Ibrahim Nuhu – Riyadh Us Saliheen – 21-02-2023

Ibrahim Nuhu
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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim wa salatu salam Wa Rahmatullah alanine and ENL Have you been am Hamid inside Allahu Allahu Allah Allah he will say he was selling Muhammad

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Ali yo thirimanne Sherry Raja Alpha Alfa Romeo

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her bachelor by owner more ethically Why was she missionary February alpha and

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finances and why should you know our citizens and if you have accepted Mobarak Rihanna salhi Show us our last hotel anybody Kathina or female at a level where when you have the last word or lingua franca Chattahoochee really,

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so today Insha Allah we complete

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we will complete that

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about the Phaeton

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OMA and the massage given to us by Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam he says from an era and he was asked to hand in Hello Jana filthy human ear to Who were you

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who will yell at the nurse my new trainee so last week we talked about this part of the Hadith and then the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam I said well and they are emergent Falbo who suffer with fermata or some are called be folly okay who musta injure

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you and injure your salary boo Oh

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Celexa Lolly sama set

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to complete that massage that he started given to us. The first thing is Iman villa, can the hereafter and also having good manners. And the last thing mentioned by the professor largely selama is to maintain the unity and the BR, you have given the leader and authority to keep it up without breaking any promise and the oath of allegiance that we gave previously. This is not necessarily that everyone has to give

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everyone has

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by whatever method happened to be used by the community and a person assumed responsibility and he becomes a leader.

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He deserves our obedience and, and also DUA and cooperation, as I always mentioned that there is no way for any leader, no matter how much strong he is, no matter how much he has of expertise, that is no way for him to succeed unless if he has supported us. Without support from the community, he will fail. No matter how much he tries, he commands and nobody's obeying, he will fail. So cooperation from everyone is needed and patients also is needed because

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that's the poet says digitally.

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The Malatesta he

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says, You know, sometimes things might not go in your favor. Sometimes or sometimes you might see things which to you they're wrong. being practiced by those who are in authority, the professor largely Silva said, maximize your patience, do not fight, do not protest, do not go and create chaos in the community. Observe patients and make dua for them to be guided and ask Allah subhanaw taala to take you right from them. You give them their right. When it comes to your day right over you give them the right and you ask Allah to take you right from from them. That's the man has given to us by Allah. It's very simple. And then hamdulillah also we have Rasul Allah is a lovely Salam who

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is guided by Allah subhanaw taala. Allah inform him about what will happen in the future, what kind of leadership people are going to be having from time to time, you know, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes moderate different types of leadership, you know, no matter of Islam, if you go through the history, we have witness all types of people you know, all types of mentalities leading to Omar Mohamed salah, Salah. So, the religion prevails, and there is no fear on the religion, you know, it's all about us engaged into doing things which will destroy us, as for the region of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah had nothing can happen to this religion. And this religion has to be on top of

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every religion. You know, it has to because this is what Allah Subhan Allah gave the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, when he says in Allah azza wa jal for hfri to machinic Muhammad

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Ali animal komati Sabol Obama zoo, zoo in India, he said Allah subhanaw taala compress the earth for and I was able to come

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So that

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which allows me to the earth I was able to see the machete and demagoguery the west and the east. And Allah subhanaw taala told me that the kingdom of my ummah is going to reach,

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reach whatever loss Martina has shown me. In another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam I said this religion of Allah is going to reach Marbella Lane one and a half, whatever night riches and whatever, the riches, I don't know if we have a place where there is no night nobody, you know, that means everyone.

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And the promise a lot of Somerset beer is the as easy, I'll be the only the lead.

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Whether they like it or don't like it, Allah's motto is going to take you to every place, there will be no house the promise a lot. So a time will come, except that Islam is going to penetrate that house, every place. So Hala, we're heading towards that miracle, and the merge is that of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the fear is on us, you know, not the religion of Allah subhanaw taala we support we don't support and last March is going to support his religion. It is actually a favor from Allah smarter for us to be

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You know, to serve his region, You Allah is a favor from Allah subhanaw taala for all of us.

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Don't you ever think that Allah has more to lead us in this regard? No. He can take the religion to wherever wherever you want. But Allah azza wa jal wants to elevate us, elevate us in ranking, wants us to have good life. So he informed us about a way to preserve the religion so that we can attain the success in this life is all about, as you know, enjoy.

