Mohammad Elshinawy – Dictating Our Own Destiny

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of God as a trusted partner for one's happiness is discussed, with the Day of Judgment being a true war where the winner gets the light. The use of language and language detection in the Middle East is also discussed, with examples given of how people use rubber bands and rubber socks to cover their body during the implementation of Islam laws. The loss of the Holy Spirit and the Islam-impacted laws is also discussed, with examples given of how people use rubber socks to cover their body during the implementation of these laws.
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Brothers and sisters, the term God is just is an absolute truth. God is fair is an absolute truth. However, this brief statement isn't always enough for many people to find peace in.

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And that is why it was from the great mercy and great wisdom that the Quran came with far more than just that. God is just trust His justice await His justice. Instead, the Quran and the Sunnah, and extraordinary feature is their illustration they portray for you they paint out for you this beautiful image of just how precise His justice is, in this world are the next. The scholars have written volumes about this principle, which they call as Jasmine Jin said, Amma that if you're paying attention to the Quran and Sunnah, you'll find that God's justice is illustrated is depicted in the fact that the repayment always seems to come identical to the nature of the deed that was

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What we would call reciprocity you know, when you reciprocate two way street, the response comes matching the whatever initiated it or whatever prompted it reciprocity as Jasmine Jin said Iman, so for instance, Allah azza wa jal says, First colonias corkum make mention of me, I will make mention of you, for sure Allah being mentioned by us as his right. And it's a privilege for us to mention God, but it is greater when God is mentioning us because who are we to we deserve? We have mentioned among the singlet sinless beings, the angels being bragged up, it's not exact in size, it's augmented, but it matches you make mention of me, the reward is going to be perfectly matching. I'm

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going to make mention of you in a superior way, right? Similarly, Allah azza wa jal said to us through the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or Raha moon or hammelmann Rahman, that the most merciful among humanity will be receiving mercy from the Most Merciful of all, Subhana Allah to Allah Rahman. And he said our hammelmann fell out of their hammock woman visa have shown mercy to those on earth, the one upon the heavens will have mercy on you. Men lay our ham, he said lay your hand, whoever doesn't show mercy doesn't get mercy, perfectly matching, even the iron suit and he said about the best security policy for your children.

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Allah azza wa jal says, well, Latina lo Turaco mean kullfi him very often, we often will Yasha Latina and let them you know, be fearful, those who are going to leave behind vulnerable offspring, most children outlive their parents. So you're going to leave behind someone who is likely vulnerable or may be vulnerable after you when you're gone. Allah says let them be afraid of being unfair to the orphan children, because that's going to come back now and get reciprocated, potentially in your own children. So notice the connection between those who are going to leave behind their children and the verse before it which I did not mention, now take care of the children

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of those that were left behind surviving their parents as orphans and vulnerable.

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Or when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Best she will Masha in Biloela mi l massagin. Be no return me omocha Yama give glad tidings like encourage and motivate and we have those who walk in the dark to the masjid to the mosque have them look forward to the fact that they will have what not just a reward, but the most complete light on the Day of Judgment. You walk through the darkness when fatigue was sitting in and your workday was winding down and your body was letting out the or secreting the melatonin go to sleep now hormone right? You fought that off and came to meditate or no I'm gonna pray Russia or I'm gonna pray veg in the masjid. I'm gonna work through the darkness.

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You get the most light on the Day of Judgment. It comes perfectly matching. Or a more specific example he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Jibreel the Archangel Gabriel said to me. Best ship Khadija give glad tidings to your wife Khadija Radi Allahu anha be baiting Phil Jana that awaiting her is a house in paradise Minh Kasab made out of built out of pearls, Lana sobre la Sahaba fi wala nossob That does not contain any noise pollution, any loud annoying disruptive noises nor any

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Fatigue. Why this Khadija get that a house made of fortunes in which there is no fatigue in which there is no noise or clamor? Because she was the one think about it, you make the link yourself. She was the one who spent her fortunes on the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before anyone did. And she was the place where he found calmness where he found quietness, where he found tranquility in that from the noise of society and even from the shock factor when he first encountered the angel Jibreel she was his peace, so she will have a house of fortune that has unique peace and tranquility in it.

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Or on the other end, as well. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah Houma and William in Emeryville Mati che and O Allah whoever assumes any position of influence or leadership in my OMA you're leading your family or you're leading your community or you're leading the Muslim nation whatever it may be any of them Oh Allah, for Rafa kabhi him and he's gentle with them, tries to make things easy for them for footbed Be gentle with them Oh Allah. And oh Allah whomever assumes any position of influence in my Alma

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for Chaka Ali him and he makes things difficult for people Feshbach it make things difficult on him. You see this principle which I'm offering examples for it is priceless if you just

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adopt it as your new lens with which you read the Quran and Sunnah. You will just develop unpro found unprecedented, deep and profound appreciation for the Quran and Sunnah and for Allah azza wa jal. It all ties together so perfectly. It's so harmonious. It paints a very clear picture now, that is well beyond God is just subhanho wa taala.

