Tafseer Of Surah Al-Baqarah 08

Zoubir Bouchikhi


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Episode Notes

Sheikh Zoubir cover some more of the first verses of Surah Al-Baqarah (final episode)

May 2009


AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history of Islam and its importance in modern times. It emphasizes the importance of knowing and seeking knowledge to be part of the great the story of the first man in the world, who was a criminal and unable to achieve the
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Not even caring on his neck or his hand or whether to die or not they don't care jealousy they got jealous of him

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What made benissa Ian refuse the message of

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to when they see you they read about him okay they look at him

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they refuse to walk jealousy that he was not one of them. It was an error but not from

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jealousy can kill you

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and destroy you

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can ruin you you might be a very successful businessman once you get jealous that's it. So be careful brothers are mentioned he has it in either hazard breeding the soil and Sharla last but not least before we open the shala time for questions and answers

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what can i mean is caffeine

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not only he got

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in the disobeyed the law and refused his command? And he got arrogant but he was from a Catholic What does it mean? What capital means? He didn't believe in God no.

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COVID here means what?

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Nikita what the opposite of what shocked

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you are caffeine. What do you don't think Allah?

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Unfortunately in Arabic means to cover.

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That's why in Egypt, our brothers called farming villages as Kava.

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Kava, this is why in your country you say cover, cover this cover that because

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one important thing about about farmers is that they do what they cover the scenes. Once they see they have to cover to plant the seeds, they have to cover them. And that's what

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your job was earlier.

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For it doesn't mean disbelievers. So ruff ruff surah somebody has planted early in the season and he's looking at his Mashallah plants growing while somebody is still digging the garden. One was early, the other one was late.

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So catgut in Arabic means at denial. When you cover the truth, you're denied.

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It's like you're sick and you're denied to be sick. And you know, it's not like you don't know you know you have a disease you go just face it

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and and see the doctor and work with him on the shoulders and

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give you some people know they are hypocrites. They are sick, but they deny it. As if no, no, no, no, it's not like that. It's

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admitted so that at least that be part of the process of healing.

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Well candidate has caffeine in it means he was unfaithful to Allah. Here it means he was and thankful when Allah made him, although he was not an angel, be careful brothers, the Catholic thing. The Catholics they think he was the was an angel Lucifer They call him Lucifer. No. And so many Muslims are in this opinion. They say it was an annual allow

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America to own all of them. All America did what we call social except it believes a visa has never been from the America Allah. Allah says in the English Academy in Elgin in South Africa, except Iblees. He was from the gym. He has never been an Android. Professor.

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What can I be the caffeine and he was

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the insha.

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Allah says that in Chicago, if you thank me, if you thank me. I will give you more when

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he's talking to Muslims.

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If you deny me the fence,

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I will show you what type of punishment I have. So carefully Gavin doesn't mean necessarily non Muslim, a Muslim can be careful.

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A Muslim can be careful.

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A Muslim can be careful. What does it mean to be Muslim by faith but is answerable to Allah?

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And you know how much they how many Muslims are careful with this meaning when they don't think a lot enough to never enter

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a system of short lives happily married her husband is trying his best is providing a new she's angry every day. She's yelling at him. I want this.

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What is this sister? What do you want?

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Brother same thing Allah give you a beautiful wife. Children. What is the I don't know what with everybody is nice except with his wife.

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What is this?

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There are people who are torturing the parents, the way they

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Talk to them, you, you, you never provide that for me. You never did this, you never did. That is not enough. What type of father you are, what type of Mother You are.

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That's a form of this respect, and prefer to Allah through torturing your other mother.

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So we stopped here in sha Allah. And we will continue. We did not focus on this story, as, as you have heard brothers as something that is

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historical, but we focused on the very essence of this story is us that is knowledge, the importance of knowledge. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has dignified Adam with something that even the angels were so close to Allah, who don't have any room to disobey Him.

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That was it. What was it and then

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and then

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it can be then seek knowledge and

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sensing. Now, I just want to end by saying this. If you look at any book of our classical heritage, which we're very proud of, you find Mashallah the book of M is the first thing our place closed chapter on knowledge before they talk about anything.

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For instance, you take a masterpiece book like a hero within the first thing

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in the world has any melanda mercy on his soul mentioned is determined in the book of knowledge.

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so important.

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It does like this not only gets you the mercy of philosophize Island but makes you powerful in front of the shaper. Last but not least, the Wi Fi setup says one one it is much more tough and difficult on the shape arm than 1000 worship the

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volume in lprd one one

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because it's not easy for the shaper to trick his scholar. But 1000 worshippers without knowledge.

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Like those brothers we talked about for the event who was making hot baths telling them everything wrong.

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They had the sensibility but they didn't have the knowledge. So May Allah give us the knowledge and keep seeking knowledge that is whatever that is a confidence drive and go wherever there is Mashallah scholar in town, how to be part of

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the nice even if you are knowledgeable the nice that will happen to these what companionship of the righteous and just sitting with us now.

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Some people leave the address and go talking nonsense outside

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that five minute

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panic alarm