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The segment discusses the use of the word "the Angel of Death" to describe the process of death and the return of the soul to Allah's. The use of the word hasn't been allowed in Islam, and the return of the soul to Allah's is a challenge. The segment also touches on the importance of showing faith in God and gratitude towards God in graduating from high school and losing faith in God.

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Today inshallah we will recite surah such the

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sutra says that the planning was such that was a very dear suitor to the Prophet sallallahu it was said of the companions they mentioned that it was a habit of the prophets that a lot of it was said that every night before retiring to bed, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite Surah Al Islami messenger and he would also recite Surah Al mulk. It is also very common narration a very authentic narration, that it was a habit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to recite sort of any phenomena such as in the first Raka and in the second Raka surah two in the morning for prayer of Juma so Juma the morning pleasure prayer, the purpose of the law, it was settlement in the

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first circuit recites suit as such, the and the second record, the purpose of the level it was to them would recite, sudo to done. Now, sudo says that is a very powerful sudo in one narration, the purpose of the law hottie was that M tells us that there will be a person there's a person who doesn't do much good deeds, but the only thing is that that one person has a connection with Sudan.

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And he keeps reciting Souter says that he keeps resigning sooner such that when this person passes away, he will go to his grave and in one narration, he will stand in front of a lot on the Day of Judgment, and his sins will outweigh his good deeds. And Souter says, I will come and say, yeah, Allah, this person has love for me, this person should recite me. I intercede on behalf of this person that beg you to pardon this person. And the Hadith mentions that Allah subhana wa tada will accept the intercession of suta sajida. And that person will be parted from the punishment of the grave according to one narration, and the punishment of that you're after according to another

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narration. According to a third narration, this intercession will actually be done by the other suit of the Prophet is to recite, which is suited, which is a more common narration, that sort of move will intercede on behalf of the person. Regardless, there was a great scholar by the name of

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Allah Allah, he was a giant. He once said in one of his lectures that reciting sort of MOOC, the one who recites to the MOOC, and the one who recites to the extent that nighttime, he will get the reward of worshipping Allah and the night a power data to other any night of the year. If someone were saying these two students during the night, he will get the reward of worshiping a lot and later. Now, when we listen to that, it sounds like a little felt like a far fetched, right? I mean, how could a person get the reward of later the other by reading to suit us anytime in the year?

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So the narrator, his name is hot in the narrative hot and he said that when he said this, I thought to myself, I don't know that sounds like a Farfetch. So I went to another great scholar thought he was the one who said it. He went to another great scholar. I bought it and he went

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and he said to him, that you don't have this is bows and bows said that the one who recites to the search the incident Wilkin, one night he will get the reward of worshipping Allah, as if you worship later to other. So I thought, he said suppose those have spoken the truth. And then Allah Himself said that from the day I heard this narration, not a night has passed by that I have slept without reading these two students first, because you can make every night of yours with the reward of later to be the light on such great reward sources such that holds within a very beautiful message. It's an eye opener, Allah subhanho wa Taala he starts off suta says that by saying that I am the one who

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created everything. Allah subhana wa tada said I created the skies in the earth. I created everything around you. Then after that Allah subhana wa tada says, and let the acid aquilegia incarnate

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inside him and clean everything I created. I created it with perfection. There is no fault, no flaw at all. Everything I create has perfection in it. Everything we create as human beings will be imperfect because we are imperfect people. Allah subhanho wa Taala is perfect solely his creation is only at perfection. Allah subhanaw taala says, I created everything with perfection. And so did I create that human being with perfection?

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The thing is that you know what the skies in the earth with the rest of the world around us. They don't have pride. So Allah created them to perfection the day they came into existence. But however the human being was going to have pride. So Allah said, I created you first humble and I let you gradually grow. So you've experienced your weaknesses as you grew up, every stage in your life that passed by you witnessed your own weakness, Allah says, I love you. So Nicola, who was insanely mean clean,

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to the human soul at the Mighty maheen Tommaso wahoo and a puffer fish philosophy him a really a loss of happiness is first recreated from clay. Then after creating from clay, we then use another component in your creation, a filthy drop right, that exits from the

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Hence body a filthy drop. That's your origin. Allah says Be humble that Allah says fullness of our wonderful happy human Rohit. And then we put the soul inside you Why? And then after that Allah says Why do I do that como seminar of Sato and effetre. We then give you the ability to listen. We then give you the ability to see and we give you a heart so you can reflect and think, why did Allah give us ears? For Why did he give us eyes? For Why did Allah give us a heart for these eyes in these ears? They were given ultimately to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because imagine a life without ears and eyes without a heart without being able to think and ponder how would we ever

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connect with Allah subhana wa Tada. We will say to him that he had just been Oh Allah, I didn't have the means to connect with you. But now that we have these ears, we can listen to the message. Now that we can see we can see miracles with our own eyes. Every person has witnessed something with other during their life. And Allah says we give you a heart so that you can take what you've seen and what you've heard, and process it and ponder over it reflect over a leader matters guru. But look, after I give all of that you only take me a little bit. Then after Allah says, not only do you not think me, you challenge me, very powerful. Surah will call you Ada but I'm laughing in an

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injury. Not only that, I created you, I give you perfection. But then after that you challenge my foot out and you say that after I die and my body is mixed with a soil and there's nothing that remains of my body. Is it possible that Allah can create me all over again? You're challenging me Now Allah says by the human being a call, you know, be him coffee rune. Allah subhanaw taala says, oh, foolish person. Don't deny your meeting with a lot because no matter how much you deny, you're going to meet Allah, you will still end up meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala. Someone in this room can say I don't believe in death. Does that change the fact that you're going to die? Yes or no? someone

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sitting here can say I don't believe in Allah. But Allah does that. Does that remove a lot from the equation somehow? Possibly. It doesn't. You know, you can call your father You're not my dad. Does that mean he's not your dad anymore. He is always going to be your dad. You can't change the reality. Allah says you can deny my meeting. You can create your body, you can lock it away in a coffin and trying to preserve your body. You can take your ashes and throw them in some river or go and toss them into your out of a plane. But Allah says you will still meet me. Because that's my promise, but it'll be futile. And how will you meet me that Allah says bullionvault Falco, monocle

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Mattila de Vaca become some of the conclusion that I will send the angel of death to you. And when the Angel of Death comes to you, there is nothing in the world that can stop him. Because you know the Angel of Death motherhood is the word is magic, which means the angel of death. The name for Angel of Death is he in Israel, he means Abdullah the servant of Allah subhana wa Tada. You know,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the Quran, he says that when I give the order for the angel of death to come and take your soul, there is nothing in the world that can stop him. Even if you went inside a fort and locked yourself and went in another form within that and lock yourself again and went inside a third vault and locked yourself and you went into seven vaults like this, and you went into a secure room. We're not even an animal or an insect in common sight. Allah says, when the Angel of Death comes to take your soul, he'll come there as well. I am at the corner. You did acumen mode when open comfy, Buju macheda. Oh my dear brothers and sisters, that's the reality of our lives that

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when Allah says couldn't fail, and Allah says Be that happens, a law says we will send the angel of death to come and receive your soul. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was one day sitting with a companion, his sahaabah. And there was an unsightly Sahabi sitting there. And right behind the inside his hobby was Stanley, the Angel of Death. So the purpose of the law while it was sudden realized the angel of death was here to take a soul. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the angel of death, be kind to him, be easy to him, he's a good person. So the Angel of Death said O Messenger of Allah, for those who believe in you, and for those who exert their lives

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worshipping Allah, I'm always going to feel to them I'm always kind and loving to them. I'm never harsh to them at all. The purpose of a lot of audio instead of give an example of the one who desires to meet a lot, the one who has prepared himself to meet Allah, the extraction of his soul is like extracting a strand of hair from dough. You know, if you have dough and you have a hair that falls in there, pulling it out is so simple and smooth. But the profits is the one who dislikes meeting Allah, the One who hasn't prepared to meet Allah, the One who forgot about a lot. He feels that he's not going to meet a love just because he forgot about it. The Prophet says when his death

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comes, the angel of death was take a soul out and extracting a soul of like pulling a silk cloth out of a pile of Florence. You know, when he pulled a silk cloth out of a pile of thorns, what happens to it? it rips, it tears, rips, tears. It's like a child who was at the airport and his mother is going abroad. And the six year old kid holds his mom's hand this is Mom, don't let me go. And the mom says, I gotta go security here and she pulls her hand away. How does that child feel? He's trying to do whatever he can to hold on to his mother's hand, but sooner or later, his hand will slip from his mother's hand. And the child will stand there crying as he sees his mother disappeared

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away because of his immense love for his mother. And that's what will happen to a person who has immense love for the dunya and no love for that.

