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Took a nice little journey off road

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16 kilometers from the main road. It's very bumpy ride but

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Indiana pays off something

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really magnificent to see

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and isolated in a way.

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from everything else Prakash co has called. It's really a beautiful serene

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sight to see.

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And you guys are getting to see it here beautiful Masha

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reminds me it's another example of many of the gems that are out there. Things that are of value are kind of hidden. This is one of those gems hidden

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somewhere where you have to

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make an effort and go through a little bit of

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a journey to find it. But when you find it

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as well worth the fight, it's a beautiful, hidden gem 100

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as you can see down, we came from snow, but up here on the mountains or snow.

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Got some cavities. I'm here

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to stay up here.

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I can actually wake up here in a nice cabin home and come out

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to this beautiful

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serene view.

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Pretty much on fire

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to candles and disconnect from the

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city life.

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You guys beautiful.

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You come in over here

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is beautiful for us.

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Guys, we're in Costco

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Do you think people are are more engaged with themselves? Like, what their internal selves when they disconnect from the material world and they come out here? How do you feel when you're out here? First thing I feel

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I feel very small. This is why what? What breaks this ego inside you. And then right away you feel like just one creation of God, between many, many more amazing, and big, nice creations of God like what we can see this big lake, huge mountains, tall trees. So when you see this, there is no creations

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better and nicer than God's creations. And then when you come close to them, then you feel this peace. You feel this calmness. There's no rush, there's no chaos. What do we have in the city? And then you just start asking yourself why we went for the series in the first place. So many learned people, many scholars of Islam, they recommend and this is I mean for anybody you have to be a Muslim is just to disconnect disconnect from the tall buildings and the rat race of life and

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yeah, the concrete jungle and to come out to places like this, maybe you won't get an opportunity like this. But you know, just to get out, you know, maybe even a forest preserve if that's the closest, and then to reflect like, why am I here? Who created me? Where am I going when I die? And at what point in your life? Did you start asking those questions because you weren't always

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Who was implementing the purpose of life, I would wish maybe to be coming from that corner. But Alhamdulillah I came from the other side, I was actually, I lived in us. That's what I can speak English.

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So I saw the opposite us, showed me the total opposite of what is the purpose of life. And I'm not saying that people in us are bad or evil or anything, I just said that this bed system, that trend is mostly developed in us. So when I, when I went from Bosnia, I went there. And I saw this huge turn of lack of morality of lack of values, which do exist in Bosnia, just to be clear, but it's much, much more developed. And all of the world is following this Western way of life. And I had a chance to taste it firsthand, and just to see how empty and how bad it is. And this actually made me reflect and think about, okay, if I see these bad values, like so clearly now, because it was

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extreme change for me, then I have to think about other values, too. And then I start thinking about Islam, which was my origin. But that's first time I started evaluating, okay, why is that? Why is alcohol bad?

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because it leads to all these promiscuity and lack of values and just being lost. So that's in short, what triggered this, this quest for truth, to Islam.

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We're thinking about, I'm thinking about taking the challenge of

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it's not the idea whether it's not that cold, but I've been doing a lot of cold showers. So some cold water therapy, some call it maybe I'm thinking about jumping in.

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But when we were talking about, about anything that the Creator, the law had had prohibited one of those things you mentioned alcohol, we and that's one of the wisdoms is because it's harmful, not just for the individual, but for society and humanity. And we were, we were talking about

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they were telling us that

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there was a death here not too long ago, how long was that good three months ago? Yeah. And it was due to the person flipping over in a boat. And the individual was a two or one. Therefore, it was for their drunk, drunk. And so you see what happens? You start drinking, your mind starts getting you know, they're playing around, it's like rocking the boat.

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Sadly, one died, three of them

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survived, they got a chance to get so it's very sad to hear that. But you see where these things are there for wisdom. So anything like gambling, alcohol, fornication, adultery, all of these things that have a really bad impact on society and even for the individuals life those things are

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prohibited in Islam

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was freezing. They're saying that's

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about six

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degrees above freezing, but in the water

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down below, it's

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supposed to be frozen.

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to hear that people couple months ago drowns

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someone died.

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adds a little bit to the nerves

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did say

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The practice was worth it.

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So they taught us during the summer it was six degrees Celsius. But now the winter is approaching, and you can see the snow

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around the week, so

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that suggests that it might be under six degrees Celsius

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100 law, we got some cold water therapy, many health benefits, look it up. But you can see out here how just how cold, okay, the water, I mean, you can see there's snow if you're looking.

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And then we're also talked about this before you can look it up. I did a video show on grounding, where you connect

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with the earth here. So you walk in barefoot. And I related that to the to the sun that we do five times a day. We're putting our forehead to the ground, grounding ourselves. And you can check out the video I did on that must be addressed. And we'll continue on our journey here. Bosnia, taking you on a tour.

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Inside drunk brokers go

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outside of a couple of hours from the main capital said I have a

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nice look here.

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housing with the original wood. So to keep this loop going.

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Yeah, do a quick these things that I that I talked about my episodes is very important. Take Take a look. Type in cold water showers, you can start at home doing it and just look at the benefits of it. Who likes to take cold showers? I mean, obviously

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wouldn't like to keep it

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warm. But if there's benefits to something, why not? If it's going to help reduce inflammation? You follow me strengthen your immune system. You follow me? And it's proven to do that.

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Why not do it you suffer a little bit

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discomfort before a greater gain at the end. You fall on me? Yeah, so look into cold water benefits. And

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and also have a link to the to the grounding that I talked about before.

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Which we actually do. I mean, it's amazing.

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But can you make us ally, make sure you start to get up to it. Start to get up to those five times a day prayers. That is nourishment for the soul.

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Now we're on a mission to find some more real milk

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on pasteurize on homogenized,

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chemical free,

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straight how the creator intended

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for us to, to drink it. Now when you're I this is another thing I really encourage you to investigate to look into this is on my journey of drinking real milk was back when they had unsanitary conditions.

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They had alcohol bins, bins, distilleries, and the milk got contaminated. And that's what I did develop this heating method. But now,

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if the milk the cow is a, you, first of all, to drink the milk from these industrial

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farming institutions, it's very unhealthy. The cows are sick, they don't see the light of day.

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They eat what they're not supposed to be eating, but grass fed cows. They're in a healthy environment. This is how a law This is how the creator intended it for us to drink. And there's a miracle. Actually. There's the mentioned in the Quran. That God Almighty Allah talks about, isn't that amazing? That between the feces and the blood, you would think like how would a man 1400 years ago come up with this? You would expect through feces, the milk would come out there'd be some stench, right? The feces or through the blood, the mixture. There would be some some red spots of blood. But no. God Almighty law talks about

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It comes off, pure and palatable to drink, right? There's no smell of blood feces or even drops any kind of blood in that. This is one of the

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one of the

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signs as we call it. This book, The Quran could never have come from a human being a group of humans, but it's indeed from the Creator of the heavens and earth. So let's go find some raw milk, real milk as a lot intended for us to drink

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of you

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