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So one of the ways to succeed in preservation of the religion is to support the authority in doing that, which is right, so that they can focus in doing that which is right. And also they can focus in the biggest responsibility that last March I put on their shoulder checklist, Lam Antonia said,

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the most important and the number one responsibility of the leader is to preserve the religion of the

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preservation of religion here is referring to Islam. This is their number one responsibility. So if we don't support him, we don't cooperate with him. We don't make dua for him. We don't remind him we don't advise him in a nice way. How do you think this will be achieved? It is impossible. So that's why with normal Gemini that some people think that is with Gemini know with normal Java, these are the source of the prophets a lot. So more ever you go. These are what the muscles are, say. Focus and given your response to doing your responsibility and asking Allah smarter to guide them.

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This is what bring good to our community. Ask yourself what do you benefit if you curse but do you benefit if you say bad words? What kind of benefit comes back to you? Nothing? Yeah, he is whoever he is. But what do you benefit you know, if you make that dua, who knows, maybe Allah Sparta will accept you Allah, maybe Allah Sparta will accept your DUA in him and he'll become Subhanallah mercy, you know, very merciful to the community. Because if you do, you will be given a reward for that, you know, every good that take place, you know, you will be part of it.

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So, please make your brain sucess don't let Emotion drives you always look into the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala and know you've responsibility and get busy with with it. Don't pay attention to what ever somebody's saying, pay attention to what Rasulullah Salallahu Salam is telling you, so here the prophets Allah sama told us that Masiyiwa and fitna is going to affect the last part of this ummah. So he told the Ummah, the way out, you know the way out from these fitten. These calamities, this tragedy that is going to, that are going to affect this ummah, is to believe in Allah and to maintain your Easter karma and faith and belief. And also to believe in the hereafter and to

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maintain your Easter karma in this regard, and to make sure you observe good manners, you will behave well according to whatever is prescribed for you, as a good manner by the Sharia of Allah subhanho wa Taala and lastly, the prophets a lot. Listen, I said, you must make sure that you keep you by with the Imam, the leader of the Muslim, obey you listen, you support you make dua, the Prophet sallahu, Somerset, folio who must you should obey him as much as you can. Because obedience is based on is data.

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Obedience is based on is too far. Yeah. Allah subhanaw taala is greater than everything.

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Everything Everything, Allah's motto is greater than and there is no room of comparison between Allah subhanaw taala and those whom he created.

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But he Allah Subhan

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wrote, Allah Himself told us, when we obey Him, we obey Him according to our ability, likely for long enough said Allah was, you can live long enough so Allah ma,

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Allah subhanaw taala doesn't mean overburden His creation, he always ask you to do what you can do. And subhanAllah the religion has been made very simple, you know, in a way, if you cannot go with the Azima alternatives have been provided, alternatives have been provided, you are sick, you cannot pray, standard. Sharia says no, don't present, sit and pray. Now, and also it's not possible, you know, Islam is not is not harsh religion, you know, that one is not possible. Islam said, lie down

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on your side, facing the Qibla that one also is not possible. Lie on your back.

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That one is not possible to whatever is possible as long as you can, is there even if you happen to pray with your brain, you know, you're just thinking you know, you cannot move your mouth. But you know, what you do in the Apple is there the prayer is still obligated upon you, but you pray according to your ability and last month, Allah says, you cannot fast because of illness. You know, subhanAllah is not about it is not recommended for you to fast. If that illness is chronic is too much, it might lead to death. If you fast. It is hard for you to fast. That's the religion of Allah, if you fast and kill and die, you are to be blamed.

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Islamically we don't call you somebody who committed suicide because you don't intend death. But we call you a person who endanger his life.

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You can say no Muslim, I cannot just stay away from facile Sharia says you should stay away from it, you know, at this moment because you are incapable of doing it.

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Allah smarter doesn't want you to suffer. You know, even in Jihad when they go to jihad, you know, they don't go just like that. They try to put everything possible to protect them from the effects and by the weapons of the of the enemies. One of the main objectives of the Sharia is to preserve life.

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So Islam is very, very, very simple religion if we do understand the religion of Allah subhanaw taala correctly.

