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I begin with the greetings of peace, the ancient Greek teachings of the prophets and the patriarchs of God, from the very beginning of humanity spoken various languages and dialects, I speak to him to you initially in Arabic, Salaam Alaikum, which is peace beyond to you.

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It is a pleasure and an honor to be

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in this institution of higher learning.

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Just a second.

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After the greetings of peace, it's a pleasure to be with

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you in this institution of higher learning. I know there's always a little bit of rivalry. I know war University rates. Okay, well, we'll leave that we won't climb the charts anyway.

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But I wouldn't go to speak in Oxford, I thought I'd come here.

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We have an important discussion. It's actually my first talk in the UK have just arrived from Australia yesterday. So I left Perth 40 degrees Celsius. I'm here today, eight, nine degrees Celsius. But I'm Canadian. So it's alright. I'll make do

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there's some initial feet, you know, feedback that I want from you a little bit later. And I kind of assess how well I've done in my discussion by the questions that you have.

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So I'm hoping that there will be some questions, intelligent or not, it's up to you, you can choose which ones you want to put out. But all questions and all comments that you have will be taken. And I would appreciate your appreciate your honesty and your diligence in that. So feel free to fire away any questions that you have. If we don't have time, you're more than welcome to email me, I'll provide my email or my business card to anyone who has an honest interest in following up with me.

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I'm actually a chaplain at Curtin University in Perth. So I do a lot of meetings with people your age. And I kind of think of myself, as you know, not far off your age, I'm only 32. So you know, I don't know how young you are and UK universities.

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Our discussions today will be wide ranging. I want to give you an authentic feel for what muslims for those of you who are not Muslim in the audience, or those who will listen to it later, or for the message you've delivered to your friends after I want, I want you to have a little bit of an authentic feel. And it's important for us as Muslims, those of you in the audience, to know our texts to know what the Quran says, to know what Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and all the other prophets has said, with regard to that famous

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girl great, sanctified, honorable, noble, lofty personality of Isa Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him. So I will deliver as much of my discussion as proper in Arabic, I will quote the Arabic verses from the Quran because it gives that level of authenticity, it's something that you may not be privy to or hear, for those of you who are not Muslim, and for those of you who are Muslim, to hear it in Arabic, and then translate it for you in English is actually quite powerful as well, because it's not an opportunity that you receive as often as necessary. Before we really speak about our use of Jesus, we need to speak about his mother.

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Allah, which is the word in Arabic for God. And it's really a simple translation, a law when you open the Bible, my friend, a Coptic Christian, he opens his Bible, it looks in the book of Genesis, instead of reading God in Arabic, it says Allah, it's only Arabic for God. So for for Christian, Arabic speaking people, that's the same word that you know that they would use in discussing or referencing, the ultimate authority, the maker the fashion of all that exists. A law says to us in the Koran that in the law has tougher ad mo and more Hanwha Ella Ibrahima, and I'm wrong.

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God chose from amongst all of the creation of humanity, Adam,

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Noah, Noah, and Enron, the family of Iran, and the family of Abraham from amongst all of humanity, the return the atomic bomb, a progeny that would come one after another lead us that would come from these four elemental sources that will be a blessing unto all of humanity, and all of the prophets, all of the patriarchs, all of them

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messengers that God has said, emerge from there, that great initial father of humanity, Adam, that revival of the tradition of faith, Noah, the first messenger on to mankind after the corruption.

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And then the families of Enron and the family of Ibrahim, tomorrow I have a talk in London, about the Prophet Abraham, maybe you'll get a chance to take a look at it on the website for the Student Union, the Islamic Student Union, if obviously, you're not able to attend, from what I understand they will be put back on and that's why they're recording.

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From the family of Iraq, there was one famous initial personality and it happens to be a woman.

