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Most days it's most

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similar 100 last night to some of

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the parties we've covered tonight for a salsa class and so on and so forth. And again the very final countdown almost we're done with the Quran. Allah He feels pain of no muscle or the alarm he used to say Allah He knows nothing about

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he used to say if our heart was to be clean, we would never feel enough from listening to the words of ALLAH says you won't you listen the more and more and more and more first login was done solely via live feeds and I believe

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he thought

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it at him I think it's a beautiful jump after the forgive her doing would muster forgive Subhanallah with the credibility of the one who accepts to tell about the repentance shedding the record is well he's defending punishment and the Subhan Allah infinite in His bounty Subhanallah he's in West and Western, Western, Western Subhan

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Allah subhana wa Tada says, Here's a beautiful verse number seven, it's a gem from solid. Allah subhana wa Tada says about these special angels. There are special angels who are surrounding the Throne of Allah with carrying the Throne of Allah the Prophet Muhammad. Here's a question sisters. Let's start with the sisters. Those who are carrying the tone of Allah There are angels the prophet describes the businessman obeying the Alderney indica TV my awareness seminar between the love of his ear to his shoulder is the distance between the heaven and earth this is one angel What angel between here and here is the distance between the seven the heaven and earth how many artists angels

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who are carrying the tone of Allah

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of tea

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johnny johnny

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eight but before we give her eight what

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what give her chocolate what gives me the proof what is

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bigger for me on my end

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give me more give me more chocolate.

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We asked me to answer on behalf of the homeodomain internment these special angels Allah subhanaw taala seasons for cracker verse number seven

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the answer woman however you said you're known as the handler BYOB no Nabi well your stock fell on annual Latina no up banner was

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fulfilling the lead in a table with

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him. Jaffe about burner what Jannetty admin this special interest in making for you for your families for your spouse's for your children, for your parents. What are they say? They say no but that was

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you know the viewer and stuff,

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they seek forgiveness to the levers that they see up but now our Lord forgives those who repent, not only forgive them, forgive them and admit an intrusion let alone admitted into Ginetta and then and their parents and their siblings and their children and then making dua for you and then making fun of others to save you from CallFire locking him was the woman that is the ATO medic was

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and then saw that first year. This was a murky source their own medicines Allah subhanaw taala says with regard to solid first minutes, in fact, Allah azza wa jal makes a mention of the importance of that word and hustle full of installed for students. Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the stories of some of the prophets like sada and wood, and then these people Allah azza wa jal says first 21 had to either measure or at the end of time, they will come in the headphones these people would be admitted to hellfire they would say, had that either measure that oh how shaky that and he himself

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who would witness against them their skins we witness against them, their sights when wisdoms against them, their Junoon and their and their summit that hearing when wisdom, witness against being a candidate, for that wish to use to do and then they will say, well, our current is you know, the Shahid Khan, oh, Allah, Allah,

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you will you know, your your skin will come and witness against you and these people, they will tell their skins, they will tell that by these physical faculties, why are you testifying against us what made you talk and these people this physical faculties they will say Allah Mehta stock Allah

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Lies those who put a seal on the tongue and who will speak your sight will speak you will hear you and speak you're late Your lives will speak. May Allah azza wa jal save us and Allah subhanaw taala talks about the importance of is the time the importance of steadfastness Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in fact, this is one of there are so many beautiful, this is one of my most beautiful beloved is to my heart, in Aladdin upon one bone Allah, verse number searching, those who say Allah is our Lord, your Lord, My Lord, Allah in that Nadine upon

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some less, then they remain steadfast. This is the very important this is the goal. They remain steadfast in Alladhina Pardo born Allah was Mr. Amo, the Tennessee

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angels will descend upon them with the beautiful great news and Taha who whatever that is, when she loses genetic genetic content. Don't be sad, don't be scared. Don't be terrified because at that time, the time of death or the time of resurrection, people will be scared and terrified the interest that will come to soothe you to tell you Don't be sad Don't be don't be don't be sad that don't be scared whatever shield and give blood tightening of what agenda brothers and sisters The key here is is the karma don't just run mother after her mother in law it's the karma is the karma entered the day we meet Allah subhana wa Tada remain steadfast in it and what was the vision so a

