Hussain Kamani – Hajj ProTips – 13 – Day 3 of Hajj

Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The host of a video gives a tip on how to shave and haircut for the 10th of the leadger. He emphasizes the importance of shaving or trimting hair on this day, as it is the most busy day of the leadger. He also gives advice on shaving or trimming hair, advising women to avoid doing it during the "elf era" and instead do it on the day after. The video ends with a reminder to practice and convey on to others.
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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh today's Hodge pro tip relates to the third day of Hajj, the 10th of the ledger. Now the special thing about this day is that the rest of the world today is celebrating eighth. But you are in Mina. In your harem, you've just left Muslim, and today is going to be one of the most busiest days of your Hutch. There are four things that need to be done on this day. The first thing you need to stone the pillar of shade on the pillar which resembles the place worship on King David on a Monday so that you are only storing one pillar and it is the big pillar, seven stones. The second thing is you need to sacrifice an animal. The sacrificing of an animal is

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mandatory. If during this journey, prior to Hajj, you also performed an Ramadan if you did not perform a nominal prior to the Hajj, you are performing an Hajj called * fraud, then you do not have to sacrifice an animal you can you don't have to. The third thing is you need to shave or trim your hair as well on the on this day. And the last thing is you want to perform the waffles Jada and Sadie on this day, you don't have to do it on this day, you can push it over to the next day or the day after, anytime between before the mothership of the 12th ledger and you're okay, personally, I don't do that office era on the 10th. I push it over to the next day, which is day four of Hajj. And

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the reason is because the crowds are a little less, and we have a lot of downtime on that day. So the three things that need to be done stoning, the shape on

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sacrificing the animal and cutting of the head cutting of the hair. Now one thing for the women, if you're expecting your menstruation on this day, it's wise for you to go from was alpha directly to Makkah, perform your toe off and then come back and do these things. So that way you don't have to worry about that the life being left out and your menstruation starting and that become a barrier to perform your toe off. So that's the Hutch pro tip for today. We as usual encourage you to practice and convey on to others Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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