Can we pray Friday prayer at home with our family

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During Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown

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moltmann says, since the corona virus pandemic, we are praying at home. What must be done about Friday prayers? Can we give a small hookah that is a sermon and pray for Friday prayer at home with our family. This is a controversial issue.

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Because now we are in a situation

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that was unprecedented.

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Meaning we don't recall any event in history that resembles it.

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The whole world is almost in a lockdown.

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And so many countries have not prayed Juma for three and some two for four weeks in a row. So we get Muslims coming and complaining. Isn't this taking us out of the fold of Islam? The answer is no. Why isn't three

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Fridays consecutively being missed? Something that is a serious offense in Islam? The answer is yes. The Prophet said that is awesome. Whoever misses three consecutive Fridays, three Fridays in a row, Allah will seal his heart.

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But this hadith was referring to someone who is doing this out of his laziness out of his own will. We are compelled not to pray Friday.

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And this is what the authorities asked us to do for a short period of time until this crisis is over. And I pray to Allah that it is over soon. So this hadith does not refer to us. But what is the ruling? Can we pray Friday home? It's an issue that scholars different due to the fact that some schools of thought require

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the permission of the Muslim ruler to conduct a Friday.

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Some schools of thought say that no Friday is accepted in normal cases, unless the Imam delegates it.

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So the

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Muslim ruler is the one who delegates other hundreds or 1000s of messages in his country, to pray Juma to pray Friday. And some schools of thought even don't consider what they pray in the masjid. That's Friday. And this is why they pray for rock has voted individually afterwards. And this is all wrong. So the

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permission of the Muslim ruler is essential to some other say that the masjid is essential. You cannot pray at workplaces or at homes. So it's an issue of dispute. What seems to me to be closer to the truth. And I don't pretend or claim that it is the truth is that in Muslim countries where the ruler is a Muslim,

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if he says, No prayer to be conducted in the masjid, then you cannot pray tomorrow. You have to pray normal vote in your homes, because his permission is required.

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the essence of Joomla is congregation.

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So if this is not there, if four or five people pray in their homes, in patches, this does not fulfill the purpose of jumar.

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But if you are in a Catholic country,

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where the ruler is not a Muslim

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and his permission to conduct Juma or a Friday Prayer is not required. In this case, it seems to me this is my own personal opinion. It can easily be wrong. It seems to me as long as you are home confined to your home, and you are three men or above.

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Then you can conduct a Friday hotbar a Friday prayer in your home where one of you would be the Imam giving two sermons and then conducting the prayer and a lot of john knows best