Ibrahim Hindy – Years Later – Quebec City & Islamophobia

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing and depressing incident in Toronto, Canada where two young children killed over 50 people in a graceful way in a housing community. The incident was not isolated and the speakers emphasize the importance of acknowledging one's own actions and not denying their own beliefs. The transcript also touches on the loss of privacy and the use of words like "we" and "we'll" to describe experiences, as well as the importance of trusting oneself and following rules regarding COVID-19. The speakers emphasize the need to report any problems and encourage others to take action, while also emphasizing the importance of emotionally investing in community.
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Hey y'all

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In 100 Elian I don't want to stand over here you want to stop? You don't want to study. When are we gonna be late? I mean surely I'm fusina woman siata Melina now Mayor de la bufala Mobile era

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era Why should the wanna la la de la sharifah worshiping Mohammed Abu rasuluh Rasul Allah. Allah Al amin oppa mean Mahabharata Sadiq in Alba Giovanni in a natural law Hobi Hinako wasabia pseudo Wahhabi Haryana Nami and Baku open alpha along with z hieromartyrs at nav and unlimited What are soon and under our to hear what he said it was very loud noises were very cuddly while he was heavy, while me I'm Anniston episode he walked up yesterday he lay in

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my bad foresee C'mon FCB taco lighter either, for no me tequila ajala Maharajah were so common hatred I said, All praise is due to alone. And when we seek aid and assistance exam we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness to Lima, Allah Subhana Allah guides not can mislead and human law leaves to go astray there is nothing who can guide and I bet one is that there's nothing worthy of worship, save a lot alone. And then Mohammed Salah law where they will send them his both his servant and His Messenger.

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Four years ago, on January 29, just like most other nights, there were men and women across Canada on that day, going to their messages, their local messages to pray.

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And after the prayer finished most of the people in this particular Masjid, and this particular mosque, they left some stayed back for a few minutes to speak with their friends. One men had left but then he realized he forgot something. So he came to give his friends so he came back to give it to his friend.

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And some people stayed extra in the message a little more time to pray a little bit extra.

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And at that point, a man walked into the mosque. Not wanting to worship

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A lot of haematologica not wanting to prostrate to a lot, not wanting to turn in humility, and in devotion to God, not hoping to understand himself.

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Instead, he entered full of anger and hatred and rage.

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And he came in with a gun, and he started shooting.

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And there was as often in our massages this prior to COVID there were some kids in the masjid. There was a seven year old girl who was in the masjid and her father was the one leading prayers. And she saw her father getting shot in the back. And all the other men in the masjid jumped on the girl so that if he shot at her, the bullets would hit him and not hit her.

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In this situation,

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in the aftermath of this situation, where blood was spilt on the carpets, and bullets, entering the bodies of six men who ended up dying,

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we realize that this man entered full of so much hatred that he read online hatred that he heard on the radio hatred that he heard from politicians. And he translated all of that hatred into those bullets and into that gun.

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And at the time, four years ago,

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there were many people who looked at it like it's just an isolated situation, it's just an isolated incident. This person's just an aberration. This incident is just out of the norm, but like, crazy things happen every day. But we knew that this was real. And we knew that it wasn't isolated.

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And it was only two years later, that a man

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in Christ Church in New Zealand attacked two mosques, killing over 50 people, including young children aiming to shoot at young children, writing in his manifesto that he intended to kill even the young children and even the pregnant women.

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And writing on his gun in the name of the man who killed people in the back that say men and cube back when he was arrested, he said, I wish I'd killed more.

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So another man pays homage to him and kills even more.

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And even this past summer, one of them has said to the IMO messages in Toronto, as a caretaker of the message of someone who takes care of them as a two queens, the messenger who fixes things around the messaging who volunteers around the messenger who's sitting outside of the masjid, to make sure that when people come into the messenger, they're following the rules of COVID and wearing a mask and all these things. And a man comes behind him and stops him and kills him, a man who

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is connected to certain * groups. So it wasn't isolated. And it happened it happened again, how do we as Muslims understand what happened not only from a political level or a social level, but even from a religious spiritual level. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran hasn't been nice when you talk waiuku mn wakulla afternoon. Allah says do people think that there would be left to say we believe that they wouldn't be tested. Lots of panel data will test us in our life. test us with difficulty and hardship to see the strength of that belief that we say that we have, and has determined and has implemented for real Jenna What am I anime la Latina Jasmine como Anima savini.

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Allah says, Did you think you would enter Paradise, while God has not made clear made evident, those who will struggle in this cause, and those who are steadfast? Allah subhanaw taala sends us tests on purpose. He wants us to realize that what we are holding on to is valuable.

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After that day in Quebec, another friend of mine was in the moment and other messaging he mentioned something to me, which was true for me as well.

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When I stand to give the advice, the doors in front of me, people are sitting facing me. And the weeks after kubecon, in the weeks after Christchurch, anytime somebody would walk into the door, everybody's head would turn. And look, who's this man entering the door? Do we trust him? Do we not trust him? I can feel the fear and the hesitancy and everybody's sitting in the masjid.

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Allah subhanaw taala tests us with these incidents. Maybe the wisdom of this this test or part of the wisdom of this test, is that you have to start wondering why am I in the masjid? Why am I here? Why am I worrying?

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A lot, something you took for granted before. Now because you're thinking about this added dimension that I'm not even safe in this place that I took for granted that I'd be safe in. It makes you ask yourself why you're here. And a lot tests us to see whether we'll say it's valuable for me to be here. I'm happy to be here. I don't care about the risks of being here.

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Because being here is something that's important to me.

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And a loss of Hammel data shows us in his Sunnah and the laws of God,

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that those who are going to walk the path of righteousness, the path of truth, are always going to have enemies. From the moment our father, the family has sent them was created, he had an enemy, the enemy of a police shape on and every prophet who came found themselves facing opposition's facing different wars, they could have been physical wars, or psychological or social or information wars. A loss of penalty Ireland says you will be doing a youth funeral while we're flying him, that they want to extinguish the light of a law with their mouth.

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That they wanted to spread misinformation and hatred

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in order to turn people away from the profits and turn them away from a call to truth and guidance. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us to take lessons from the stories of the prophets knock on the canopy in order to do

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indeed, in the stories and their stories, the lesson for those of understanding, look at our profits on the lawn wherever you're sending them and the path that he walked in his life. Think about our profits along wherever you send them calling the people that will benefit them, calling them to tawheed calling them to worship a lot alone, calling them to the oneness of God, calling them to truth and to justice and to mercy.

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And look at the calamities that he encountered in his life. Look at our profits all along wherever you send them, going to the messenger to pray.

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Going to the calendar to prostrate to Allah subhanaw taala, just like those men did in Quebec.

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What happened on that one day that he was there, even though the profits in the long run innocent I've never abused? koresh.

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He never abused the non Muslims around him. He never cursed their idols. How can you do so Allah Subhana Allah says what at this ability in a tournament do in a lab fashion belong I don't believe in Allah says don't curse the things that they worship other than Allah. Why? Because if you do so they might curse Allah. Let's think about the logic in this verse that Allah gives us. Don't curse the things that they are worshiping besides Allah. Why? Because if we do that, if we curse the things that they worship the idols and the stones that they worship, they might retaliate by cursing Allah. Now if they curse a lot, Does that hurt a lot? Of course not. But if they curse a lot hurts

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them. We want good even for our enemies. We want even our enemies to turn to the truth, to turn to righteousness. We want our enemies to avoid cursing a lot and incurring His wrath and his anger, our profits on the lower end number cursing their gods. And yet while he is prostrating peacefully to his God,

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some of the people in court I say, who can bring the carcass of a dead camel and throw it on him while he's praying? And one of them the worst of them goes and grabs the answer Stein the carcass the entrails, of a dead camel dragging its imagine in his expensive clothing, dragging it till he brings it to the profit slice and then who's in subdued, who's prostrating and throws it on the head of the Prophet. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam stays there while the blood is rushing down his face and they're laughing at the profits a little lower.

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And nobody can intervene. They've been miserable during the long run said low can it's not is it just a small group that can protect me, I would have stepped in and helped the Prophet. He's uh, but he knows if he steps in, they're gonna kill him.

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And it was only until someone told fathima the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that she comes running and pushes this off the back of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam all of this for once, because he wanted to worship Allah in a mosque.

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Think of the man who came behind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and grabbed his role and began to strangle him from behind telling him until he tells everyone that Kennedy You are the one who thinks that you're a prophet. And despite all of his persecution and abuse, it didn't deter our Prophet system.

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Wherever you send them from from his path, it didn't make him be quiet and silence from the truth. So Allahu Allah usnm. And it wasn't only physical attacks and abuse, even psychological or social, they intimidated the husbands of the daughters of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam and bribe them to divorce his daughters. They boycotted him, refuse to sell him and the Muslims food and even water. And yet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam persevered, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continued, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kept calling people to Allah.

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And Subhana Allah a verse in the Quran, what do linic What do low tech Corona Canon camera tech funa What do low tech una cama Kapha Rufus aku, Salah. Lots of Herodotus sometimes gives us insight into the motivation of some of the people who are so hateful in their attacks on others, that he says they wish that you disbelieve like them, so that you would be equal. Sometimes when a person is on a certain moral standard.

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And they see you on a different moral standard.

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It's not just

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that they can't take that you're on a different moral standard. They want to bring you down to their level. They want you to hate them as much as they hate you. They want to turn you into what they are, rather than improving themselves and turning themselves into what we are or what we want to be.

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And so they want to bring you down to the level that they're at. So kind of low when we really think about it. While we think about Islamophobia today, a lot of us think about it as something modern, something new, uses the internet misinformation. But it's really the same, that it's always been Allah subhanaw taala even when he's talking to our prophets of Allah where they would send them, he tells him can only imagine Medina and Kareem Mir was sued in a law called who sadly when

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a law says, similarly, there has never come any profit before. Except people said about him that he was a magician or a madman, then Allah says a towel so will be did they suggest it to them? This is a rhetorical question in the Quran. Allah is asking, did the enemies of the prior prophets suggest to the enemies of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What to say? Meaning that the enemies of Moosa did

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suggest to the enemies of our profits on the lower

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end and john what to say and what to do? Obviously not. They're separated by hundreds of years, if not 1000s? It's a rhetorical question because a lot is saying they are following the exact same methods that they may have well been advising each other. And if you really think about it, what they said to our profits a little long, wherever you send them is almost identical to what they say to us today. Allah subhanaw taala mentions, when did they say to Prophet Luthor SNM to Allah Luqman Korea to in Oman as we

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throw outs, banish two ports, get rid of the family of loop from your village. And this is exactly what they say about us today, deport them, get rid of them, send them back to where they came from. Go back to your country is the most common thing we hear from them. It's the same rapid intolerance. They showed me and Sam and the other prophets. And then they said in no one else when you're dopa heroin, they are people who purify themselves. Why it is it upsets you that someone purifies themselves?

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Like, why does it upset them? Sometimes when we say I don't drink alcohol? Some people say okay, you don't drink I drink, you don't drink. That's fine. But some people are upset by it. Why does it upset them that a Muslim woman wears hijab? She says I care about modesty. This is something that's valuable to me. Why does it anger them? Why is why do they hate this? Allah tells you and no one actually provided when they accuse the family of loot that they want to be pure. Why do they want to upset them?

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So how similar are the claims of yesterday to the claims of today? Look at Prophet Muhammad he sent them Allah subhanaw Medina says while finding metal coil and metal alladhina kefalonia Tony, man araca Mashallah mithuna woman arakata rk La Nina humara, Reno, Nevada, Ronnie, that the weak people, the wealthy people, the powerful people amongst those who believe they said to the people, they said, to know how to incent them. We don't see you except as a man like ourselves, meaning we don't see you as a prophet.

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in the levina home row,

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we don't see your followers, except as those who are the worst. Who are the most simple, who are the lowest bed they are right at first suggestion, meaning they only followed you because they are so simple in their mentality that they followed you.

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And a lot of people will claim the same things. They'll say, look, Muslims are two types.

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Muslims are two types. Either they are evil,

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or they are just so simple and stupid. And they don't really understand anything. That's why they're just following without even thinking. They're more or less, tell them what to do. And then they just follow it without even thinking, because they are the enlightened ones. And we are these stupid sheep that don't know what to follow. It's the same claim. Then they said to whatever they say to us today. And what they said before that.

