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Love is in the air. So when a couple get together, then this is actually the bonding of two families. And not only is it that, but it is also the bonding of community and society. So Allah Allah will is that he will Jellal he tells us and he describes to us what marriage exactly is Amin, nya TV and hello caller come in fusi come as well. And from His Signs is that he created for you spouses, Allah who is that he will general says from His Signs is that he created for you spouses. So the fact that two people get together for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala is actually a pointer to the unity the oneness of Rumble is that he will Jellal it is a celebration of Tawheed it

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is a celebration of the fact that Allah has created us and He is to be worshipped. You see, it all began with Adam matter you salatu salam, and then he was joined by Hawa. Why? Because even though he had everything in Jannah, even though he had everything in Jannah, whatever his heart's desire, whatever his heart, his heart desired, he had it, but he lacked something. He liked that sharing that part of the human being that loves to share, that is what was lacking. So Allah horrible is that you will Jenelle gave her word to him And subhanAllah today, we can't even say that much and stop we need to say and Allah gave Adam to Hawa as well, Allahu Akbar, why to keep politically

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correct. So Allah horrible is that he will Jalil K gave them each other. And Allah subhanahu Attallah tells us the reason we test guru Eli was

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so that you may find peace in her so that you may find peace in her serenity tranquility is you see, the moment you enter your home and you see your spouse, the first reaction should be that your heart is filled with peace, tranquility, no matter what happened out there. No matter how bad the business day went, I see my spouse, my eye is filled with coolness, and eventually there will be even more coolness to result when the couple now have children. So this is actually an idea, a sign of Allah subhanho wa Taala you see elsewhere in the Quran, Allah Allah will is that you will general draws our attention to what the purpose of mica amongst us is. So we know that first and foremost it is a

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sign of Allah subhanho wa Taala and secondly, it is so that we get to know each other, yeah, are you

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the car you

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own people we have created you from male and female. Why? Why John comes

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And we made you into tribes, tribes and nations so that you may get to know one another, so that you may get to know one another. And how is this primarily through Nica? You get to know each other, you marry into different communities. And the OMA is strengthened as a result, the OMA is strengthened as a result. And this is why the primary target for Shavonne is the couple the married couple, when he splits them up now apart, he has split the unit, the root unit of society, because not only have two hearts separated, but now two families have separated as well. So people hate each other. They have feelings, emotions that are running high. And this is why shaytan invites people to His throne,

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the devil, the little demons, and he tells them what have you achieved. He says, I've done so and so he says you haven't done much. What about you? What have you done? I made someone drink alcohol, you haven't done much. What about you? You haven't done much and then one of them says, I caused the man to separate from his wife, I caused the man to separate from his wife and he says unto antenna, you come here you sit right next to me why? Because now you are actually holding prime position or position at the top you have achieved what I want this unity and then we can divide and rule once we have divided them we will conquer. So the primary goal

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For us as human beings is to bring people together to unite the ummah. And I must say, as a reminder to the couple getting together, the basis of your marriage should be your link and your connection with Allah subhanahu Uttara. You see when you two are connected based on love, or based on infatuation, or based on money or based on lineage, then that is of no benefit. Why? Because all of that ends, all of that comes to an end. But when your love is for Allah or bull is that you will Japan, then you will love is everlasting, because Allah is everlasting, and he never dies. So make the basis of your relationship. Allah subhanahu wa taala. And how do you do that? The best way is to

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ensure that you pray your Salah, perform your Salah regularly, five times a day. Don't miss that Salah and encourage your spouse to do it as well. In fact, you can lead your spouse in prayer in order to be bonded together with the bond of Allah subhanahu wa taala. Whenever you see a problem in a marriage, go back to the salah of the couple, either there is usually a problem between the two, all of them, both of them don't pray or they have a problem amongst each other. And or they have a problem with their Salah such that they are not completing it in the correct manner, or one of them has a problem. So fix that salah, fix your relationship with Allah and Allah will fix your

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relationship between you and your spouse. This is not always the case. But it is a remedy for your problems. It is a solution for your problems in your marriage. So this is my primary reminder to the couple getting here together here today, as well as those of us who are already married. When you find a problem in your marriage, go back to your relationship with your Mica. Ask yourself how is your Salah, how is your Salah and oftentimes you will find a problem they may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us and may Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us the ability ability to establish that connection with him such that we can establish connections with the humanity that he created. One

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final thing that I must remind the couple today, getting here together here today is that

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this is the first day of your marriage. You don't want it to start with the disobedience of Allah subhanahu wa taala So ensure that you perform your Salah oftentimes we are busy with everything else and we forget as time comes and as time goes and now it is Maghrib especially today because it is a Friday. Start your marriage with the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa taala don't forget your Salah. Don't leave your Salah. And in addition to that ensure that you remember to recite your AYATUL kursi as a protection today is the day where people's eyes are on you you are the focus so recite your AYATUL kursi at the bare minimum and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the protector May Allah subhanahu wa

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taala protect us and grant us the ability to practice upon what has been said What have you