Road To Return #29 – Marijuana is Not a Drug

Yahya Ibrahim


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weed, marijuana, Ganja whatever it is that you call it it is a type of Hummer. And it is a transgression against the law.

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Anything that clouds the mind veils the mind is referred to as Hummer, the word humble. It doesn't mean wine or alcohol. What it means is it comes from the word you have middle arkell, it hides over, it glosses over it veils the mind, and that's why sisters, the hijab that they were one of its correct names is Aymar, meaning it's something that veils the body fails the the bosom area, the neck, the hair, and it drops down from the head down Hummer is covering of the intellect that it enumerates you makes you unable to make the same types of judgments that you would make had you not been on that particular drug. And I know that there will be people will say, Brother yahia chef, you

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know, weed, it's not like other drugs. It's not a stimulant like other drugs. But I want you to dig a little bit deeper studies out of Sweden and many other places make direct correlation and links between the consumption of cannabis, especially in young ages, in the teens, and the prevalence of schizophrenia. Later on in the 20s and 30s. of a person's life, there is a direct correlation between the consumption of cannabis and elements that relate to psychosis and increase ment of schizophrenia. In older years, the chances are that somebody that becomes addicted to smoking ganja, smoking weed will find it much more difficult to live without it as they proceed in life. It becomes

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like a crutch in life. And the question that one needs to ask well, why does a person take in the first place? Well, studies will tell us that people consume alcohol people consume marijuana in particularly those to to get through pain, or because they don't know how to deal with some of the issues that they have in life. So for them to kind of forget things. And what marijuana does is that it kind of channels the mind, right? So if you're thinking about food, it's just about food. If you're thinking about something else, you're able to channel it and eliminate the other thoughts. So if you don't want to think about something and you smoke it, it puts away the those other feelings,

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but it does not cure the problem. And what it does is it causes greater distress in society. And socially, you need to ask why is it that alcohol and in toxic things like marijuana are deregulated now by the government recently marijuana and we deregulated by Western governments. And it is entirely necessary to kind of allow people to feel sedated to feel that everything is going to be okay, when everything around them isn't when they're feeling the pain of being in a single without a happy relationship, where they can't find a job that they're comfortable in were their education that they paid so much money to attain. And the degree didn't give them the dream job that they

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already thought that they would have. When the economy is going south when people are blaming them for things that they're not when there's racial dissension, when all of these problems one of the things that governments want to do is to settle people down. So they allow them to consume things, that kind of lullaby them and put them into a state of vegetated sleep. And you'll find that a lot of new age people they'll talk about being woke that you woke up and you're beginning to see the world for as it should be. weed is hot on hand. I want that to be something that's clear because sometimes you don't always hear that directly. It is haram because it impacts more than one of those

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five things that we said Islam was sent to protect. it harms your deen and your relationship with Allah. Allah would say, don't come to prayer while you are in a state of intoxication and then he prohibited intoxication. When a person smokes weed, it takes a long time to get out of their system. And Subhanallah I've seen people have come into our misery in a state of being high with their eyes glazed over and they wondered how Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the wisdom that he had in his instruction initially to the Sahaba. Number two, it is something that is harmful to your life harmful to your body harmful to the brain chemistry, in your mind, it is harmful and causes brain

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damage to different sectors of your brain. Now that doesn't mean that Hummer does not have good things in it. Well shuttle Rahu aquabot mean FA that Allah tells you there

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Good things in it and there is a way of it settling certain pains and there is the need for medicinal cannabis. But it has to be regulated in use and prescribed accurately. Allah says it does have good uses, but its harm is far greater than the good that is in it. It impact your wealth. It is something that is a waste of your wealth. It is something you smoke your life away. It impacts your relationship with your family with the lineage with the home that you seek to build. How many times have I had to sit with young Muslims who have gotten married and then the sister begins to see or husband or the husband begins to want find his young wife that he's known for two or three years

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changing? Because that cannabis the psychosis that it results in later on in years, begins to manifest itself. It is a tragedy that I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to help you all avoid weed. And the Hummer is a transgression against Allah Subhana who with our eyelids, Sharia and the way and the teaching of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam