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Spiritual Identity, Youth Halaqah

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar Al Rahman Al Abadi, Latinos Taka su sanada cedro pseudo Hardiman India. Little Husky, I was happy let's do my bad.

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Sir Amara Kumar de la Mercado

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de la by the grace and mercy of Allah subhana wa tada

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we are given this opportunity to address some of the issues that our youth face in today's day and age in the 21st century. And it's very interesting because the list of issues that we face only increase, there are so many things because as the day passes by, the issues only increase the problems only increase, the technology only increases the pathways to haraam only increase. And every time a new pathway of harm is created. It actually directly impacts not only the non Muslims, but the Muslims as well, because we live in a land in which we have direct interaction in direct exposure to everything that's out there.

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So the list of things that we need to discuss during these sessions are very long. But before we go on to the things that are Haram in dealing with the issues that the youth face, I think the first and the most fundamental thing that we need to discuss is how our young men and women are developed internally.

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And we can talk about Muslim identity. Because this is an aspect of Muslim identity. The most important thing for a Muslim is to have the identity in place. If your identity isn't in place. When you walk around in the world, you're not sure whether you are supposed to engage in certain things, or you're supposed to stay away from certain things. The Muslim identity to be firm and solid from within is what allows you to make the right decisions in life and helps you stay away from making the wrong decisions in life.

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Now, when we talk about the components, the inner components of a believer,

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the first and most important component, is to have your test application in police officer level it was sort of said in a very famous Hadith, that Islam is established on five pillars. And out of the five pillars of Islam. You mentioned justification, prayer, fasting, Zakat, alms and pilgrimage Hajj. Well, before we get into the four mandatory acts that are mentioned, the Salas owns a cottage. The first that we'll mention is justification because that's the foundation of Islam. without justification, there's nothing without the inner identity. There's nothing in a believer. And this is the biggest issue that today we face as a community, young and adults, everyone that from within,

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we're hollow. From outside, we've done a very beautiful job of putting on a hat on very beautiful job at growing our beards on these beautiful gowns that we have and all these colorful scarves that we wear the jobs that the sisters where we can work all day and all night on beautifying the outer. But before we work on the outer, we need to establish the interface. And

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not necessarily we have to establish one before the other, but simultaneously and if I may say, you can continue to develop the outer but never forget the importance of establishing that inside as well.

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Now when we talk about justification,

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the Shahada, justification is two important points. The first thing we testify to is the oneness of Allah. And the second thing we testify to, is that Mohammed said Allah is a servant and Messenger of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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These two points right here are the very important ingredients. For a solid believer for a solid Muslim. For a person to love allows for a person to know who his creator is, for a person to be intimately in love with Allah subhanho wa Taala that every fiber in his body should yearn to remember Allah subhana wa Tada. allows the wizard says, Well lonely, meaning that Allah loves the believers. But the question is now do the believers have allowed or not? If the believers love Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala assistance is there with them? If the believers of Allah than the believers will understand the meaning of life, but if they don't love Allah subhana wa Tada.

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They don't know Allah subhanho wa Taala. And how exactly are we supposed to be successful? how exactly are we supposed to be victorious in this battle against shaytaan and his army? Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, many talks in La Jolla, Allahu Maharaja, we are resuming havilah Amitabha call Allah wa Hospital in Allahabad, MD for the job along with the coalition Katara and whoever realized that Allah will create for that person and exit. You could be locked in the corner in life and feel like there is no way out your situation. Your difficulties are such that, you know you're just stranded you don't think anyone in the world

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understand you, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that if you feel the road is about to collapse and you build that relationship with Allah, when we get stuck in La Jolla, Allahu Maharaja, Allah will create an exit point for you. Allah subhanho wa Taala will help you get through any difficulty. And the deeper Your love is for Allah subhana wa Tada. That's the stronger your emotion becomes. I mean, think about this. How is it actually even logically possible that a lot of your loved one can be made to lie down on the sand of Mocambo karma, and he's being beaten. And every time they beat him, he testifies when

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he testifies when a law he testifies one a lot. You know, and I think about this to me.

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It amazes me, because I asked myself that if I wasn't belong with your loved one shoes, and if someone was beating the daylights out of me for my Eman? How long would I last? Maybe a few minutes. If anything, you know, someone pokes at the needle, we probably salaryman out, but the thing was them, for them. It was the whole challenge was very easy. The reason why it was easy for them was because they had love for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when you love something, to make a sacrifice for what you love is very easy. A lot of our kids, they love video games, a lot of our kids love sports, a lot of our kids the you know, young men and women, they love nice cars and like dressing

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you know, in a nice fashionable manner. In order for a person to buy a nice car, there's a lot of sacrifice involved. In order for a person to wear nice clothes, there's a lot of sacrifice involved. Where do you get the money from? How do you work all those hours, all those days, you have to wake up early, stay late at night, and you have a job, you have to deal with the attitude of your boss, you have to really get to work. But all of that becomes so much more easier, because we're doing it for something that we love. We love the dunya we love the world and it's beauty. That's why sacrificing for that world is so easy. But our love for the for the hereafter lacks, lacks, and

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because that lacks making a sacrifice whether you're after so much more harder, the deeper Your love is for Allah subhana wa Tada, that's the deeper your Iman is, and when that emotion is strong, then you have strength in your body.

