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Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee title Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-05-26 – Night 1

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In little hamdulillah his mother who Anna Stein who understood the pharaoh

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gnomes with lemon Cerulean fusina was say at the marina mania hadn't

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Allah Almighty Allah Heidi Allah

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shadow Allah Allah in La la de la sharika Why should one the Mohammed Abdullah who was rasuluh? Who si como

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por la could further Mata Khun Salaam Alaikum Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah, Allah Allah mean. We have gathered all of us tonight.

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A beautiful night with all the beautiful people

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who a lot of Malala men have chosen us to be here tonight together. Even we have to go through some sweat some heat Alhamdulillah tonight we sweat for Allah.

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The sweat

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simulacra from manual Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah

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wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ijma in

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Allah Allahumma

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inni owns Bera Baka

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Minh Sokka ticker.

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Minh aku botica

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owns a big gaming

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la see Santa and LA

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come as name

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Allah enough sick

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This door is a door on the prophet SAW some yesterday say after Whittier and after Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah

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Allah hiqa tomorrow there was led by the Imam. We have three mum. Today our young Imam

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for Isha is about

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the pm there is

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our big zacky

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we have the main Imam and that system in ma'am for our pm.

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like to welcome all the drama, The old the Youngs.

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And you can see that there are more people sitting on the chance. And this is also a sign of upgrading that every year we have some changes. Even we are not able to perform our prayer standing together but hamdulillah with the spirit of Jama we do not stay away from praying together. Even we are doing the prayer while sitting Alhamdulillah

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a lot of Malala mean remind us Allah Xena yes Karuna Maha tiama wako down what Allah God him

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those who remember Allah was standing if you can, and if you can then while sitting and if you still fail to sit, then you can still remember Allah and perform your prayer while lying down. There is a spirit of the believers they do their level best.

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Tonight, again we would like to remind all the good brother and sister for the first time that we are performing the other type of pm the profits last performed pm in many forms. The popular one is the two and two two and they end with one Raka

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but tonight we are doing the other one that is also the Sunnah of the Prophet Salaam by performing for and for entry so that you don't get confused in if you're performing tu tu tu tu so that's one. Tonight we are doing the fall for entry also one of the Sunnah of the Prophet samosa lamb. The beauty part of when we perform our prayer with adapt with knowledge is you can

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See the discipline that when you performing Jummah prayer you will be rewarded accordingly. But the rewards do not just come to you freely with

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the condition you must follow the Imam properly. One of the way we should follow the money we cannot move from one position to the next until the Imam has finished its movement and we have been doing that Alhamdulillah The second thing when a Mount Airy second Fatiha, the Imam choose to recite the way the Prophet choose to recite. I

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do not resign party Wassall continuing this Ruby IRA or IRA This is the best way of resetting alpha. The way our profits of us choose to resign deadly when you follow the Imam Alhamdulillah the Imam is going to say amin immediately after darlin so hamdulillah tonight

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they have been very patient they do not say amin before Imam because mom must wait until the mom start arming. Then. He continued when email say that you can start to come in mean together. You cannot base say amen before the mom. Sometime majority of the people who are performing Juma pray have little patience. They follow the Imam by listening to the reciting of the mount in Surat Al Fatiha. But when come to the end to say I mean the mom

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because my mom very impatient.

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And one of the things that cause the Mother Teresa amin early maybe maybe is because the mom failed to see I mean immediately after early

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there's no other citation after darlin except I mean, so the amount of delay then the mom will start to say I mean, so we have good demand. The mom who know that duty as a mom, they will try their best to do their duty so that the mom will not make any mistakes. At

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some time if the mom did not know the way the league dejima he can cause a lot of misunderstanding where a lot of mom world something before the mom just like when the mom is going down for surgery or coming up from the first to the second record. If the man will keep on say a long walk with too long, the man may move faster than a man so the man should move first towards the end of his movement. The man was a lot better than the man will not be a hit of the email.

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This is the duty of the mom to have knowledge and also to have the right adapt.

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Why we are reminding all the brother and sister about the adapt because we are here for the prayer and hombre outsert Ramadan is not easy to get this crap. Ramadan have special blessing that everybody take the initiative to come. And we come here before we want to perform the prayer. We did remind a lot of Juma to reset a DA after each part of the prayer Allahumma inni Allah electrica wash paprika,

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WA Hosni evatik this is what we always ask Allah every day. Now the meaning of the scar is we are seeking allows Help.

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Help us to remember him in the best form

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in the way allow us to remember him

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and help us to be grateful and be thankful to Allah in the way a lot one is to show our gratitude towards him that you are here

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because tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan is a blessing is a nightmare.

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Then Allah give us the opportunity again to pass this year insha Allah, may Allah make it easy for up until the end of Ramadan? I mean, and then the last

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prayer we asked is what Hosni Baghdadi now this is what we have been asking ALLAH, we must make sure that we are committed to our door. Our door is all a lot help me to perform my prayer in the best manner. snail ibadah the best form of prayer

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So we do not just want to perform pm for the sake of performing the prayer, we want to perform it in the best form, with the right adapt with knowledge. And with

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that's why our imaam has been trained to lead us in the best form, no rushing,

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we really perform keyamo ramadan tarawih Raja means no rush, relax,

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very relaxing,

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to relax, you get sleepy. So, just moderate Alhamdulillah when you're relaxed, you can also

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go to sleep. So, you cannot concentrate anymore, but the prayer that we are trying to do here

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May Allah make it easy for all of us the young and the old, only children will be a test for us, because our children, they do not know what is going on. One the aircon is off, they can feel the heat more than us and then when they cry, we will start to feel another heat and another tension. Now, let me share with you one of the beautiful saying of our profits and loss of lamb when Ramadan comes in.

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This is the same the Prophet that is known to all of us, but because Ramadan is one of the obligation considered a yearly obligation. So every year we keep on reminding each one of us in our cell

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Allah alarms messengers said pulwama ignore them, you door of your door of a house or a house or not to ashigaru Salli

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ala suburbia

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all the deaths of the children of Adam all of us do a lot of good deeds and handling even a good people

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are for them.

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For you, all the good deeds that we have engaged before this is for us

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and the reward from Allah to us is every good bit is rewarded 10 times to 700 times

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from 10 times to 700 ringgit span

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outside of Ramadan will be rewarded by Allah and ring gate. Just an example to 700 ringgits there is how Allah reward all the goodies.

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But Ramadan is very unique.

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Allah Allah has the word gender in the soul except fasting.

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Other deeds, one to 10 maximum 700 extra fasting there is going to start tomorrow. We start our pm tonight, fasting we start tomorrow.

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for inner who Leanna Xia be

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fasting Allah subhanho wa Taala say

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is purely for me

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the abandoned food and during the esala purely for me

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because you can still eat and drink no one knows.

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No one knows you can in your room.

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Even you have suffered together with your family. But later on you can have your own breakfast mini breakfast No One No.

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When you go out there who want to monitor you know a monitor you

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but you are stopping yourself from food there is hello and during the s halaal. Normal in outside Ramadan purely for Allah will Allah mean we don't need a police to follow you is up to you to decide whether you want to eat and dream

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or you stop eating and drinking for the sake of Allah.

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Because they do it for me. I will give them the reward well Anna as Zb, I will reward them unlimited. Now the reward from Allah for fasting has no limit. Can you imagine brothers and sisters

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when I was at no limit, you know,

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Allahu Akbar. To the extent that at the Hadith, the prophet Sunnah wa Salaam said that

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We'll go back to a low while fasting then allow open the gate of paradise for him. Nothing, no reward is greater than paradise.

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And hamdulillah

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then a lot of blood, I mean, continue by saying he had a Shahada, who was Mahara bajo

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Min agilely they abandon their halau food hallowed ring and Shahada desire purely because of me and that's why I'm going to reward them. And one of the two happiness that alas it, there is going to be experienced by the people who are fasting while he saw in parhaiten. to happiness for Hatton in the fifth.

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When you break your pass,

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nobody who first get upset when they break fast. They will get upset when is delayed.

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But they are just ready to break the fast. Remember brothers is the breaking past this is the adapt, not dinner, not pre dinner. So Tamar,

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throats, water, then start your Margaret prayer.

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Don't have heavy meal. Yeah, because dinner only start after Malik.

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Before if Tara, if Tara is not Deena just to break fast. So we hope that starting from tomorrow,

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you train yourself because we want all the brothers especially to give some right to the sisters, our wife to prepare

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the breaking of fast but give them five minutes minimum, minimum time minute to make prayer. Because the day before if tar is very powerful, Allah will not reject it. We do not want our wife to prepare for until the last minute

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and she don't have the time to make one. And the same go to us we also don't need one. We are just sitting in front of foot, just looking at the foot waiting for the exam and forget to make two because one of the door that Allah will not reject is the door for the people who are fasting when they want to break their fast as what you want from a marble alanine. And Allah is all knowing and all seeing and parhaiten in Arabi and the second happiness is when we die in the month of Ramadan.

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Then there is the good sign personnel Kadima that we have a good ending

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whoever can die in Ramadan, that's a good sign.

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Then a lot of what are let me continue by saying what a hollow prime he saw him at the airport in the law minerais Hill misc. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us the smell coming from the mouth of a fasting person is better to Allah than the aroma of mist.

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The best friggin fragrance that Allah had prepared for us in akhira. But at the end of the day brother and sister our fasting will be valuable by Allah if we had to thin

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the profits and loss I'm set man sama, ROM Aldana, he Man Man, this app and these two

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if the past do not have this to intention, the past have known value.

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Number one, the prophecy whoever fast guided by the man with the right intention, the right belief.

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It must be guided by the man that is number one. Why do you first because I believe in passing in the command of Allah. Allah yohanna Gina Amano quotevalet camassia Oh you who believe I make fasting an obligation upon you we believe in that.

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Wa t Saba number two. We have hope

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that we are going to give our the best form of fasting to control our tongue brothers and sister gossiping, backbiting lying, shouting, using Edward country and forget your subordinate to this morning. dancehall is Baraka. You wake up even just have some bread. Even tomorrow. If you are so tired, just

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Wake up before pajamas 10 minutes

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and then you take some days, some great old water. Then pray pajama. If you're tired, go back to sleep. But I didn't the Prophet never say Go back to sleep. I say because normally after pajara We are very tired then when you are tired usually but don't forget

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Don't forget to make your arm before if tired. And don't forget, if

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something like nothing heavy after migrate, take your time have a heavy dinner. Then we start our Asia at night normally Isha is early, but because of Ramadan, we give an empty time for people to have a good dinner. Then you can come here and perform a Shall we first at nine then we continue with the PM. So May Allah make it easy for all of us and give us a good

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help until we can complete our fasting. This Ramadan. So May Allah forgive all our sin accept all prayer. And a lot of black women meet us together again tomorrow night until the end of Ramadan. bogalay tofurkey will agree that one hour hamdulillah Allah means ohana Paulo Madame de sha Allah Allah Allah antas Dr. kawakubo a. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato