Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 17

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Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee titled Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-06-11 – Night 17

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My mother in law who took a photo with me lemon Cerulean fusina was say at Molina,

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Mia De La Paloma de la la or my youth lil who follow hajela shadow Allah in the mobile, Alicia de Cana

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shadow under Muhammad Abdul who ora solo

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o si como el Ola and the tequila *athon mata Khun Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah. All Praise to Allah, Allah and Ameen for his net.

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And for the protection of a laudable and a mean to all of us,

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living in this peaceful country. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us

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to maintain peace wherever we are, I mean,

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brothers and sister we know peace belong to Allah.

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And is part of the attributes of Allah, who has Salam.

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And we always was reminded by our prophet to make a short prayer after our follow through prayer, Allah subhana

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wa minga salam, O Allah, you a peace and peace come from you.

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Peace will not come from anywhere except from Allah.

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So if we really want

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the inner peace in our heart and mind, we cannot get in elsewhere except we have to

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communicate to Allah and ask Allah

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to put peace in our heart and in our mind.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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There are few things that I like to remind all the good brother and sister when we are performing Juma prayer.

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That time that the SOP is not been completed yet.

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There is some space and hamdulillah we have been very patient, the Imam also have been very cooperative and very patient not to start his duck beard until he is sure that the SOP is been

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straighten up, and all the gifts is been

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appealed it and hamdulillah.

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Now we know why the staff is so important.

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One of the signification of staff is that by

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honoring the adapt of staff in Jummah prayer, the prophet is here to inform us that will help to unite our hearts together following the Prophet Danny will be united but in the same time that's why the Prophet said well, Raja shaitan don't give any space in between when you are praying the Juma prayer, don't give a space in between you and your brother or the sister. Because when there is a space, you are offering the space for the Satan to come in and do this unite your heart. The Prophet was sent to unite the hearts of every one of us, whether you are Arab or non Arab, young, whether you are all whether you are

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somebody important somebody not important everyone or the servant of Allah, Allah Allah mean and that is why the beauty of following the Sunnah by following the Sunnah insha Allah, you will be united not only locally, you will be united globally.

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But when you don't follow the Sunnah, then you know how this united

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when you perform prayer, you refuse to stand close to each other. Then something is very wrong with your heart. You don't care.

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When you don't honor the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then you will never get the Shahada from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. shafa is very, very important.

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We've our deeds. You remember last night, the man was reciting surah Allah aarav surah Rob is also telling us about a group of people among us as a Muslim and a believer.

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When the day of judgment comes in, these are rough. Neither they have enough ditch to qualify to enter Paradise.

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Neither they can go to hell because they still have good bills. But the debts that they have, do not qualify them to enter paradise.

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So they will be stuck in an area called Allah.

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until Allah will for them to enter Paradise, then they will enter Paradise

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because they are time we have been trying to do a lot of good deeds,

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but sometime in we are not following the Sunnah of the Prophet. We are not following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, look at this very important saying of Prophet from Isaiah rhodiola Mann amela Amala laser I am gonna Hua rodden whoever do an act of worship, even with good intention, but you do not follow the way of the Prophet you follow your own way it will be rejected. Can you imagine brother and sister the whole man we are fasting the whole man we are making pm but at the end of the day, it was rejected.

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Why? Because we do not follow the Sunnah of the Prophet some moments in

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the night I just add one more hideous cutscene.

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I have shared this had this before. But it did not give me enough time to explain further. So I am going to put the same ideas that I shared with you all maybe last week.

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But this is a good reminder for all of us.

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This Hadees is from Abby Herrera, radi Allahu anhu.

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He said, kala rasulillah salam wa sallam that our prophets samama Sallam said

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in the law as a gender law agenda odorata lil Abdi sada peel Jana

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tiafoe Yara

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and Li hanzi fire kulu bistek Fati wala de khaliq? how this has been wrong? Ahmed

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Ahmed Herrera, the companion of our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, he said the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said, Allahu wa jal, no worries, the reign of the righteous slave in paradise.

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Allah will raise the rank of a righteous slave in paradise.

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Then the slave will say, all along, oh my lord, from where has this come to me?

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How can suddenly my status is being raised to be among the righteous

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we are we know we are not righteous.

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We know as a person, every one of us know where we stand. Whether you have been a masini almost sitting

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amongst the dean is a person who like to engage in all righteous did a move see Dean is a destroyer. He just do the opposite. He don't care.

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He just thinks of himself.

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A person who pray and he can even destroy his own prayer.

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A person who fast he can even destroy his fast at the end he got he don't get anything from a marble on me.

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So these men say to Allah all along, from where has this come to me? How can suddenly I have been raised up to be among the righteous people? And

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you want me to go to Paradise?

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No, he was asking a lot of it is asking a lot of other men.

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And Allah will say to him, yes.

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This is because of your son.

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Not because of you.

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This is because of your son who has been asking forgiveness for you.

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Because your son is righteous.

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Now brothers and sister

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in elmedia your fan your children must memorize the Quran only can be righteous.

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He never mean your children must be a Shaheed only you can.

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Your son can be righteous, he can easily be righteous if he always tried to be among the righteous people.

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So all of us is given

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Another opportunity if your children have grown up

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to be a father now, because he also has his own family, but they are still your children.

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how old they are, they are still your son. how old they are, they are still your daughter.

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Even the Prophet is using an amongst it, son.

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But in the same time, if you look at the ayah, in this Hadith, Allah could see

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allows it while adek one adek

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Allah never use the term ignat ignat if that means your biological son, only as a butt wallet can also be

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any children.

