Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P22 224A Translation Al-Ahzab 59-73

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Nath Madhu who went to Salli ala Rasulillah Hill Karim and my bad bow the villa him in a shape on a regime Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Iraklis Saudi way Yes, silly Emery. refloat Aqua data Melissa Annie Yaffa who only Rabbana Zina IEMA along with the

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lesson number 225 Surah told us that vs 59 to 73

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Translation yeah are you ha Oh, and Bu the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Paul, you say, Lee sy jika to your wives WA and Ben Attica to your daughters, WA and Nissa T to women. I will make meaning the believers. You the Nina, they draw near.

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They bring clothes. You the Nina they draw near? They bring clothes. I lay in upon them. Men from July BB when their cloaks their shawls that Malika, that Adena is closer and that you're up now they are recognized by law. So not you then they are harmed.

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Wha and Ghana he is ever. Allahu Allah. Wa fuhren most forgiving Rahima always all merciful, Especially Merciful.

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La in surely if num did not gentle he? He stops l munaf Yeppoon. The hypocrites wha WA and I Levina those who be in Palu be him their hearts Maroun disease WA and I'll murgee funa those who propagate false news. Those who spread rumors, fear mongers

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fee in Almudena at the city.

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Law No hurry yen NACA. Surely we will definitely incite you. Surely we will definitely incite you SallAllahu wasallam be him with them. Sama then law not you Jabiru NACA they will be your neighbors. Bihar in it Illa except by Lila a little

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mellow Nene once cursed at nama wherever. So people they were found. Okay though they were seized. Why and what do they were killed? The partida a complete massacre. That particular a complete massacre.

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Sunita way, Allah He of Allah be concerning, I Lavina those who Hello the past men from public before them, WA and learn never that either. You will find the Sunnah T for way, Allah He of Allah. There'll be the ILA, any change,

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just a Luca, he asks you and NASA, the people and about a society that our oil, you say in NAMA, indeed not but I will Maha knowledge of it. In the near Allah He Allah Rama and what you the Rica? It will inform you. Lila, perhaps aside the hour, the Kuno it be by Reba near

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in indeed Allah Allah La Nina. He has cursed el Kaffee Rena the disbelievers WA and

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he has prepared now home for them. Sarah Yura pleasing fire.

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Highly Deena once abiding a

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eternally be her it. Aveda forever, love not Yeji Duna they will find while even close protecting friend WA and law nor Nazira any helper Joma on day two per level it will be overturned. It will be turned about whoo hoo their faces fee in a natty the Hellfire yaku Luna they will say Jah Layton or war to us. Author Anna, we had obeyed Allah, Allah or Aparna

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and we had obeyed a Rasul Allah, the messenger

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WA and Palu they said Rabbana oh our rub in indeed we are taught Anna we obeyed. Sad that Anna our leaders, our chiefs were and guvera Anna our great ones, but Arbor Luna so they misled us. So they led us astray. A Sevilla the way rub banana or our rub it him, you give them their pain. Double mean from a derby. The punishment. Wha. And Ilan you Kirsten,

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that one occurs, Gabby. Yura one great.

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Yeah. Are you her? Oh, I Lavina those who am I knew they believed law do not the Qunu. You all be Kela the inner light those who are though they hurt Musa Musa alayhis salam.

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Baba who? So he cleared him. So he absolved him. Allahu Allah mimma from whatever orlu they said, We're and Ghana. He is He was in the near Allah He, Allah wa Ji Ha, one honorable one distinguished one esteemed.

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Yeah, are you here? Oh, I Lavina those who are Manu, they believed it up Allah. You all be conscious of Allah. You all fear Allah, wa and Hulu, you all say, oh learn a word. A statement said either one. Correct. One Street, one proper, appropriate use sleep. He will reform law calm for you all are Amala calm your deeds, wah. And your fear he will forgive Lancome for you all. Zulu back home your sins. Wah. And man whoever UTI he obeys Allah, Allah, wa and Rasulullah who His Messenger packet then in fact, Pfizer. He has succeeded. Boson a success of Lima. A great

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in indeed we are ordina we presented I am I Netta that trust Allah upon a summer what? The skies the heavens were and

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the earth wha and elgiva the mountains but baina so they refused. And that yeah, Mina they carry it. Wha and I sharpener. They were afraid. They were scared minha from it. Wa and hamadeh Ha he carried it all inside the human being

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in who indeed he Kana. He is lumen greatly unjust Jaya hula most ignorant.

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Lee you are the biller who so that he may punish Allah al mana Philippine, the hypocrites WA and Al Menaka path, the hypocrite women why and Al Mushrikeen the men who associate partners with Allah, the Maastricht men, WA and Al Masri caught the most fake women

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The women who associate partners with Allah, wa and your tuba, he turns in mercy, Allahu Allah. Allah upon Allah meaning the believing men WA and me not the believing women. Wa and Ghana he is ever Allahu Allah Papa one most forgiving Rahima most merciful

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listen to the recitation

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maybe you

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mean I do they need

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often they mean again

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washing the hill let me tell you Munna if you're gonna

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follow him

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Medina de la no Berean like me even

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though I'm

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like Fe

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Melone me

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people welcome to double deila Sony law heavy Larry enough on

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Daddy that is on the line eternity

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yes Erdogan as wireless

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the last one we did eat

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home seller your God either he

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led you to

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elemental Allah level

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one Paul

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known as savvy

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a lot better

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at mean anyone who knows

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Love Me map all who work at the law he went G

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double law

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said EDA useless

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Lamay only

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right now Lima

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man Adonis

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Fahad Aina he

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was stuck on wahama

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1841 was shrinking machinery emotionally.

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wire to the long run me, Nina Walker

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