Hussain Yee – MCO Tip #6 – Memorise Short Hadith of The Prophet

Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The segment discusses five greatest Muslim leaders. The first one is the Prophet Simone bonus, which is a message of love for the profit. The second one is the god's message about protecting the peace and protecting the Muslim community. The third is the god's message about pride and loyalty. The fourth is the god's message about pride and loyalty. The fifth is the god's message about gratitude and loyalty.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah weida li wasabia

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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fellow brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah with the will of Allah we believe

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that most of us who are Muslim have been memorized seeing some of the samsara at least sort of fattier, the fall cool play Hello Catherine Paloma pulled out of the funnel, clowns within us all the shots of soda to show our love towards Allah.

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But also is very important. You remember that Nan can be a Muslim, and you make sure that there is a shadow La la la showed you at the Mohammed era. So

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that means you are declaring that there's none worthy of worship except Allah alone to only one true God, the Creator of all things send out all prophets and the revealer of truth.

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And Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah bland me.

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Now if we say we live our Prophet,

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we say we live Allah despot we memorize some verses of the Quran, some chapter of the Quran Alhamdulillah we also say that we left our profit some of us alone. What is the sign? Have we memorized he's saying

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he's saying is very important.

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Because Allah sent him as a mercy to the world.

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How can we get

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the mercy, the blessing, the left central Prophet Mohammed some of them if we don't even care about his say,

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believing in the prophet or loving the Prophet is not just empty.

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feeling empty to me I live to profit is to memorize his thing. There are five shortest I like to share up to all of the brother and sister that you

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try your level best to members, this five have this have the profit

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in 14 days. Number one, all the shot one I will share with you all the shot and BB for saving the profit. Number one, the prophet said La da da da, y la tierra.

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Again, La da da da, da da da meaning don't cause any harm to yourself in the form of word or say or action and don't cause harm to others.

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Number two,

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I mean Hosni Islam, Omar, para ku Malaya Lee,

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again, Minh Hosni Islam, al mar Taku Malaya.

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Meaning a good Muslim is a person who stay away from anything that have no concern to

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this how the proper

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number three

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and most limb man sorry man mostly moon, mainly sunny, windy.

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I repeat are Muslim man Saleemul mostly moon Minh this knee He wired?

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A Muslim is a person who saved that his

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time and his end in hurting another Muslim meaning a Muslim is a peacemaker wherever they go.

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The fourth one the prophets almost remind us

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Hello Muslim Allah Muslim Hara damn llama man who

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I repeat kulu Muslim al Muslim Hara mon gamma wama What if

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every Muslim to another Muslim is sacred?

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What is sacred

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their property?

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yeah, life

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to get

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every Muslim to another Muslim,

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their property, their life and dignity is sacred.

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That is

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Always be positive and only talk what is

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the last thing of the Prophet Simone bonus?

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I can just could one of the saying in this long Hadith, the prophet said,

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Man can, man can you mean the law while you're up here? Finally, higher on our list

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man, can you mean Billa yo malarkey, finally Apple higher on our list

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meaning whoever say

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claimed that he believed in Allah and the Day of Judgment. When you want to say anything

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please make sure what you say is something good, it benefit the people who are listening to you and it benefit yourself. If not,

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silence is better.

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Silence is good.

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May Allah make it easy for all of us who live our profit to at least in this 14 days?

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memorize Thai shot, say of our Prophet sallallahu wasallam to show our love towards our profit so most of his saying is by 2000 but we are just reminding all the good provinces that please

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show your love for the profit by memory. memorizing this time by memorizing these five shots saying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi Asahi or send them

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May Allah make it easy for all of us and Arabic And I mean, are we likely to fail we're afraid that 100 but I mean as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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