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and law

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are you gonna sign up?

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Hey y'all

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and then hamdulillah Mohammed who want to study in ob he want to stop Pharaoh who want to study whenever we lie to Ireland in Sharia fusina woman see it our Marina in omiya Hila who fella mobile era warming Oberlin Oh fella de la why Shadwell, Isla de la la hula Sri Cara Keller why shadow no Mohammed Abu hora solo or solo whoa la hora attended alameen wa coda waterland Mohini. And one more attorney Sally Qin are generally the Romanian another one will be hero who was sort of heavy a sudo or was that a heavy he are in an army and that unsummon wapa Logan olfa along with z hieromartyrs eterna bn annual met him was all in and out what he what he said it was all it was it automatically.

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Well, I met Jimmy a minister and as soon as he walked off the fit he lay on the dean and z Kumar FCB. Tuck will lie to Allah Faina who may a tequila Ah, Allahu Maharaja, why are we so calm and hateful as I said, All praises you to Allah alone. And then we seek aid and assistance into him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly him Allah subhanho wa Taala guides and can mislead and he will allow leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and I know what it said there is nothing worthy of worship they will not alone. And then Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah, you will send them his both his servant and His Messenger. We began the week before the Friday before

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Ramadan began. We spoke about welcoming in the month of Ramadan, we spoke about how Allah azza wa jal begins by telling us now La Quinta tahuna you may have Taqwa through this process of Ramadan. And here as we are in the first Friday and the day after the end of Ramadan, it's important for us to think about and to consider how we say farewell to Ramadan, how we move on after this month of Ramadan. When we bid farewell to Roma. When this month has come to an end, we need to think about it as being like when we say farewell to a beloved guest. When you have a guest, a friend maybe or a partner or a child and you are saying farewell to them. You're dropping them off at the airport.

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What are the emotions that you feel in that moment when you're letting go of them when you're saying goodbye to them, you feel a sense of bitterness in your heart that they are leaving that hopefully we will see each other soon.

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You feel worried in your heart that maybe we're never going to see them again.

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And overall, you feel a heightened sense of love for them, your love for them has actually increased as they're leaving, because you're worried you may not see them. Once again, these are the same type of emotions we need to have, as we leave. And as we're seeing this month of Ramadan, once again leave us we should feel upset in a certain respect that this beauty of this month has passed by. And we should hope that we're going to see it once again. And we should feel a heightened sense of love for the month of Ramadan. Ramadan helped us achieve things that we were not able to achieve before it and allow it allows us to see a better version of ourselves, the version of yourself that is able

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to pray every night, the version of yourself that is able to fast every day, the version of yourself that's able to make deep sincere dua to Allah subhana wa Taala. The version of yourself that restrains your anger, the version of yourself that helps build better relationships with your family and your community, the version of yourself that improves your Adam.

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And in a way if you think about it, it's not really that all Melbourne is leaving us rather in a very real way we are the ones that are leaving Ramadan.

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Allah subhanaw taala throughout the year, gives you the opportunity to stay connected to stay in touch with the month of Ramadan, the month of Ramadan is the month of fasting. Allah Subhana Allah gives you Mondays and Thursdays to fast to keep you connected to the month of Ramadan. At the end of Ramadan comes a lead. Every Friday, Allah azza wa jal gives you a minor version of the need.

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And so if you were dropping off the loved one, if we go back to our previous analogy, if you're dropping off your partner, this child or this guest, this friend that you love so much, if you are dropping them off at the airport, and they're you're seeing them leave,

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would you not keep in touch with them? Would you not Skype them or text them or call them and talk to them even after they've left? And so if you really love this month of Ramadan, and if it really did have an impact on you, then Shouldn't you keep in touch with this guest that is leaving you throughout the year even if they're gone. And so you keep in touch with Ramadan by praying on Mondays and fasting on Mondays and Thursdays by praying at night, even if you're just praying a small amounts by building relationships with your family.

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By doing all of these things that we were accustomed to doing during the month of Ramadan, by doing them in some form or another during the year, it's like we're picking up the phone and connecting with the month of Ramadan. We're calling our friend Ramadan. And it shows that we have a genuine love for this month.

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Allah Subhana Allah gives us a parable in the Quran. He says what I took uno keleti knockout that was bad. I mean that the echo Watson and katha Allah Subhana Allah says do not be like the one who untwisted her spun thread after it was strong.

