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Why should a Muslim get married? When is the best time to do so?

Sheikh Hussain answer the above question in this episode.

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The speaker discusses a new program called Night column, which is being offered to married people. The program is designed to help them find inner peace and become a good husband. The speaker emphasizes the importance of men being able to support themselves and not just being able to feed themselves. The program is designed to help people become the ones who are not put in themselves.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Wanda Allah He was on the edge My

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dear brother and sister we would like to welcome you to a new program called Night column, a program that we are going to discuss about our daily methods that we have to do with the deen of Islam. And today insha Allah we tried to share with you the importance of why married now we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala create everything for purpose for a reason. And Allah have mentioned in the Holy Quran, the creator, the all knowing or seeing, he said, Well, macula has a body that never wants that Allah create anything without a purpose or a reason. Now and then allows you I mean, I T and cola cola coming full circle as well.

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And a lot have created among you pairs partner means the male and the female was created by a lot of Ireland for a very noble reason, so that they will end up marrying each other. So they do have a happy family and healthy generation to come. The purpose of married is to find inner peace for both party because Allah has put into the man and the woman, the feeling the need to what

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but in the same time the Prophet sallahu wa salam remind us as the practice

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the prophecy Yeah, Mashallah Shabaab money satakam mean,

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are you among the youths, when you have the ability to get married, then get married, because that will help you to lower your gaze, and also will give you an inner peace and you will be able to protect your modesty and become a very responsible person at dow and inshallah become a very good husband, and a good father in the future.

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Then the whole purpose for this discussion today is to discuss, what do we understand about when we able to get married,

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must we have all the means freedom must we have a lot of money only you can get married. Now in the Quran, Allah had make it very easy for all of us by saying that you can live for love enough to send in

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a lower never burden us except what we can offer what we can do the same go to men who want to get married, as long as he has

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the rate he is he is ready to support the basic needs of a person example, you know how to support yourself, you have a place

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to stay, you have a roof,

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to shelter, and you can fit yourself, you can fit your wife, and also you can dress them that how you dress for yourself. If you have this basic

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thing, then islamically they say you are able now it's not that you must have because you must have a big salary, then only we can get married now. Because everything was started with the minimum, then as we work hard, and both parties working to help each other, there will be a lot of blessing. If you go back to the history of all the prophets, and also to our family before they stuck with something very minimum. But because they work hard and hamdulillah the blessing of Allah start to increase in the family life. So the most important thing now when you say able now you know that if you are able to support yourself,

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to feed yourself to dress up yourself, the same thing that you know that you are able to support.

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second person that mean your wife then you are able you're ready now

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and what the comfort of life that will come later on. But if you're trying to burden yourself from the beginning, of course nobody is ready.

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readiness in Islam is not just material readiness, but mentally spiritually. You must be ready was prepared that you are going to be the husband no more staying as a lone ranger as a bachelor

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They know you are the husband to somebody and when you become a husband, you know brother and sister, there is some basic responsibility to make sure that you protect them that how their pattern protect their daughter. There is the basic thing. So inshallah we pray and as a lot of army to make us become the people who are not put in yourself neither you burden others and you must be fair to yourself and be fair to others and help those who have themselves in sha Allah. May Allah make it easy for all our use. And also the system will be a 250 word after that one. But Hamdan epolamine salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.