Hajj ProTips – 10 – Hajj in 90 Seconds

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Today's pro tip relates to the overview of Hajj. Now Hajj can sound scary, and people tend to push away from it because it sounds and it seems to be a little bit more sophisticated, but today inshallah we will summarize Hajj into 90 seconds. So during the journey of Haji Ali visiting four major cities and it's important that you understand them geographically. First will be Macumba, Kadoma, right next to that the borders touch will be Mina and then right next to that the borders touch will be Muslim. These two cities are in line M M and M. And then 10 kilometers away you have auto Fund,

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which consists of five days starting at the age of

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910 11, and 12. Out of these five days, the last three days and the first day will all be spent and That only leaves one day out. And this one day, the first part of the day until sunset from date until sunset from the water until sunset, you will be an autofab and then the second part of the day from sunset until the rising of the sun the next day you will be in Mustapha, so on day one, there is nothing in particular actually prescribed that needs to be done. Rest up, get yourself prepared for the journey of Hydras coming up ahead. On day two while you're in autopilot until sunset, keep yourself busy in a bother nothing in particular that has to be done. Now during that night while

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you're in was that if I the second part of that day, you want to collect your stones that are going to be needed for the next three days. And again, keep yourself engaged in a bad. Day Three is the most tough day. There are four things that need to be done. stoning one pillar of shavon

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sacrificing an animal cutting your hair and performing falafels yada followed by a sunny, day four and five are the easiest. Only three pillars of shade law need to be stoned on each day. And with that, the journey of your Hajj comes to an end. As usual Be sure to practice and conveyed on to others. Allah subhanaw taala accept almost all Samaniego Muhammad Allah Mercado