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You make the drive the beginner beginning of prayer with Jeff to when she edited the photo, Ronnie are the other area of the stack that you can make at that point. And then you make six more tech beer ons. Now here, there's a difference of opinion, some will say, then you make an additional seven, or someone will say six plus the additional first that you made. And this is the opinion shell and we're taking I don't want to be too confusing, so maybe we'll just keep it until until our opinion. So you make the first tip could be wrong, do I back then six more technically rods altogether, it will be seven, okay, altogether will be seven. So the first thing we'll do is sit

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down and six months, it could be a lot, then you recite swords and fat. And then you were saying any sort of from the poor and the son of the Prophet so I sent him in the first class he would recite Sultan, Allah subhanaw taala we can add it, after you finish, you continue, you go down into your record and you continue you finish that account for the seconds around, can you make the tech via moving up from sujood to standing so to be added into foncier move your movement from going into drugs from being in salute to standing up and saw that you say to communities a lot, right? So that's one two, then you add an additional four. So altogether it will be five, okay, altogether

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will be five and that's in the second row and then you will say so it's in fact you have and then you will say to anything again from the end if you wanted to follow some of the prophecies 11 recites within the last year last year I think they were saying that's what I that's what the process is that I'm typically would do during an eat and that's it and then you continue the prayer until the end as a normal protocol and then you would preview that so that's the process inshallah lots of pray for us to pray the prayer, we're going to pray here. Now you cannot follow us online. We're going to keep the camera on so you're going to see us but what we are suggesting what we are

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asking inshallah for everyone to do, put us on mute and you and your family inshallah pray your prayer together and after we finish and inshallah you can join us for the eclipse by that we will broadcast right after we finished prayer. Okay, so we will do the hotspot right after the prayer and you at home should pray as we just mentioned as we just mentioned the instructions you pray with your family at home, we're gonna pray here together with my kids inshallah we're gonna pray here and after we finished we will do that a little bit together inshallah. Zachary Walker

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Upon a novena, Johnny

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officer, wellness

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National Center for evil

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can use federal

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law saying that girl me aka

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jesica smoked beef

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belly to

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Lehman calm either

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my god

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my god

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was dumping

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on me

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for Friday is no longer Shia would you be a woman even for Shia

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Marina Lisa

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just married to me

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you came for finance, why even how we came

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be most

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Law Center

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Selenium wacaco Allahu

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Allahu Akbar okay the era when Hamlin in that he was so behind Allah He will correct and we'll see that along

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with local law where you need to generate and Roku Allah and he was like a handle bigger leaner

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well I can handle equally

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like can handle equally say he has no authority to have like an equal equal rights in cash left alone medical home to liquidity

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Welcome to liquidity model then shift into a lot of medical handling equally whether the selector liquid handler can see on camera anymore what's a photo look and feel Why should

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Why should

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I do what I did Amanda well Bella Lisa was was

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a little How can you hide your lazy one

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while I

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was on a local

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machine it will often be too long for some lots of one was set out in the morning

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hobby in order to may amin motto so as I know we Hello.

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Hello, team and caviar and about

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a lot is the greatest. As often as the worshipers pray and he is the greatest as often as those who glorify Him glorify Him. He is the greatest as often as the worshipers fast, a lot you belongs all the praise and with you belongs all that is good and to your turns every affair owe a lot to you belongs that praise for every blessing that you have blessed us with and to belongs all praise with each deed that you have given.

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Within each day that you have accepted from us and to belongs all praise with every sin that you are forgiven from us. To you belongs every praise for every hardship that you have removed to belongs all praise for every calamity which you have lifted to belongs every praise with every provision that you have extended to you belongs all praise for every illness that you have cured to you belongs all praise with every person that you have guided to belongs all praise as numerous as your creation as beautiful as your throne and as extended as your words. Do you belong to all praise as you love and are pleased with two belongs all the last comments either every praise for the

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blessings of fasting and prayer and recitation and do I owe a lot to you belongs all praise with every blessing that you that you have blessed. All phrase belongs to US and Canada and we send peace and blessings upon His Messenger and His Prophet.

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All praise belongs to the one who will allow us to witness the month of Ramadan and provided us with the month of Ramadan and To Him belongs praise and thanks and he's deserving of praise and glorification. We are bidding farewell to the month of Ramadan, like the one who bids farewell to another one that they love. When we have a guest or a friend or partner whom we are saying farewell to who we love. we're dropping them off at the airport. We feel a sense of bitter, sweet feeling when we bid farewell to them. We feel bitter that they're leaving us hopefully

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That control a lot of your returns was worried that we may not see them again, but overall feeling a heightened sense of love for them. And so as you leave the month of Ramadan, you should be feeling this heightened sense of love for the month of Ramadan. And what are you, you may not see us again and feeling a little bit bitter that is leaving but feeling an overall sense of hope and love as the month ends. And these are our emotions, as this month leaves us once again, upset as at the beauty of it, which has passed by us and hoping to see it once again. And heighten with our sense of love for the month of Ramadan. But almost blind is a month that brought out the best versions of

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ourselves, the version of ourselves that could pray at night, the version of ourselves that could fasten the date, the version of ourselves that can make more and more into art to a law, the version of ourselves that improved our ads are now improved our etiquettes our manners, our language, the way that we interacted with others, the version of ourselves that restrained our angers that extended

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you know, that extended good assumptions about other people and had a better building of relationships with those who surrounded us. That version of ourselves that came in on the lawn, in a way it's not that rolled on is leaving us rather it is we that sometimes are leaving or Milan, Allah subhanaw taala gives you ways to remain connected to the month of Ramadan throughout the entire year.

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And so he gave you Monday and Thursday to fastness. And he gave you the Friday's to be a day of our evening gathering. If you are dropping off a loved one at the airport, and you were letting seeing them off and they were traveling to another country, you would still try to keep in touch with them. You would still try to Skype with them or zoom with them or call them or text them you would want to keep in touch with them. Why because you love them. If we love the month of Ramadan, then even as we depart we have to keep in touch with the month of Ramadan during the rest of the year. However, we keep in touch with the month of Ramadan during the rest of the year. By fasting Mondays and

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Thursdays just like we fasted on the line. by praying That's nice. Even if all we pray is one extra hour of which display works and if you don't pay which freeways. The problem is is that upset ltot Yeah, and it's not all people understand prayer with you. So if you don't pray anytime you do pray any any dates prayer, at least introduced the night prayer of praying your wisdom prayer. Keep in touch with Ramadan by remaining patient by learning to be patient increasing your patience by building your relationships with their families eating with them not eating by yourself. And lots of candles. It says you know color as well as a food Okay, let's eat. Now that was an invaluable lesson

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and Catherine

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Alonso Carolyn's Island says do not be like she twisted and spun her thread after it was strong.

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Unless I mentioned an example in this verse, don't be like for a woman who spun a thread who unspun rethread after it was strong. Now when the type CMS mentions that there was a woman in Medina, and this woman suffered from a mental disability, and the people would see her shouldn't be sitting outside knitting clothing. So she made for instance, a shirts, and she would mix the entire shirts until it was perfect. It was a perfect shirts. And after she finished knitting the shirts, what would she do? She would unspin all the threads after she had already tied them, she would undo the entire shirt. And then she would do it again. And after she would admit to the entire church unspin

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it's again, Allah says brings this example of this woman who they would see in Medina they would see her with their own eyes. Allah says Don't be like the woman who asked her she made something that was good. That was strong, she undid it. And the example that's being brought to us by was handled IRA is after you've done good after you spent this month doing good praying to a law fast into a law making drop Don't ruin your good deeds afterwards. Don't destroy the good that you brought, ruining it and tearing it apart. During this module from a lot of we lived in it's beautiful days. We lived in it's pleasant hours. We live in it's heightened spiritual emotions, feeling and its mercy and

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tranquility. Our hearts became different hearts. Our souls became different souls. Our character became a different character, a better character, and a hold on taught us willpower and taught us strength and taught us faith and taught us brotherhood and taught us peace.

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It taught us charity and humility and observance. Some of us did not live to see past this or Milan, are not guaranteed another or Milan. And so we should spend the year like the setup, who would make do I come up for the entire year related to the Milan, half of the year after Ramadan, they are making drop all of these except what I did during Ramadan. And the next half of the year, they would make to an awful lot allowing me to see the next one. I said the entire year was surrounded by the month of Ramadan. And we asked the last panel of Thailand to make it returned back to us many years overwhelm your believers with health and peace and security and faith and they almost died except

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our fasts and prayer and your fasting and prayer. But we conclude these beautiful days, with cheerfulness and pride, having worship Allah subhanaw taala glorified the one hello to Ireland who blessed us and praising in it's the one who was favored us and though and expressing in it's our joy. A lot of times it was put before the land will be automatically either be there to California for approval, or Hail Mary but in the favor of a lion is mercy. Let them be joyful. This is better than all the things ever. So the happiness at the

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opportunity to obey Allah subhanaw taala is part of our fifth row. And just as you know, we were happy to chase the mercy of a lot of Ramadan, we should be joyful to chase the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala after Ramadan.

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finally, it's important for us to recognize the obligation of fulfilling our obligations to our parents and to our close relatives, particularly honesty, that Allah parotitis is a local local kind of LEDs out in the yard with

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the Lord has decreed that we worship none other than Him and that we show excellence to our parents, and as well with our close relatives to connect our ties of kinship, Allah Subhana Allah says that I say tune in to relate to and to see to find out there are common that Allah says have you consider that if you turn away, if you turn away from Toba from his default, last time metallic, if you turn away from a lock, what will happen, you will cause corruption in the earth and he will break up your family relations. So meaning turning to a loss of handling data is not causing corruption and connecting with your family. And therefore particularly on this day and age, it is important for us

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to call our family to keep in touch with our family. And since we can go and visit them in person, at least to pick up the phone and to call them and to check in on them and to spend time with them. And to think of them. And even if you can buy them presence or do whatever it's made me to uplift their their spirits. This is something that we should do with the son of them either rising, it should rise with our truthful smiles and our pure hearts and our cheerfulness and our souls filled with affection and with love. And

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in this era, it's important for us, especially with our children, to remind them of a loss of kindness, and with our kids to remind them of feeling happiness, and connecting with a loss of kind of the data. Just as we teach our kids to make this default to make Toba we should also teach them to feel happy with a parent child and with his religion. And what better way to do so much with the data needs by gifting them by finding ways to make them happy by playing games with them in order to increase their spirit and their happiness on this day of would be funded that have a bureaucracy forget advocate for the front will say the bounty of your Lord and in His mercy in this you should

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find joy

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in the welcome his stuff rule number one overriding

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smilla. Can the loves of cinema.

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He was asked to be on a wider Chinese holiday which city everyone heard about politically Sonia probably in a long milotic Susana, nw alladhina amanu sallu I've been listening Sydney with Sema alongside us in an island city you know when to you know, have you been ever hunted? Almost on the island? How many medaka with vacuum abroad? Well, so the idea here of elemental alarmist warfare so there are a lot of downsides and most of them in damini they are within where I left it was how do you play you need to play it and why don't we have to mean why do you know why you got to know is sort of hidden below me as a dominant female call me and I haven't done that in a while. I haven't

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been for Russia when the Lolita whatever you want in Russia meter. well maintained is what are gentlemen, how are you jr? Well after he left.

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He left

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me in law.

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Why am I

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Before the company was unhealthy when the law might have been meeting, was it Ian houfy Rubina what kind of the heating and control for supervision was rushing in along with a couple of minutes late. See Elena was slow that's an OPM Anna. What from then as in that you're behind me in. So I need to set up on a conference like

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