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In an hamdulillah Hana hermeto who want to stab me in over he want to stop Pharaoh who want to study when I was in Malaysia Thailand ministerium fusina woman See ya Medina in omega de la, la la

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la de la

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isla de la hora de la

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Why should one Mohammad Rasool Allah Allah, Allah Allah mean

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the king or her jetten Marian and Allah who

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water heavy area and then

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for Loma de hydro emergency tend to be anonymous. He was

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he was happy. Jimmy Are you gonna stand up soon let him walk definitely fit he lay in my bag for

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for a number

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of reasons due to a law alone and then we seek aid and assistance and we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness, Julian Allah subhanaw taala guides, none can mislead and he leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and everyone is that there is nothing worthy of worship save a lot alone. And then Mohamed Salah log where he will send him his both his servant and His Messenger

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Allah subhana wa tada tells us in the Grand Canyon leconfield rasulillah he was sweating, that indeed in the messenger of the law, there is a great example for all of you. And so in our profits in the long run, he will send them we find the example of how to worship a lot how to turn to Allah how to ask from Allah subhana wa Taala and how to believe in Allah Zilla Jen and today we will discuss a particular drop of our profits a little longer, I mean, we'll send them a to either the profits on the lawn wherever you send them would often make. And through this drive our profits in the long run taught us he taught us aspects of our, of our belief of our livelihood, of how we

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should act and interact with this world.

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He said that it was rare that the Prophet would stand up from a gathering. It was rare that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would leave a gathering, until he made a dua for his companions, until he made a specific draw for the companions, what is the draw that the prophet SAW the law wherever you send them made alone

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It cannot be been an

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omen for it cannot be genetic

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along them at

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all, you know, what

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would you

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What do you

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want to see? That's an FPT Nina What?

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what that

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middle layer

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this drive, but the profit some of them with me every time he would leave his companions is one with a tremendous amount of meaning for us. And that we will extract this meaning and learn this. From our profits in the long run even send them and the time that we have together. The beginning of the drive the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says alone not semana minha sciatica Mehta.

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That's all along a portion for us. Give us a share of Russia. Give us a share of your reverential fear that will come between us and between the disobedience of you.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is asking a lot to grant us Harsha. There are different words in Arabic. That can mean fear. Health can mean fear

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can mean fear. hashish also can be mean fearing can often be translated as fear but it is a little bit different. hushan is fear combined with knowledge. You can have hoath fear without knowledge. You hear something?

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In the woods, you're going outside at night you hear something and it startles you. You're afraid you run away? What is that thing that you heard? What was making that noise?

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You don't know you don't have any knowledge of it. But you're afraid. That's how no one in the language would call that question. Because that's fear without knowledge, fear that has knowledge is you're afraid of something that you do understand that you do know. And this is why when a lot talks about Russia, he talks about in relation to knowledge in

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those who truly have question on the law, are

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those who have knowledge.

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The only the people who have knowledge are the people who can have Hershey Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is the notion, you know, the notion that some extremist groups have

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that they believe that if you sin, you go to hell fire. The Annie, Cindy comes cough. This is based, they are fear of a lot but they don't have knowledge.

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Right? Because according to Addison, a sin is not

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right, I'm even a major sin it does not necessitate disbelief, right? Those people, these extremist groups, they might have a lot of fear of a lot, but they don't have knowledge. And so it comes out in their beliefs incorrectly. The prophet SAW And likewise, some people might fear a loss of handle to others so much, They're so afraid of allies. They stopped doing good deeds, why they say I committed this sin Allah helaas he's gonna punish me Colossi is gonna take me to the hellfire. So why should I even bother doing good deeds. All of this is misunderstanding of a law, they might have fear of a lot. They don't have Russia, they don't have fear combined with knowledge. And so we have

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to have this Russia, this fear of a war that has knowledge and what is the description of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of fear combined with knowledge. It is a barrier between you and the disobedience of a law. True hashish is a barrier between you and the disobedience of Allah subhana wa Tada, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and a hadith he reminds us of a story of three men, famous how these most of you probably know, three men who

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were trapped in a in a cave.

