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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the tragic death of a young man in Wall Street, the recent attack on the Quebec City mosque, and the need for actions to prevent similar events. They also emphasize the importance of acknowledging the problem and reminding individuals to be honest. The speakers stress the need for individuals to be true to oneself and not associate the reputation of others with one's actions.
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In Alhamdulillah

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istockphoto when I was a villa, Himanshu, Dori and fusina woman, Dr. Marina de la hufa Mandala Houma up to Fela had Yella Chateau La ilaha illallah wa the hula Shadi Kala shadow Anna Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was heavy as mine. Call Allahu taala Aziz was an akula who's below him in the shade on the regime. You have Latina Armando Taka la haka, Ducati. Hola, como una 11. To Mr. Moon Buccola. You have Latina, Taka, la Hakuna colons de de de la, la, la la,

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la la hora Sula, who forgot first 1000 azima. Am I bad?

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Today is January 29. There's actually a lot of things I could have spoken about today.

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There were there was a tragedy in the community of a young man passing away,

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And as he passed away, this this very difficult tragedy that the parents and the family have to deal with, was compounded by the irresponsible disrespectful statements of the people around

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the profit or loss of some said cafe Bill Murray case even though you had this Echo, Lima, Samia, it is enough to for a person to be branded a liar, for them to just say, whatever they have heard for them just to pass along information that they have heard, without verifying it, just an assumption, just to, you know, get some spicy reactions. If anybody cares, even that is actually enough to brand a person a liar.

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And unfortunately, this is something that is prevalent, prevalent in our community, and that reared his ugly head. This week, as a family that's dealing with tragedy had to deal with the further difficulty, the further pain rubbing the salt in their rooms, that we should all be coming together to heal. That salt was up in their rooms, by these kinds of irresponsible irresponsible statements that were sent by the other said by the people. This is something that you know, as as, as human beings we should be conscious of as Muslims, we're supposed to be held to the highest standards, because we follow the prophet or someone who lived the highest standards and rules, we should be

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even more careful. But unfortunately, this is something that is neglected and ignored. In our communities, we say what we feel like saying, without worry of consequences quite frequently. And the people who stutter said about whose feelings are hurt, whose lives are affected, whose careers are affected. They're the ones who have to deal with the ugly consequences of people's speeches. So I could have spoken a lot about that today. But I just wanted to mention that I could also speak today about January 29 2021. And you might remember, January 29 2017, was a very dark day in the history of Canada,

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and the history of Muslims in Canada. Because that was the day when a person walked in. As the people finishing the Isha prayer and unloaded on helpless people mercilessly gunning them down without regard for who was there without regard for the elderly or the young, seeking to kill helpless, defenseless people. This is not just a terrorist is like this is a coward of the highest order. And he walked in, emboldened and unleashed this massacre upon the Quebec City mosque. I mean talk about how how like just saying the recalling that incident makes me angry.

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Recalling it just makes me angry because of what took place. I actually visited the mosque afterwards, the opportunity to meet the demonstration of the MOS he had the opportunity and the great, I'm great grateful for this opportunity that lugging me to visit the people who got shot. The victims of that tragedy. He went to their homes, met with them, sat with them, and I was amazed by their resiliency. In fact, when I went there I was a renter in March, the Imam who was shot was leading salon again.

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Two months later the man is back Mashallah leaving Salah. And that is that amazing resilience, then the man or city used to run can be Salahuddin in the spirit of Masada Salaam, who was he stood in front of the Red Sea. And the people are saying that it's all over. He said, No, my Lord is with me. He will guide me in that spirit we found our brothers and sisters Mashallah who were victims by

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They were extremely resilient, but that they are not, unfortunately, the ones that we want to talk about, because we want to talk about the guy who did it, and the movement that inspired him and the movement that inspires of Islamophobia.

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That is, at the core of our concerns.

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Unfortunately, this is something that was not an isolated incident this took place. It was repeated in Christchurch in New Zealand, two years after that it takes place here in the in the form of heat crimes across America, and arson attacks on message in America.

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But Alhamdulillah The good thing is, the other thing that makes us hopeful on this day, that's a very dark day, is that our government has moved forward to acknowledge the problem. And acknowledging the problem is one step towards or the first step towards solving that problem. Alhamdulillah the government has officially designated January 29, as a national day of remembrance of the Quebec City mosque attack, an action against Islamophobia. Alhamdulillah, we're grateful to our elected leaders for taking this step. And we thank them for recognizing this day, we thank them for recognizing the problem.

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The problem with sama phobia, and we hope that this is one step towards towards action against Islamophobia, hate and intolerance of all types. But today is that day that we could have talked about that and Islamophobia as well, because it's literally the same day, January 29, just four short years ago that took place.

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Today, we can also talk about, but I don't want to talk about that I actually want to talk about something else, which is in the news and affecting a lot of people, some people are oblivious, and others are not, which is the the what is taking place at Wall Street right now. What's happening in the markets right now. And there's a reason why I chose of all these topics to focus on this one, because this one actually has maybe not a personal implication to me and you.

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I don't think anybody of us here in the stock in that company, or has a position that is affected by those, those individuals. yet. I tell you, through this incident, we will see the beauty of Islam, the beauty of the sin of the Prophet alayhi salam, and that the rules of Islam, the halal and haram are actually meant to protect us in this dunya and the next what Allah has made halal is good for us in this life. And the next where Allah has made Haram is bad for us in this life. And the next It is Allah saving us from ourselves. And this incident that are the these the chain of events that led to what happened

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a couple of days ago and still going on is a believer is always looking for

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a opportunity to reflect. And I believe this is an opportunity to reflect that we cannot let go, we cannot just waste a brief summary of what happened. There is I don't want to get into the specifics. But there are multi billion dollar funds that will borrow a stock, sell it and then buy it later at a at a discounted price, and returned back to the person or to the funds that they bought from this is called shorting a stock. And this is, you know, a very complex financial instrument that's used it. Now, when it goes bad when it goes well. For example, excuse me, when it goes well, you can make a lot of money because you can borrow something at $10, sell it at $10 buy back at seven and you

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made $3 Okay, when it goes wrong, it could be infinite losses. You could be it could lead to an absolute, uncapped losses, losses, the lady herself.

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The interesting thing is that this is a common industry practice. This is what was one of the reasons that brought down the economy in 2008 2009. The wig shorts you might have you might remember, this is silly practice is prevalent today. And it is actually a shame because I cannot sell for example a car that I don't own. I can't sell a product that I don't have, if I was to go and try to do that in you know among people, but

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these big hedge funds can do it.

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The rules are different. But what happened was very interesting is that a group of people got together. These are people who are on a on an internet forum called Reddit and they all

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bought the stock of the company that this hedge fund wanted to buy at a lower price, artificially inflating the price to 1,000%.

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And now the company that was thinking of making a few million in profit ends up losing close to 3 billion in losses.

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And this is a tug of war that's taking place. And now you see the ugly side of capitalism rear his head.

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I'm not sure if you following this. But what happened is that the platforms that allow you to buy a stock, the halted trading, you can buy that stock anymore. Some of them ended up selling the stock that a person was holding, without their permission, that's a criminal act.

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And now this rabbit hole was really deep. And there is lawsuits and whatnot. But as we remember from 2009, not a single banker went to jail. Actually, only one banker of all those bankers went to jail. And there was some miskeen, who had filed some people wrong.

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But everybody else got away scot free. And these lawsuits will happen and people will be angry. And then we'll go back to the way that things are. This is corruption. This is exploitation at an at a level that is mind boggling. And it doesn't affect us on a day to day. That's why we don't see it. But it is an absolute. It's it's the people these people make out like bandits.

