Abdul Nasir Jangda – Stories of the Prophets #10

Abdul Nasir Jangda
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah, wasa we, as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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today in sha Allah, we're going to be talking about continuing theories theories of the prophets from the Quran. Today we're going to be bout the Proxmire at allihies Salah, the son of Maliki salaam, the Prophet alayhi salam, who is of the force of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophet term as he's authentic narration and he is married. I am from the progeny of Izmir, eel Alehissalaam and the theme that we're going to be focusing on within the story of his marriage. His salaam, particularly from the Quran, is the theme of family.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us about its Marilla alayhis salaam in surah. Miriam to the number 19. In if number is 54 and 55. What could fill Kitabi is marine reflect on what the Quran tells you about the prophet is married, I think it's Salah

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in the hookah surgical Wadi. He indeed was someone who is truthful in His word and in His promises, what kind of Rasulullah Nebia and he was a messenger and a prophet of Allah.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala tells us about something very specific and very particular about it's from our ilardi His salah, what can I get mu Allah who will be solid he was Zuccotti. What can I interrupt him of the young

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and he regularly used to advise, he regularly used to enjoin upon his family, remind his family, tell his family, command his family, to Bisola to establish the prayer was Zakat, and to give charity, what kinda ended up behemoth again, and he was ultimately in the eyes in the sight of his Lord, before Allah subhanaw taala he is someone that his Lord is pleased with. Now, when Allah subhanaw taala tells us about this great prophet of Allah. Ismail Ali salaam, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned something very specific, that is married to his salaam, with all the other responsibilities he had as a prophet and a messenger of Allah

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is mela Ali Salam was putting in so much time and effort and energy into the spirituality, the emaan, the faith, the deen the religion,

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the connection with Allah of his own family members.

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And that shows us something very important, a very important theme from the Quran. And that is our responsibilities. Our good work, our hade

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our Dawa, our sadaqa

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all of that begins at home.

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The great prophets of Allah the Quran is teaching us that these people who with no exhilaration right, sometimes we might look at somebody who's very de and they're, they have, they're responsible for a lot of people, they have a lot of obligations and we say they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. That's a figurative statement. These prophets of Allah literally had the weight of the world on this. Every one and every one salvation and everyone's wellbeing was their responsibility.

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That is enormous. To just think about,

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but yet Allah is telling us very explicitly not coincidentally, we're not reading between lines here. We're not interpreting something.

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Allah is saying what kinda yet mu Allah who is Salatu was zakat

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are usually trying not to get too nerdy and technical in the sessions. Can you feel similar? Cannot literally carries the connotation, the meaning of something happening continuously.

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All the time, regularly, nonstop every day, morning and evening, night and day. All the time. Yup, Moodle. He would tell them and again he's a prophet of Allah so we know that he would advise them and counsel them and put an arm around their shoulder and hug them and tell them and remind them but Allah still use the word got more than if it came down to it. He would tell them

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the parents in this room know just like we tell our children it's time to eat. You need to on want to eat

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Like no, you have to eat time to go to bed you have to get a bed.

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So why is it then we have this weirdness about saying you have to pray.

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You have to stand before Allah hurry.

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We have to we have to we have to fulfill our obligation to Allah, we get to talk to Allah, let's go. So you would tell his family to pray and gives the content give charity. So the point I was making was with all the responsibility in the world, Allah is explicitly telling us started at home.

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Allah tells us about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. In the Quran, in surah Taha the next Surah Surah, number 20. At the end of that surah Allah commands the prophets, Allah some addresses and what more

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Subhanallah same word amor, what more Allah is telling the process on command, like this Salah

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what more Allah Bisola tell your family to pray, was a bit of Allah.

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And you be very regular, and particular about the prayer.

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It's just a month of Ramadan, we talk about this, either duckula Asheville, awak

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right that when the last 10 nights of Ramadan would come upon the Prophet salallahu Salam.

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The Prophet says I'm shut down

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with Gemma or Shimla, you roll up his sleeves, you tighten his belt?

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Well, can you lay and he would stay up at nights worshiping Allah. But then what this is a, what can you do Allah, and he would wake up his family to pray with him at night,

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he would wake up his family to pray with him at night.

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So this is a very important lesson that we all need to understand

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that we need to understand our responsibility, just like we are responsible

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for people, their well, their physical well being their physical health, and all the other aspects of responsibility, but we're also responsible for their emaan their relationship with the law, their spirituality, we're also responsible for these things.

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We might be very passionate about doing good in the world, and putting some good out there and making the world a better place. And that's excellent. May Allah accept.

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However, we need to understand that the impact begins immediately around us.

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And the other thing I wanted to mention here very quickly is that understand also the benefit of this and how it is generational.

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That's why Allah was saying the prophets are somewhat stupid Ali, you practice it and then tell them to practice it. Where does Ismail Ali Salam learning district? Well, he learns it from Ibrahim Ali. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in Surah Baqarah in is number 127. wavier February, Brahim will provide the middle Beatty what is married, when Ibrahim Ali Salam goes to raise the foundations of the Kaaba, he takes a sunny smile with him

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and then it's Marie Ali salaam Allah is telling us in the Quran isn't telling his family to pray his father took him to pray and now he's taking his kids to pray understand this

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or Bonanza Berman now he's making during he tells us some come some come with making dua together in the collective now.

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Our Lord, the Cabal Mina except from us.

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And side little note, just because that word double midnight reminds me of this, right? ask Allah for excellence

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that sometimes we get caught up or we get confused by metrics of success, optics and numbers and quantity and all these things. My Shaco we should tell me, I remember the moment when I was visiting him,

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how's the program going? And I said we're doing I'm doing this I'm doing this program and I said you know MCDU Allah makes it successful and he goes, No, always make dua that Allah accepts it. Because what different people have different definitions of success.

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But ultimately, everything else is irrelevant if Allah has not accepted it, or it might not meet some people's metrics of success metrics of success, but

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if Allah accept it, then there is no more valuable beat.

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And this is also another very powerful lesson that we ask Allah to accept us. We ask Allah to accept our children, we ask Allah to accept our families. And then look at that sadaqa giardia and that hate that continues on where Dennis married Ali Salaam is doing the same thing with kids. So that's the lesson about family that Allah subhanaw taala teach us here in the Quran. From story of his Marie Lally his salah.

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And we reflect on what Allah tells us in the Quran, who am fusarium Alikum Nara, save yourselves and your families from the hellfire. And another place in the Quran. Allah tells us woman Salah Homina about him was watching him with regard to him. That if we're able to do the right thing and ask Allah for his help and

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For His acceptance, that Allah also tells us about the people that will enter into paradise. And when they enter into paradise welcomed by the angels, they will find all their loved ones. All their family members, their with their Paradise because they were all focused on their relationship with Allah subhanaw taala together and they were all focused on their Deen together. May Allah subhanaw taala accept olives and may Allah subhanaw taala blah were families and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us piety and righteousness to the rest families and may Allah subhanaw taala enter a saw into the gardens of Paradise. I'm Jana belong to me. I have just a couple of quick announcements. One of

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our students requested to make dua offers on some she is on a ventilator and the situation is becoming more admire. May Allah patella grantor genital for those Allah Allah may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for her. May Allah subhanaw taala greater ease and comfort and may Allah subhanaw taala give strength to our loved and family members.

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The second announcement was we have an adjustment to the pray times starting from tomorrow here in the masjid some Fajr is moving to minutes up it'll be at 6:40am of Thor stay same at 2pm I said we'll be five minutes later at 605

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McRib obviously just keeps going with the chart but the Jamaah will be 7:39pm And so after the Asia from tomorrow will be at 9pm Inshallah, Bina Xochimilco baccala freecom Sal Alikum

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