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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives a short lecture at the holy city at Masjid Al Aqsa.

Mubarak (source of blessings) and Muqaddis (that which is blessed and sanctified) are the two adjectives to describe the holy land of Jerusalem in the Qur’an.

The miraculous journey of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from Masjid Al Haram to Masjid Al Aqsa is explicitly explained for us to comprehend fully well the grand stature of this event in the history of Islam.


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It is such a great honor for all of us to be here today, each and every one that wishes to be more comfortable and thankful to almost kind of irrelevant that he has allowed us to check off all the list of all cities to a city that the fact of the matter is the majority of the Muslim world cannot come to you. And unless you try to attend a facilitated or muster on this holiest of holy places, this is a city that a lot mentions many times in the forum, but no one never mentions it by name. It mentions it's by description, images and by adjectives and the adjective in the description that I wanted to kind of what are they used, it is always one of two either Movado auto purchase. These are

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the two adjectives that allow users to describe this land either Malala homelessness, Baba is the source of blessings. Mubarak is where Baraka consecrate, Mubarak is where something is used more, it's extrapolated more, were a little bit of time a little bit of money, a little bit of vodka will be extrapolated, so more people can benefit. And will park this is only a part of this is that which is blessed and sanctified. So the place is only and the people who worship Allah here become holy. So what this is all about is blessing. And a love describes in five or six verses this land as being either romantic or partners. For example, Allah says in the most famous verse and it is a verse that

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you will read on top of them and then you will read it inside over here. And you will read it also in the software or the the doodle of the walk. And that is the first person shooter he saw Superman and daddy I saw the other day in a lab. All Praise be to Allah who caused the servant to undertake a night journey I mean, unless you that are all even as student outflow from domestic our domestic economies and backup to the mess to the Apple song to the heard this question. This is the version of the song The first question and then how to describe it. Eva, how we have blessed the lag around it is

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not just the question, we have blessed the land around it. So imagine when a law is saying we have less the land around it, what will be the blessing of the question itself under the Baraka

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notices what the law is saying that all praise be to Him. So Hannah, why? Because he has taken this service, from the nest to the parent to the masjid and up saw this journey, we're going to talk about it a while is one of the reasons why we praise a lot

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of verses in the product that was sold is people yeah, oh my people who do sudo out by the desktop. And through the lab that is all the all the photos out there. No Condorcet unless you catch up a whole lot with Allah has tested this that for you, Allah has chosen this not for you. So it is called an assessor. It is the holy that add in another suitor advisor, which had mentioned that what a general rule, and we say rules will apply

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to the land that we have made Baraka in it. So there is Baraka around it. And there's Baraka in it in order to develop that. And Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentioned, so Ibrahim has mentioned who satisfaction here we have new to be mentioned. And now we have survey man and that will also mention them in association with Islam. So Allah says with regards to the man was suffering, rehab, and we gave to the man the power to control the wind, touching the pilot out into

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the wind would take him to the land that we have blessed meaning whatever so a man was, he could come back to your land and listen, and this is right here in Jerusalem. So wherever a lot describes this land, it is either holding or it is blessing. And there is no doubt that the holiest place on earth is to heaven and the garbage There is no doubt. But the fact of the matter is that that land was only known to be holding and declare to be only for a short period of time of the game. And then at the top of our profits a lot more it was said, for the bulk of its history. Very few people knew of its sanctity. It was only some of the Arabs who knew it was holding us for this land. This is

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Jerusalem and others. It was sanctified by each and every prophet from his half the Yahoo all the way down until the Saturday and a lot of savage adventures with regards to loot.

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Allah told him to make a drop in an outfit that he has, he had an allergy to the lab that we have made busted for the entire world. So Allah says this is the Holy Land for the entire world. Now that's an accurate description, because the only lad that is considered holy by all of the monotheistic religions.

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And Allah says, We have made this not only for the entire world, and look to this day, there's a Jewish quarter, there's a Christian quarter, there was a Muslim Quarter, to this day, as we're going to walk around tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, you will find Jewish pilgrims, you will find Muslim pilgrims, you will find Christian pilgrims, there is no other site in the world that is considered sacred by every major religion, no other sites. And the lavanchy says that this is a land that we have made Obama get out of the meeting for the entire world. And there are so many ideas about the blessings of this land, and about the sanctification of this land. And what are the

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outcrops of the law, it was seldom said to buy the shampoo, body shampoo, Body Shop, no calls here, Sham, if the prophetic vernacular is this entire region, Sham, which we now call Syria, Sham is considered to be this entire region, and its intellectual capital and its spiritual capital was always us. So whenever you see Sham, mentioned in the ad, don't think of modern Syria. No. Think of this region surrounded by modern Syria. Yes. But Sham primarily refers to for the state in the heading when the Prophet mentions Sham, modern day Syria is included. Yes, but what is the primary intention? What is the main focus, the main focus is Jerusalem. And then secondly, it is the

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analysis and all that is in between. So when the Prophet says Sham, you need to think of this region right here. And yes, it also imposed, as I said, the modern country of Syria. So our Prophet system said, less than a sham, plus it You shall listen to sharp. And then he mentioned, why is that doesn't have been said. And he said that there is shall are the angels that have spread their wings out. And they are protecting the people of shepherd. So the angels have spread their wings out, and they have less than this region up a shop and our profits of a lot more than you would send them said that when my mother was pregnant with me when Amina was pregnant with me, that the US shall be

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that is sharp tremble in a quake, it crumbled in a week, our scholars say, either as excitement that the process of service coming, or as a fear that it's going to be conquered soon one of the two, because both of them happen, that the prophecy sort of conquered. And in fact, our prophecy sort of said count six things between me and judgment day, six signs count, which would be a judgement day. Number one, my deck number two, the conquest of show. So the very second thing that you said after I died, the next big event that's going to come and that's going to be cataclysmic, and it will be one of the check marks, but judgment date will be the conquest of Syria. And that is why our prophets a

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little off and he said that he was eager to conquer the Sham and especially for last name, and especially based on the bucket list. Even in his lifetime. They own the battle that was somehow the fault in his lifetime against non Muslims outside of Arabia are interesting but error. Only father, that was one who can tell me what's that battle?

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Okay, tell me, people of Sierra

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almost about booked up water our brothers from England helped you out

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the battle that was fought against the Romans. Now, why the book was another attempt. So motor and the book were both attempts of the Prophet system to come to this region, both the north and for the both of them south of the shaft right so above but the you know, below shaft mortality watercolors, and both of them are at for the price, and this was the price. And that is why the first battle that he directed the Sahaba to go fight as soon as he unified Arabia, the first battles were the battles towards without the chef and that is why it was the first major conquest that took place. And that was Jerusalem. It was conquered in the very last days of his life and the very first days of life.

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This was where the major conquest began. This was the greatest of the earliest victories. And then after this came the victories against the Persians and the victories against other reasons. So the prophecies that have to do they wanted this lab and then a walk up and then a robot on the Leviathan. They were the ones who focused

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It Now we all know the famous story that doesn't involve himself in to accept the keys to the city, our professor as well, he made a special case for this city being arrested. And he said, No one should travel except to one of three places, there are only three places that are holding in and of themselves. Number One must either cut off number two, he said my message in Medina and number three is addressed to the Amazon, the famous political party and was not to shut down they have nobody to travel except to one of three. What does this mean nobody should travel, it means there is no spiritual journey. There is no journey that in and of itself is rewarded to go to the other place,

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ie the world or the lab is not fully except one of three places. Makkah Medina and Jerusalem. There's no other place that is intrinsically holy. The journey might be blessing another god, you go for knowledge, you go for visiting your parents, that journey is blessing, but not the land, the land is not blessing. But what land is blessing only three, and that is welcome Edina and Jews. And we all know that the blessings of Jerusalem and the prayers of Jerusalem are increased how much so there's two headings on this. And they're both like the sort of weak, one of them is more authentic than the other one has. It says that every salah and mentioned enough salt is equal to 500 solid

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outside. But the stronger narration says that every solid invested in upsource is equal to one fourth of the salon industry that Debbie and that translates into how much between 250 and that is the stronger version, nonetheless, as to whether it's 250, whether it's 500. The point is that every salon here is multiplied more than other places except for Medina, and Mankato to the to places that are holier than thou shall as well have the blessing of Elijah shall is it really what the sister asked me about earlier today. And it's a moral ideal. To summarize, the prophecies have said that when so the man built the temple, once the man built the temple, he completed the job on their own,

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he laid it all out. And he said, Well, what give me three things, and the headache is intimately and it is slightly being punished with some of the scholars. I mean, it hasn't, so inshallah we will accept it as being more acceptable. And so because they asked me three things, or a lot, number one, give me a wisdom. Number two, give me a kingdom like no other person has had dominion, like no other person has had. And then number three, this is the one that we're interested in, especially that made this question of mine. So that's this place here. This is the land here. This must be the mind such that anybody who comes to this question, and prays to regard only one to your reward, shall be

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forgiven a form of a sentence. And so this was a narration that is it could have been that our proposition is narrating props to the man or the incident. And he said, he got the first two, so I hope he got the third one. We know he got the first two, so inshallah he got the third as well, and that inshallah he got the third is essentially greenlight groups, that whoever comes to the slab and prays to God in this life at the least, that is just the reason he loves to kind of adapt. So there's no need to show off, there's no need, you just want Allah blessings, then it is the only place that where you pray to God, you will be forgiven of all of your sins. And that is why even

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Omar with your loved one, when he would come to Syria, when he would come to Sham when he would come to me to love this, it is narrated at one time again, and we literally entered we're ready to rock up and then left the city without even drinking a sip of water. Because he wanted to be so literal to the honey, that he didn't even want to sip of water from the city. Now obviously that's even oma that's why what is it an r1? Right? But the point is, he wanted to fulfill this idea so much that he wants nothing from this world, or from this land, excuse me, other than to pray to God. And so inshallah all of us are here and we're saying our prayers here we should make our near that our Nia

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is only to earn the rewards of Illustrator without him and so insha Allah insha Allah if that is our name, we shall go back to our homes having all of our sins forgiven, having a clean slate, and that is an equivalent to how much was paid off. That isn't equivalent to that, even though it doesn't replace that much. But the rewards are the rewards of hygiene. as well. We learned that the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam entered this era, as we all know that this is where the blessing metabolics took place. This is where our prophecies that went on the ascent. And maybe tomorrow we'll give the lectures about this time around. We don't have time today to do that. We'll see

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tomorrow when time is possible, but briefly described there are two separate journeys that took place on the same night. This raw and very large are two separate journeys that took place on the same day.

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Islam is the journey from Makkah to Jerusalem. Mirage is the journey from Jerusalem to the heavens. And so it's called Israel one mirage. So Israel from Mecca to Jerusalem, and then Mirage from Jerusalem up in the heavens and instrument. They both involve which city Jews voted for Jews. And the very fact that Allah subhana wa tada chose Jerusalem to be both Israel and America demonstrates its sanctity. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was physically here. This right marriage was not a dream. It was not a dream. He came in body and soul, and spirit and mind and soul and body is physical justice he himself so the law, how do you send them walk on this very lap, as what

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happened over here are all brought in here as we don't, I'm going to tell you the story challenge for more details. Judy was here as well. And God told him to pray over here. And so God and the processor are right here. And the Prophet says that I'm praise. And when he finishes, and he turns around, what does he see? We all know, all 120,000 prophets over here, and they were all present. So the only place that we know of where every prophet was present, simultaneously

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was this. Think about if God is the only must say, of both of us?

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If that was the only blessing, every single profit, where did they gather together? Where did they it was on this very spot where they pray their solder together, and then our promises and as the legend goes, we don't know for sure. But the legend goes, he went to that walk over there. And that was when the Mirage took place. And tomorrow we're gonna go to the the Dome of the Rock was the top. That's the legend that was and again, there were no eyewitnesses to tell us about your shower. But that's what it is history as important because he went up to Mirage from that walk into the dome of the wrong as well what other blessings are over you in the shop? Again, so many are mentioned. As we

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don't lose any set up. It was promised this land but his people, his people refuse to fight against the advocates against the people that were living here and they became cowards and they said, No, you go into your Lord fight. We're gonna sit right here. So what did he do? He prohibited for them for how many years or 40 years and they wandered in the desert or silent they walked in there. Now, when Moosa was about to die, you all know when prophets died, what happens?

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The angel has to do what for the permission to take so ask permission. So the only people who basically choose their time is that by choosing I mean, they're asked, are the properties. So when the Angel of Death comes to musallam, Allah says, Allah thought, let me go to at least gaze upon the promised land. He knows he cannot enter the promised land, because a lot of millions of other faiths that have will have Ramadan and even otherwise, unless that is how long for them for 40 years, they won't wander in the earth, so Musab could not enter the promised land. But when he died when he was about to die, he made a garage Oh Allah, at least let me look on the promised land. And so a lot of

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trouble to to go to such and such a mountain and Moosa went to this mountain. If we have time, then everyone will pass by what the legends say wasn't a mountain again. There are no eyewitnesses a lot. No so that's what what the legend say is the day after tomorrow we're going to we're going to be seeing that that mountain that's where they say is the raven WUSA, and so moose died with his staff in his head, staring at this very light. This is the line he was staring at when he died. And the Prophet system said if I was there, now I could show you the very rock under which he is very tough. If I was there, I can show you exactly that walk that he was standing on when he has to wait until

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he was very over there with the gays right on this very lap. So catalog Here we are. Right in this lesson plan at being witness to history, so much history over here. This is also the lab that time that was set up made this capital, right the kingdom of today and this is the famous kingdoms that a lot less than with the that was the Prophet King, most King most prophets were not kings. Most prophets were not rulers, though that would lead to Salah was one of the very, very few, very few who chose to be a prophet advocate. By the way our prophets are set up to believe him and asked him that Allah is asking you, do you want to be a humble prophet or do you want to be a mother You

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cannot assume

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medica and also the king Prophet.

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Do I want to be an analyst? I want to be an alphabet soup. I don't want to be a medic. I don't want to be a team. So he chose not to