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As we read through the Quran, we don't realize that many of the verses we read and even memorize actually have stories behind them.

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Stories of events that happened to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his companions Radi Allahu Anhu.

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In this series, we will go on a journey behind the revelations, to learn the stories and reasons why different verses of the Quran had been sent down,

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taking our understanding of the revelation to another level.

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When diseases and plagues spread, it's natural that people become scared, they're scared of death. In the Quran, Allah told us the story of the people who ran from their own village, out of fear of death. The people in this village when they heard that the plague was spread, they came together, and they said, let's run let's go to an area where there's no plague in order to be safe. Allah mentioned the story in salted Bacara LM Tara in a Latina Hara German dare him, we're home oluwo Phone Heather haberle Mo, have you not seen those who fleed from their houses will whom over the 1000s have a remote fearing death are called Allahumma law who moved to to a here whom do Allah say

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to them die, and then he brought them back to life. This village was a village from the people of Benny and Sanaya. And as Allah described them in the Quran, that they were aloof. Some of the scholars mentioned, they were 4000 8000, some said 12, or 30, or 40, or 70. We don't know the exact number. But Allah mentioned that the aloof, which means that they're going to be more than 10,000, because in the Arabic language, oof is going to be 10,000. And more, and I left the for the 1000s is going to be less than 10,000. Allah wants to teach them and those who come after them a lesson that you cannot run from death. And we know from the teachings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, that if we are in a land that has been afflicted with the plague, that we're not allowed to leave that land. And if we hear the land that has the plague, that we're not allowed to enter into that land, and that's why a lot of them have Bob when he was the Khalifa. And he was traveling towards the Shem area. When he heard about the plague, he refused to enter into the city, some of the Sahaba nose around him they thought, what are you fearing? Are you fearing death? They said, Are you running from the fog of Allah, and he said, no federal mencoder Illa Illa Cuadrilla. So we run from the other Allah to the cutter of Allah, because Allah teaches us to take with the means. If we

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know there's a plague in the city, then we have to avoid it. Something interesting that the scholars of Tafseer mentioned, when you reflect on this Iron Soldier Bacara, the verse that comes right after it, it's the command from a law to fight in the path of Allah. And when you fight in the path of a law, what might happen, you might die alone wants to train us not to fear death, wherever we're going to be and death is written for us. It's going to happen even if we're in bluejay, macheda and high lofty towers. If your death is written for you, it's going to catch you even there the spread of such diseases and plagues. It reminds us of the reality of death. It becomes so widespread, and

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this is what Islam wants from us. Allah doesn't want us to fear death. He wants us to realize the reality of death and be prepared for it.