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So if Allah subhanaw taala says, We are obey according to our capability, Allah Sparta knows what is in our heart. I cannot play games, you know? Yeah, I might tell you I'm sick but Allah knows I can fast.

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Yeah, should fast. Because I'm dealing with Allah subhanho wa taala. Everyone is left within their consciousness.

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Do you know how much they're going through? If they can't Allah smart Allah give them alternative to follow? We don't call it the Joker that is in the Sharia, as some people might call it nowadays, when they said some of the companions of the Prophet lonesome and neglected the Sharia at one point of the history. This is Kevin. Yeah, this is Kevin, this is a lie. A lie against that Companion of the Prophet Allah. They usually said Omar did that is stay away from applying the Sharia at one point of time, and this is Kevin Romer reveal law, one who never stopped applying the Sharia.

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What happened was, people were starving. And they reached a state of necessity. Yeah, that's what we have to read first before we make comment right?

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We should know what we are saying we have to read for us. But as we always mentioned Nowadays, everyone writes, who qualifies who doesn't qualify says right, everyone is writing. Now knowing that it is a very, very big and heavy responsibility in the Hereafter, whatever you write will remain. And whoever base is decision is act of worship is decision on that which you have written, you are going to be responsible of the unbelief judgment.

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You will love the man who will be called on the day of judgment and you know what will happen? You know, if Allah asked him why did he get it? I think he will keep quiet. No, you will point out the PSU are the one who told you so it's not fancy given fatwa about the religion of Allah is not fancy is heavy responsibility. People used to run away from it.

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Unfortunately these days, this kind of why is not that's why you have these type of statements. Somebody will tell you that there cannot be

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yeah, as I said, people are starving in the time of OMA at that time, people reach the state of necessity.

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Allah Robert Alameen set firmly for rock fie Mimosa team available to Jennifer Lippmann in the law.

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If you are in a state of necessity and you perceive death to save your life, you can take her out. And this call is said you can do everything to save your life except one thing,

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which is to kill somebody. Other than that you can do everything to save your life. If you're sure that this person is stupid enough to kill if you didn't do what he asked you to do, just to save your life. Mr. vinyasa when they asked him to talk against the religion. He did because he's witnessed what happened to his father, his mother, you know,

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he did. And Allah subhanaw taala told the prophets Allah Allah Sama, what he did was okay, because he was having an email in his heart. He said the words which are inappropriate to Islam, but that's just by the tongue but the heart is full of evil.

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That's why the scholar said, Whatever you did in this life to save your life, yeah, as long as you're full of hating it in, in your heart.

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That's fine.

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Except killing somebody. Yeah, because your life is not better than

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better. It can kill a muslim for You to live

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by because life is not better than his life, and the Muslim will take care of the ummah.

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You know, the prophets, Allah Azza wa said the blood of the believers are equal.

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You cannot say because I am from this country, then I'm better than this person because he's from that country. And from this tribe, know the prophets, Allah Azza destroy all of these narrative generally.

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Were a personal look at himself and see himself Masha because of the way he looks, because his color because of his language, because of his tribe, he thinks he's better than we've already done with these things, you know, before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left back to Allah subhanaw taala which unfortunately, up to date, you have Muslims who are making differences, because of colors, language countries, and many things you know, sometimes useless things you hola from the same country, the same language, the same color, the same people, you know, but they categorize themselves according to levels.

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This person can only marry from that one.

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Well, I so city, and they almost

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do this is part of the January period that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam destroyed. So in the time of Omar, they were starving.

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Allah said, you can take haram to live at that time, if you see something which can help you to survive, which belongs to somebody and you stole it, you couldn't find the person that you took it. The scholar said, actually, you can take it by force, if you refuse to give you about to die, and you told the Brother, please help me I need to drink water to live. He said no. You have to pay tell him I don't have money, I can pay you later. He said no. The scholar said you can take him down, take the water and drink. But then later on, you can come and say sorry to him, give him the money.

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So when people took something, you know, without the permission of the owners, in the time of arrival at that time, aroma did not cut off their hands. Somebody look at this and tell us you can see Omar is not applying the Sharia today. So hot Allah.

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Yeah, because they don't study, you don't understand that the Sharia, we have these alternatives.

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If this one can cannot be used, we move to the second one. That's exactly what happened because it is legal for them to take something which belongs to others in order to live at that time. They have to be responsible to Allah subhanaw taala, to know that they reach this situation, if a person takes something to survive, and he can come convince the authority that he was hungry, to the extent of death, if he can convince the authority, then the punishment has to be waived. Actually, rather than punishing him the authority as opposed to support him with what can help him to

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what I want you to understand is to appreciate the simplicity of the Sharia. So back to the point, if Allah subhanaw taala asked us to obey Him, obey Him according to our ability. What do you think of being obedient to anyone? That's who I assume is a lot. Listen, I said when he was talking to the leaders until the day of judgment, He told them and he was making dua actually, he was making dua, is Allah them? Manually I mean, Amblyomma t shirt and Fisher College unfresh Kuqali

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Allahumma mineralium Amblyomma t shirt and for Africa begin photocopy. Who's making the dua or su license

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Larissa, he said yeah Allah, whoever happened to lead any of the affair of my ummah and he made things very tough and difficult on them. Yeah ALLAH asking you to make life very tough and difficult.

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You Allah, nobody can go with it. You make life very tough for the people people don't find life very easy. Allah is going to stand for their right. They are advised by Allah not to resist and not to fight back. But Allah smart is going to take the right in this dunya before the ACA

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in this dunya before that

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orange history, you will see the application and the confirmation of what the prophets Allah sama have requested from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah hate

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you Allah from anyone, Allah hates the, one of the day when we that Allah subhanaw taala does not forgive is the Deewan of the body. When a person oppress another person, this is the page that cannot be closed and right has to be taken back to the right owners. You Allah, either here or in the Hereafter fill maca. Lila here, the greatest maxima when you and that person who you oppressed, both of you, you will be brought back to Allah subhanho wa Taala the poet says in a very scary bite.

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He says in the urine, your MIDI, num the find Allah He touched me on coastal

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says we are all going back to Allah subhanho wa taala, the owner of the Yama de

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and this usually this thing is said by somebody who lost hope in getting his right in this dunya doesn't have power, somebody has taken it because he has authority over him or he is stronger than

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so usually he will say I leave it with who Allah

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and people take it lightly. They laugh sometimes when you tell them this, you will live they understand what it means they will never laugh.

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I remember one of our scholars in Edina.

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In one of his lectures, you narrate a story of an older woman who has a right over

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a businessman. This is true story.

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He said

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she went to him every time.

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He doesn't want to give our rights and he has the money to pay.

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So she This is

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he said go complain to whoever you thought

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that was keen for God he for sure if you ask him in his mind, he is thinking of what human beings right because this is the thing that will come to his mind. You know,

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good thing about all people you know, they remember ALLAH subhanaw taala more than us. You see the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala in their tongue more than the younger ones.

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So Hala, she was next to the Haram al Madani. She gets inside the masjid and pray to Allah subhanaw taala and complete, the man said, complained to whoever you wish.

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And subhanAllah she said

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she made her in that Masjid that guy fell down. He became very ill. And the kids couldn't understand what is exactly is going on.

00:23:29 --> 00:23:42

But the workers in the shop, they were there when he was scolding the older woman. They told the kid go look for the sister. We will I believe she has connection to this. And I'm gonna ask her to forgive.

00:23:44 --> 00:23:49

That was exactly what happened. She told them what should I do? He told me to one complaint to whomsoever

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you Allah be very careful when somebody complained to Allah subhanaw taala This is really valuable.

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So that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam make this dua to

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Allah subhanaw taala against those people who are making life difficult to the community. He says Allahumma mo William Amblyomma Tisha and for shotcalling Freshco Callie, you said, Yeah, Allah, wherever you

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happen to lead any of the affair of my ummah and he became very harsh, and he makes life very tough on them. He said he Allah make life tough on

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you are appointed by the government, you know, those people who are put on their shoulder by the Sharia.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:59

It doesn't matter if you oppress somebody, Allah Allah smarter will get involved. Rasul Allah Allah so much all while even the jabber when he sent him to Yemen. He said in Nakata, Coleman alikat app for the world imagine if he had a dream