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He said, Why am I not aleko Marlene, and

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they say, after this will not when we don't see that you have any merit over us. We don't see that there's any merit to you. You know, today, it doesn't matter. You have a message full of lawyers, and doctors, and you know, people who are in every facet of life, from city planners, to engineers, to architects, people who have helped society advance in every measurable way sitting in the messages. And they'll still push out propaganda, saying these Muslims don't do anything. They don't contribute anything. They just take and they don't give, and they're all on welfare and none of them give anything for our society. Woman otherwise,

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we don't see that you have any miracle for us what they said to nor they say to us today, what they say to us, Abraham to Moses, Brown said, For God when had any less Iran you read any holy document or they can be

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weird? Have you ever been funny article muffler. these are these are two magicians. They want to drive you out of their land with their magic. And they want to do away with your most exemplary way of life.

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Two things they're calling them a magician. The Magician is the one why it's something right. They're hiding what they're really doing. And so they say it's all Muslims. You guys are all hiding your beliefs. You all believe in Tata. Yeah. You hide your beliefs. You hide what you really believe in. It's really the same claim they made before. And then he says, We have had that before the article north and they want to get rid of your way of life. These Muslims are having to take over your democracy they're going to take over your country, they're going to take over everything. And 3% of the population are going to take over the rest of the 97% it logically makes no sense. Mousavi

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Suleiman his followers were so few. But it was the same claim I made then but the same claim they make today. Now you apply to it. Okay, lemme with Lita Rosen, even public, what was nothing has been said to you except which has been sent to the messengers before you. But we know that Allah Subhana Allah and his aid, and his support is the support that comes to the believers, what kind of help banana and also meaning. I was just like, it's the rule of law, that there's going to be opposition, just like it is the rule of law, there's going to be hardship there's going to be difficulty. The rule of law is his support, his victory will be there for the believers, so long as we follow the

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path of the prophets that day, this day so gruesome, woven, unknown, kakuzu. gentleness, Allah subhanaw taala says, until the messengers despaired and were certain that they had been denied, then the victory of luck into them, when they despair, not from Allah subhanaw taala when they disappeared from the people, they lost hope in the people and that the people were all against them. Allah subhana wa tada sent them the victory of a loss of Hannah Horta either until they reach that moment of hardship and pain and despair and they thought there is no physical way for success, a last symptom, the victory of Allah subhanaw taala so we should have heart in the fact that the

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victory of Allah subhanaw taala can be there for us.

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rule in northwater Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he will be he will Manuela rubbish acne suddenly recently Emily rabbit auklets Emily Sonia already

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in the midst of that massacre that happened in Quebec City. There were some amazing scenes of bravery. We mentioned how the men threw themselves over the little girls so that they could absorb the bullets rather than her how some of the men ran at the gunmen knowing that they probably would

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Die, but they tried to rush him to save the lives of others. The made amazing scenes of bravery and courage are the tests that we face in our lives. Sometimes there are tests that bring out the best of us. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Well, I can come to stab, you know, in the famous Hadith is that you were being hasty, the victory will come, but you're being hasty going through the hardship going through the test is necessary for us to be better, as a community to be better. And so when we think of the hardships that we've endured, and continue to endure, we have to be optimistic and knowing that going through these hardships, could be a good thing. Going through

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these hardships could be a benefit for us. They could strengthen us, they could aid us. And that's something that we should be aware of aware of. And when we think of the bigger question, Who is to blame for what happened in Quebec?

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this is a broad question for us to think about. Because it's easy to blame, obviously, the one who killed them. And we can blame the broader society. But to a certain level, we have to think about our own actions, our own contributions.

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And this is a difficult question to think about. I don't want to blame the victims and our communities been victimized. But it's something for us to think about. I know personally, before Quebec, I used to be afraid to speak sometimes. I used to say, Well, if I speak too much, they're gonna call me radical. They're gonna call me an extremist. They're gonna call me this, they're gonna call me that. After kubek. I said, What's the worst? that's gonna happen? They killed six people in the measure, what's the worst that's gonna happen? Already, pretty much the worst happened.

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And I said, Who cares what they say to us. We have to protect lives here, who cares about reputation, who cares about money. And that's something that I think a lot of people felt that it wasn't just me a lot of people felt that after Quebec, and so abroad is something in us that's really important for us to think about. When we think about the nature of fitna

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the fits in the profits on the low end, when he said that the total amount that he tells us when he before he talks to us about fits enough trials and tests, he tells you better.

00:27:25 --> 00:27:36

do good deeds quickly, do your good deeds and do them quickly. Because when you do good deeds, you can avert, you can avert some of the fits and that come later on.

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And so too many people in our community sometimes are just okay with ignoring reality that surrounds them. Some people have the mentality, I came to this country, to have a job and to make money. That's why I came here. So I don't really care about what's happening. I don't care about what's happening in the masjid, I don't care what's happening in the community. I'm just here to make money.

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That's a mentality a lot of people in our community have.

00:28:03 --> 00:28:05

But if we do that,

00:28:06 --> 00:28:16

you're gonna find out eventually I promise you, you're gonna find out how worthless money is. When you don't have peace and security and dignity, money becomes worthless.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:25

Your Money is only valuable, and will only bring you a better quality of life, when you have dignity in your society, and you have peace and you have security.

00:28:27 --> 00:29:15

And so we have to be involved and emotionally involved. Sometimes in our community. We're quiet because we're afraid that I understand. But sometimes we're quiet because we just don't want to be emotionally invested. Sometimes people come to me and they said, You know, I was in I was in square one happened not too long ago, in Mississauga, Muslim sister wears hijab, Muslim sister wears hijab, in Mississauga. And somebody in the store says, I'm not going to sell to your Muslim, denied service, in a city that is full of women wearing hijab, this sister, you got to go to the police and report this. She says they're not gonna do anything. I know, they're not gonna do anything, but you

00:29:15 --> 00:29:49

have to report it so that it's reported that there's documentation of it. So that later on when people go to the government, and say, Hey, you need to do something about this problem. There's data, otherwise you don't report it. Then we go to the government say, hey, there's a problem. You got to do something about it. They say prove to us there's a problem. The sister You have to report it. They're not gonna do anything about it. Someone else walking with my family through the parking lot, somebody comes and yells all these terrible slurs at me, brother, please report it. They're not going to do anything. We don't want to be emotionally invested. And so we don't want to be

00:29:49 --> 00:30:00

emotionally invested. We don't put in the effort. We're creating space for these things to happen more and more and more and more. The more organized we are, the more we take these things seriously.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:21

The more we're willing to put in the work is I know that I report this to the police, they probably are not going to do anything, but I'm going to record it anyways, I'm going to push the ball forward, even if all I'm pushing is one inch, I'm going to push it a little bit further, if everybody does that, we'll get a lot further than where we've gotten so far.

00:30:22 --> 00:30:50

But Hamdulillah, you know, there have been successes. You know, four years ago, some of us went to the government, we said, you need to make this day, the day of commemorating Islamophobia, because six people died. And this should be something that society doesn't forget, this should be something that we're aware of year after year. And some people told me, people who aren't connected. They told me to my face, this will never happen. Don't bother asking for it. It won't happen.

00:30:51 --> 00:31:29

until four years later, it happened just yesterday. And that wasn't because one person is because lots of people trying to push that forward. Lots of people trying in different ways, lots of people, lots of organizations, lots of voices, and then we did something eventually as a community that people said was impossible just four years ago. And it might not seem like a lot to a lot of people get you made the name of some phobia for this date. But it helps and if everybody pushes a little bit it helps. And you get to the place that eventually we want to get to. And so our brothers who died We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make them amongst the Shahadat We ask Allah subhana wa tada to

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protect their families and take care of their children. We're now orphans, we ask a lot of panel data to enable us to take care of our community as much as possible. We need to be there for each other and support each other and use our voices for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the only way we're going to do that is if we are able to unite with each other We ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to unite and allow us to become effective and upholding his Deen I mean, in Alameda, it was a local NaVi he will let you know how early he was and he would sneak along on Sunday you will send him Allah said you know whenever you know have you been hammered alongside the Allah Mohammedan

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medica odakyu bra muscle era method awareness more fat so the idea here I'm gonna have sonetel cinnamon damini named Dean where he was hiding in play you can apply it in why no matter where I didn't know why he got the last one even alumina got in a female communism vanilla

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vanilla Raja what are the net inoculator when I'm worried

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when I'm in LA theta well I have to somehow I don't know what else to write here like I've been on NFL so there are a lot of details sometimes you don't have to go and hammer I mean a lot of maintenance someone will see me Why only me from the contentment and happy with Dean alone I haven't been and then the man was able to model Bina or Canada he didn't and also coercion which animal machine in the lion multiple avenues necessarily where you tie the y and handed fashion even monkey will do the canal come to the colognes what's called lions Coco mosquito and me as a political biographer Omar

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