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The sophisticated way, hence, it has come about by a planned, controlled process of creation. It is not random just because other 50 lives or other 50 planets we cannot see in the universe or in our galaxy or beyond, doesn't say that doesn't mean that it is not designed, that leap of reasoning is not justified, which leap that you can't understand any other way could be therefore there is we cannot understand anything we don't know.

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You can only understand things we know. And, and something. You know, God did it. Yes, I know, I know. You're lying on your ignorance of how I could otherwise have been? No, I'm telling you. This is not by chance. And the fact that this is not by chance, I know there is a supreme agent out there, who through his intelligence, his power, wisdom has created this. And what we can see beyond this. Yeah. So but you decided to exclude selection and just just have chance. And therefore, then you say, oh, it can't be

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that selected. If all we had was this phone on the planet, only one phone in this planet? Only one phone? Forget about all the trillions of billions? Yes, billions, billions of other phones. If we had only one phone, and I was to claim that someone actually created the phone, because it has those features, it is very sophisticated. It works in a very mathematical way. So it features that make you think it was designed. Yes. Okay. Yes. And our universe, or our solar system, and our lives have features very strong features that indicate that we have been designed definitely, I have no doubt, decided designed to do certain things in a certain way. And do them in a mathematical way. They're

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not random, what is it? What's this design? That what actually is it the feature that makes you say that it must be designed and cannot not be designed?

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How do you formulate that assessment that test? When you look at something, when we look at the species, when we look at the species, how they've been created? Every single species has its own unique way of reproduction, for example, we look at an airport. Look, look, look, look at look at an egg.

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There is liquid inside a case that is sealed with a number of membranes. Yeah. And there is a shell outside, you give it 21 days, the right amount of heat, the heat cannot fluctuate, it has to receive the right amount of heat to produce that amazingly beautiful looking species that cause the check comes out fully fully. So we I don't believe that was by chance. The egg came by chance the membrane around, or the liquid within the egg came by chance. Or the

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mixture chance and selection, which means blind process, right?

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an undirected uncontrolled, unplanned blind process. This is the point I guess. I don't believe any, any intelligent person. Any intelligent person looking at species like that mathematically coded the life the reproduction they

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everything is better. I know you don't like me.

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No, we're not getting louder. We're having a very good discussion so far.

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I believe

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chicken came out of it later. It's like what came first the child of the mother

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evolved through a controlled process of intelligent designing. Okay. Likewise, our lives are far more sophisticated than the phone. The fact that we have created the phone, take it back, take the chain back to yourself. You created the phone. So you are sophisticated enough intelligent enough to create an intelligent device right around? Yes. Likewise, we have been created by a Supreme Intelligence someone who is far more intelligent, far more powerful and wiser than us.

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It's natural selection driven by blind process or is it controlled?

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Is it blind? Is it by chance? Or is it controlled? By chalk? Thank you. I don't believe anything by chance can produce something like you

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100% I've no doubt. I have no doubt.

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When we die pass me leaf.

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Just pull a leaf off the tree and shake. Okay, lovely. Okay, so this leaf here.

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When you look at it, you think he's saying that's design? Yes. When you look at it, what is it about that that tells you it's the

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Patterns the pattern

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exactly million times more than you

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will picture the year it just does not. If

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it was not designed it one leaf would have looked like that Another one would have looked something different some that you would have squarely

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because delays are all different shapes. They're not all

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the code the DNA code is produced the same shape of

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How can something How can something blind and uncontrolled and chance code something? How can a blind process code a process that is not blind? I think

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it was very nice talking to you. Thank you very much. closing statements.

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The comparison between

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the form which Yes, we have done that already?

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The body

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if you put yourself on

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the one hand, yeah, the phone in another hand, or the camera off? Camera is great because they look like each other. Okay, which is

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why the camera and the eye are roughly the same? No, no. No. Yeah.

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He did something

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very reasonable genuine physics and volunteer. Yeah, I was gonna ask question. Evolution is dependent by the way.

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I was gonna go on and

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on via a Genesis

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by Genesis a Belgian by Genesis we I think means the other way around that you cannot have something that comes by itself, it has to come from always comes from something else. A biogenesis means that something can come from just just non life. Okay, so evolution without a biogenesis you cannot have evolution, right.

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So, you don't know how it happened. But you believe that it's a natural process. That was a biogenesis. Isn't that correct? Yes. We got some guesses. Okay. Okay. So now, if Ava Genesis is a natural process, right, how come it only happen?

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It happens all the time. It's a natural process that happens all the time. Anything any natural process that you can possibly think of it happens all the time. Why is it that you can only give me one example of a biogenesis It's a natural process you

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don't have any other

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on another planet gravity works out the way you have evidence what we know is every other thing that you come up with many, many examples

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only one example of it as far as we know. Yeah.

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Yeah, this kind of surely you can hold only one example of a

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Yes. Yeah.

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This is

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Austin nosy.

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see me.

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Very nice.