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Out of that chosen family, God chose a woman marrying her mother is quoted in the Quran as making an invocation, a supplication a prayer unto God saying,

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in you will have to let them at the bottom. However, whatever child I'm carrying in my stomach,

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I give unto your service completely. For the convent, meaning My dear Lord, accept this child that I carry at this moment in service to you. in Mecca, enter semi Iranian for you are the one who has heard my prayer. And you know the truth of what I said. Federal law upon the top being said once you gave birth to a female child, at that time, Judaism, to a certain extent, was a closed religious community to females. A female at that time was unable to attend the temple, she was unable to hold the Torah. She had certain restrictions that were put against her that her mother mountians mother knew immediately just by her daughter being born, that she would not be given the full opportunity

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to serve the Lord in the way that she had intended in her vocation. anyone thought to our own fat, she had a sense of disappointment when he said Becquerel can go into and a male and a female are not held in our society as equals what he needs a mental harmonium but I will give her the title and the name of money and marry. Now the 19th chapter in the Quran is actually named after money. That's how important she is in the legacy of Islam. She's so important that a lot Chronicles her life, that when the people, the Jews, they saw that this child was a gift from God unto them, the Jews immediately recognized that the people living at that time saw that she was a great inspiration unto

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humanity. But she was a woman.

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So who's going to nurture her spiritual development, who's going to give her an opportunity to learn the Torah to learn to teach others who's going to give her that avenue?

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That a fella has a Korea the great prophet of gods that that he has is quoted in the third chapter of the Quran, you can turn to it later, whether online or if you have a copy. Starting from about verse number 26 onwards Zechariah he competed with other peers to be her main instructor teacher.

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And the only way that they would be given Governor's over her was to show who was chosen by God. So they came to the Jordan River Zachariah, other famous rabbis and scholars from that time, and each of them took their pen, and they threw it in the Jordan River. And God quotes this to us in the Quran. And the third chapter, when they said that they give you

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a Yoni egg full of money, and you weren't present in watching who it was that through their pens in the water to see by that locked by that chair, that we would decide who would be the patron of Mary. When each of these scholars threw their pens in the water. They said, Whoever sows pen flows against the current, he's chosen by God to be the leader and instructor of money. And the pen of Zachariah floated, they recognize that it was his pen. So he was sanctioned by God to take care and nurture this pure soul to the point that a lot further states to us in the Quran. Whenever Zechariah would enter her private place of worship, he find that she had been given sustenance, food, drink, things

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that were unknown to them. Any question you say? And then if you have a Where did you receive the thing called, that's who I am in Angular, it was given to me as a gift from God. She was so close to her Lord, that the angels would converse with her and you and I meet, you know, angels converse with her. It's a matter of faith. Of course, it's a matter of belief. But the angels at Muslims believe, would actually converse with Mary. If quality men are equal to the ammonium in the last of the angel spoken to Mary and set to her own man.

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God has chosen what the hierarchy and is purified you, what's the faculty and chose you from those who are pure. So she was chosen from humanity, purified and then chosen from amongst those who were pure, or to hierarchy islands in Ireland from amongst all the women of mankind.

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So she was an incredible human being the prophet of Islam as it narrated and Bahati, the authentic sources of tradition. He said, Kevin, having that regard, because here, many men have attained spiritual mirrors to their Lord.

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And fewer women have cut come to that near miss,

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but the most pertinent and the most profound millennium, the daughter of Emraan asiyah, the wife of Pharaoh, some of these high profile, female sources of spiritual development are important. So Mary was chosen from amongst all of humanity for a specific purpose. And that was to nurture a gift, that God Allah subhanaw taala glorified the majestic, the heat we gave unto humanity from that very moment more than 2000 years ago, somehow 2000 years ago, according to historical evidences, that it would be given to humanity and would be a source of purity to mankind, till the Day of Judgment. here Actually, we begin with the story of Raisa by looking at that chronology of the life of his

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mother and her biography and seeing how close she was to God and how important she was to Allah that she was so chosen to carry that great gift on to mankind. In the 19th chapter, you find a lot quotes to us.

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webconfig kitabi, Malian Mohammed recount unto humanity. Keep in mind keep within you the story of Mary.

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She left her family she left her place and moved a little bit towards the SCHUNK to the east.

