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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the origins of a fake incident that happened in Conor branded as a corpse. The group discusses the negative consequences of the incident, including a lack of respect for the man and a potential embarrassment for the culture. They also mention the importance of being humble and respecting one's appearance. The conversation ends with a invitation to look into Islam and receive guidance on how to act in it.
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Salaam Alaikum greetings of peace How are you guys doing now? I was asked to go ahead and respond to this Conor McGregor Dustin Poirier a battle that just happened. He is not him you know I think he tried to it was fake or not we want to try to derive some good from the situation and send a positive message our first question so what happened couple months ago we see how he was nice now he tried to be like is a corpse a dead body? blank face it's kind of a no it's like it's look like fake you know, that took out on a stretcher. I mean, he said you were going to be leaving on a stretcher he ends up leaving on a stretcher.

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You see when you feed the good good comes out on our end. And we will never again or at

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least enjoy everything.

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Thank you. And you thank you so much. When you feed the bad and the ugly. That's what you get. You'll see him on the ground still saying some real some real bad stuff. So it looked like we saw Conor McGregor feeding the good

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they would again because he was acting much more respectful. He was excited about the hot sauce. I'm actually ready. I want to I love that he's the artist I got a bottle for you kid honor and respect for Dustin his opponent. He's given so much back I'm honored to share this octagon with his man I said he was even going to make a donation to his charity and they are you know starting the donation to the Griffith foundation and we have huge huge plans for that so Connor mantha man My pleasure. You're gonna help a lot of people with that. Yes, I knew you. So what happened? It was fake or not he was feeling the bad and the ugly and that's you got your wife is your husband at that time he was

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feeding the good i'm proud proud and honored like I said before proud and honored to share the octagon with him so you got some good behavior they're respectful honorable but then it looks like Connor started going back to his old ways feeding the bad and this will we all have we got the good side the bad side the feed the good side you get good you feed the bad side and ugly side. That's what you get. And that's what Connor was doing. And it was interesting. Even Dana White wasn't approving of this. Yeah, leave people family and wives and you know all that stuff out of it. family has nothing to do with it. You don't say this kind of stuff. Kinda said some nasty stuff. You don't

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say this stuff. He said that he was gonna murder me you don't say stuff like that. You don't say stuff about people's wives either. Yo Lee's wife Jo Lee's wife. Now Habib analyze this situation quite well. These fights show us and he talked about the superior beam the one that's all powerful more powerful than us. Wait Is Is it gonna be always aware of like something like superior more powerful than we have? And Habib said it quite well when a person talks about I do this I do that I'm the smartest I'm the strongest attributing all these qualities that come from the greater to himself. God will always when people become like all I can do this I can do this because of I'm

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smart because I'm strong like God gonna make you always humble humble you even condors coaches were amazed I said man this guy's young guy strong hips, knees athletic cutter those bones get broken his coach interview he say I don't understand how this happened. Like he's like strong young man and he broke his foot like I don't understand everything from God when you feed the bad and the ugly and you get arrogant humbled time God gonna make you always humble the Creator God Almighty. Allah will humble you to great lesson when a person becomes rich, famous stronger, and they start to attribute these things to themselves where it's I I did this I did that and they forget about the one up above

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the creator the heavens and earth who gave you these abilities. You have to be humble You know, when you become like rich when you become strong when you become famous. And and then you think this is because of myself. We're gonna make him humble you know? That's why you need to keep it humble guy we got to make him humble. You know, that's what being a true martial artist is about. You're strong, you're brave, but at the same time you are humble and this is what feeding that type of behavior that toxic behavior that ugly side that dark side does where you end up being disrespectful at the highest level have been talking about father I'm gonna kill you all about wife like you

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cannot talk about this. You're not what kind of example are you setting on the old guy for B points this out quite well. How are you gonna support this guy? Like when kids like, like young generation people watch on him like, watch on this sport? So we don't want our children the next generation coming up taking that kind of person as a role model. We don't want people acting like Conor McGregor's, we have to know like, you cannot go family wife, Father religion like this is not promote fights like this is like, little bit dangerous. So what do we derive from this guy's feed the good, not the bad, because when you feed the good, you get good. And when you feed the bad and

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the ugly, that's what you get.

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And the other point if people like that behavior of being worse

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But for being honorable having some integrity and dignity, that behavior that's led many people to accept Islam, looking at Habib when he praises the Almighty created the heavens and earth, I want to say thank you for God. God is number one other things is not our humble, humble he says, Alhamdulillah all praises to God Almighty. And he doesn't do this. Just pumping but he points up to the one up above.

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That's the one who is talking about the Supreme, all powerful, this is God Almighty, the creator Allah, the same God that Jesus worship, the same God that Moses worship, the same God that Abraham worship, and the last and final messages sent to mankind Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them all. So what's the way of life that's making Habib speak this way, act this way. It's Islam submission and surrender to the Creator, the heavens and earth. So Dustin, Connor, we invite you to look into Islam, pick up the Quran, read it, and ask the creator the heavens and earth to guide you. Be thankful, be grateful for all the blessings that you have feed the good, and you'll

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get the good and ask the creator the heavens and earth for guidance, and he will definitely facilitate away Thank you guys, hope you enjoyed this reaction and the good that we derive and the positive message that we have sent. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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