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The concept of freedom from the hellfire is discussed, along with the importance of the month of Bara and its significance for Islam's teachings. The speakers emphasize the need to respond to the desire to make a call to Allah and turn to his message. They also discuss the importance of showing one's face to others and not giving out personal information. The speakers stress the need for faith in Islam, sponsorizing people to receive their reward and help, and grabbing people's attention.

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In last week's whatever

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we mentioned a hadith of our prophets of Allah wherever you go seldom in which he said that belonging to Allah, on every night's Allah chooses people that are Talcott Mina now that are given freedom from the hellfire.

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And we said, the terminology the description, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uses, and when and now, it gives us the imagery of a slave with a chain around their neck being dragged to their destination.

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And it says, If all of us have this invisible chain around our neck,

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dragging us to a destination of hellfire.

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And that through asking Allah subhanaw taala and begging Allah particularly in this month, asking Allah and turning to him and begging to him, Allah subhanaw taala decrees

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every night in Ramadan, that some people are given freedom from the Hellfire

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that that chain around their neck disappears. It's no longer pulling them into the hellfire and that that person will find themselves moving forward after Ramadan they are doing more good.

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They are avoiding more evil. They are remembering Allah subhanaw taala not that they are perfect, but their life after Ramadan becomes far better than their life before Ramadan.

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And this is something we should be asking Allah subhanaw taala for throughout these days of Ramadan

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and these nights of Ramadan

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and so as we are engaging in this month of Ramadan it's important for us

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to remember that this month is a month of dua

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a month of calling out to Allah azza wa jal a month of asking Allah azza wa jal

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to answer our DUA and the primary lie should be freedom from the hellfire.

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And we find that this concept of making your eye is tied so closely to the month of Ramadan.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the saw him you're in the fifth three, there are two Letterland he said belonging to the one who is fasting. At the time when he breaks his fast is a dua that will not be rejected. Allah has blessed the fasting person with a drop that they make when they're going to break their fast. But this dua would not be rejected.

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Likewise, we look in the Quran.

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And after Allah subhanaw taala speaks in Surah Al Baqarah, about the verses of Ramadan, and the verses of fasting in Ramadan. At the end of all of these verses, Allah says, We're either Celica Danny, for in the Corrib Wuji, without a diary that time, if my servant asks you concerning me that indeed I am close, I respond to the dua of those who call upon me when they call upon me. And so again, Ramadan is connected to this idea of making dua to Allah azza wa jal and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said in the Lena tell dua, Mr. Jha, he said, Indeed, the Knights of power in a little under its dua is accepted.

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And so we have to realize the importance of this month and making dua to Allah in this month. And recognizing that Allah azza wa jal is an emoji

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emoji, the one who responds to the call subhanho wa taala, the one who wants to answer your DUA. He wants to respond to you. This is an emoji.

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And then Wajima is not just the one who answers your DUA he puts in your heart the desire to want to make dua

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V inspiration to want to ask Allah azza wa jal,

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the desire to turn to Allah azza wa jal, Allah puts that in your heart to begin with, and then he accepts the DUA that you make.

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And this is meanings of the names of Allah azza wa jal of his attributes that we have to connect to that Allah subhanaw taala is close to you, and He answers you and he inspires you to make dua and to answer that dua.

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And because of this meaning, above what the Allah what

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He used to say something really powerful.

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He said in Nila middle, Hamad Al ijazah wala kidney,

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a dua he said I don't carry worry about whether my dua will be accepted

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But I do have worries about whether I will make dua for metta or him to a DUA, are often an E job and he said so whenever I am inspired to make dua, I know that the respond to this dua is coming after it.

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This is the mentality of the believer who knows that Allah azza wa jal will respond to the DUA.

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He has no worries about this. His worries only am I the one who is making the DUA to begin with.

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And some of the righteous would say similar things.

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Lana, I said to her, she hadn't mentioned or heard him at da minha Shetty and Emily Java. One of the things I've said I am in far greater fear that I am prevented from making dua, than I have fear that I'm prevented from the response to my dua.

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And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, men 40, Haida hooba, the dua 40 Hyla, who Bab Rama, he said, whomever has the door of dua open for them.

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Then they have had a door of mercy from Allah subhanaw taala open from them for them.

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Meaning, the moment you decide to call upon Allah azza wa jal, the moment you decide to turn to Allah azza wa jal, the moment that door you open that door of dua in your life, that is the door of Allah's Mercy being opened.

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In the area we mentioned, will G boo dalawa to dairy that Dan, I respond to the one who calls upon me when he calls upon me. Allah did not say I respond to the call of the righteous of the pure of the ones who never sin, I respond to the one who, who calls upon me when they call upon me.

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It's a matter of you making that dua of you turning to Allah and asking him

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and so this is the first meaning of Allah being an emoji is that he answers the call of those who call upon Him. And the second meaning is that he inspires you. He encourages you, he places in your hearts, the need to speak words of DUA and to turn to Allah azza wa jal.

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And he did not specify the time of Dwyer in the Hadith footsie metaal Tala Benny Wadjet Annie, Allah says whenever he My servant calls upon me he shall find me.

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If there was only imagine there was only a specific time you could make dua

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imagine it was haram to make try except for a specific time or hour. That would cause us so much hardship. That would put so much distance between us and Allah Subhan Allah Tada. Instead, Allah says, whatever you call upon Me I will respond to you. Whenever you call upon Allah, you will find Allah azza wa jal

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Allah put it in your hands, when you decide to raise your hands.

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Even if you're lying on the ground,

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and you're moving your lips, and you're calling upon Allah azza wa jal and Rajiv is with you. Subhana Allah, Allah in every situation, and this is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us a DUA.

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He taught us that dua is the worship.

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What does that mean to is the worship? Do it is the time when you feel the most amount of rudia the most amount of servitude the most amount of worship to Allah azza wa jal is felt when you raise your hands and you lower your head, and you say to Allah subhanaw taala that you need him.

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People sometimes pray just because everyone around them is praying, they're going up, they're going down. Some people fast because everyone around them is fasting.

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But nobody raises their hands. And they say oh Allah I am in need of you.

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And that it doesn't come from that heart.

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So do our is the essence of the data.

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And the scholars add to this, that when we are making dua, it connects us to all the names of Allah azza wa jal.

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It connects us to Allah being an Majeed, the one who responds to our dua. Why are we calling upon Him because He responds to us.

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But it connects us to Allah being a Semia. The all hearing because we know he can hear us even in the depths of our homes, even when we whisper our dua. We know that Allah can hear us. It connects us to Allah being alcovy. The powerful, the strong because we are asking him because he can help us. He is powerful and able to help us.

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It connects us to Allah being an ketene Rahim, the generous, the Merciful, because we're calling upon him not only because he's powerful and capable, but because he's loving and merciful.

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and generous and able and willing to help us Subhan Allah to Allah.

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And so through dua, we are connected to all the names of Allah azza wa jal, the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and so it is the worship

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and our Prophet sallallahu wherever you send them said that Allah said in the Hadith kotse

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yeah anybody know I know welcome welcome Wayne SoCal Medina come Call me if you saw our even wide fossa loony for athletes, Aquila, editor, man or for something multi shader. He said if all my servants if the first of you in the last of you were just stand in one plane at one time and each of you were to ask their own individual request, and I were to give every single person what they asked. It would not take away anything from my kid, my kingship. This is why we worship Allah azza wa jal, it connects us to the names of Allah, the power of Allah, the Majesty of Allah, the generosity of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that Allah subhanaw taala Loves You When you are

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constantly turning to him.

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And Majeed is the one who responds to you, no matter how often you ask.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah you have been fina for dua, he said Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly over and over asking Allah subhanaw taala over and over all Allah forgive me, Oh Allah, forgive me, Oh ALLAH forgive me, constantly asking Allah over and over again. He says, Allah loves this person.

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A human being would hate you if you did this. If you're constantly asking him for the same thing over and over. But Allah Subhana Allah, in His Majesty, in his generosity he loves when you're asking him over and over again.

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And we see in the Quran that when Allah subhanaw taala refers

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to him being ill Mooji The one who answers our call, the one who answers our dua. he links it over and over again, with him being Corrib him being the one who was close to us

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in Nairobi, hurry when Mooji indeed, my Lord is Corrib he is close to me. And he is Majeed. He answers my dua. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us up Prabhu Mallya, kulula, Abdullah Rob behavior who was urgent, the closest a servant is to his Lord is while he is in sujood.

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So now what what do we take from this information? What is the profit say after this for the roofing dua, he said so increase in your DUA, when you feel closeness to Allah increase in your DUA.

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The area we mentioned already way that said, I like a bad idea I need if My servants ask you about Me for a Niraparib Indeed, I am close I am puttied og Buddha I will tell you that and I will respond to the call of the one who calls upon me when he calls upon me again linking the idea of the closeness of Allah azza wa jal with our dua. Why is it important to know this, it's important for you to realize whatever you need in your life, Allah already knows because he's close to you.

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Don't feel shy asking ALLAH because ALLAH already knows. We feel shy sometimes telling other human beings of our needs of our weaknesses. We feel shy being vulnerable around other human beings, but this is Allah subhanaw taala. He is already close to you. He already knows what you're going through. So be vulnerable with Allah subhanho wa taala. Don't be embarrassed to ask him because he's already close to you and knows what's in your hearts. He is an emoji and Al Karim. He is closer to you than anyone in this world. He's closer to you than any mother or father or wife or child. One up with Harlequin and insan when the match was was will be enough. So when

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women have been worried, Allah says We have created man and we know why he whispers to himself and we are closer to him than his own jugular vein.

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And sometimes Allah subhanaw taala tests us with hardship.

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Sometimes Allah tests us with difficulty

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because you forgot about an emoji. You forgot about your Lord. So he tests you with hardship in order to bring you closer in order to remind you that he's close to you, and that he will answer your door.

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So he tests you with illness. And so you ask him for health care

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He tests you with hardship. So you ask him for ease. He tests you with heat. You ask him for water and rain. This is how Allah azza wa jal invites you when you are far away to come back to him, to ask him to recognize his closeness of anoter Allah to you.

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And we see this in this verse that we mentioned over and over again.

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Why that's a bad idea.

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Throughout the Quran, people are asking the Prophet questions, and Allah reveals the answer in the Quran. But when he reveals the answer, he tells our Prophet coil

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with Illumina Carolyn Mahipal, whereas Illumina can shuffle around cool.

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Where's Luna can rule pull? Where's Illumina cannula? Hungry? Well, it may say the pole all these different subjects.

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They ask you about alcohol and gambling. They ask you about the soul. They asked you about the sacred months. He tells our prophets point tell them this. This is important. How do we understand our religion? If not through Rasul Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam. So he tells the prophet to tell us but when it came to this one subject, this one time in the Quran,

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when they asked the Prophet is our Lord close to us are far away. And Allah says we're either very bad yeah, I need. If My servants ask you concerning me, he doesn't tell our Prophet to tell us, He speaks to us directly. He transitions to directly speaking to you and me, for in Nepali indeed I am close, oh gee Buddha and what had died either Diane, I respond to your call when you're when you call upon me. When you decide to turn to Allah azza wa jal, you will find Allah.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says, well, that's tough to find out to live out there. So that was the rule we'll call for Wattana

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that do not cause corruption in the earth after it was made good and call upon Him. Make dua to him and fear and in desire for what Allah azza wa jal can give you and hope Allah can give you in Naramata Allah He pari Woodman and Mycenean indeed the Mercy of Allah is close to those who do good. Again, bringing the idea of dua to Allah with the closeness of Allah azza wa jal

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and our Prophet sallallahu Allah he will send them he tells us

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lay sachet and Accra morning Allah him in a DUA, he said there is nothing more honorable in the sight of Allah then do it.

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Human beings get upset when you ask them. Allah finds it honorable when his servants asked him, there is honor in this. There is virtue in this. The Prophet said, Mila yes and Allah Yehovah it whoever does not ask Allah Allah has angered with them.

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How dare they not ask him?

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Who do you think you are not to ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah says in the Quran will corner on buco Madhu Rooney unstageable, ACOEM, your Lord has proclaimed call upon Me I will answer your call in the Levine a stack pirone and that he said the following Agenda metalcon. Indeed, those who are arrogant of my worship, they shall enter the fire in humiliation. Look at this verse. On the one hand, Allah is saying, asked me and I will answer your request, make dua to me, I will answer your DUA. And then on the other hand, those who are arrogant of my worship will enter the Hellfire because when you're not making dua, you are being arrogance.

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Who are you not to ask Allah?

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Are you with a weakness? Do you consider yourself to not have insignificance? Are you not just a speck in this galaxy? Let alone everything else Allah has created beyond our knowledge. Don't you need Allah subhanho? wa taala?

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Of course you do.

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And so ask Allah subhanaw taala and he will respond to your call. And the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, you will send them tells us that it will fit

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for him now will I die? He said, Do not despair in your DUA because no one is ruined from the DUA. Everyone attained attains blessings from their dua. Everyone is enriched from their dua.

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And our prophet tells us in the law, how you can even yesterday on your phone, I'm Dr. de familia. Tomasa franklite. You mean? He said Indeed, Allah is shy, modest, and he is generous.

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He feels shyness that his servant would raise his hands and ask him and that Allah

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Which turned him away with nothing. This is your Lord subhanho wa taala. And this is the time for us to be asking Allah.

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This is the time the month for us to be exerting our effort and calling upon ALLAH asking ALLAH begging Allah morning day and night for Allah subhanaw taala His forgiveness for His grace for his blessings, and we're not going to ask him now what are we going to ask him?

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So let's spend our time calling upon Allah azza wa jal and asking him subhanaw taala with full conviction that he is in morjim He is the one who answers the call that will look over your head or somebody will come straight through in order for him.

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This will allow him to allow salatu salam ala Rasulillah he was early he was the woman who Allah

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a few points Inshallah, before we conclude, the first is that when we are making dua, we need to have certainty in our dua we need to make to our with conviction with determination. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said oh to Allah, when to walk in whenever each other. He's a call upon Allah while you have certainty. In his response. He tells us in another Hadith nya cooler head Jarom Bill filly in shifts. He said nobody should make dua saying Oh Allah, forgive me if you want. Give me this if you want. He said rather for the Airism do I let them feel determination, conviction and their dua? You're asking the Lord who is completely capable and deeply merciful and generous. So you

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ask with your full hearts. You don't hedge your bets. You don't ask 50% of the way. You don't dip your toe into the pool you ask completely. You don't say Oh ALLAH if you want give me this. You say Oh Allah, please give me this. You are capable. You are generous. Please give me what I'm asking for.

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The second point, Allah subhanaw taala does not answer the neglecting hearts.

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He does not answer the heedless hearts. This is a Hadith in Allahu Allah is the treatment called behalf and Allah does not answer the heart that is he lists immuno model the alarm wine he said in the Alamo Mehta yesterday. He said I know exactly when my dua is answered. They said to him, how can you know this? He said either Akasha and

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what is it in Jawara? What am I in

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his cell? have you here sir, I took each other. He said when the heart feels crucial? Well,

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when the limbs begin to shake when the eyes begin to tear. He's I say to myself, this is the time of the DUA being accepted and he exerts himself in his dua. Imam Muhammad, this is attributed to different emails including he said, I tend to Rona Mennella used to I always said, You know the one who's twice accepted, they said who

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he says Roger and he called me.

00:23:14--> 00:23:26

He said a man in the middle of the ocean in the heart of the ocean, his ship is wrecked. And he's holding on to a board holding on for dear life.

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And the waves of the ocean are pushing him

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and he is screaming out to Allah, Ya know, brr brr. He said, If you make dua like this man, then your DUA is accepted. This is making dua with desperation.

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And will Allah he one of the scholars mentioned that man who's in the middle of the ocean, holding on to a plank for dear life is not more in need of Allah than you in your home and the safety of your home with food on your table. You are both equally in need of Allah. Only he knows it and you don't.

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And so we need to ask Allah with desperation. And then ujjivan Muqtada either da who is the one who calls upon his Lord, when he calls upon who is the one who calls upon who is the one who answers the desperate when they call upon him. subhanaw taala the third point, not to be hasty in our dua, the Prophet said, You stir Javea Hajikko mela myalgia the DUA if any of you is accepted, so long as you are not hasty. The people said to the Prophet what does it mean that you're hasty? He said he appointed doubt without without fail them around each other fair took a DUA, he said the servant would say I may do I may do I may do you know, 234 times I may do and I don't see the answer. So he

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stops making dua. He said this is a person being hasty. Part of the point of Dawa is to make you feel humility in front of Allah azza wa jal. So you ask Allah even if it takes years and years, you ask Allah over and over again you are drawn closer to

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Allah you are increasing your rank in Paradise, and you don't give up Allah will give you the answer. But when we give up and we stop making dua, that's when the answer does not come.

00:25:12--> 00:25:22

And the fourth point, the final one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions, amen. You have to suffer. He is in a long travel

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and his hair is disheveled

00:25:26--> 00:25:32

and his paws are in tatters and he raises up his arms. And he says, The out of

00:25:33--> 00:26:16

everything mentioned in this hadith of the prophet describes are things that facilitate the DUA. When a person is traveling there is more accepted, because they're in a precarious, desperate situation there is more accepted. When a person is disheveled and they're closer and tattered because they're desperate, their door is more accepted. When a person raises their hands their door is more accepted. When they say yes, there is more accepted. And the Prophet SAW Allah who already was in them says, however, when that kind of haram haram wanna shabu haram, want to scan or who haram for and they use the javelin, he said but his food is how long and his drink is haram and his

00:26:16--> 00:26:57

clothing is haram and his shelter is haram. So how will it be answered? How will this be answered when the person is constantly consuming haram. So to make our lives pure, so that our dua is accepted by Allah subhana, Horta, Ana and sha Allah just before I conclude, I mentioned this before I started but Hamdulillah we have if doors here in the masjid, usually every Friday and Saturday today, we have a thought free of thought for the community. Just this Saturday, we have a fundraising with Islamic Relief $10 per person to raise money for orphans. But after that every Friday and Saturday, is free of thought. And the 27th night as well as is free of thought. Usually

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in the past last year, we were getting around 150 200 People coming for Iftar so we were asking people to sponsor on that basis. This year Subhanallah we've been getting 350 and more coming for a star hamdulillah is a good thing. And hamdulillah our community is growing. There's a blessing from Allah azza wa jal, but we need your help in sha Allah to feed those who are coming for Iftar it's around 10 $10 per head and we need help in sha Allah to be able to feed all the people who are coming beating Allah, please try to sponsor a day, half a day, a quarter day whatever inshallah you're capable of. So that we can feed people you get the reward Inshallah, of all these people who

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are breaking their fast here in the masjid and you get the reward of connecting them and their families and have the lead to the masjid you get all of this reward I hope in sha Allah that you're able to sponsor these days being Allah and Allah whom Allah it continues someone on in the VR you're

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sitting with cinema Allahumma salli wa salam ala Sayidina whenever you know, have you been on Muhammad, Allah Most of the ANA Mohammedan medica, Raja Kiruna and abroad