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When the Angel of Death comes, you will hold on to the linea and say please don't let me go Please don't let me go. And that narration mentioned first his soul will be extracted to his ankles and then it'll be released again, and then to his knees that are released again, and then to his hips and released again, and then to his breast and released again, and then to his shoulders and released again. And finally the angel of death will say, now it's time for you to return to Allah because that's what Allah has ordered. You're the only person who disobeyed Allah, we don't disobey Allah. When Allah tells us to take someone's soul out, we take it. Right. And then after that, you

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know the narration I would say regarding the inside is having the purpose of actually I'll share with you one at first before I move forward, since around this point, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, whoever desires to meet Allah, Allah also loves to meet that person when Allah, Allah whoever loves to meet, align his heart, he desires that Yeah, I want to meet you. You know, it's the separation is too hard on me, you're my beloved and I'm your lover, I want to meet you. The Prophet says that Allah also loves to meet that person. And then after that the purpose of a lot of it was to them said, Oh, my God, he Haleakala, Gandhi, Hola, hola. And whoever dislikes meeting

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Allah, Allah says, I don't want to see you either. I don't want to see you either. So the Angel of Death instead of messenger of Allah, anyone who is a believer and does good deeds, I am always kind to him. And then he said that whenever possible, from the day the person is born, from the day the human being is born, I meet him every day, five times. And I look at him very carefully. And I wait for a lot to give me the command to take his soul. And if Allah says, No, I leave. And he said, I visit that person five times a day, regularly every single day, until the point where I think I know him better than he even knows himself. Because I've observed him so well. And then when Allah

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subhanaw taala gives him the command, I come and take the soul. You know, according to another narration, this one's a hobby while doing the seed of this, explaining this narration she he ended up saying that when the Angel of Death says I meet the person five times a day, what that actually means is that he meets them on every prayer time. And every time when that time is called the angel that meets that person. He says to him, brother today's about your day, but be ready for the day when your day comes. The Angel of Death when created Allah subhanaw taala gave it instructions that you will take the soul from human beings. And the angel of death said, Oh Allah, if I'm the one who

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is going to give them death, and they're all going to hate me. So then Allah subhana wa tada said, That's why I have created illnesses. So when they die, they won't blame you. They will blame the illnesses, but ultimately, illness are not sick or not. On the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala comes Can anyone stop it? Yes or no? No, no one can stop it. And this is our weakness. You go to any doctor in the world you put on millions of dollars, but that doctor cannot stop death. Allah subhana wa Tada. He gives a very beautiful challenge. And

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he said, okay, you believe you're powerful. You believe you're it. You believe you have all the abilities and all the knowledge in the world and you think you're greater than a lot. I have a challenge for you. The challenge is this falola is

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that I want. I want you to imagine for a moment that someone is dying. Have any of you have ever been by the bedside of someone dying? Raise your hand. Right? A lot of us have Okay, now you're seeing that person dying. And his soul reaches comienza throat right here though their last second right before the soul is taken out. You're there and you can see that their soul is just at the hunt. Boom.

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You're there. I love giving a challenge. You're there that person is dying. Unless is I'm also there to play him in kamalashila to zero. You're there. We're there. He's done. If you really believe in your power, don't

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put the soul back in the body.

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Can anyone do that?

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No one can turn the soul back. Allah subhanho wa Taala says polyantha Falco monocle Mattila de joaquina come tell them oh Mohammed, that the angel of death will surely come and take their souls and he is the one who has been appointed over them from out of the comfort of your own or whether you like it or not, ultimately you will be dragged back to Allah subhanho wa Tada. Then Allah He draws a scene of the Day of Judgment, fast forwarding, when all the servants are gathered in front of a lump. When the servants are gathered in front of Allah subhana wa tada the prophets of Allah audio senses all the creation will be in one large plane. And Allah subhana wa tada will announce