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It can be your daughter, it can be your son, he can be your adopted son, it can be your nephew. It can be anybody who's under the category of children.

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Maybe we don't have children, we are not married, where do they

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come to us we are not married. But also sometimes people are not married, they have children.

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And sometimes they have more children than us.

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But anyhow,

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anyone? If you have do them a favor, you remember that? We always ask Allah, Allah Houma zip ne l MN, na PA, O Allah increase in us, in you in me knowledge that benefit you and me.

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Now you want to know whether the knowledge benefit you or not Brennan says you have been learning about the adapt of JAMA, if you do not improve, then that knowledge do not benefit you.

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Now, if you are responding to the knowledge that mean that knowledge benefit you

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and one that knowledge benefit you that knowledge must be shared, you must pass down to your family members, to your loved one to your close one

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is very important. You must try your best

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to share whatever you have learned away here with your family member who are not here. Why they are not here. We don't know. They're not used to it.

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They feel weird.

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There was one I was recited tonight,

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that even our Prophet,

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the one who Allah choose to be the best among all of us.

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But when he started his mission to call his people

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to call his uncle to Islam. They are people who mocked him and said, we're Majnoon that these men Mohammed is crazy.

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Sometimes when you want to share the knowledge, it's not easy because people are so used with what they have been doing. And you are bringing the hub the truth to them.

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And the truth is always bitter brothers and sisters. Truth is not sweet at all. We know when people want to tell us something that is so true. It's not easy to swallow. We are fighting within ourselves. But we know what they say is correct. But for us to accept very difficult especially when it comes from a younger person reminding an elderly person that is more difficult.

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Like a student who are here to learn about the deen understand the sooner and if you go home and talk to your uncle to your elderly Brother Why not here? They wouldn't follow you. Is your what you know your little boy

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you know nothing

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but please, one. Today I heard something that disturbed me until now I have to clear this

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because there are people outside who did make a statement.

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They say that I said remember this word I'm going to quote de sade Isaac say because they will some sister. I always remind the people when they want to perform prayer, put a sutra

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have a sutra. Because we the sutra then you are not following the command of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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with a sutra so that when somebody wants to pass in front of you after the sutra, they can pass no problem that they cannot pass between you and

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it can be a chair, it can be a back there is high enough one feet standing upright

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vertical, then it can be a sutra

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I mentioned about the importance of sutra, but they say

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this what I heard,

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they said that I said

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I say that you cannot put a sutra if you put a sutra you have

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break this off.

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So, you should not put your back in front of you put your back side way, put side left or right.

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Never once I remember I make that kind of statement.

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they say they learn from me.

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I have to clear the air. I did say the importance of sutra. But I never said that having a sutra you have cut the staff in you have disconnect yourself with the staff know.

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You see how dangerous when people say something that I did not say?

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Can you imagine brother and sister? They are saying that? I'm saying that? confirm?

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I'm wrong? If I say that?

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My I was trying to reflect back?

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None in my lecture. In all of my calls on perfecting my Sala. I did mention that

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either the person who attend the class got the wrong understanding.

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And may Allah guide them?

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Well, you hope all of you are big up careful enough. When somebody asks you about something. You are not sure you don't say anything. When you are sure that means you have the evidence already. You don't have to use my name at all.

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I learned from Hussein Nikolas.

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If you say you said I learned from Shaq was didn't he? Maybe they can accept

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it the same person. But when he then it, they developed doubts in them. And

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if you put Shaq site Was it easy for them to accept? Because the site is there.

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But anyhow, brother, this is just

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a humble reminder, please, when you want to quote my name,

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you want to use my name or allocate them please

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be just to us.

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Don't use our name without any evidence. If you're not sure, ask us again. Because we are responsible on what we thought. Whatever we Tisha we are responsible.

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So May Allah help us to minimize our misunderstanding. But I'm sure it did not come from any one of you tonight.

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It is from somewhere.

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Only Allah knows.

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So May Allah protect us from further fitna, please, whatever you've had learned, if you have understood the message clearly, don't keep it to yourself. Shay, pass the knowledge to your left one. Because by doing that, you are saving them. They become righteous children. Like I said, even they are not been taught as a good Muslim before, but it's not too late. just encourage your loved one your young son, your young daughter to be among the righteous. this coming Sunday.

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There will be a session between me and the young children.

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Special Session only with young children. We have done it about maybe last

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10 days or two weeks. Yeah. So we are going to have it one now that we done one before Ramadan, only for children from age maybe 10 years old, above. So this one we are going to prepare the children for aidilfitri. So those who have children, if you consider them children, then try to contact sister Rihanna.

00:19:48--> 00:19:59

Rihanna sister Rihanna is in charge. You know or Suzanne is also aware about this program. this coming Sunday because Saturday is our

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Big day, the day that we are going to distribute all whatever we have collected for the poor, the needy and also the reboots. That will be our main exercise in Ramadan then they were to exercise we're going out after Ramadan after the 17 one is to call us long to meet up the majority of the reward in the company are asleep. Then we have the PPR Yeah, not far from here. There is somewhere in the MA Soobin insha Allah. So in sha Allah, whoever like to participate, let us know as soon as possible. So that you know what you can do, how you can contribute, yet to make our activities whatever when to organize move smoothly in sha Allah, may Allah blesses me Allah guide us, me and

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forgive me or accept our scam and our cm am in Yoruba alameen wa billetto 50 will Akita Juana will hum did Allah Allah min Subhana Paloma biharmonic Chateau La ilaha illa Anta esta piraka to balay salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh