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Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The importance of strong personal and cultural beliefs in becoming a good person is emphasized, along with the need to strengthen one's belief in one true God and be more committed to their community. The importance of carrying out the " holy mission" of Islam is also emphasized, with a focus on being a good person to others and carrying out the right intentions. The speaker also recites a prayer for the end of a worldly gain and encourages brothers and sisters to give good life to others.
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In Alhamdulillah mahana Stein who in the stock funeral, announced the lemon surely an fusina will say at Molina may had a laugh alhama de la la minute little fella had Yella, a shadow La la la la la de la sharika was shadow ana Muhammadan Abu who wore a suit, who si como la la confers emoticon. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. To all the brothers and sisters at hamdulillah we hope, a loss of Hannah who

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will shower his blessing and mercy upon all of us. We know that all of us are good people.

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We believe that we are good people.

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Everyone was born fitrah clean, pure and good.

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We want to be good.

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And because Allah subhanho wa Taala have said that among all his creation,

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human being is the best creation of Allah Sano

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Kali pin in Odyssey absolute, the Queen also that is we are created by Allah in the best form.

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So we will believe that inshallah we can be good. We want to be a good leader insha Allah, we want to be a good father, inshallah, we want to be a good mother, we want to be a good son, we want to be a good businessman. We want to be a good follower, we want to be a good to them. Of course, everybody, always, always aim to be good, every one of us want to be good, and we are working towards to be good, we are aiming to be good. And the most important thing is to make sure that we have a good ending. Because sooner or later we have to go back to Allah, whether you are prepared, whether you are not prepared to have to go home to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Our home is not here.

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This is our transit.

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Our rail home is in an era.

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So we would like to remind and call upon all the brothers and sisters that we will all the we will let us look into our life seriously before it's too late.

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Let us start to make a plan

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towards how to become a true good person. Now good according to Islam may differ from good according to what we think.

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Now let us look in through the Islamic point of view. What do we understand by good? Good means a person who always try their best to obey our laws do and don't Allah comment. Whatever Allah wants us to do is for our own good.

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Allah did not want to burden us with anything except for our own good

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and also, how to be a proper person with the right and good conduct. Then we should look into Prophet Mohammed Salah as the best example.

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The men who have the most refined conduct

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a men that you can trust trustworthy. Men have Siddiq. That mean he is a man who always speak the truth. He never lie. He never cheat anybody in his lifetime. And he's a good leader is a good father. He's a good husband Mashallah. So if you look into his personal life, then we can get all the good example.

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And there's where Allah said lack of Canada confira su de la he has an indeed in the life of Prophet Mohammed Salaam Salaam. You have the best example the best conduct for all of us to follow.

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Now in the meantime, we know that life is changing very fast, from year to year. Look at the year 22 ff have left us and now we are entering 2013

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and we do not know what is waiting for us in 2013. Only Allah knows best. But we are sure the challenge of 2013 is greater than the 22 F. So we get to be more prepared physically mentally, as

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So it's not just the new year that we are talking about. We also have to renew our faith.

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renewing one state as a Muslim, it's not like you're changing from one state to another state now.

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But you are changing from a weak demand to a strong demand

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that they do in monogamy as well prophecy recharges your email, renew your email. Now how to strengthen our Eman? The best way to strengthen email you must have the right belief

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the right knowledge of believing in one true God the Creator, a lot of people I mean, you must have the right belief and to have the right belief brother says that you must have the right knowledge and the knowledge must from the Quran and the saying of our Prophet Mohammed Salaam Salaam. Not just from anybody not because our tradition or majority people say this No, no, it's not like that. make it very clear is from Allah. Nobody can understand a lot better than what Allah has talked about himself through his book, cruel and uncaring.

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And how the Prophet have explained to the people about Allah and don't nobody can say he know Islam more than Prophet Mohammed Salah masala

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So, the best for us to do now is to strengthen in mind by following the guideline and the saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah Salaam, then we will never go wrong, inshallah.

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Now, how to become a better Muslim inshallah, the most important thing is our attitude, the way we think, and what is in our heart that must change for us.

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We must be more committed more serious with our Deen

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because that's how you become a better person because what Islam want us to do is to become a better person.

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And Islam is here to guide you how to become the best.

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Now one hour said

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the best

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only if you know what you must do,

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to maintain as the best oma

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to yourself and also to their family and the community.

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Because we have responsibility to ourselves, to be good to yourself, you must make sure you only eat good food halaal quality and good food.

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You only drink the drinks that is good for you.

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And you also must choose the good environment. lt must be good. He want to look for a job look for a good job. That's what we want some time. job that do not make us doing things against Allah displeasing Allah, no.

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Even the salary is, is low, but it is pleasing Allah has more Baraka, that's why we choose. If you want to have a good partner, you do not want to have just a partner in life that caused a lot of unrest to you.

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We want all the good thing, but we must work towards the good thing.

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That is why we are here to remind all the good brothers and sisters who are following this program. Yeah, khadim on the behalf of Kadeem, we'd like to wish all of you

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the best in the future. And also that we come into year 2013 with the right spirit, right intention, that you want to be a better person, no more than 2012 but 2013

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so with new spirit knew commitment, you know, you have the right knowledge about the right aqeedah your ibadah your prayer on not just a ritual, but you understand the value, you know, the significance and the significance of the Salah, the importance of solid together and falling the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and if you fast inshallah, you know the significance of fasting and the value of passing everything there is value and significant, not just ritual.

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And we believe that brother and sister we can do it. When you understand what you must do to yourself to be good.

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And how to be a good person to other people.

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To be a good person. You must carry out your mission, our motto and nahi Mota. This is called the holy mission, the heavenly mission, the mission of all prophets and messengers of Allah. That is calling people back to Allah to the truth.

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And forbids them stop them from doing anything that is again the truth.

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This is our mission you must know your mission brother and sister. And the best way to carry out this great mission we do it together in a comma with the right intention, the law to please Allah not for any worldly gain brother and sister if there is still in your mind what I do I want to see what do I profit from? How much do I gain from this kind of thing? You don't do that you're going to be a loser.

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If you do with the right intention, inshallah we will have a good ending.

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And lastly, brother and sister we know that one of the best good

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is that the Prophet love to recite, and one of them is robina Athena dunya Hassan Wapping our karate Hassan joaquina zarbin. Now let us recite these two are together robina

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Tina dunya, hacer una What will our pierotti Hassan la joaquina as I

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am in Yoruba anime, so we are asking a lot of brothers and sister to give us good life, for banner ad in dunya in this world, so when you ask Allah to give you something good, you must work towards what you ask.

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Make sure that now you're eating the good food, you are drinking the good thing you are doing all the good amount and you have a good environment always work towards that. Then only Allah will respond to a paper we asked him and we are not working towards it. That means we are not serious. Be serious before dawn and also we ask Allah to give us good life in the here after in Akira.

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And save us from all the problem in this world. And the woman in the Hellfire in Akira, we believe that if we are committed into this inshallah will become more positive than negative, more constructive than destructive, more active than passive.

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inshallah, at the end of the day brothers and sisters, we are sure to become a better person. And at the end of the day, we believe all of us insha Allah, who are very serious with this commitment, who really want to serve Allah for the sake of Allah. And when you do something for Allah, you give the best to Allah not just as long as I said, Do it know you're serious about it. We are sure to have a good ending. And this is the prayer that I also like to share with all of us.

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And inshallah we hope you can follow me to recite these prayer. And this prayer is very short Allahumma din Lana be Hosni kar de ma,

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aloha Martin, Lana, the host Neil tema, Aloma Milena be hostile. tema, meaning we are asking Allah Allah give our ending, a good ending, not just any ending. We want to have a good ending and May Allah help us to have a good ending.

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So I'll Kadima like to wish every one of you in the best. And so we wish that all of us would have a good ending. So whoever who are in Malaysia, keep us in contact and look into what program that we are having so that we can strengthen our Eman and help each other become a better person insha Allah, for those who are far from us, we hope that inshallah if you don't see you here, we see you in the hereafter in an era I mean Arabic Allah min or billetto 50 will actually that one will humbly likable and I mean, as salaam alaikum aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Sheikh Hussain Yee talks about being a good muslim and having a good ending.

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