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Allah uses an example of a woman that was in Medina at the time of the prophets of Allah weathers. And this woman struggled, struggled with a mental illness. And part of this mental illness was that she would sometimes sit and knit. So she would knit or spin, you know, a piece of clothing, a shirt, a film, something that people would wear, and she would sit to working on it. And as you know, when you sew something by hand, it takes a long time. If you need something, it takes a while. And after she was done producing what it was she produced a dress or a shirt or something like this. She would undo all of the threads that she had just been together.

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And so instead of taking this shirt in this dress and wearing it, or gifting it to someone or selling it, she undid everything she did and didn't mention start all over again.

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A lot of things the example of this woman to our attention, for what reason? Look, that woman has an excuse. She has an illness, right? What is our advice if we look at her and say she's acting illogically, but she has the excuse of being or having an illness? What is our excuse? When we spin a thread on the oath we take with Allah subhana wa tada of the good deeds that we build. For instance, over this month of Ramadan, we build these good deeds. We build an institution of prayer of slot, right, we established slot out in the morning and in the night, we established fasting in our lives. We established and it could end do I

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We establish all these things in our lives. And then as soon as the month is over, we untie all of these threads that we tied. We spend the month of Ramadan resisting shahadat, resisting evil things that we would otherwise feel tempted towards. And then when the month is over, we start going near those things. Once again, it's like we're on spinning the threads that we spun together. So if that woman has an excuse, what excuse Do we have, when we do this, we are far more illogical, we are in a far worse things. Because we are the ones who are on tying something that is incredibly difficult to create a one we created it, we ended up walking away from it. And so this month of Ramadan has

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passed by, we welcomed it. And now we bid farewell to it. And our lives are going to pass on and continue. And as we lived in this month of Ramadan, we need to realize that the beautiful days in it, the beautiful hours in it, the heightened spiritual emotions in it's the feelings of mercy and tranquility in it, our hearts became different. Our souls became different, our character became different. Ramadan taught us about willpower, and brotherhood and sisterhood and patience, and charity and humility and observance. And some of us will not see the next normal button, just like so many people we know did not see this from Oman. And so it's important for us to spend our years

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like the Center for slaughter, like the righteous predecessors of this religion, where after the month of Ramadan concluded they spent six months asking Allah to accept what they did in that month. And for the six months prior to the next normal one, they would spend those six months asking Allah to allow them to achieve and to see the month of Ramadan, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to return back to it. Many, many years over while we're believers, while we have our health and our peace and our security and our faith. We ask Allah to accept from us our fasts, and accept from us our charity and our dough. And to make you know, the rest of our years in sha Allah ones where we

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are engaged in the PA of Allah subhana wa Tada. And as we look back at the month of Ramadan as well, it's important for us to think about, you know, having joy with it, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the SWAT any forgotten to the one who fasts, there's two forms of joy, the joy when they break their fast joy when they meet their Lord Subhana horns. And so as we look back at the month of Ramadan, there is a feeling of happiness and joy, there was a big accomplishment, it's like climbing a huge mountain. After you climb that mountain, you look back, and you say, I'm happy that I was able to do this, right. And so we look back, and we look at this mountain of good deeds that

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we were able to try to, you know, over, we try to produce, and we look at it and we say Hamdulillah, Allah gave me out of his mercy allowed me to try to worship and allowed me to try to amass good deeds in this time. Other people at the end of Ramadan, they also feel happiness, but their happiness is different.

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Their happiness is that

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the guests that wanted them to worship Allah has finally left, because that was annoying to them. The guests that wanted them to recite what ad has finally gotten, because that was really annoying to them. The guests that wanted them too fast every day is finally gone, because that was really bothering them the whole time. So they're happy that they're gone, that they left the month has left them, because they didn't want anything to do with a month to begin with. And other people are happy when the month is over, because they're happy with the time they spent together. It's two different types of happiness will be from the law, he will be Rachmat he could be that he carefully a for who,

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who are hiring in Nigeria, when Allah says that say in the favor of your Lord, in the favor of a lion in his mercy in this, let them be joyful, it is better than all that they gather. So now as we move on, what are the things that we can do?