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And a boulder slides and traps them in this cave. And so each of them began making a law

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on the premise of good deeds that they did. So they remember good deeds that they have done in the past. And they say, oh, life, I did this good deed for your sake, and you were sick alone, then allow this folder to move. And as they make the boulder In fact, moves, one of them,

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tells a story that he was in love with a woman.

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And he pursued her and tried to marry her many, many times. But she rejected him over and over and over again. And this woman who was his cousin, she was struggling poverty. And she needed help. And she came to him because she needed some help. And he had some money. So he took advantage of this situation. Because he was always pursuing this woman. He was always lusting after he tried to take advantage of the situation. He said, I will help you if you do an evil auction with me.

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And she agreed, because she didn't really have a choice. She was in poverty. She agreed. And so he said, before I was about to commit this act with her, she looked at me, and she said, Fear Allah.

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He said, and when she said this, it stopped me complete completely. And he was shaking because of it. And he got up and he turned around, and he left. And he even left the money with her. So he said to my old life, I did this only for your sake, allows this folder to move and the folder that moved. But this is an example of what of Russia. This is an example of the fear of a loss of high notes. That becomes a barrier between us and between our sins. That fear of a lot came between him and committing that sin and caused him to turn it around and to leave that sin. And then the profits on the long way to send him said woman for it came out to be a little unhappy Jonathan, give us from

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your from your obedience, that which will allow us to arrive in gender now which will allow us to obtain gender and this brings up something interesting. Gender is not obtained because of our good deeds.

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Most people think you do good deeds you enter

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the Prophet, some of them said, none of you will enter Jannah because of your good deeds, this is authentic Howdy, none of you will entertain that because of your good deeds in

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it, except for law engrosses them into his mercy. The companion said to the Prophet, not even your messenger of Allah, he said, not even mean, our good deeds, no matter how many good deeds we do, they are not equal to gender, we enter agenda because of the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala because of the grace of Allah, and the good deeds that we do, allow us to attain the mercy of Allah.

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But no one should think I did the good deed, therefore I am entitled to agenda. No, you're never entitled to agenda. The Prophet said, not even me, unless a lot puts me into his mercy. Nobody's entitled to it. But the good deeds that you do allow you to obtain the mercy of a lot. Just like if you have a child.

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And the child wants something expensive. They want a PlayStation and it costs $500. And you tell them, okay, you know, do good in your homework and clean your room, and I'll buy it for you. So they do their homework and they clean the room, even if they clean the room 10 times, is that equal to $500? No, 10 times a cleaning the room $20 an hour. It's not $500 even, but they attained Your mercy. Because they did something that you that pleases you. They attained Your mercy, so you bought it for them. It's not equivalent, but they attained your compassion through the good deeds that they did. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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we will be here I'm sorry, but dunya Oh, Allah give us your clean.

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Why do we want this to clean? Because it will make the afflictions of this world easier for us to clean is to have certainty in Allah subhanho wa Taala. The Prophet says, oh, Lord, give us from your certainty from certainty and

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certainty knew that which will make the afflictions of this world easier. The reality is that this dunya is full of afflictions. And in that Do I have the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he is implying this, this dunya is full of afflictions. And lots of panels either says, whatever you want in the condition, and hopefully we'll do a minute and Wiley will emphasize with the Murat woman should have five it in Allah says we are certainly, definitely going to test you with fear and hunger, and a loss of wealth, and lives and fruits. What machines saw the need, but good tidings to those who are patient tests are a fact of life, we will be tested.

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If you think you're going to live this life without major tests, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. We are going to lose money, we're going to lose opportunity. We're going to be tested in our family, we're going to be tested in our relationships, we're going to be tested with the death of loved ones, we're going to be tested in our health, we're going to be tested in so many different ways. But what helps us overcome those tests? What helps ease the pain on these tests? Some people to ease the pain of the tests of this world, they fall into drugs and alcohol. But those things only make the tests worse. They make their sadness worse they make it makes their depression

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even harder on them. What eases the pain of the tests in this world? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Why

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don't you

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have a law certainty and a loss of Hannah was either eases the hardship of this world, when you are searching in allies origin, the hardship of this world becomes easier. Why? Because when you have European and alone when you are searching in allies origin

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you know that the tragedies that happen are from the father of a law, the Prophet would say when something bad happens.

