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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Silla Phil MBA with mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, the Stephen Catherine cathedra on my brother.

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My brothers and sisters, we all know the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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where he said which means

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the wisest of you is the one who remembers his deaths most often.

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That's what was said and said, the wisest of you, the most intelligent of you is the one who remembers his death most often.

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So, what is the meaning of remembering deaths?

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Think about this right, we simply recite, Narita. Hadees what is the meaning of remembering this?

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Allah subhanaw taala said in Georgia in the last Rico

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for an hour either Bannerghatta in Hong Kong one two Hina is in the room, when a hanok Rabelais human Kumala Killa two zero Falola in quantum of ADA Medina that is your own AHA in quantum saga, Allah's murder as a means

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when the breath has risen and is stuck in the throat,

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the stage of Naga

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the stage where the person is struggling to breathe, May Allah save us from this

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the stage where a person is losing consciousness gaining consciousness, sacrifice

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and loss rather than in that state.

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You are standing there and watching and you cannot do anything.

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You can't really see the person who's dying, maybe the person the most beloved person to you, maybe you will say if Allah Ya Allah, take my life Give him his life back. It won't happen.

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You can say it won't happen because what is written for him is written by.

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So Allah says you are standing there looking on you cannot do anything helpless.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala is mercy Allah says then we are closer to that person.

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But you cannot see us none Accra will even come wala Killa to zero.

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And then Allah challenges and Allah Samantha says, If you think you are so powerful

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that is you and in control Salafi, return this breath, the breath which is coming out, send it back into the body, make the person come alive again, if you think you are so powerful,

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I remind myself when you that this day will come for every single one of us.

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If you are born, you will die there is no two ways about this.

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Remembering that means not simply, hypothetically, or intellectually remembering meaning, what am I doing until that day, especially when I don't know whether that day is today? Whether it is tomorrow, whether it is the day after whether it is a month from now a year from now a century from now, it will happen. So what am I doing until that day,

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because this time that we have

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is the only time that we have in our entire existence, we started in the realm of Allah subhanaw taala and then from the elbow of Allah subhanaw taala, into the will of Allah from the Ottoman era into the realm of our mothers then into this life, and then we were born and we grew up and then we will die and into the realm of the into the belly of the Earth into the graves and then from there in the actual bursa and then as long as Allah wishes and then on the day of judgment, and unless rather I said, just to understand 50,000 years comes in alpha Santa, the period of the day or one day

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and from there after that we ask Allah subhanaw taala for Jana, the videos are very savvy this entire continuum of existence, the only period we have

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to do something about ourselves is this period of life.

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We are no FDR in the realm of Allah we are no FDR in the in animal era we will have no FDR in our we will have no FTR on the Day of Judgment, nothing. The only time when we have the or when we have the ability to do something is this period of life. That also in our childhood, whatever time passed, passed, we didn't have sure or we didn't have knowledge. So from the time we became ballad, from the time we attained maturity, puberty to the time that Allah gives us, may Allah grant all of you and all of us

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affect health until our last day what we don't know some people they lose their health some people get dementia or Alzheimer's or some other thing or you know vaccinate a dog.

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We ask Allah to save us for all this. So that period is the only period we have in which we can do something and make this life valuable for us. Because we also have the Hadith service or Salah he said that when a person dies, all his deeds will end except three.

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Allah Allah

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who will do the work for him

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by his children who do or do offer

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some knowledge that he or she taught to people and propagated which is beneficial and any sadaqa jariya any work of ongoing goodness. Charity a one way goodness right.

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So this is the time to accumulate that

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I don't know how many of you have seen this actual physical thing but we I know at least India bugs and we see this. In the summer they sell ice you have ice cellars the street. So this guy will buy a big block of ice from the ice factory. He puts it on a postcard or something. Then he covers it with some sagging cloth. And people buy ice from him so he will you know knock pieces out of it and he will sell it and this is ice so it is melting and this summer is very very very hot.

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Temperatures are 120 plus 40 Blood Celsius. So the ice is melting.

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So this guy now if if he paid say the equivalent of that day he paid $20 For this big block of ice

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at the end of the day before this ice melts he has to convert this $20 into that is this profit right?

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So do you think this man no matter how tired he is, do you think he just says okay, I'm going to rest now. Right? This is my lunchtime it is part of his career by Cartier I will rest we will do that. No. Because he knows your weather you are resting what that ice is melting. No matter what you're doing.