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When a person loves Allah, Subhana, WA Tada. And everything becomes easy for that person. I'll give an example.

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You know, just the idea of a mother being pregnant, and a mother is expecting a child and she bears the child in her womb for nine months. And for those of you who've ever witnessed what a lady goes through during those nine months, it's it's profound. All the sacrifice all the difficulty, you know, the vomiting that's involved the illness that's involved the weakness that's involved. And for nine months, this mother, she goes through sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice. And you will think at the end of nine months, things would get easier. But no, they only get harder. Now it's time for the delivery. And the delivery is difficult, if not is as difficult if not more difficult than the

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nine months, then you would think after the delivery now things are going to get easier. But no, it only increases. Because the mother now needs to cycle the child. The mother now needs to clean up the child, the child now needs to be fed every two to three hours, every two to three hours you changing diapers again, the child now needs massages to make sure that they're burping properly, that they're not so gassy. You have to make sure the child's head is right, you have to make sure the child doesn't flip over. So now you're constantly looking after the child. And if you thought pregnancy was difficult for the nine months, now you actually have the physical child and need to

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look after the child. The challenges with the child only increase. The question is how does the lady do that? How does the mother endure all that sacrifice, nine months of pregnancy and delivery, looking after the child for all those years, until the child grows up? And even after that, you know the mother is the mother she's always going to be there. You ask yourself how do these women actually do it?

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A lot of these women who are looking after children, you know couldn't make the slightest sacrifices prior to having a child but now that they have a child they make the biggest sacrifice in life. And the reality is the reason is because Allah subhana wa tada has placed in that mother's heart, something called love.

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And it's the love for that child that allows a mother to make all the sacrifices for that child. And honestly those sacrifices a mother will make for her child are unlimited. You know a mother would give her life for the sake of her child and a father would give his life for the sake of that child. So this is what happened when a person has love. If you learn to love Allah subhana wa Tada. Things becomes so much more easier. life becomes so much more easier. The vision in life the pathway in life becomes so much more clear. And that's what we're all striving for. To learn to yearn for Allah subhana wa tada to cry out of the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, I went for Hajj a few

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years back and a very interesting incident took place.

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We as a group had a habit of taking breakfast together every morning after

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miter saw, we'd gather together the lobby and then head off providers for the breakfast. on one particular day, I was waiting for the group to gather together and I realized there was one brother missing. So I waited for him a little extra long inside the lobby. And when he showed up, his eyes were red. He looked a little shaken up. So I asked him what happened to you? And he said to me, Chef,

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last night I was sleeping in during the night I woke up. It was in the middle of the night, I tried to put myself back to sleep. I couldn't. All my roommates were sleeping. So I thought to myself, you know, I've come to Makkah after all these years, first time in my life. Let me go to the machine. So he said, I did we'll do I went to the masjid alone. When I got there. I didn't know what to do, because I was not used to being in the environment of the masjid. So he said, I climbed to the roof through the roof of the house, and to the masjid and I went to the balcony right at the edge. And I was looking at the golf club. And I was just standing there. And the person next to me was praying

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had to set out so I should have copied a measure of pig touches Allah. After he finishes the hedges, I saw him making the loss. I raised my hands and I started making law. And it was sad because when I raised my hands to make Guatemala, I wasn't feeling anything. The person next to me was in tears. He was crying, he was enjoying his life. But here I was, at the perfect moment in life,

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at the time of the 100, after the 100 in the masjid, on the Muslim law in the State of Israel, looking at the Kaaba with my hands raised, and I was just dry. And he said at that point, I looked at the Kaaba. And from the bottom of my heart, I asked a lot, Why, what's happening? And he said, At that moment, tears came into my eyes and I started crying, and I cried and cried and cried so much. And he's the chief, I cried for the rest of the night. Until fudger, adonis called. And while I was crying that night, I made one daughter laugh. And I said to Allah, oh, Allah, it's taken me all these years crying your love. Now that I've started, don't let me stop. Because he's a chef, I have

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cried before my life. But every time I cried before this day, crying was always bitter. It was painful. But this was the day that when I cried him from Allah subhanho wa Taala, I actually enjoyed crying and frivolous, I realized that there was no better feeling. And then what he said to me was very interesting. He said, she had I died before this day, I would have never known what true pleasure and happiness means. But now that I've tasted that, even for a few moments in my life, I enjoyed those moments of crying in front of a lot.

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I know for a fact the world has nothing more sweeter to opportunity. So this is what it means to love Allah subhanaw taala. My dear friends, this is what it means to enjoy life. This is what it means to have an identity, where you're confident in yourself, you're strong, you're firm. And if you have the love of Allah with you, you have the love of the hobby of subtle audios from a few difficulties in life to only increase that they won't be a challenge for you. They'll be very easy to repair the loss of one without it gives us all the ability to be firm at the time of adversity, that Allah subhana wa allows us to remain strong in the most difficult times. And then Allah

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subhanaw taala gives us strength from amongst our weaknesses. And then Allah subhana wa tada allows us to pull out of the world of temptation and submit ourselves in the love of Allah azza wa jal said Allahu Allah Allah, Mohammed wa

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