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And that is the city of Jerusalem. And in her devotional places of prayer is

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in front of her King, the form of a man a person enters into a closed area.

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A person in full respect from what you can see is

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a human being.

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And she stops her prayers and she says, In the alga bharatnatyam, Inca encountered sofiya I seek refuge with the Most Merciful Lord from you, if you have any piety. Leave me alone. Don't molest me. God in them and also Robic. He says to her I'm nothing more than a messenger from God unto you it was actually the ark Angel Gabriel in the form of a man to give her notice of something

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in your solar update, the I have electrical damage zakia to give you for knowledge, that you will soon carry a child who will be purified by God.

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call it annamayya punto de una Millennium sesame Basha. How is it that I'm going to carry a child? when no man has no me? I've had no carnal knowledge. I'm still chaste. I've never been with a man. I'm not wed to anyone. One of equably. Yeah. And no one has accused me of this. And that's actually a profound way of defending herself. She's saying, I know, I haven't been with a man. And if you ask anyone, no one's ever going to claim that they've been with me. Because it's two different stories, right? There's always that two different stories.

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The NGO pauses and says to her cat that he called about a book, your Lord has decreed that you will carry this child while in a gala who is attending mass. And he will be a miracle and assign unto mankind a sign of a miracle from God in many different respects. One

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is that God can create from what He wills, how he wills, in the way in, in the modality that he wills and that certain things within our life that we take as rational and other things that we take as irrational are lifted when you speak of the power of God. It will be assignment to mankind of my ability to create in you a child without a man having come to know you. And also he will be assigned unto mankind with his purity and his ability to change the hearts of people and the signs and the miracles that we will put in his hands to change the attitudes of people.

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At that moment for hammer that in the Arabic the word, any word that beginning with the letter fat, and it's a little bit of

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Arabic knowledge, the Arabic language is actually a pure language. What do I mean by not that English is a filthy language? Arabic language is a pure language in the sense that it's static. You can't add anything to the Arabic language. What was Arabic before is Arabic. Now when will the Arabic later there's no additions to it? You'll say well, how do you say camera you say, camera with an Arabic accent, camera.

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Camera, you borrow an English word or a Latin word is a it's a heavy camera.

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But it's not considered an Arabic word, you won't find it in the margin, you won't find it in the compendium of Arabic words. hierarchic words have roots, and are built from those three letter roots and in very strange cases for letter root words that come and emerge from that. And one of those letters in the Arabic language is the letter fab. It means when you add it to a word, that there is an instantaneous reaction happening. So that a law tells us in the Quran for Hamlet, meaning at that very moment, just in speaking with the angel, she can save the child

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forever that being mechanical Sega she moved away from Jerusalem, hiding her pregnancy, because anyone that would encounter her for those nine months would say to her What's happening? How can you stomach growling? How come you have these morning illnesses and morning sicknesses or whatever signs of pregnancy would show? So she moved to Bethlehem and stay there away from our family in worship and prayer away from everyone to the point that when she came to deliver this child,

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she exclaimed unto God Yeah, Nathan you need to have the Haida will come to NASA man. See ya. I'm in such a predicament. Oh my Lord, I wish my life had ceased to exist. Before this moment. I wish I'd never come to be how am I going to carry this burden of facing my family after being the Anointed One, the chosen one taught by the scholars, the prophet of God. Zechariah was my tutor. I was given the privileges that weren't allocated and locked into other women in Jewish society at my time. How can I face people carrying a child? No one will understand. Yeah, like, I wish I had lost my life long before having to deal with any of these circumstances and any of these problems.

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And she began to deliver her child

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and it was set to her by the angels.

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God has caused the spring set a Yeah, a little spring of water to gush from under your feet. Well, who's the lanky enough touch this pole of the date pre shake it this date tree shape this palm tree dates will fall on you to nurture you sustain you

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and head out

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and head out

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back to your people and if any of them question you just point to your child

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and she goes back to our people in Jerusalem her family Claudia Money Mo, Tisha and for a year. You have brought a horrendous sin and error a calamity upon yourself and your family. Yeah of the harmonium aka Abu kimata something more mechanical monkey ballia you Your father was a good man. Your mother was a good man. How could you have sinned in this fashion, coming with this audacity to beta map this to this sanctified holy city carrying an illegitimate child. For a shout Elaine, she points to her son.

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He said Jesus

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called in the Abdullah one of the first miracles of him other than the Immaculate Conception, is his defense of his mother in that very early moments of his life.

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A few days after his he's born, while still being held still being carried still being suckled, having no power or authority unto himself, except the ability to speak given to him by God. Calling me Abdullah I am a worshipping servant of God. At Daniel kita, I have full knowledge of your book, I have full knowledge of your Torah. In fact, we're told in biblical stories as well as in Islamic narrations that Isa would teach the biblical would teach the Torah to the rabbi's into the scholars at very early ages and stages of his life at tambien Kitab has given me knowledge of the book.

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Well, Swami, the Salatu was a cat and has made it incumbent upon me to be righteous and fulfilling to my prayers and to be charitable with my wealth.

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What about rugby? Well is it and to be righteous in conduct of my mother?

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When I'm the ninja balance athlete that has not made me harsh or heart, hard hearted, in dealing with anyone

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that have no money in my pocket. These are the words that Jesus spoke words of truth. we fast forward into periods of the life of Jesus and you find miraculous occurrences stated from our Koran, and I know his people of other faiths who may be in attendance with us, they'll resonate with you because you'll read pretty much many of the same type of illustrations and miracles and narrations in biblical tasks. Were told in the fifth chapter of the Quran surah did not lead up. Yeah, he said no money and otoconia Matteoli Jesus, son of Mary, recount My blessings and fingers upon.

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I have taught you the Torah, and I've given you the gospel to teach others. And I've given you an hikma, I've given you wisdom in judging disputes between people.

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What is who mean authentic hate at a time. And I also bestowed upon you the divine the ability to take dust, Clay water, mix them together, take theme, Clay, wet, wet, dirt, passionate in your hands, fashion it with your hands, blow on it after it takes the shape of a sculpted bird,

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blow on it with your breath. And it turns to life. By the power of Allah, I gave you the power that when you come to a blind man who has been blind from birth, and You anoint him and touch him. And that's why aisyah is called MSc in Arabic, the anointed one, the one who touches people, to cure them at the mercy of the money and the young saheliyon he would wipe his hands over the eye of the blind. And they would see what's up what did you notice the evening and by my power and my my leave by the power of God, you would come to the dead to those who have passed away in life, to those who cease to exist to those who have gone into the next life, to those who have been dead for days or

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years or whatever it may be. And you call them out of the grave, and they respond and come back to life by the power of God.

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powerful messages that are found in chapters of the Quran that dwell and show us the famous and important personality of Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him and other prophets. But one of the main shifts in theology between Islam and Christianity is the concept of the death of Isaiah, and the death of Jesus. And the subsequent deification or the worship of Jesus, by our Christian

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cousins and faithful brothers in faith is different to the theology of Muslim.

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How do we as Muslims look at the trials and the tribulations that is endured and faced, we find that in the third chapter of the Koran, God mentioned to us the adversities that Jesus faced in calling the Jewish people to face the Israelites to face it all. arisa Jesus would proclaim onto the people, men and Swati Illallah, who will come and follow me to give victory and service to God. Calling However, yean few disciples came to him, and said, Nebula onsala, we will come in, in your service in the service of God, and the nebula, we have come to have faith in God, which can be anonymous to the moon, and we want you to bear witness for us in front of God, that we are Muslim. And the word

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Muslim in this context means that we have self surrender ourselves to God, that's what a Muslim is right? I surrender myself to the will of God. In that context, those are the words that they spoke to him, as, as quoted to us in the Quran as Muslims,

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which is quite profound. And I'm in a thought for a couple of Potiphar a grouping of people believed in Jesus and another grouping disbelieved.

