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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Rafi but today's topic in what our advantage in Allah demean or shadow Allah. Allahu Allahu la sharika who Elavil Oberlin Allah He didn't wash at the end of the billionaire Muhammad Abdul Hora sudo Mustafa I mean, Allah masala was sending my body for Abdi Cora sadaqa Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi engineering. I'm back. Welcome to another episode of our Tafseer page by page and the sha Allah to Allah today we are on page number 44, which is the third Jos Surah Al Bukhari and we are coming towards the end of this surah of the Quran Surah Baqarah, which is the longest sort of the

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book of Allah subhanaw taala. And in the previous episode, or in the last couple of episodes, we've been speaking about Allah subhanaw taala the evidence is the point to his to heed his right to be worshipped alone. The evidence is the point towards his, his powers and his abilities, His names and its attributes subhanaw taala. And in the previous episode, Allah azza wa jal gave to us a number of examples of his power subhanaw taala and his role as a creator and the sustain of the heavens and the earth in the universe. So Allah azza wa jal, for example, mentioned the story of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam in the debate that he had with the tyrant king Nimrod, and how Nimrod claimed

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the record just as Allah can bring the lead the dead or grant life and death. So can we move? And so Ibrahim Ali Salam said from then Allah azza wa jal causes the center wise from the east, then bring it up from the west and he was unable to do so. And likewise, we had the example of the other incident that Allah azza wa jal mentions without mentioning to us a name of the individual that is concerned. But remember, the scholars were to see one of the position that is a Prophet from the prophets of Allah, who passed by a town that was decimated, ruined, completely destroyed. And he was fascinated as to how anyone could ever live in such a place after such ruin had visited it. And so

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Allah azza wa jal caused him to sleep for 100 years, and then he brought him back to consciousness and Allah subhanaw taala showed him through the sign that Allah azza wa jal has the ability to resurrect subhanho wa taala. The third of those three examples is the one that we're going to begin our episode with today. And that is in verse 260, of Surah Al Baqarah. And again, it pertains to the Prophet of Allah azza wa jal, Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam and the Prophet of the Prophet of Allah Ibrahim Ali Salam throughout the Quran, is one of the greatest prophets of Allah azza wa jal when it comes to this issue of establishing the proofs of the existence of Allah subhanaw taala and

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his powers and the reality of resurrection.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, are we learning Muna shaytani regime or even Carla Ibrahim or rob be areni que for to heal melta color LM to mean Paula Bella vida que La Palma in Cali be Paula for orbera 10 minute piety for so guna ulica majority collegia burn in Hoonah from the rune de una casa where Allah and Allah Aziz on Hakeem Allah subhanaw taala says, and we brought him on, he said, I've said, My Lord, show me how you give life to the dead. So Brian man Eastern asks Allah subhanaw taala for a sign. And we know that the prophets of Allah Alima salatu salam would be given miracles, and that you would be given those miracles for their people to be able to show them the truthfulness of

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their message and the truthfulness of the message that they are calling to which is the trade of Allah subhanaw taala but also that the prophets and messengers of Allah Azza wa salatu salam will given signs by Allah azza wa jal for themselves and this is one example.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that Abraham Ali's son asked Allah Edie Nikkei for Tolkien moto O Allah show me how you bring the dead back to life on an LLM took him. Allah subhanaw taala asked him Do you not believe them? Bala Bala? He said, Of course. Yes, I believe, well, actually up in Nepali but just to put my heart at rest. So Ibrahim Ali Islam, this questioning from him is not from a position of doubt. It is not from a place of confusion is not because he has some trepidation as to regard this pillar of Eman that Allah azza wa jal will have resurrection that there is life after death. He knows that that is the reality and he knows that it is the truth, but he seeks to want to come

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closer to Allah subhanaw taala. To see this beautiful ability of Allah azza wa jal is being played out before him. And so he says no Allah, I believe, I already submit to you fully well

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accurately upon my

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personal My heart will be further put at rest, meaning that I can increase in my Eman in my certainty in my knowledge and that is something which the believer should always seek because one of the lessons and benefits that we take from this story is that even the believer or even the one who feels and thinks themselves strong in their Eman strong in their belief strong in their practice of Islam should always seek to further make themselves steadfast to further strengthen their faith and belief in Allah azza wa jal through seeking knowledge through contemplating the verses of the Quran through doing acts of worship and acts of God that will help them come closer to Allah subhana wa

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Tada and say Brahim Ali Salam wants to further himself in knowledge, he wants to have further insight into this particular issue.

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So Allah subhanaw taala replies and he says for good or bad the minute you take four birds for different birds for so Hoonah the lake and train them to come back to some myrddraal Allah Cooney Jubilee min Hoonah and then take them and place them on two separate hilltops. Some other ohana, Tina can sit here and call them back and they will come flying to Ibrahim Ali Sam was told to take four different birds, those four belts he was told to sacrifice and then he was told to cut them up like you do if you're going to eat chicken or meat or whatever you cut it up into small pieces. And then to mix those pieces together. So but one by two by three but four have been chopped up into

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small pieces, parts of bad one I missed with two and three and four. And now each one of them is placed distinctly on four different mountain tops for different hilltops. And then he's told or the ruhuna call out to each one of them the name of bird one, whatever it may be a Falken Eagle a pigeon COLA to it and bird two or three and bad for Tina Casaya. They will come flying to Allah azza wa jal resurrected each one placed each one back with its own necessary components and pots because each one has been mixed up with the other and then they come flying to Ibrahim Ali salatu salam and Allah azza wa jal concludes the west by St. Maarten and Allah Aziz and Hakeem and know that Allah is all

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powerful or wise. And so this is an amazing verse of the Quran that shows the power of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is just the tiniest and smallest example that Allah azza wa jal gave to the Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salah to set up, but rather we know that on Yeoman Yabba, Allah subhanaw taala, when that trumpet is blown, and the hour is established, and human piano begins, all of the people will be standing, all of the people will be standing for either a young, young grown, Allah will say, and it will be that they're all standing, watching and waiting. In a single moment, all of the dead jinn and humans will come back to life from the beginning of time until the end of time, all of them will

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be resurrected in a single moment. And that is the power of Allah subhana wa Tada. So this was, and the previous two verses that we took in the last episode, the first story with Brian Murray slammed the story of the man who goes across that city or that town that was ruined and destroyed. These are all signs of Allah azza wa jal, and we see these signs, therefore, all around us, each one of them speaks to the signs of the universe that point to the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. So when you look at the heavens, and you look at the Earth, and you look at the sun, and you look at the moon, and you look at the way that society is the universe around us, how life works, death works, how the

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plant cycle works, and, and the animals live and all of these things are signs of the existence of Allah subhanaw taala and his power delivery of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala then gives in the next verse 261 A parable concerning those people who spend in the way of Allah subhanaw taala because having that knowledge and insight into Allah azza wa jal names and attributes knowledge and certainty of Allah subhanaw taala should lead you to action and it should lead you to sacrifice for the sake of Allah submit to the will of Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah azza wa jal says, but that will let the you know you have your own visa been in LA he cometa and you have button but it's about Santa Fe equally some bullet in mere two. Wala who will be fully mean Yasha Walla who was

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the example of those who spent their wealth in Allah's Cause? I like the grains of quantity produced seven ears, each bearing 100 grains. Indeed Allah multiplies increased whomsoever He wishes, indeed he is limitless and all knowing Allah subhanaw taala gives to us in the next number of verses now, Allah azza wa jal will speak about sadaqa and charity. And this will go on to our next episode as well. A number of verses now speak about this amazing act of worship. It is one of the greatest acts of worship that a person can perform, and that is to sacrifice their hard earned cash, their wealth that they still covet and love to hoard and to keep and to benefit from personally to give some of

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that away for the sake of Allah Subhan

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doTERRA with no return. Because usually when you give wealth or you spend wealth, you get something back in return, you go to the shop, you make a transaction, you give money and you get something back in return, or you invest that money in the hope of getting a greater return of wealth, but sadaqa and any type of charity, when you spend a new give, it is based on the principle that you don't get anything back in return. What makes charity charity is that you're not expecting anything back, whether that be gratitude, whether that be acknowledgement whether that be an award, whether that be some type of product or some type of service or some nothing, you get nothing it is simply