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shoulder so that the shoulder is also making so what I'm almost done here and here is a

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a desktop prize with an ally here. I have almost half let's start with the sisters and then go with the brothers scripts with Manny Medina kings

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they already took two so okay brothers then you only took two. So it's helping brothers okay brothers. So what the show up the Imam of the chef will also be the referee here. It starts with ha ha

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ha who can recite this properly properly with the app this week? There's way younger

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if he was here he would fail you if something was here and

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say what does that word isn't the Moodle it was okay. I heard you somebody else.

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Linda mascara I wasn't

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sure I saw

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it's hot man. I don't want to say it. I have a mat

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I am willing

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to give it to him

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me hi Wayne. See, cough

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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verse number 20 Almost men can

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feel healthy. This. If you just listen to this area, put it in your heart, your mind will rest in terms of who is done sup is Allah you will be addressed. You won't worry about your waist. You won't worry about your systems, Allah Subhana Allah goddesses, whoever wants the harvest of the akhira we shall increase in his harvest. So kinda with that. Women gather up the house dunya no teaming, how

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rotten industry but whatever the wants the pelvis of dystonia, he should only got that what she wants, but you will not get nothing from the you will focus should be the focus of the era. That does not mean sit down and do nothing. That does not mean don't go to work when the Prophet Muhammad came to the masjid and he found this man hours at the masjid the hostel which is great. He was praying all the time. He was always there before the salah. The Prophet asked who is supporting this man? They said yes for his brother. He supported him financially. The the provinces his brother is better than him. He prays but he also works. This man is not working. So your focus should be

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brothers and sisters, even the hafod even the college some I met, you know they wanted me to work for MTV. I say no, you are revising the plan to increase your RX agenda to bring your person to with you and Jana and inshallah who are out of dunya welcome duty

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will come, who will come they will ask you to leave but your intention should not be memorizing the contract can lead to solid law that should not be your concentration or your focus other than meeting an adult then please Allah subhanho wa Taala last but not least, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says so to make clear, Allah subhanho wa Taala in verse number 71 And this is my aunt, Allah azza wa jal talks about the hook the wish of the people of hellfire at the end, they will have they have effectively wishes. This is the final wish they would wish to die. I mentioned that yesterday when sister she she has sold up to Zoho off. So that is what we're doing now. They will ask Malik what

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they will be calling him because he said they will be calling 1000 years and Malik will not respond to them. Who is Malik?

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Angel Yeah, well

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the gatekeeper

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the gatekeeper since 19. gatekeepers who is married brother

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who is married?

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Was Mac No no no. Yeah 19 Good keepers of him fire who's Malik

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has a veto.

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But who's who's who is He is the master gatekeeper the master.

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The message is keep it up and five. Whenever Malik Lea, Allah in our book and he will say oh Malik, we have to get in and out but we want to die. Eventually they just want to perish. They want to die because of the intensity of the punishment. Allah in the Quran murky so he will respond to that you shall live in it forever. And then he says here's the reason why. Love GNR Kangen Water King Abdullah Congo happy carry on. We brought you the truth but you rejected the truth brothers and sisters what is the truth

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what is the truth

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the truth they rejected the truth they deny the truth what is the truth in the backup

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is the truth

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one God there is that

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somebody said one guy

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will have a one

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star green

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Yes given given given given all the chocolate

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who said that as well their

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best deal refused. They refuse somebody there

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that he said it but they rejected that you know my brothers and sisters came to you What are you doing with it? May Allah bless you. I pulled to it steadfast in sha Allah Huhtala and keep saying that in the head Allah sometimes we feel our cumin is down the provinces gently the email come shut into email there comes a new email by saying all of us all of us together by saying

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that in your heart sisters or brothers, gently the medical colony

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for the sake of Allah, Allah said that

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what what accounts