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And there became this sense of antagonism that those who have devotion in the message of monotheism in the tradition of a set in the tradition of Jesus, who came and said to me as long as to the Israel, Jews to come to Hillel khumba

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I know I have come to you and I have changed and made lawful certain things for you that were previously in the Torah made unlawful for you. And there was that

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shift between those who believed in the message of Raisa and those who disbelieved?

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So there became plots

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and plans. As God quotes to Singapore on young Coronavirus por la they start plotting, how are we going to get rid of this individual who's leading people out of our places of worship? Who's refusing to pay taxes, who's refusing to follow the system of

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the established way that we have set for everyone.

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They said, Let's crucify him. Let's bring him into his life. Let's order his death. Let's bring it into it and in our Islamic traditions is narrated by the mom and by huffy and others and you can find it in the great Tafseer for the emphasis tragic translations or

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meanings of the Quran, that when they look at the verses in Surah 10, this is the fourth chapter in the Quran. Near the end of the chapter, you find a law says, What masala

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Well, Matt kata should be that should be Helen omekata.

00:26:12--> 00:26:21

Allah, they didn't kill him. They didn't crucify him. They didn't even put them on the cross. But it was made to appear. So

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as Muslims, we believe that he

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sat with his disciples his last supper. And he said to them, Look,

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there is going to be a test unto humanity, of whether people will cling to an undying, monotheistic faith, whether people will continue to worship that one God, the God of Israel, the God of the God of Moses, the God of Abraham, the God of Muhammad, whether people will continue to this, or whether there will be divergences and disputes.

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And I am going to be raised up to heaven, who amongst you, my disciples, wishes to have my image put upon him, and be crucified in my place, and be next to me seated in paradise in the life to come, the youngest of them,

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he said, I want to do it. And it's as if Jesus felt that maybe he was too young for this responsibility. The other disciples hadn't put their hands up. He offered that request, again, the youngest of them put his hand up, he offered the request, the third and final time, the only one that put his hands up was this young disciple. And Jesus touched him. And the roof was opened, and he was raised up in a state of

00:27:48--> 00:27:51

unconsciousness or sleep up to God.

00:27:52--> 00:28:11

And that young man took the form of Asia and he was put on the cross and people were told, as Muslims, this is our belief, people were told, this is a this is a test from you for God. Do you believe that? He saw that the

00:28:12--> 00:28:21

Prophet of Allah has been raised that the Prophet of Allah will return that he will be the Messiah? Do you have faith in this? Do you hold on to your faith

00:28:22--> 00:28:23

or not?

00:28:27--> 00:28:30

as Muslims, we believe that a sexual return in fact,

00:28:33--> 00:28:39

you will find that in all three monotheistic faiths, there's the anticipation of the Messiah.

00:28:40--> 00:29:02

as Muslims, our Messiah is Jesus the return of Jesus, this is our faith, that he will come back to lead humanity will live amongst people 40 years as narrated to us in the segments of the Prophet authentic chains of narration yen zero FICO nine subramanium Jesus shall descend upon you, Dynamo masala Thane he will be wearing a colada

00:29:03--> 00:29:13

he will be wearing two garments. While down the day he Allah actually had in melodica he will descend from heaven, being assisted in his descent on

00:29:15--> 00:30:00

by two angels. I mean, she'll come down to you Hi, Cameron Adler, who will be a governor of justice amongst all of humanity. For young zero feet, woman Adam, there will be such peace was America on the earth, that a module EMG will allow you to enable that a man will walk freely in the earth and you will come near and a lion or a wild beast a wild animal, and it will not pursue him. That's the type of peace and prosperity that there will be to buy the item rather than as he has the property of the Sun says how great will like be when Jesus returns. toga and have better Allah sutra you will put a seed on rock barren rock for 200 but it will float

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That's the, the bottlecap the blessing that the return of Jesus brings in that is a summary of our belief as Muslims, from the Immaculate Conception, to the miracles bestowed on to Jesus, to his ability to influence people and their life, the surroundings that we live amongst him to his relevance in our day to day life, that as a part of my faith in Islam, it is a faith in him. It is a faith in his way, it is a faith in his message. It is a part of my belief, to honor him, to hear his name and to send blessings upon him to be a person who is committed to the peaceful messages that he brought onto humanity, and to be a person who knows that his return brings love, hope, peace and

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security to the world. And these are returnable messages that were echoed by the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and all of the other messengers that preceded him.

00:31:08--> 00:31:10

I want to also explain,

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after this historical biographical, summation of Islamic theology and belief with regards to haisa, or Jesus peace and blessings be upon him.

00:31:21--> 00:31:42

How does his life influence me, which is really important? Because a lot goes into great detail as I've just narrated to you from the Koran in talking to you about my new issues of his life, words that he spoke, actions that he performed, how does this have any relevance to you and I today? Obviously, there's a message therefore? Well, there is.

00:31:43--> 00:31:46

One is that faith

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is a powerful, emotive factor.

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To believe in things when when I said certain things you heard today, some of it you take in, and some of it your heart wonders, you know, you analyze it, as you should do in any academic setting. We're here at Warwick University, you analyze and you try to filter it. But faith is a really powerful message. And faith in a prophet of God and faith in a message, a divine message of God is not to be excluded from logic and reason. No, there is logical reasons in the message and the life of some people, they say, why would God bother having created Why is it so significant? A man, not having a man being with a woman to create this child? Why was that? Why is that so significant?

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It's done. Now. You get that response? I can go, I can get, you know, IVF treatment, I don't need a man, I don't need a husband don't need a boyfriend for some. I can go I can do the exact same thing that God has done.

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How do you weigh that with a message of Jesus with that immaculate that believes in that immaculate conception of the ability of God to create? Well, there are two exactly different things God created out of nothing. And it is an indication of the Divine initial origin of all of us. He's my brother, you're my sister, we are all connected in humanity. And it's a way for a law for God, to show you when I our interconnectedness. And a law says to us in the Koran in chapter five, he says, In

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the logic emissary, Adam, the example that they quote to you about the divine, he has to be divine, if he was created without the influence of a man. It's got to be divine. God says the example of Jesus's birth and creation and that Immaculate Conception with God is the same as the creation of Adam. In fact,

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Adam holy Torah, Adam was created from no man, no woman, just from the elements of the earth.

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And that shows you are not our initial unifying factor our Brotherhood in humanity. And the separation says that we have between each other are not in the direct intention of God. A lot tells us in the for our canon, NASA own metal wire, mankind, we're one nation, one people,

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but they disputed amongst each other. They diverged from each other. They didn't want to mix with each other. They didn't want to come to know one another. They segregated themselves on racial lines on linguistic lines on elements of color, race, ethnicity, culture

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and history.

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You see that eternal message in the Koran, yeah yohannes of humanity, all mankind enough a lot now coming into, we created you from a single male and a single female, which I'm having trouble doing that and you diverged and we made you into nations and tribes and people and different languages, Lita, our food that you come back to know one another,

00:35:22--> 00:35:47

in a chronicle mind the law of karma and to recognize that the one who is given merits before God is the one who has the greatest piety, who has the greatest righteousness in his conduct in dealing with others, and in his relationship with his maker and his creator. So there's important elemental messages. Another important factor from the life of Aesop

00:35:48--> 00:35:57

and from his life tradition, that is of direct relevance to you and I Today is his willingness to lead.

00:35:58--> 00:36:32

And I know the moment of him being raised by him being taken up to the heavens, which is controversial. And for Muslims to us, it's, you know, clear cut, as well as our Christian friends, they will believe that Jesus was, you know, raised up, they believe it was after his death after his resurrection, that he was raised up to the heavens, we believe no, he was raised up before that. He wasn't put on the cross, he wasn't killed, he was saved by God to return another day, to be Victor unto all of humanity to bring about peace on the earth.

00:36:34--> 00:37:13

And that is an eternal message. It's something that's important for you and I to dwell on. That there is always hope. Sometimes we look at the world that we see today, and I don't want you to have this fatalistic perspective or to misunderstand me and think I'm trying to say, Allah, just wait for Jesus, he'll fix everything. That's not what I'm saying. But there is that constant hope, that there will be an unending and continual peace that will reign. And that to get that peace there is this sense of belief sense of belonging that we have with our Creator and maker to bring us closer to him.

00:37:15--> 00:37:39

A sense of justice, moral values that are intrinsic upon all of us, that we all take as universal values that lead us to that hopeful piece, which we know will definitely arise with a descent and the return of Isa at times of tumultuous wars, and tremendous upheaval and conflict. So in those few words, is a short message about the life and the times and

00:37:40--> 00:37:59

the belief that we as Muslims have towards him. Hopefully, it was enlightening for those who are not Muslim who didn't know what Muslims believe about Jesus or a sup. And the message that I have with you before I open the floor for questions, if appropriate, is that our universal

00:38:01--> 00:38:51

leanings towards one another, our ability to come together is a very important factor. And I conclude with a verse of instruction that was given to the prophet of Islam where he was set to say to people, to say in particular, to Jews and to Christians poliana keytab say to them or people of Scripture dialogue, Come, let's sit with one another let's dialogue with one another. Diallo, Illa Kalimantan. So I invite him into come to a word that is agreed upon between the both of us, Atlanta with a llama that our faith in God is the One God monotheistic instructor in belief. Well, I'm sure he can, he can show you and then we take no partners and worship with him. So this is a constant

00:38:51--> 00:39:07

call that is made by the ark prophets in the patriarchs, and the messengers of God onto humanity. And that's the message that I wish to share with you here today to share with you these words about EISA, I really wish to

00:39:09--> 00:39:31

I'm not asking you to ask me these questions. But I wish you to fill in the blanks because I only had 40 minutes, right? I wish for you to fill in the blanks of things that I might have touched on but didn't give you enough. Or to ask about things that I didn't mention or that maybe queries that you have. So fill in the blanks for our discussion

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

in the best possible way. And I just want to give you ground rules for asking me questions. One, first very important rule, I always say this, if you've heard any of my discussions before, I am not you know, super chef, or you know, super scholar. I know everything right. So your assumption should be rather yahia Not Chef, not chef.

00:40:00--> 00:40:24

probably half a year is gonna say, Wow, that's a good question. I really don't know the answer, but I'll try to find it. Here's my email, email me in a couple of days, right? That should be your initial feeling because I'm a student just like you guys. Second, don't embarrass me. What I mean by that, don't give me a loaded question. You know, there's certain questions that you know, are

00:40:27--> 00:40:57

there's no answer for or you don't want an answer for you just asking it to, you know, ruin the mood or don't I mean, let's just be groovy. Just hang out. All right. If you want to ask something that you think would be, should I? And you don't? You're not really sure. Ask me later. I'll try to spend a little bit of time. All right. So we can do that personally. Or you can email me once again. And third, and finally,

00:40:59--> 00:41:19

continue researching. I'm not even jellicle or, you know, I'm not here to convert anyone. I'm not saying Hey, guys, let's all be Muslim. Or look, this is our Jesus, you gotta believe I want you to be like me. Now. My purpose is not ever to win you over to

00:41:21--> 00:42:09

Jesus ASAP, you know, now, I want you to research and I want you to learn, look at it from many perspectives, read on it from scholarly journals, references, go to different texts, go to different journals, go online, but be careful because you get a few crackpots, you know, read about all people, all types of people, all ethnicities, all faiths, all religions, learn about the world have a global perspective of what's happening. You're here to study. Don't be insular. It's not just what you receive from the person speaking to you. Develop within you a desire to search for truth, and to search for answers for things that you have not yet come to know. So don't take my answer as the

00:42:09--> 00:42:18

empirical, final word, right? Continue with your study, and with your knowledge, and I conclude by saying so Peninsula, the shadow,

00:42:20--> 00:42:32

which is a prayer in Arabic to say glorified to you Oh, God, you are the one who have the most knowledge meaning that you know, I've said anything Forgive me kind of thing. And I leave the floor to you guys.