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This is the decree of align what he wanted has taken place. When you have a law. You know that this world is a place of fitna

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you know that it is the law of law that this world will be difficult when you have certainty and a loss of power to Allah.

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That he is the one that then you will know that he is the one who was able to remove hardship. He is the one who is able to remove difficulty. He is the one who's able to replace whatever we have lost when you have certainty and allies or hardship becomes easier to bear

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If you do not have certainty in a lot than on what can you place your hope in? On what basis can you have hope, if you do not have certainty and a lot

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and this is why it's patent law tests after tests and surveys and studies after studies show that people who are faith

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people of faith can overcome hardship far easier than those who don't believe in Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And so when you have certainty in Eliza nothing gives you strength, more than certainty in Allah azza wa jal

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and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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Aloma metzen vs Marina while the Swati Anna,

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Tina ma Hey Tina. Oh Allah grant us enjoyments in our hearing, in our seeing in our strength, so long as you keep us alive.

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And so parallel the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, settled law allow for what if you ask a long mimic to ask a law for love for forgiveness? And for Asha and for good health? fade now? Lm euro Baddeley Akina hiren in Alaska, for no one has been given after yaqeen after certainty in a law, no one has been given anything better than health. Right. So the Prophet is telling you the number one thing we need is the opinion. Because if you don't have health, but you have the opinion in a law, that will help you overcome that hardship. Right. But if you don't have your feet, it doesn't matter what you have. Right, but the number one thing,

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he says the next most important thing is health. Right. And so the profits of incidences, and this will allow us to enjoy our hearing, our sight, our seeing, so long as we are alive. And this is one of the most powerful blessings that Allah has given us, is the ability to hear to see to be strong, to have health to have energy. There's nothing more beautiful than this blessing of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And some scholars they mentioned how Allah how the Prophet sallallahu How do you send them says, Bs mairena.

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you know, allow us to enjoy our hearing before he says our seeing, even though most people would think seeing is more important than hearing,

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but even in the Quran, Allah mentions hearing before seeing, and some of the scholars comments on this. And they say because actually the greatest enjoyment in this dunya is to hear the poor and

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so it is a greater loss, to not have the ability to hear than to not have the ability to see, and this is a very interesting point that they mentioned. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, well, Jonathan, why did Femina make this an inheritor from us? This phrase caused the scholars to differ in some issues? What does it mean? make it an inheritor? For us? What does it mean to make the enjoyment of our hearing in our seeing at our strength and inheritor? For us, some scholars said, you know, the inheritors are there you know, till till you die. So we want our hearing and our seeing to remain until we die. But that doesn't make too much sense because the

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Prophet already said, ma hatin gives us our hearing and our sight and our power, as long as you keep us alive. So why would the Prophet repeat himself twice a month, he had a different opinion about what this means. He said, make this an inheritor for us, make our hearing in our sights in our strength and inheritor. For us, it means allow it to stay even after we've died.

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Just like your inheritors will live after you die, they will inherit from you and continue living after you die. Make our sights and our hearing and our strength, something that survives after we die. How can it survive after we die? Because of the good deeds we used our hearing and our sight and our energy and our power for right. So he says it's asking the last panel data to give you a legacy that will remain after you die, that people will remember you after you die, that people will say remember brother so and so he helped build this message. He helped build this community. He used his seeing and his hearing and his energy to do something. So now even after he died, everybody else

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is still remembering. Remember this brother. He helped do this. He helped build this Masjid. He helped these orphans. He helped build this orphanage he helped build this school people will remember

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You after you died because of the fruits of your energy and your sights and all of the things that you did. And this is like the daughter of a Prophet Ibrahim audience of them, which I listen to. Phil ascidian Ola give me a reputation of honor. Amongst the leader generation says, The Prophet Ibrahim gave. And the intention is allowing me to do good deeds, so that people will remember my good deeds for generations as we remember our father Ibrahim hiding his sin. And then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said,

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What's your thought on 11 fondamenta one, so now I am in Atlanta, or LA allow our vengeance to be against those who have wronged us and aid us against those who have showed animus towards us. So we'll continue this to our and shall learn the meanings of it in the second quarter.

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All right.