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That ice is our life. The clock is ticking. No matter what you do. The clock is ticking.

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You want to sleep sleep, you want to go watch a movie watch a movie.

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You want to just go hang out with friends that you hang out laundry you don't hang out with human beings

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but you want to be a piece of laundry or hang out with your friends no problem go do that clock is ticking.

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That time which we spend is it earning me something or not.

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We talk about time management you can't manage time time is a factor of the of the rotation of the earth you can manage your life in that time your priorities, your actions.

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That is the meaning of remembering that this clock is ticking and then it is going to be finished

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and once that happens and even before that happens when the garden parts when you see multiple modes that's it

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time is over.

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Time is over

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at that time you cannot say Allah please give me some more time

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10 minutes or five minutes no finished

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and those who don't waste that time and those who don't do what they should do Allah subhanaw taala said Well Oh Tara is ill moody Munna Nike's who see him in the rugby him Robina Asana was summoned for a Jana novels Allien in Abu Quran, Allah zero binary you will see them standing before the throne of Allah subhanho data that heads hanging in shame. And there is a Rabbana of Sauron our we have seen

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what would they have seen?

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May Allah showed this to us, in the cover of his Rama

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they will see Malika softens of Allah said row upon row upon row and only Allah knows how many

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they will see Allah subhanaw taala done agenda the other one is throne.

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The Throne held up by H.

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Hammadi, the Arsh Malaika which are the sources that are for on the Day of Judgment, Allah will create for more

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because the Jerell of Allah subhanaw taala will be such that these four will not be able to hold the harsh, Allah will create for more for that day.

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And there is no sudden said they are

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so massive. To illustrate he said if a bird takes off from the shoulder of that Malak from the shoulder of the angel, the fast flying bird, this bird will fly for 500 years before it reaches the year lobe from year to year.

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Imagine the size of the knuckle look of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So they will see and we will see and we will see Allah subhana wa geladeira the one who is thrown

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and you will see the people who have dealt with interest

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and who made haram into Halal

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the Monica will say to them come here is a sword. There is your enemy fight. Allah subhanaw taala go fight because you accepted the declaration of war. Here's the time this is the day for what go fight

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and those who want to make dua and who want to ask Allah but they don't want to control what goes into the mouse.

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eat anything that doesn't move.

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Murphy mashallah Bismillah

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my brother Allah subhanho data centers method if I ask you, what is the way of doing audio? What is the way of doing Kermani? Tell me what is the way

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you know, you don't know

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what do you

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have you eaten?

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What is the what is the way of doing here? What is the way of sacrificing animals?

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Right Bismillah Allahu Akbar with a knife. Supposing I tell you I will take this animal and stick it into a machine and the machine will cut the animal this is accepted is it is a talent is impermissible.

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So how is it permissible rest of the time? The method of Halal of the visa is it meant for one day in the whole year and 364 days you eat anything you want 3/65 today the day of Edo Lhasa you must do is up here with your hand is this Islam. So where did you get it from?

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No problem brother. It is a halal stamp that Halal stamp at the halal stamper and you will stand before Allah subhanaw taala

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do i is not accepted Salah is not accepted if you are not eating halal. Please understand very clearly.

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I am not running a meat shop I'm not saying this to promote my business. I'm telling you for your good. You still want to go on eating haram go ahead brother No problem is your life right

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don't wait for that day. Do not wait for the day when you have prayed and you have made Hajj and you made Amara and you did this. You did that and you did zakat. And your business was haram and you're praying Sacajawea haram business not accepted you're praying you're doing sadaqa out of your haram business not accepted when you meet Allah subhanaw taala then where is my oven? Nothing clean

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don't please don't do this yourself.

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Do not do this yourself right? It's not a mystery. We know this Allah subhanaw taala gave us a deen which is clear and open is not a mystery.

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Make this near as you sit right here I will not earn haram I will not eat haram yes or no. If there is any haram I will leave it now.

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Make this near and then go and do it

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this is the these are all games of Shuddha.

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And Japan tells you no no, no just give charity.

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Allah does not need your charity.

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Right we cannot do something wrong and throw money at God. Here is the money go away.

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The Hemlock whatever please know brothers sisters.

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Let us

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make sure that our deed is complete and perfect. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to live our lives in a way which is pleasing to Him ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to prepare for the day when we will meet him and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make that day the most beautiful and best day of our lives inshallah.

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Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while Allah He was a member who together for me