A Closer Look – Allah Waited For Him

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And sometimes when we are doing sins and we doing bad things, we just sometimes we kind of lose hope and Allah Swatara and I have a friend who shared with me a very interesting story and I want you to pay attention to it.

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He has a friend of his who is a limo driver. He drives a limousine. So he called him one day and he said, he was shaking, crying. He said, What happened? He said, You would not believe what happened to me today. This driver is semi religious, you know, he preys on time. Don't do the kabaah Aryan Hamdulillah.

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So these four guys, this is a rehab, stop him and said, We want you to drive us across the country to the other to the east province. That's about four hours, very long trip. And he said at FAU, I didn't make much money that day. A good pay. I said, let's go. I went outside the city I stopped at the first gas station that is almost Allah to pray. We I said let's pray us guys. They laugh. They like smokers. And like, you know, they like the look at all religious people. They love on him. And he said, I scan nationals a lot. Do we look like people who go right? He said, Yes. Your Muslims said yes. But we don't really pry. So the leader of the group, the you know, every gangs they have,

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like, you know, the guy who leave them, or the girl who leave the other girl, she's who said, Hey, guys, let's do it. We're not going to lose anything. Let's pray.

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And he said the Winton the pride. I lead the prayer. While I'm in the Ross raka

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I heard some disturbing behind me. I finished quickly. The guy who's told them let's go pray. Died on the salah. He died in the last raka Yes.

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There is more into the story but what really, for me when I he told me the story.

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I said Yanis Han Allah Allah subhanaw taala is so merciful,

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so loving, he waited for this person to go back to him and to pray and while he's praying he took his soul away. Even though this person knew all these sins been away from Allah all this years, Allah didn't take him while in this that's that he still wants to end his life and good.

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Allah if somebody treats you this way you will never ever use anything to be do good to him. What I'm trying to tell you through this story, that Allah subhanaw taala is there for you because none of us none of us all of us here commit since

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Allah did not expect us to be perfect.

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But He expects us to always go back to him to always repent to Him to always do our best. Yeah, about the inner come to the una belaid You are not

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my servants you commit and he still called us a bad

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you making sense day and nights. Days and nights and he is power lie hood day and night.

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One of them Yeah, I forgive all sins. Kalia a bad year Latina. Asaram puts him Latok Nutana Rahmatullah called hustle Nasri our Jaya Vicky tabula fissara to guru in Medina federal meno Mina, su Mamiya. To boo fresh Tara. He said, Allah says about the people who burn the believers alive, burn the believers alive for the Imam. He said, If we do not repent, I will punish them. So if they repent, Allah will forgive them. And there is nothing worse than that is to go for and to kill the believers but yet Allah willing to let go of your repent. So that's just something to give you so much hope. And I hope that we keep that in mind as we talk about sins that just don't let it don't

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let your soul drift away.