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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the upcoming year and emphasizes the need to be cautious with certain activities. They also mention the need for more information and a promotion for cell phones to make it easier for people to register for the upcoming weekend. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following the guidance and staying in touch with the community.
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When you have to teach

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national unemployment and

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we'll see.

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So we're just gonna follow

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in a lot

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of brothers and sisters, as we are now

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we've entered into

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we know especially for those who perhaps there's a lot that

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goes to stay behind.

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For those who don't have the ability this year intended to go for Hajj there are so many

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to take advantage of

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the Prophet sallallahu I think it was

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interview, there are no days that are more beloved

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than these days, the first 10 days.

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The last 10 nights

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are important. So we know that the days as well as important owner talking points of phase a chunk

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a set of consolidate these, these are the most lesson days nights things of the year. And so the province of long running was an extra add on the first action. We see that it was too fast, even though there are narrations and this is why people were confused when they look into you know, if you just do a Google search sometimes you get confused because you'll find it

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It says about him that he never fasted for 10 days.

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But that is the first 10 consecutive days and the fruits of fasting have wild impact.

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So be very cautious when you read through sometimes we need an explanation, because we're the first people to ask if you don't.

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So the days of the picture are important. And we can do another action. We can do saga, we can recycle them, we can, you know,

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our parents, the kinds of neighbors do extra is so far, one of the things that I was thinking of this morning, in terms of encouraging one another in doing it is to do more.

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How many times a day can we see something that we shouldn't be with?

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And then follow it up with stuff. And it's not something that I'm saying is intentional. It may be unintentional, you're scrolling on your phone, checking your email on your desktop, and something an ad on the site, and you see it, it's not an intentional thing. But how many times do we consciously think of following that up with something that will lens my heart and my audience and cleanse my soul to be closer to awesome.

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So these 10 days are important. You know that

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it is not just these 10 days, in fact, it's night

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after the ninth day, the ninth day is the day of alpha.

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and the profit center

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is not built for hype

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and Mystique behind.

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It is encouraged that we fast on the day of our for the sense of a lot more I think he was such a reward for that is expiation of our sins from the preceding year, in the following year.

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It has of our sins is forgiven by fasting single

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and the year of our sins to come, are forgiven by Allah subhanho to Allah because we intended to see here this

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basketball to make it easy for us to have these 10 days

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to get closer to him in simple ways, as badly as community to please our Lord and our Creator.

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person sisters.

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Another thing that we need to keep in mind is the database.

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Really, we don't have many opportunities to address the entire community or jority of the community work portion of it.

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But all the data that is coming at us will be on a Friday as well.

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And so there are a number of things that we need to keep in mind. First of all, there needs

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to be in place your

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last aid we did not have that last aid we did not have that come to the end. This year we have

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shot along to Allah, you know the details will be released on the website, please do continue to check the mustard for all the details related to tomorrow. But from an Islamic perspective, we are going to try to accommodate as much of the community as we can. So we are planning to have cell phones for Island traders to make it easy for us to go in and out. Now there's a question going to feed on a Friday Do we need to also come for slot

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and if we look at the some of the

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itself as the leader as the email,

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he came he prayer and he also came for the tour operator.

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What's sad is

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teaches us for profit so long

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made a concession for those who came to the eighth prayer. He announced to them afterwards.

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you didn't This is sufficient for you. As interfaith prayer is sufficient for you do not need to come for the prayer when

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winter events on a Friday. Now what does that mean for us? What that means is we are going to sell along to either Friday.

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accommodate as much of the community as we

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tend to be prayers that we're going to be.

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But we will also have the dual offering

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what I personally think the community, if you are able to do a prayer, maybe we should leave those spots for two hospitals.

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We all know the struggle of registering for tomorrow, we all know how difficult I've been. We all know the

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single person including our, you know, manage volunteers, they also have to register sometimes if they're not on duty for that. And so everyone needs to

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follow this conception of

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prayer, that leaves those spots for people to imagine people's feelings and try to register for eight can't make it and they tried to register, make it and then we have others.

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How have caffeine

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for the people,

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my brothers and sisters,

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that we follow this conception of a problem

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that allows for us to attend one and

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we conclude by sending each of us

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as philosophy was added to make us from amongst those who strive for peace and

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analytical way easier for us. And that's what also came with a deeper understanding of the struggle and this test is supposed to

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further away from

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the data to unite our families. The guidance goes from this guidance. We also must open our hearts to remain

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a part of this world even after that

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it'll be sent out via an announcement. Just check the website here on

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the website and register for those notices come out like