Ramadan Daily #25 Fear Of Allah’s Punishment Qualities Of True Servants Of Allah

Ibrahim Nuhu


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The speaker discusses the use of piano in the 2016 election and the fear of God sub hangers. They also mention the importance of practicing the piano's method in protecting from evil events and the upcoming election. The speaker encourages viewers to take action to avoid the worst possible events and offers advice on how to approach Allah sub hangers in the future.

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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who about

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this is the session number 2025. And in this session I will be dealing with the ayah that is, after the scene of Allah subhanaw taala within a b2c There'll be him suggestion what piano, we're still talking about the Bible Rama.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says well, Lavinia coluna, banasthali vana dabba Jahannam in other balcanica, Rama Inasa at Monster Quran omocha Allah. And these ones, they're the ones that are only in a state of, I mean always in a state of fear of not being accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why you will see them constantly asking Allah subhanaw taala to protect them from the punishment of the hell in the hereafter.

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That's me mean they still have the fear of their good deeds and righteous deed not to be accepted by Allah. And as such, they will be motivated in learning the correct method, you know, to approach Allah subhanaw taala and they will be practicing it in the way they believe Allah subhanaw taala will take it from them in sha Allah.

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So they constantly ask Allah to protect them from the evil of the hell, your kuleana but a Silvana they have agenda in Canada Rama Rama means Isla Zima the one that remains with that person who is supposed to be incented.

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At any moment you find that person inside that punishment Subhan Allah, it remains within it catches the body and embrace the person who is inside.

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Allah says in Canada Rama in the HERSA administer Koroma Kava. If you're looking for the worst place for a person to be accommodating, is the hell.

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And that's why my dear brothers sisters, you should do everything possible to make sure that you stay away from hell.

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And these 10 days that arrive I'm telling you my dear brothers, sisters, these are the best opportunity you have to do something that will be one of the reason why in sha Allah you will be reaching among those people who will be promised Jana and Allah azza wa jal will take them away from from help.

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So this is an attitude that is so great, teaching you how to approach Allah subhanaw taala in dua, and asking Allah smarter to protect you from the evil in this life and also the evil that exists in the hereafter which is a will help me Allah smart Allah grant is good. I see you in the next session. Baraka Allah Subhana Allah Morbihan because shadow Allah in the Holy Land, Esther forgotten beauty