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As we move past from Milan? What are the things that we can do to keep them alive in our life to stay in touch with the Roma bond with this, we had, we fasted during the days of Ramadan. Now it's upon us to fast at least the six days of show up where the prophets of Allah where it was said themselves, whoever fasts the month of Ramadan, and follows them with six days of fasting and shall well it's as if they have fasted the entire year, all of the time of the year. And so it's imperative for us to stay in touch with Ramadan by fasting, the six days of show up and throughout the years to try to fast Mondays and Thursdays as well. And if we can't do that, then try to fast at

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least Mondays on their own. And in this there's a great benefit and a connection to the month of Ramadan. We prayed the mentor had Jordan taraweeh during the month of Ramadan, then pray at least two extra rock as before you sleep. I'm not saying you have to wake up for 200 if you can do so it's better of course, but not everyone is there. If you can't do the not least before you sleep pretty an extra two hours that will be considered directly m&a that can be considered

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Here's your total We're your break to expert before you went to sleep, and to pre witted if you're not someone who already prays with him, if you're not somebody who's in the habit of doing so praying, even if you're praying wondercon I know some of them are that had you know, they

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you know don't like the person who prays one record repeatedly. But if you're in a, you know, amen state where you're praying zero which, of course it's better for you to pray at least one rock out of water before you go to sleep. We reciting Quran everyday or consistently during the month of Ramadan. Some of us may be completed the entire foot end in recitation, can we recite something from the hoarder and everyday? Can we recite even if it's half of a page? Even if it's a quarter of the page? Even if it's only two verses? Can we do that? Can we recite at least sort of 10 cap every Friday to stay in touch with the reciting? And everybody knows their level of rabada can we increase

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what we were doing during the year last year as we move past our mobile on this year? We gave some of our we gave the cat during this month of Ramadan Can we give sadaqa throughout the year consistently every week, give something or every month give something for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. We became closer to our families in normal run. Every day you're breaking the fast with them. You're sitting with them you're eating with them. Can we eat with our families every day, or at least most of the most of the days to sit together at the same table eat with them because it builds Sen builds you know the connection between our family members. We repented to a lot during

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the month of Ramadan, can we repent every day or every week? Think of the analogy of someone

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who leaves their house without ever cleaning it. And then one month a year they want to clean their house.

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If you leave your house without cleaning it the entire year and only in Ramadan, you clean your house, your house is going to be very difficult to clean in Ramadan, and your house is going to get dirty very quickly afterwards. And so it's better for the person to be constantly cleaning their home, even if they're cleaning it only a little bit every day every week, so that when the next room Oban comes making Toba to him was easier.

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And as we move forward, we constantly pin ourselves by making Toba to a lot so that every day the profits are lowering Samson is tough for Lofa in the us suffer live from the home. Now tomorrow. He said seek the forgiveness of Allah for I seek the forgiveness of Allah in every day, 100 times. So Allahu Allah, you send them. It's like he is constantly 100 times a day he's cleaning his soul. Can we do so at least once find a moment of your day to think about the sins that you may have done that day or that previous date and make us a fraud for it. And try to do that throughout your life. It's like you're cleaning your house every day. And the next one Hold on You come make intelligent

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toilets very easy. It's very simple. The person is carrying so many sins and comes to them and wants to make Toba. It's so difficult. There's so much baggage the person is carrying. even thinking about the sins that they've done and reflecting over it becomes a huge barrier. But if you're in the practice of doing so your telephone becomes easier. As the fraud becomes easier. Your connection to a wasp panel to it becomes easier. Belk will probably have the list of what you would have suffered or in order for rain.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. He while early he also have human progress, Shahada recently, embryo 100 of the time in the Saudi authority. It's important, you know, I wasn't going to spend too much time because we spoke about it or inadequate. But to think about our brothers and sisters and folstein and what they're going through, and I mentioned, you know, it's incredibly imperative for us to teach our children in the next generation of the importance of that land in our Deen theologically, because that has an impact. When you know, I've seen other people who are not even Muslim. Look at the history of honesty and look at the history of the Palestinian

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people. And they said to themselves, any other people in the world if what happened to them, and the conditions of living, were similar to the conditions of living of the Palestinian people under occupation. We're even going to do easy things in your life going to work and coming back home, you have to go through checkpoints, you are humiliated, you might be imprisoned for no reason, you have little recourse there's little justice and living in these excruciating conditions

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that most people would have just left.

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Most people anywhere else in the world would have just run away and the Palestinian people persist to stay, even as their enemies are trying to ethnically cleanse them and exterminate them. What is the reason for their feedback in this in this matter? A very huge part of this is their connection to that land and their desire

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to protect the land of the Muslims and their desire to protect the Misha the this

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And the Muslims they know that if they were to leave and all of them were to be gone that's just the up so would not be there anymore.

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And even though they might say otherwise we know that to be the fact let's just oxen will not be there the Palestinian people are not there. And so they're holding on because of our Deen and it's important for us at the very least to teach our kids about this connection to the site unless penalty Allah mentions this land so many times in the Quran Subhana Allah vs Ravi Abdi hearing the minister that how long he led mister that upset led Baraka now how will Allah how to Allah says all praise all glory belongs to the one who took his servant on the nice journey from measure to measure the Luxor allele Baraka How about which we have blessings all around them? And if Allah says we

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bless around the land, what do you think about oxa itself? Allah subhanaw taala says what is for the man of the house if attempt to Julie Emery he'll allow the Leti Bell Rock Nafisa Allah says institution Amen. We gave him the wind that would flow by his command to the land that we blessed in it. And this is the land of beta muck. This one Ajay now who would open it Balcon if he had in alameen. Allah says we say loot to the land that we blessed for all of humanity. And Allah subhana wa tada mentioned, you know what teeny was a torn well 40 CD and what happened better than I mean, Allah takes an oath in the Quran What is he swearing an oath by what he knew was a tone by the fig

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and the olive will probably seen in the mount of cyanide. What happened Bella did I mean in this peaceful city, meaning the city of Mecca, what is plus, just swearing the oath by what he knew was a tone by the fig in the all of its symbolic, symbolically representing the land of Palestine, the land of beaten macness and totally seen in the mount of Sinai, the Sinai area and have been bedded in I mean, the land of Mecca. Allah swears an oath by these lands because of how important they are, this is something we have to make sure that is instilled in them. I mentioned, you know, yesterday in the

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past as beta blockers, but actually MBR was second actual MBR woman female Darshan in la sala Fie NaVi Yun, oh man. He said, there is not beta macness that Jerusalem is the land that was built by the prophets, and lived in inhabited by the prophets. And there's not even a hand spin, except that there was a prophet or an angel that prayed to our muscle panel to add in it. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions that so the man made dua to Allah. And he said to Allah asked Allah for three things, what are the three things he asked for? He said, Oh, Allah allow my judgment, to be similar to your judgment. I allow me to judge according to the judgment of a lion

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soldier, and he may do to Allah subhanaw taala as well that he would have your kingdom liability. there hadn't been that either no one else while the kingdom similar to the Kingdom of Saudi man, and he made it 32 he said that anyone who comes to this land, anyone who comes to this Masjid, for the purpose of praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lamia Hodgman, they do not leave in like a woman when at home or that they leave only as the day their mother gave birth to them. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said ms in the turn.

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And you're cool.

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He said that as for the two things he asked for Allah gave it to him. And I hope that Allah has given him the third, this is a blessed land. And we need to have a connection to it. And their persistence in that land while they are being systematically ethnically cleanse is for the purpose of us to continue to have a connection to it, to continue to have some access to that land and to be able to worship Allah subhana wa tada there. And so we ask a lot so that it's imperative upon us to defend our brothers and sisters in our speech and our actions and our hearts in our Doha that when something terrible happens to them, we feel in our hearts and we remain connected to them and that

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we have a form of resistance for the truth and the way that they are trying to resist for the truth in the best of ways inshallah, in Aloma activists in the BI Latina amorosa you're standing with slimmer Aloma activists on 100 Libya, you're living in Amman on Sunday rally he was sending with sneem Allah on Sunday Island Mohammed Ali Mohammed can also

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be brought into the Idi Amin, Majid Aloma, that's a theme upon me and I hadn't been in LA for a while I have many love for watch the mullahs in La Plata. Wala Marianela shaquita or levoxyl in LA feta, well, I had with him in Hawaii dunya will after our Haleakala one or nothing else in local data center, rock medica hammer rock, I mean, alignment isn't isn't am I listening me? What are they before they can tell me what's unhappy with Dean along have they been in a Lehman was a

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With the Apollo, Vina, what can you name a call for one four so colossian or Jana Mina rushing in in the lion?

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I believe so anyway, tell the court about why and having a one on one call. He will really look look into the code one. Let's go live Cooper muscular woman. I mean has it come? What do they call it acaba will La Jolla Anna mudstone. I'm the locum Sana

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