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You know, if you think about Ibraheem Alehissalaam Why did the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam see Ibrahim alayhi salam at El Batesville, Mahmoud. When Allah allowed him to ascend through the heavens, in the seventh heaven, he saw the Spirit of Ibraheem Alehissalaam sitting there back resting on and beta mode, which is the caliber of the heavens of the sky, it is sworn about from the Quran and sort of the tool. Why is he there? Because he built the gap of the earth or erected its fillers, the Quran said so it matches perfectly. And he says, I saw around him an endless flock of little kids. And I said, Oh, do you breed Omega in who are these all these children.

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And I was told these are the children that died upon the fitrah. The children who died before adulthood, the children of Muslims, the children of non Muslims, right, who died upon the pure state. He's there as their caretaker until the day of judgment, He protects them if you will, and keeps them accompany. Why, because Ibrahim alayhi salam was the protector of the fitrah. He was the only Muslim on the face of the earth at his time. And he protected what he was born with, until Allah from the heavens, not the earth, sent supports revealed to him revelation and commissioned him as a prophet. so it matches that he is the caretaker of the people of fitrah. These young pure souls

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who did not reach adulthood in this world,

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and on the opposite end, as well.

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Look at the opposite. Look at the poem loot the people of loot that rebelled against their prophet, right? And, you know, gave in to the carnal appetites, and became driven with immorality and this sexuality and same * acts and all of this. Allah did not say I punish them and that was all his perfect justice was clearly illustrated. He said for Jalna. Alia has filler we made its top its bottom, the city in which they were in was reversed was flipped and crushed them inside because they had reversed the natural order with which Allah had ordained for the betterment of humanity.

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Or you look at your own, you know, when Musa alayhis salam came to the island and said fear Allah and stop being so arrogant and stop oppressing the people of the Israelites. Bennett was thrown in for hours very nasty. He had many crimes, but every crime had a corresponding reciprocation responding perfectly matching just punishment. So for instance for our own as the Quran records for us in one place, used to say La Saleemul kumis will have healing heritage it even takhti don't I own Egypt and these rivers flow beneath me the Nile and the waters I mean, control this place who are you?

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So Allah said and soon with a lot off, you got to make the link for selling an Alabama to fan I will Jarrah that will. Come mela Fadi our damn team for solid We sent against him.

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The flood

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Here It Goes denial overflowing control it, fix it. You own it, don't you? You're in control, aren't you? And then he said, The gyro the locus, you know, when they come like a dark cloud and they're massive numbers, they can annihilate the entire crop no harvest that year whatsoever. That's the locusts like the grasshoppers. And then he said I'll common Alchemilla like basically the the mites are the big bedbugs. What are you going to do? Is the army gonna help is the national security going to help when you can't sleep at night everyone is trying to sleep he's getting bit 24 hours a day, you control Egypt fix that problem.

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I was reading recently that the United States the superpower of the globe spends $80 million every single year in the Northwest just for the termite problem. Fix it, go ahead.

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And then it said a buffer there and the frogs every time you grab some water to drink or you open your pot to cook or you pull over off your blanket to get some sleep. It's infested with frogs and all they carry of course of bacteria and otherwise, and disease. It had infested came out of the Nile and infested every corner of their lives. And the fifth and final one was a demo the blood. The scholar said with regards to the blood you see for our own head or press the benefit of the Israelites. So there was two classes there was the elite oppressive slave over owner class of Pharaoh, the Quranic people, then there was the Israelites, every time someone from the oppressive

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class would grab the water, it will turn to blood couldn't make use of it. And every time someone from Musa alayhis salam 's followers benefits RAII, this subjugated class would grab the water to remain water.

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To the point that they were so desperate, it's mentioned that one slave master told his slave, pour some water in my mouth. And so as he pours the water into his mouth, it turned to thick, murky blood at his throat. So that was one of his crimes. I control Egypt and its rivers, here's your repayment. Another crime that was well known about for the island is that he loves to mock people, right? He loves to patronize and make fun of ridicule. People in the Quran. We have many examples of this. When Musa alayhis salam would address him he would turn to the entourage he wouldn't even speak to Musa alayhis salam and he would say and a hydro Minh has a lady who will Mahina What are your cat do

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you been? Aren't I better aren't I above speaking conversing with this one who is a lowlife Mahi and he's a nobody. He's trivial, insignificant, and he can hardly express himself. Look at them. He has a speech impediment. I'm not talking to someone like that. He would love to mock or elsewhere another surah Allah says that for Allen you still hold against Musa alayhis salam the fact that he was poor fellow Hola Hola, que la he has sweet autumn in the hub. Why doesn't this guy have like an entourage the way I have angels. He will say mockingly Why isn't he wearing gold bracelets the way eyewear? He doesn't have any fashion doesn't have any budget doesn't have any. Nowadays they call it

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drip. You don't have nothing to flash. So why should I talk to you? So he would like to humiliate. How did Allah repay him for that perfectly? The Quran says what's better now home and we followed up on their life. He had the duniya in this world with Alana with a curse. Every time you read the Quran, you're cursing around and the people have found perfect reciprocation? Yes. Why? Oh, Mel kmsc Who Minalima Kobo Hain and on the Day of Judgment, they will be people who will be disfigured. They will be the most hideous of faces to look at. They will have the most humiliating

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appearance. You know, a third and final very quickly, example of the crimes of frown being matched perfectly with the most suitable punishment is that for our never let up in the torture. He constantly, he never let the heat let up on the people. He would slaughter the boys in their infancy. He would every infant child every other year, he would slaughter them for many reasons. How did Allah repay him? Allah did not allow the punishment to let up. He did not even allow him to wait till the day of judgment for his punishment. The Quran says and now you are doing what they have to do when we're Ashiya those people the fire they will be subjected to its anguish to its torment by

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night and by day, wi ll Mehta como Sara and then on the day of judgment, meaning this is happening in the grave. It won't stop no interim. No, wait, no, it's from immediately. The same way his was immediate and relentless. And then on the day of judgment at Caillou LF around admit the people of Pharaoh and shed the Lada the most into the most intense punishments.

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You know, many Muslims and this will be my last

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damning example.

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I recite certain field and we may overlook the extraordinary justice that Allah del to us who will feed the army of the elephants. You know that there was a man, a king in Yemen called Abraha, who was so jealous of the millions of people that come to the Kaaba and they still come until today. So he, at the end of the story, could not divert people to His cathedral. So he said, I'm gonna go tear down the Kaaba.

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So he took an army of elephants to make good on his threat that I will tear the kava apart stone by stone.

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And so Allah did what he pelted him from the sky with what with stones here are your stones

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termI him the Ijarah means a G. And what it was an army of what wasn't planes.

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It was birds, tyre on Airbnb legions or armies of birds. You want to use the animal kingdom one of the greatest of Allah's creatures the elephant against his house. I will use the smallest of my creatures, small birds they were not necessarily dinosaur birds or anything small birds with tiny stones for the animal you chose to recruit and the stones you said you will dismantle perfect justice.

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According to Holyhead that will start from ultimately welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa ala Shetty gala who actually eyeshadow Anna, Mohammed and Aveda who whenever you hold on Soto

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and once again my brothers and sisters, this works both ways. After the Battle of Moto when so many heroics were displayed and sacrifices were made by the Sahaba may Allah be pleased with them. You know, just the incident of Jaffa if nebula Radi Allahu Allah, the cousin of the Prophet SAW Salem, he held up the flag in the face of this army that was dozens of times larger than the Muslim army. He kept holding on to the flag till his right arm was cut off. Right. And so then he grabbed it with his left hand to his left arm was cut off. And then he grabbed this flag with the two remains the stubs that were of his limbs may Allah be pleased with him until someone came from above and struck

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him down martyred him after a few days of grieving because this is normal and natural and permissible. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam back in Medina came to the family of Java and he said enough crying over Jaffa Don't you know what he's experiencing right now? Allah has replaced him for his two arms with two wings look at how the repayments comes with two wings to fly through paradise wherever he wants right now.

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And that is why Abdullah had neuroma Radi Allahu Anhu man when he would see the children of Jaffa these orphan children, he would lift their spirits by saying to them you have been up by er we have done a deal Jenna hain, oh son of the high flyer or oh son of the man with two wings, half man half Angel basically Lucky you. Look at how it came. And finally the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us that at the end of time, Allah will allow to emerge a leader in this Oma.

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This leader will be from the descendants of Al Hasan, my grandson, and he had multiple grandsons, or two grandsons, Al Hassan, out of his lineage in particular, think about why Why him because lineage ancestry family line isn't very important in Islam, to be honest. But he said there will emerge a leader that Allah who will honor this ummah by honor this OMA so much, that when Jesus the son of Mary, peace, be upon him comes back down. Even he will refuse to lead the Muslims in prayer. And he will insist on praying behind this man, this great great great grandson of an essence, why and Hassan Ibrahim says and this is very beautiful. He says, it is because al Hassan wound up we know

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this after the fact wound up being the man who humbled himself and stepped down back down and gave up his position of leadership to bring two warring factions of the believers together to bring peace to this OMA and whomever humbles themselves for Allah. Allah elevates them. That's the promise. And so all in all my brothers and sisters, you know, instead of trying too hard to understand how Destiny works, which is probably behind beyond the finite limited ability of the human mind, know that Allah has given you a share of dictating your own destiny.

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writing your own check, as they say, steering your own ship, charting your own path.

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Because of his generosity, let that be a reason to be inspired. May Allah subhanho wa Taala never allow us to waver in our certainty that we will own

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We get what we deserve or better from him subhanho wa Taala let us always remember that who conceals a Muslim gets concealed in this world and the next. And always remember that whoever leaves someone of hardship is relieved of the hardships of the next world which are greater and that whomever exposes a Muslim will be exposed, and whoever deserts or Muslim will be deserted on the day they wish they were supported and whomever spends for Allah who will be spent on by Allah that day. And whomever builds a house for Allah, Allah who will meaning a masjid, Allah will build for them a palace in Paradise, and whomever assumes the best of Allah, Allah when they will, in fact, be there

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to help them and even exceed their expectations. May we be of those people Allahumma Amin

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