would love for you in all of us to be from among those who like my team would say, You know what?

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What happens around me doesn't matter.

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I have a lot. Just today, one of the most Sundays of this message, she sent me a message as his father has been admitted into hospital with COVID-19. But part of his message, he doesn't just send the message like oh my god, it's part of his messages. But whatever Allah has decreed, we are satisfied with already.

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Love Like, I don't want that.

00:33:38--> 00:33:41

I hope and I pray that you want that. Because

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that is the law. That thing is the law. Because that life will result in the Ultimate Life in your illness behind us, guide us and grant us easily love, the love of his messenger and the love of those who love you. This is Rasulullah Allahu

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Allah, I love I asked you for your love

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and the love of those who love you for who you currently are. And the love of those deeds, which will bring me closer to love. I mean, another dog

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along with a burger, a hamburger in a mean, let's see, well, well i the only man in bed. All I ask that you make your love, more beloved to me than myself than my family or my children. And then cool water to handle. This is a big one good thing. I painted No, he got in the middle of the desert. What pleasure can be better than the pleasure of thinking I said, nice. Cool.

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So imagine you love a lot more than that experience like it might seem mundane, but without experiencing just every time you speak English

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So I think it's super cool to make this to Ellis behind with and guide us and love us and may we love him and maybe take all the benefits of

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anime salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh