Hussain Yee – Ramadan Reminders #24

Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam in the community is discussed, including the need for everyone to pray and share their experiences. The speakers stress the need for everyone to be strong and united to avoid disaster and avoid splitting. Prayer for one's loved one and family, especially in the aftermath of death, is emphasized. The importance of learning about the differences between the Bible and Sunents and practicing praying for one's loved one and family is also emphasized. The speakers urge everyone to stay connected and pray for their loved ones.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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Al Hamdulillah Hamden, Kurth here on the IBA and Mobarak and fee

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while he was off a b He edge mine.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Or brace due to Hola Hola. Hola means gonna put g buggy hola Rabbil Alameen

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always remember by then Sr. When we talk about Allah, Allah is rubble al Amin

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he used to create

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he still provide the

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for every creation of Allah mostly not yet mostly.

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Halal animal haram animal. Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Creator.

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And important for all of us to have an open mind to understand

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that Prophet Muhammad some Muslim or sin, to all races,

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or nation, not only to the Arabs

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But Rama to lil al Amin. These two things very important. Allah Akbar Al Amin, Prophet Muhammad was sent as Rama to Lille, Al Amin, for everybody. So everybody has the right to know Allah about Islam, about the Quran. And everyone have the right to know who is Muhammad, some of us

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but in reality, we have failed a lot of people

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because we are with them. Day in day out. We do things together with them.

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We may work with them together. We eat with them together, but we never share with them what is Islam and who is Prophet Muhammad some of them are some

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we have been asking Allah for a lot of things, especially in the last 10 nights of Ramadan in the connote of solid elevatyr We have been asking Allah, a lot of things Allah Allah of people who keep on asking Him for guidance for anything that we need

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but at the same time we want our don't want to be accepted to be answered by Allah Rabbil Alameen

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to do so, please try our level best from tonight.

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For the est G Bulli

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respond to Allah's commandment, whatever Allah wants to do, you must try your best to do you don't give excuses anymore

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and how to do it.

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You must not ignore the teaching of Prophet Muhammad synonymous Ananda Sana.

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We know

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our Imam sister just passed away.

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If I'm not wrong, the pastor and witness do this the test day only yesterday.

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So we will make a prayer for her and for all the brothers and sisters, especially our orange who have left us to

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recover we have our Joomla since the 80s

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We have more than 20 of them have written back to Allah, Allah Allah mean,

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including my father in law, including a lot of good elders, family members, among our Jama that essence make digital art for them.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad.

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Kamal so laytime Ebrahim wala early Ali Ibrahim Inaka Hamid and Majeed Allahumma COVID Allah home what Uh hum home Wi Fi him or for whom were occurring no zoulah home. What was happening with the color home?

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Walk sit at home, build ma e with fellow G while Maradi will not be him. Mineral Papa. Comma you will not call as tobe Abba yet, minute Dennis Allahumma Dil whom? Da on Chiron Minh dari hem wa Halon fire on Mina Halim was our origin. Chiron means OG him Allahumma or the killer home genetic. Watch your home. I mean, are there Bill Cabri was Benard

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Allahu McFeely hyena. Well, Matina was Shah he dinner or Ebina what or so the arena or cubby arena whether Kareena own Zanna Amar Houma Minh ja Ito Hall, Mina for

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Allah Islam. Woman. tawaf feta Hall mean, photographer who, II man Allahumma, la Rinna or Jerome Waller to dilemna burger davon Urbana, Tina fit dunya Hashanah, often our karate Hassan Joaquina zarbin Nara, some more hola Muhammad, Allah ID he was supposed to be here at mine on hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen.

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Brother and sister one of the ending of the donor,

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we ask Allah not to forbid us from getting the benefit from all of them who have left us.

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Our pattern must have been advising us to become righteous children. They hope that we become righteous, so that we will pray and make dua for them and from the righteous children will not be rejected by Allah.

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Our parents always have high hope. Even they are not that good. They hope that their children will be better than that.

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So we ask Allah, Allah, Allah Tarina Euro, who whatever good thing that they have done, don't stop us from benefiting it until we return back to Allah. Allah to dilemna about the home. We also ask Allah not to make a stern astray, divided because they are no more with us. As a head of the family, a father figure specially a mother figure, when they're around, they make everybody stay together strong because the elders is there. One the elders is gone. You can see their time children start to be divided now, they are not together anymore.

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So we ask Allah to help us not to be like those kind of children.

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Where the our parent is still with us or not. After they are gone. We all hope the elders will take lead among the family members, the sibling, especially the boys, the meal, everybody must prepare for that. So that we will keep the family together and strong.

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If there is no brothers than the elders among the sister have to ready for that.

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It is our responsibility brother and sister

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As Cairo OMA the best nation, we have the best format. We have the best as Opie to move on. We are not going to allow anything to come in between to destroying the family because that is part of our response as a Muslim.

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We also ask Allah Allah, Allah mean

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to give us back the exam that Allah has given to the early nation among the believer. They were respected on it because they respect Allah law and the prophets of Muslim. They are always ready to respond to each every command of Allah, they are ready to sit Submit Now what are taught now

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that is why we are here. That's why we fast in a manner of Ramadan. That's why we fall we make our salah or Juma every Juma without fail the imam or remind the Ummah the male, it duckula Hakata Kotti wala tomato in our anti Muslim so that we have Taqwa

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when you have Taqwa insha Allah brothers and sisters, Amma is sure to help those who are connected to him in good time. And in bedtime, then there is Allah will come even when you are little in number, but because you are connected to Allah, Allah is always there to help us and to protect us.

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And that's why Allah Allah Allah Nene keep on reminding us in Tanzania, my Yun Sorrell come with a bit damn Matome if you're all together to make sure we uphold the teaching of Islam, the deen of Allah.

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Be proud to be a Muslim be proud to be in a jamaa together we are strong. When we are divided, we are just waiting for our own disaster.

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And Allah always commanded us what Tassimo be humbly Lehi, Jimmy and stay strong stay united together.

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After he commanded us to be together, he immediately said well out of Morocco.

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Don't ever be divided. Don't ever split from the main Jama. When you allow that to happen. You're opening the door of fitna to destroy yourself, your family and among the OMA don't let this thing happen.

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When we start our life, there's no drama. Then we start to be in the drama, but the Jamaah must be in line with the Quran and Sunnah. One any Juma is not following Quran, sunnah, you just have to keep on looking for the right Jama when you are having the right GEMA you don't break away the Jama one you do that.

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You know you're not having a good ending anymore. But shaitan will put the feeling is okay we are doing better we can do better. These are the whispering of the Satan

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so that we keep on splitting and sleeping and that is what is happening.

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is strong because they are united. They follow the Command of Allah.

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If when you have good intention, but if you're not united, you are waiting for your own disaster. And not only you

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you are setting a bad example to your next generation

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is that how you split they will learn to split further.

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How you disconnect yourself, they will disconnect further.

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So please be very very careful about what is happening around us.

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Even when you don't get new drama in but you don't allow the drama to split and break away.

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If you're like that, then you're no don't ever

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say that. I'm still okay.

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Don't ever feel that I'm doing the right thing is against the Quran and Sunnah. How can you feel that is okay, when you are doing something against Ron and Sunnah. How can you feel that you are okay?

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Allahu Allah Allah mean Minko strong God together, we will be having Allah's blessing. Jama Allah

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and Allah remind us we have been praying May Allah help us. Allah help dogs will help themselves.

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If you don't help yourself to be in a good Jama to be strong

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even when you are doing a lot of good things,

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remember the good thing. Sano Amala,

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Milan Saudi

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to he must be good and the good one is considered Salah that follow the Quran and the Sunnah.

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sha Allah Tomorrow is the big wave

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for uncloudy

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to reach out the poor and the needy, and the molars, Apollo boom

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sighs almost every year, since COVID, we do not have it here anymore, but we are moving out and we are doing

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at outside or other area.

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But tomorrow will be the day the first big wave.

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Before this, we have been doing it from the beginning of Ramadan, even before Ramadan, since COVID-19, we have been very active together with SPK we work as a team at Allah have been very kind and those who have been supporting us may Allah reward all of you kindly and these are the thing that we want more people to know what we are doing. Not to just do what you like to do. And also teaching people

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to do something that you would like them to do. No, you must bring them in the gym.

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Let them know what we are doing.

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This is very important because we are not going to do

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what your car is very fair activities. We made sure that when they pray with us, they pray according to the Sunnah, when they are with us, they will learn about what is Quran what is sunnah is not just a social activity, welfare activities and finish we have done a good job No, always remember the brand in codeine is always be M S. very organic.

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Quran and Sunnah is organic Other than that, then it's no more organic.

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You may not understand the spirit, a lot of them we waste our energy doing a lot of thing and we are not there to really guide them to understand Quran and Sunnah. We don't bother how they pay, we don't bother whether they understand the importance of Quran and Sunnah are not

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just example, who bother when you pray, whether you stand straight or not.

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Whether you do or stand close to each other who bother.

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Nobody bother.

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And when your children is drinking water, whether they are drinking left hand or not.

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Drinking is drinking as long as they want to drink, let them drink, right hand left hand

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as long as your hand

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if they only use their leg, let them use two.

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Maybe there's a new talent they can take with your lake.

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Now, what is right is right, what is wrong is wrong.

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And here we try our best, we may not able to change everyone, but we always try our level best.

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And if you feel

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then you blame no one except yourself. You let your children feel you have to be blamed.

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So brothers and sister

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for those who are ready to know what we're doing tomorrow. We start early.

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We'll be here. The group will be in the one ready for the people to come there. But the first group we're gathered here to go out,

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always been arranged Alhamdulillah

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but those who are not exposed to it, you can be around if you have the time. We'll be starting here from

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It did the aim.

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And the movement was not the move by nine something,

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the first group remove the reach out to a different zone, then I we moved to another site where the poor and the needy they will come. And that's where we will be there to give them some reminder and to distribute what we have collected among the Jamaat

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that have trusted us to do what we have to do. And the last one will be two days before eight that will be our last call for Ramadan activity. Why that is something that we must do anybody who have

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given their fitrah to us, we cannot delay because fitrah must be given out before eight prayer. And we can do it the last minute because it will be very risky. And then we will fail our fitrah

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So may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for all of us. And brother and sister don't forget to keep on praying for our loved one or family who have passed away and our children who are still young, so that they stay protected guided by the Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and once again, we thank him sadly, even he's not that rarely the way he recite the Quran, you know, yeah, but he never feel to be around when he was needed around here. May Allah subhana wa springton All of us and give us good help

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and help Israel

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and make us among the righteous people. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala next step all over this forgive all our sins, we still have few night to goes and then the rest is up to us to prove to ourselves that we have changed that we are not only together in the month of Ramadan, we will be more stronger outside the month of Ramadan.

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I mean Yoruba Allah min or Billetto Philippi where I prayed that one or hamdulillah al Amin Subhana, Allah Hama beyond a shadow Allah Illa Illa and stuck Filta were to La remember brands is our signature. Anytime we take your photos, any with anybody, when they say freestyle style, there is the best style ilaha illallah

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nada to Han and no the Korean

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Allah Illallah we should be proud of our value. Remember our value

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