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And they're able to, they're able to now this is something I'm not here to just, you know, cry wolf about what's happening and whatnot. I'm not just here to vent. But there is a reason, there is a reason, Dean, when you see something like that our Dean's principles shine, the principles of our Dean will shine brightly. And we long for those days where we can live by those principles. And those principles will inspire others to accept a stem, the Muslims of Malaysia, the Muslims of Indonesia, the Muslims of East Africa.

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These Muslims, these are millions of Muslims today, the Muslims of South India Kerala, these people will never deliver so our Muslim army they didn't see a Muslim army ever.

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They accepted Islam because they interacted with Muslim businessmen.

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The interactive and Muslim businessman the South India in Kerala, for example, very interesting community, a community of Geoffrey's in the middle of India, most of India and rocks on our hands. But the South Indian community shefali because Yemeni scholars and traders came many centuries ago and they share theory. And the because of their beautiful manners, because of their honesty inspired those people to become Muslim.

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And then not just Muslim, they became adopted the exact expectations of the people of Yemen and to this day you find them to be following those traditions.

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The principles of Islam historically had inspired people to become Muslim. Particularly the dealings of honest businessmen honest, Muslim businessmen, just like Wall Street inspires anger and rage.

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The Muslim businessmen of the past would inspire the desire to accept Islam. The Prophet was on selling a beautiful Hadith attached to a Saudi Amina mana Dena was the cleaner, Bashar de kado, who attacked me

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with the movie, the person said as narrated while I was able to lead, he said, the truthful, honest businessman, the truthful, honest businessman, is with the Prophets, and the truthful. And the martyrs. That's the, that's the rank that a truthful businessman will reach and Subhanallah you see that in our history that all these millions of people who set accepted Islam, at the hands of businessmen, traders, Muslim businessmen and Muslim traders, they are doing the job of the prophets. They're doing the dialogue of the prophet SAW Salem, without, you know, going and, you know, distributing flyers and whatnot. They're doing now the porcelain, through their actions through the

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Sunnah, living it, inspiring the people to accept Islam by living the beauty of Islam.

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This is a very beautiful, very beautiful tradition. The province of them also said in a hadith that Rahim Allah

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Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah, weather Sarah

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Nicola Have mercy. This is narrated by man Buhari, may Allah have mercy on the men or the woman, the trader, the businessmen who

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When he purchases, he's easygoing. When he sells, he's easygoing. When he has a sad settle a matter, he's easygoing. He's not out for wrenches. He's not out to rob the other person blind. He's not out there to bankrupt one, so he can have more money. Somehow neither, either this is Tara. He will be easygoing. Everybody benefits everybody wins

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the Sahaba after the person passed away, oftentimes him their issues are many Sahaba who would go and make a deal with somebody about buying something and then they get a good deal sometimes a great deal. And before they you know, when you get a great deal you accept right away.

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Some of this Ahava, like Abdullah bin Amaro de la Houma would ask the person Are you sure?

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Are you 100%? Sure you want to sell this at this price?

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To make sure that this person doesn't feel later on the regret, of having been exploited, or played? Perhaps us hobbies, or his stature would cause a person to sell something at a lower price? That's very possible, right? You see of the login or load Mashallah, like here, take my stuff for free? Tell me how do you then take what I have? Perhaps that is what, you know, people would feel the feeling of them. But this lava won't use this statue and the dean for gains of the world, they will verify Are you sure you want to sell this at this price.

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And, you know, many, many times they wouldn't accept certain prices. Because the end game was not I only get a good deal, and the rest be damned. The goal was everybody wins. Everybody benefits. Everybody goes home happy.

