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The importance of praying for the nation and being a good Muslim citizen is highlighted, as it is crucial for everyone to be strong and creative. A woman named Muhammad's successes was due to her claims to be a prophet and advice not to fall for her. A woman named Miss Pooja's success was due to her following rules and values of her home. The importance of following rules and values is emphasized, along with a tradition in the Jewish community that involves stopping cars at funeral parties.

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cemani walk with a mind that would

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respected elders and friends. First of all, we can think of lots of power without the loss of power without data gave us another Friday, together a blessing day for all those things. And what makes this Friday even more special is that we are aware that Today is National Prayer. Right?

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What is the purpose behind this this day,

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all the people of the country got together, and they pray

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to the Lord, to God, peace and unity discussion. It was in order to create a peaceful environment. And as we are all aware that we are a nation, which believes in the law, which believes in God, so why not take this opportunity in reminding ourselves that as Muslims, we are also nationalist, Islam doesn't say that the moment you accept Islam, you can be a nationalist, you can be a person belonging to a country, you will find a group of people who will say that, you know, Islam only allows you to sit down on the other hand, you will find a group of people who will say that some only allows to be a nationalist, but no, is now is the religion of moderations, which teaches us to

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be a nationalist, and at the same time, to be a Muslim, but obviously, as a Muslim, whatever we look at, we look at it in a way where we obey Allah subhanho wa, taala, first, and then second, we are the nationals of this country. So as I say, that today is the day where people got together, and they pray for the peace of this country. But what I would like to remind all the brothers here is that praying is not enough. Just just having the concern, in our words is not enough, it has to come into our actions. And

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it is supposed to be seen in our actions, and from what I was going through a research, if we have to look into into the lifestyle of living.

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Try and highlight three points. If we bring those three points in our lives, then inshallah we will be a good citizen to this country, a good Muslim citizens of this country. The first point is that we are supposed to be active in all the in all the activities that are taking place in our country, to be an active Muslim citizen, and I will prove it to you from the right side of the visa.

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Let me show was a creative man of his society was a creative man of his country. You know, there is this incident, that affordable occasion, all the convenience, all the Sahaba were sleeping in Madeira, and they heard a loud sound is scary sound in the middle of the night. So all the samples cooler in order to check what has happened. Has someone attacked when something happened? When they came out? What did they see? They saw that Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam already went to the borders of Medina to check what is happening, and he's coming back home.

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So before the Sahaba, even reached to the place, Prophet Muhammad reached a place he assessed the situation, he came back and he told us our state, he said, there's nothing wrong, you can go back to sleep. So being the leader, the problem was almost the most active member of society. The second incident, which makes us understand that how active he used to be, and that is why we see this change. That is why we see so many uses today. You know, there is this incident, although the nation is called to be a little weak, but we have to take the lesson from it. It is said that on one occasion, there was one old lady was traveling in the outskirts of Makkah, she wanted to come to

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Makkah, and she had a luggage.

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Now, she was waiting for someone to assist her sister. So she saw this one young men passing by.

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So the young man lifted the luggage. And he told the old lady, the linear system, and they started walking.

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starts telling the young man that you know what you you're good man. Look like the gentleman here good character and you let me advise you something. There is a man in Makkah by the name Muhammad, and he calls himself to be a prophet, and he is lying. Don't believe in his thoughts. Don't fall for him. This is what she advises the young man in the hallway she keeps talking about it to the rich

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The young man puts a hit. And he starts to farewell the lady. So the lady asked him that Oh, young man, you never told me again. What is your name? And the young man replies, my name is Mohammed, the same happens you're talking about.

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Character profit.

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Show. That's our problem.

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So the first lesson which we are supposed to learn as citizens, be active, be creative in your society, take care of the people around you. The second thing, be honest and trustworthy. We understand just worry. The moment will bring honesty into overnights people will look at us in any higher

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in a way that people will respect you. Let me tell you an incident report.

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Many people deny this prophecy many people.

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One famous person who denied his prophecy was his uncle Abuja.

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The nephew

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asked the Buddha connected his name was Miss

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Pooja you know Prophet Muhammad.

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Allah is also connected to you know he from his use, if you ever seen him live in his past, so Abuja reply.

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Muhammad never lives has never spoken alive. This was ancient and why don't you believe in his message? Why would you expect him to be a messenger? So replied that there's been a competition between the tribe boss after shoutouts. And between the tribe, between the tribe from which I came from, there has been a there's been a competition between the two tribes. There used to be people, we used to be the poor, they used to take care of the visitors, we used to come for pilgrimage, we used to take care they used to, they used to provide them with some some water, we used to provide them with some some water. But now when it comes to prophecy, they have one where we were to bring a

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prophet from. So what he was trying to say is that we only don't believe in Him because it's a competition. But because he's lying.

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They don't want to believe in what because

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it shows that he

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was a true person. And honestly, that's why way before he came with the message of Islam, what was his nickname?

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I mean,

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the trustworthy person, and honest person. So that is the second lesson, which I would like to leave you with. And it is to be honest, the third person is that

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follow the rules. And Dr. country is very important.

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Islam doesn't only teach us to be Muslims, the moment a person follows all the teachings of Islam, he becomes a good citizen. There is no need of unnecessary objection, you should respect the infrastructure, the values, the traditions of the country are saying,

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you know, what's probably not

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so good that he respected everyone was a gem as a person passed away, and he's gone, as I was passing by.

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Professor Lawson stood up, he stood up out of respect

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to him.

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This is the janazah of the Jewish, there's no need

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say to them, Isn't he a human being is a human being. And I will tell you a story from my life, I was in blue. We all know this place 1200 kilometers from the northern side. There is a tradition there, that when a funeral is passing by, you're supposed to stop your car, if you're driving, for those who are aware of this tradition, are supposed to stop your car.

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I didn't stop I was busted by the brothers, by the local brothers who are there. And then the other brother who was with me, he guided me that no, this is the tradition. So I obey. At the same time, it made me look like a good Muslim and a good citizen. So, there is always supposed to be we are supposed to follow the rules law traditions of the country we are staying in it is very important. Yes, if it is something in a very clear cut right and wrong, then the concern can come up, it can be discussed, but it cannot change in a day. It will take time. So that is the third message. I would like to go through these three messages again. The first one was be a creative member, a creative

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citizen of your society. The second one works

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Be honest and it will give you the respect which the Muslims had in the past he an honest Muslim be an honest citizen of your country. And the third one is follow the rules law, tradition and value infrastructure and values of the of your country may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us good citizens and we make to our to Allah subhana wa Tada. There was ground speeds or loss of

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unity to our country, and it was

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easy for each and every person who's suffering in our country.