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So now, lotto cinema Rasulullah he was so happy he,

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the prophet SAW the love wherever you send them continued in the door. He said, which I thought right now and I'm phenomena. Once una manera Donna, Allah allow our vengeance to be against those who have wronged us and aid us against those who have showed us in empathy. We never want our vengeance, our anger, our aggression, to be against anyone except those who are truly oppressive. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he left his home every day, that that he would make all I seek refuge that I am oppressive, or the IMO press. We never want to be oppressed. We also never want to oppress anyone. So we ask them life, we have aggression, if we have vengeance, it's only

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taken against those who are truly oppressive, and for a large soldier to give us victory against those who show anonymity to us, those who fight us and abused us and harm us. And then he said, what I said, you know, sci fi Dena, Ola do not make our tragedy in our religion.

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And this, as you can see, from beginning to end makes a lot of references to tragedy, it makes a lot of references to we'll see them to Messiah, the tragedies in the studio, the loss of limbs, the loss of sight, loss of hearing, the aggression of our enemies, all of these are Messiah. All of these are afflictions and tragedies. But the real tragedy, the worst tragedy that anyone can endure,

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is in their religion, whether that's an Effie, Dina, or a lot do not make our tragedy be in our religion.

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And this is a lot some of the scholars in the body, one of the great scholars of this setup. He said that whenever a person faces and we'll see that there's three things to be grateful for. And the first thing that he mentioned is that the masiva is not in our religion, because the worst thing that can happen is for the masiva, to be in our religion, that we become deviated in our beliefs away from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu where it was set up, that we leave our religion for whatever reason, and we turn away from it, that we're no longer connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala that we lose faith in our Prophet so the longer it will send them and this is something that is

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happening more and more in our society, the Prophet sallallahu and he was in the you know, he predicted a time fits in Kota Elena Muslim.

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MC caffeine on

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the Prophet mentioned there will be times of pfitzner they'll be like darkness of the night, the men will wake up a Muslim go to sleep, a disbeliever they will wake up a disbeliever go to sleep a Muslim,

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Deena whom the out of the minute dunia people will sell their religion for an offering of the dunya This is all fitna in people's religion. What causes us to have these types of crisis's and faith? And the Prophet mentions a couple of things as he continues to do I wonder to jalandoni Akbar Amina Well,

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the first thing that causes crisis in our Deen pfitzner in our Deen is when we make the dunya.

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The greatest concern that we have, when we make the dunya the extent of our knowledge, all we care about is the dunya. All we're concerned about is the dunya all we learn about is the dunya. The dunya becomes the focal point of our lives. It limits our understanding. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Mohammed

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whoever is in love with their dunya has harmed her out.

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You can't have the successive love for the dunya right

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Because when you have this excessive love in the dunya

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it distracts you from what's really important, which is a loss of Hannah with Allah. And that's something that leads people to a crisis in their faith. And it has a

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has an apostle, he said, that

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the hearts of every evil is her madonia his love for the dunya. So the love for the dunya corrupts our humanity turns us away from Allah subhanaw taala. What is the second thing that causes a crisis in our faith, the prophet continues, why not to slowly tarina Malaya or Allah do not give power over us to those who do not have mercy for us. And maybe this is topical with the elections that are taking place. But a lot of the profit would make this every time he would leave his companions.

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Oh, Allah don't give power to those who don't have mercy over us. When you live under oppression under persecution. It causes people to lose their faith. And it's something we see in our own communities with Islamophobia. kids who are afraid to show themselves as being Muslims to identify as being Muslims, get people who grow up in an environment that is hostile to their beliefs, that they are challenged for being Muslim in every respect of their life. We go to university, they're being challenged for being Muslim, and they don't have all the answers and they feel this inferiority complex. oppression causes excessive fear, humiliation, this feeling of inferiority, and

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even causes us to rationalize things that are wrong because there's so much pressure over us. And this is why the prophet SAW the long run he was in them to help us protect our men encouraged us to make this to other we asked Allah subhanaw taala to not please in power over us those who do not have mercy for us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us in our religion from every masiva from every affliction. Indeed, he is the one who's capable of doing so in a lawful manner. It can be Yeah, you already know. He was the man along with Sunday we'll send him out of seeds you know when they're being hunted Mohammed Hello Sonia Allah Mohammed Maddock Rosa cumin abroad