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Somehow, bah, bah, was the star of easygoing person so Viola. And imagine now that this, this person who lives this way, acts this way, conducts businesses way, day in and day out, day in and day out. wouldn't they be an inspiration for people to accept this them? They will most definitely stand out among the crowd, they will stand out as a shining example. And that's how a lot of the dollar was done back in the day. Through these people who lived the Sunnah of the prophet SAW salon, the province and told us My name is Shanna felice, Amina, when we are doing transactions, or anything in life, we cannot deceive people because the one who deceives is not from us. The prophet SAW him as

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narrated by Sebastian and the people or the scholars, the sooner the Met, they mentioned that Murrah Building up requirement for algebra who thought Sam was passing by a person selling food and he wanted to he liked the food he was selling. So the problem

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he wanted to check the food, the dates, you know, the the produce, what is it like it stacked on top, he put his hand inside to check what's underneath this is common practice. Back in the day, especially, even remember, in Egypt, we would do this all the time, put our hand inside the guys, you know, produce to check what's there.

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my balloon, it was moist, damp food, not the one that was of good quality. The good quality food was on top, the poor quality food was in the middle. This man was hiding the poor quality stuff under the good quality stuff. So the false alarm and he found that he said, for calling abuse or Salama Lady seminoma, Shanna, the one who deceives us is not from us. It's not befitting the character of a believer to be deceiving people in anything, definitely not in trade. When we have to sell something, if I'm selling a car, or I'm selling a house, I have to be honest and make sure I don't deceive a person if I know a flaw in the item I'm selling, I must as a Muslim, tell this person off

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the floor.

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This is the principle that the Quran and Sunnah leave us on the clear guidance. The person left us with that beautiful advice. They sent me Nam and oshana. Poonam, at this moment, I was tough for a lot of saphira

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was happy about

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, tada these beautiful manners. And I mentioned them today. They can be mentioned at any time, but I mentioned them today as a stark contrast to what happens at the highest levels of Wall Street as a stark contrast. And this is something for us not to just say, We're not saying this just to make ourselves feel better. We're actually at trying to learn the beauty of the sun. And then be inspired by that to try to live that in our day to day lives. Not to become less ambitious.

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not try to aim for something higher but to become more principled. That is what the sinner teaches us. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam also said in a hadith

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Maha Rasulullah he saw sama on a bay la hora, the porcelain forbade a trade that was ambiguous, ambiguous. This is a big chapter of what is what is ambiguous trades, what level of uncertainty ambiguity is acceptable, and what level is not, but extremely uncertain trades. And business transactions are not allowed in Islam, extremely uncertain, for example, and nobody says, you know, like, for example, could be a man

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selling something that you know, you're not able to get, right. If I'm not able to attain something in confidence, I can just sell it without having it. And then many, many, many related matters are tied to this particular Hadith. And you apply this today

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to someone who will be tempted to short sell, maybe not a hedge hedge fund, but maybe some Muslim guy who's inspired by these guys away. Or maybe they're looking to buy some options to do some derivative trading to make some extra money.

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Perhaps they're inspired by this because they see a lot of money in the future. We're not telling you not to make money well at times, and I'll see what I mean adonia Don't forget the good of the world. And don't forget your share of the world. What we're saying is, remember the principles because these principles are the best principles. They are the ones that inspire people, number one, and number two, they protect us. They protect us, the one who sells honestly is protected. And their integrity is intact, the one who says without too much ambiguity, extremely ambiguous, uncertain trades, if they're not making that they're making more certain trades. Maybe they make less, maybe

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they make more, but at least they have been certain and they're protected from these unlimited losses, like the ones suffered recently by some of these hedge funds. So we learn from the swimmers beautiful example, and much more. On this day. This week, many incidents took place many events took place. But I felt this was something to highlight because it is something we don't speak often about, which is the beauty of this fund. As it comes as it pertains to matters of business. We asked Allah Allah to allow us to live the president and implemented our lives in the law however like

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yeah, you know, sandali he was selling with Allah masala Mohammed

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de la escena de nada miletti passionate feasibility he was saying I mean, hold the hero but I mean, an Athena for dunya Hassan Hassan Okinawa narakasura

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