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let's shahada to Allah. Allah be the first thing you invite them to

00:25:07 --> 00:25:09

holophane Hamada, okay, Derek,

00:25:10 --> 00:25:15

and Allah have terrify him come so salawat and philleo more later.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:58

If they obey you and they accept charity Allah and Allah, let them know that Allah subhanaw taala prescribed on them five prayers to be prayed on the daily basis. But in whom Allah Kelley that if they agree and they obey you in that regard, the prophets that Allahu Allahu Silva said for Allah and Allah have Teradata him sada cotton to cover in Albania in Fedora gala for Quran, tell them that Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed, there's a cap on that which will be taken from the rich and give it to to the poor amongst and then he told him. You see this is a governor of rasool Allah Islam I've been sent to lead the people of Yemen.

00:26:00 --> 00:26:05

Province a lot of asset. What Yeah, coworker Eva.

00:26:07 --> 00:26:09

And I want you from touching the best,

00:26:10 --> 00:26:40

the best and the precious part of that wealth. Because sometimes you might go to the person and you know that Allah smarter ask you to take only this one, but you will tell them no, this is for the sake of Allah you cannot give this you have to give the best. And what happens with those as Howard Malachi, they have certain type of sheep or cow they keep in a separate place, which they are preparing them for the events. His son is going to marry his daughter is going to marry so he's given this this one special food for that event.

00:26:42 --> 00:27:03

When you come you as a side, a person might say oh this is for the sake of Allah and we're going to take from this one. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said what yak or Cara Iman What is your I want you from touching the best of that wealth. Just restrict yourself to that with Alaskan Rotella ask you to take

00:27:13 --> 00:27:26

meanwhile him he says what Turkey that Autumn Mizzou is a beware of the DUA and the invocation of an oppressed person. They know who Lisa by the House obeying the law.

00:27:27 --> 00:27:47

He said because there is no barrier between this dua and Allah subhanho wa Taala you Allah, whoever you oppress in this life, Allah is going to stand on his side. Allah doesn't like oppression. whether this person is a Muslim, is a cafe whose whoever he is, Allah has wanted to hate oppression.

00:27:48 --> 00:27:57

Whether you are leader, you're a subordinate, you're whoever you are your husband, your father, your teacher, your students, your whoever, you oppress somebody Alas, Martin has been just

00:27:59 --> 00:28:04

and revenge has to be taken as Allah subhanaw taala says in the law has isn't them.

00:28:05 --> 00:28:20

So lastly, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, you give them their rights, the leaders and obey them, listen to them, and also support them and make dua for them. And the prophets Allah sama said, enjoy you as your father variable owner.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:28

So this part of the head is inshallah I will deal with it after the event inshallah. Markelov Saramonic markets elaborate

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So as I will say in the last part of this hadith is the scene of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for injured

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he says, if somebody comes to a break the unity of the OMA people are united under the leadership of somebody with somebody decided to break that unity and to claim a leadership apart from that one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You should all together fight the second person who comes to fight the leader, to take his his kingdom whoever comes and fight and trying to take the leadership and

00:32:51 --> 00:33:10

replace that person with himself the prophets Allah sama said fight that person whoever that person might be. Allah subhanaw taala grant is good and Tofik and help us to maintain our instant karma and to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam correctly without

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dependent and our emotions radical love you come so let's move to questions if any inshallah.

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In the bag

00:33:30 --> 00:33:42

is different in the last day. So we just found the mask and I decided also, is this restricted to when one wakes up for the haircut, or it can also be used

00:33:44 --> 00:33:48

for budget, if the time of budget has already ended.

00:33:50 --> 00:33:52

What's the prophets Allah Allah Salam I used to do

00:33:53 --> 00:34:02

concerning the reciting that part of supertall Imran is when he wakes up before he's to hedge it, the Prophet said LoL is similar to those.

00:34:03 --> 00:34:28

So whoever wants to follow the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in that regard, whenever you wake up at night, to pray you tahajud and you do the recitation of those ones. I can't remember a situation where for less, so I just woke up and recite those ayat and go back to sleep. easily read and then begins his tahajjud after after that, insha Allah, Allah grant is good.

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Baraka Luffy comes to Subhana Allah Mohammed Kashia Laila learn to relate as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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