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for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And so Allah azza wa jal gives the example of a single coin, if you like QMF, and you have a single coin, when you give a pound $1 Ariel in charity, Allah subhanaw taala says this example is like that single seed, that single seed that you plant, and from that single grain or seed, you have a plant that produces seven years. So if you have like corn, for example, you have one grain of corn that you gave that grain of sweet corn that you gave, if you were to plant that the example of that childhood, that one corn is that now it's grown another pet of seven ears, because the corn the whole hub, or the cub rather, of the corn is called an ear of

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corn, the corn seven different cones on that single plant and from an each one of those quants is 100 grains further. So now from that one, you have multiplied into 700 and that is each and every single time you give in the path of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah azza wa jal and says, Well Allah who will die fully meaning a shot, and Allah will increase it for whomsoever he wants. And that is what the prophet teller told us of Allah while he was telling them that sometimes a single dinar overcomes 1000 dinars, they said how a messenger of Allah, someone gives one the United charity another one he gives 1000 He said, sometimes the one is more valuable, more precious, more rewarding

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than the one that gave us 1000. They said how a messenger of Allah He said, Because this one who gave the one only possess to only had to say he gave essentially half of his wealth for the sake of Allah. And as for the one who had 1000 that is someone who has millions and millions, hundreds of millions. For him. 1000 is like petty change, like pocket money, something which he doesn't even realize or recognize when he gives it in the path of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala therefore looks at a person's intention. It looks at a person's circumstances, it looks at a person's difficulty in terms of giving their gifts and all of those things and then when they still

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give Allah subhanaw taala doesn't just reward for the quantity, but we reward for the quality and for all of those that sincerity and everything else that goes into that for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada Allah azza wa jal in verse 262, that describes these people who give and the manner in which they give and he says Subhana wa Tada a Lavina you have your own mother whom visa vie the law Ethan Moran.

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Who, from zoom allow you to be your own Mr. Coleman. What are the Lahoma Jerome daarop beam Lahoma Jerome B Hemara. Home finale Mala and own. Those who spend their wealth in Allah's Cause, and do not follow their spending with reminders of their benevolence or hurtful words will have their rewards with Allah subhanaw taala no fear for them, nor will they grieve. In this verse. Allah azza wa jal is just an extension of the previous verse, which Allah subhanaw taala is still speaking about the virtues and the rewards of giving sadaqa and Allah azza wa jal here describes not only those who give because the previous verse is a bad example, in terms of reward of the giving. But in this

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verse, Allah azza wa jal then speaks about the manner in which the giving is done as well. The charity is given. The man Allah azza wa jal is saying is that those people firstly do it for the sake of Allah sincerely for the sake of Allah. It's their wealthy giving Him for allah sake, not for any recognition of any thanks for no worldly purpose other than to please Allah subhana wa Tada sumela used to be Runa and faco men nawada other and then Allah azza wa jal says no do they follow up they're giving with two things. One of two things number one is a men and men is when you remind people of the good that they did to you hold it over them, you lord over them with the charity that

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you gave them. So it's constantly on your tongue constantly reminding them constantly so this person not only did you give them something, but now for the rest of their life you're holding them to it. So you say Don't you remember what I gave you this? Don't you remember I did this for you. Don't you remember when you needed me? I was there for you. And you just remind them over and over again especially when now you want something back the guilt trip that takes place you guilt them then into knowing and acknowledging them your favor over them. That is called elmen and that is something that you dislike to Allah subhanaw taala because he means that your charity wasn't really for visa be

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law, in Allah sake for Allah's Cause, sincerely. Yes, you do.

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either for Allah sake, but a part of you also because you want to favor of that person where you want them to remember that favor. And yes, when someone does good to you, you should remember the good that they did to you without having to be reminded. And if you don't remember, or that person doesn't remember the good that they did to you, then you shouldn't remind them that is their problem. That's their character, that's their, you know, traits and manners and so on. That's their issue before you don't make your sadaqa be diminished, be demeaned by the actions that you do afterwards in terms of reminding others one other note you see anything which is hurtful or harmful,

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or do anything which harms the individual after the saga, you give the southern you say, Oh, you always begging or you give the salad and you call them a name or you're poor, you're destitute, and he say words are hurtful to them. What you all is begging, you always need me. You can't You're useless. You can't do anything. And now you're giving them but at the same time, you're harming them as well. If you're going to give, give with an open heart, give with pleasure, give me the happiness give for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal says those people who can give without doing these things and do it sincerely for the sake of Allah, they will have their reward with the

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Lord and that reward has been mentioned in the previous verse. While our whole finale himolla Honda has an own and they will have no fear upon them. No will they grieve?

