Kamal El-Mekki – How Surah An Nur Address Life Today

Kamal El-Mekki
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Every surah in the Quran is revealed so that you can obey and follow the laws and the guidelines mentioned in it, there is no Surah that sent down for your reading pleasure, every single follow sat down so you can follow it. Allah is stressing that we made clear if in the Surah, so that you can act upon them so that you can pay heed, and pay close attention and act upon that the scholars said, This surah in particular began this way, by stating what is otherwise the obvious that is the surah sent down from Allah azza wa jal that you have to follow what's in it. And the ayat had been made been made clear to you so you can follow them every surah is like that. But they said, because this

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surah deals with so many issues, it deals with issues that are so serious matters of life and death. And it deals with things as simple as your two year old child knocking on your bedroom door before entering and Allah is, is reiterating and telling you from the beginning, that you have to follow everything. And what is interesting is when you look at those who have issues with Islam today, all the issues they have are the ones that sorta no Yanni you find people amongst the Muslims who have a problem with hijab, that's in verse 30. wanted to know those who have a problem with dealing and the ruling of the adulterer. That's in surah. To know every issue they have a problem with engine is in

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Surah Noor which is the only sort of that starts by saying you have to obey everything in the soil.

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