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Allah subhanaw taala then says in verse 263, is still speaking about this issue of sadaqa and giving Bolu Mara Wolf who feel rotten Halal mewn sada Gotti yet, Baron

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Wallah Ohanian Haleem a kind word and forgiveness is better than a charitable deed that is followed by hurtful words indeed, Allah azza wa jal is self sufficient. forbearing from charity and charity in Islam is a very wide concept, the physical the monetary charity of giving wealth is only one aspect of charity from charity is the good words that you see the smile that you show, the good character that you possess, the help and aid that you give people physically you may help someone with their bags over their possessions or carrying something or lifting something all of this is considered to be southern Islam. Allah subhanaw taala he said Gollum. Now Wolf on one mark FIRA

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giving a kind word or forgiving someone it is better than the sadaqa that you give that is followed by some type of harm, or by some hurtful words. Allah Subhana Allah therefore in this verse, And in the previous verses, God gives to us four levels of doing good towards others, the first of them, and the best of them is the one that we mentioned. And that is when you give sadaqa for the sake of Allah azza wa jal with a good pure sincere intention. And it's not followed by any harm. It's not followed by any remember, reminders is not followed by any expectance of a favor being returned. That is the best of them. The second, then, is when you speak good to people, you can't give money,

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maybe you don't have the waffle, you can't do it in that way. So you just speak to people and say nice things to them, accept their apologies when they apologize, forgive people, or say kind words to them, say good words to them, always be present in your demeanor. And in your speech, that is the second level of doing good because Allah Azza and says, Oh, tomorrow, the third level is mafia, that you pardon people. So maybe you can't say stuff, maybe you're not good with your words, maybe you're not good with your money, but forgive people for the errors that they commit the mistakes that they make, you forgive them, and you pardon them for it. And the fourth level is the worst of them. And

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that is, or the least of them, I should say, and that is the one who gives the sadaqa. But then they remind or they have had for words, and that is the least of them, because they're mixed good with evil. They've done a good act because they've helped someone with their money. But it's not something which is pure, because they have then diminished that action with some of the evil that they have done. But those are the four levels that Allah azza wa jal essentially mentioned to us in these verses. In the final verse on this page in verse 264, Allah subhanaw taala then says, Yeah, you will live in them and all Tabata and also Ducati can Billman one other color the young Omala can

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levy your Omala holy

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Nursey what Minami la he wanted Yeoman. From ethanol camera 30 soft one in early two Norbu for Cyber web you know Fatah raka who solida Runa Anna she in Cebu, wala hula and Dylan Coleman caffine in are you who believe, do not cancel out your charitable deeds with reminders and hurtful words. Like someone who spends his wealth only to be seen by people not believing in Allah subhanaw taala or the last day, such a person is like a rock which is like a rock with Earth on it. Heavy rain falls and leaves it completely bare. Such people get no rewards for their work. And yet Allah azza wa jal does not guide the disbelievers

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Allah subhanaw taala in this verse, and in the coming verses that we will take in Charlottetown in the next episode, will give a number of parables and examples concerning

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people and their sadaqa the types of people in the manners that they give sadaqa and those mannerisms or those descriptions and ways of giving have already proceeded. That's what we spoke about now. Those people who give sincerely those people who give and then they follow up with reminders and hurtful words and so on. That's something which Allah azza wa jal mentioned in the previous verses, this verse, and the coming verses now, we'll speak about the example of those people in terms of the way that they give in terms of their reward and the benefit that they attain. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions that the first of them is the one who spends in the way of Allah or

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rather Allah azza wa jal gives the first one, the command and that is that the command is that Allah subhanaw taala says that they you should be from amongst a group of people that gives sincerely for the sake of Allah. Don't have any hurtful words don't have any reminders, no issues at all. You should be from amongst those people. Be from the group that Allah azza wa jal prays at the beginning, be from those who are given the way of Allah Subhanallah you to be your own Emma and for commandment What are other and then they don't follow up they're giving with hurtful words or with reminders.

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Allah azza wa jal says, but rather the one who does that, who gives reminding, saying hurtful words and others, he says the example of that person is like the one who gives not for the sake of Allah not because they believe in Allah or believing the last day or know that they will stand before Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Resurrection and be accounted for. But rather, they are like the ones who give to show off, they give because they want their name to be known. They give because they want an advancement and acknowledgement and accolades in terms of this world, they give because they want prestige within the community and respect amongst their family and their peers. And you

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find this that people want their name to be and if you don't mention their name, or you're not going to publicize them or whatever else they will become upset and maybe that they will not give Allah subhanaw taala says the example of this type of person is Ken Methodius of one in it he tore up is like the example of a rock that has Earth upon it, I mean, it looks like it is something which has a great deal to give a great deal to show earth that if you plant seeds upon it, then it will grow and it will because you think that the land is fertile, the land is something which is good underneath, it looks like it is plentiful, in terms of the soil, that it will be good. But then a Saba who Wabun

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they will come upon it heavy rain, and the heavy rain will remove all of that soil from the face of the rock underneath is not something which is good and fertile soil, but underneath it is all rocky so any seed that you plant, its roots won't be able to go in and won't be able to shoot up in terms of the plant that wants to grow. Allah Azza says that these people will become exposed like that, that that soil will be exposed from the face of the rock photographer who solida and it will be left completely bare. Now whether those people are exposed in this life, because Allah azza wa jal exposes them in one way or another, or people just know that this is their reality. This is the

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character this is the way that they are. And people usually know this, even if they see to their face or they praise to their faces and so in their hearts or behind their backs, they will know that these are people who seek only praise and only open type of acknowledgement they don't really do it just for the purity of the action of giving for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala or Allah azza wa jal will make them from amongst those people that will be exposed on the day of judgment as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they're from amongst the first people to be punished and thrown into the fire from amongst them is the one who is charitable. And he will say I will Allah I gave

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him your way. But Allah will say no, rather you did so so that people will call you generous, unkind, charitable, and that's what people said, meaning that you didn't show off, not for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and the mullah will command him to be thrown into the fire of Allah azza wa jal save us from that. And so here Allah is really saying that they will be exposed, whether in this life or whether in the next life, and that is why from the actions that are surely our praises when it comes to giving charity is as the Prophet told us and Allahu Allahu wa sallam to give charity in secret. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that from the sermon that Allah will shade on

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the Day of Judgment is the one who gives charity to the extent that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand gave. Some of the scholars say that that means that they just give what they have, without even looking without even counting what they have in their hands. And other said, it is an expression of how secretive they are. It is as if obviously they know because it's going from their bank account, it's going from their money they know. But it's so secretive, that it's as if one hand doesn't know what the other is giving. So even their closest family members don't really know what the closest people to them don't know how charitable they actually are. They have kept it secret,

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because they want it to be just for them, between them and Allah subhanaw taala and there were a number of the scholars with the setup, or the environmental law that you will find in their biographies were like this. People who would give during the night when it stopped when no one would see that even their own families wouldn't realize that they slipped out quietly just to go and help the poor and the needy and the poor and needy that will be helpful to know because they will wake up in the morning and find outside of their door.

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Food and wealth and clothing and other stuff and they wouldn't know where it came from. But they will just know that every so often periodically, someone comes and he helps us in this way. And we found even amongst some of our teachers and the teachers of our teachers, may Allah azza wa jal have mercy upon them. People who tried to do this people who would help in one way or another very secretively, someone gets money on their point, they don't really know where it came from, or someone gives it to them and says, I can't tell you who gave it to you. But they entrusted me with this, and they said that it's for you. And there's no link between the receiver and between the

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recipient and the giver. And it is only done for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that is something which is pleasing in the Shediac pleasing to Allah azza wa jal Not least because it escapes the person from this dangerous hole of showing off and doing it other than for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada and inshallah Tada in the next episode, we will continue with his rest in which Allah azza wa jal will then give examples of other types of people to also give charity but this is the first one who does so for other than the sake of Allah azza wa jal does so to show off and for the purposes of the dunya May Allah subhanaw taala purify our intentions and make them sincerely for his

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sake Subhana wa Tada BarakAllahu li Walakum wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was so happy as Ryan was said Mr. Ali Kumar rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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