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1000 Yama, Yama demon from Sudan scene 1000, Yama, even legitimate Oh criminals set aside and make yourself distinguished and that at that moment, all those who did good will be in one line. And all those who ended up doing bad will automatically switch over to the left side and as a separated as a split. Allah says, I will not look Allah says one other thought, Oh, my god monaci. So to see him and him only if at that moment only if you can see today, only if there was a window that would open up and it would allow you to see the Hereafter, you would see all of those criminals and crooks who forgot me in the dunya. They will be standing in front of a law with their heads lowered down out of

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shame and out of disgrace. They will be disgraced with themselves. They would be disgusted with themselves. They will feel low up themselves and they will be looking down as criminals do when they are convicted of a crime. And then they will say to a loved one they know that they're in trouble. But I've been of a sudden I was sent me on a photo Jim

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McLean. Oh, Lord.

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Today is the day of judgment. We've seen it all. We've seen you we've seen Gemma, Johanna. We've heard it all. Give us a chance to go back to the world one more time.

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And let's pray. What about US policy?

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No one goes back to the world once you're gone, you don't get the chance to go back. otaku Hina Fernandez and the current Konami, senior Bala

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lo see to that person. You heard the verses, you have the chance you ignored this nor returning back for you now. What Oh, *, not cool enough. Cinco de la yada will consider this ayah he says that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that if Allah wanted, he could give me the chance to go back to the world. But if Allah wants to give you the chance to go back to the road, what would you do?

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You make the same mistakes again, because today someone's telling you that that is a reality, but we still ignore it. So tomorrow when someone tells you again, you're gonna make the same mistake again because it's maybe it's a part of you, maybe it's your laziness. Allah says.

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I mean agenda driven message Marine, I made a promise that those who disobeyed me in the world they will have to face my punishment. And now Allah says for Gucci man acetaminophen Yomi caminhada then the vertical beginning go and taste the punishment because of you forgot, because you forgot meeting us today. Because you forgot about your meeting now track and transition and move forward to your punishment. Allah says in not a Sinochem Today we will forget you because yesterday you forgot us. Today we will forget you. You know when you're in the punishment, you know, when a child is in punishment, he's standing in the corner and time up. What's one thing that he's hoping

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mom and dad didn't forget? Because if they forgot, I'm going to be sending them for a long time. Right? So they keep looking back as mom watching his dad looking mom looking dad looking a lot said when we send you to the fire of hell, it's as if we'll forget you in a Sinochem we're gonna forget about you too. And then unless it for Lupita, who now sees the punishment of eternity, so then Allah subhana wa tada after that in the next verse, this is the verse of such as that so for those of us that are listening, we need to perform says after recite this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala said in never you know vi tienen la da da da Kuru Kuru Sujatha

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quiero. Allah says the true believers are those into my you know, big Latina.

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My true believers are those that when they hear these verses, they fall into such

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a sub battle to be humble, be humble, humble is that we don't and they glorify the Lord and they don't show any pride and they say Allah, we are weak, yellow we are at fault. Yellow please overlook all of our shortcomings the day we stand in front of you. That allows us one very beautiful characteristic of the people who are focused on that you're out for the year after that the Jafar Judo boom I did my budget that their shoulders park their beds at night and they make dua to the Lord the road Oh boom whoa FOMO Tama out of fear and with greed, and they spend from Allah gave in the path of Allah subhana wa Tada. So my dear brothers and sisters, let us wake up and make dua to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, let us Park our sights from our beds and stand up and say Allah when I meet you, don't let me feel your love when I meet you. Don't be angry with me. Ya know, I've made mistakes. But I promise that at the end of the day, I will worship only you and you alone La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah My dear brothers and sisters suta senza is an eye opener. It's a very powerful sutra. It's such a powerful sutra, like I said to you, Allah says that believers are those that when they hear the ayah they fall into such that that's why today when all of us will fall into such that as well. Yeah Allah we heard the ayah and now we are in such as well because you

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said the believers fall into center. So we are believers and we are also lowering or something such that my teacher used to always say this beautiful line of portrait I'm going to say as I end my talk that is to say

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Jesse Kearney was the Burning Man.

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Which means what you do is what you'll get if you don't believe it, give it a try. You know in English, we say what goes around, comes around in Arabic, they say come out to the loo then what you do is what you're going to get Jesse cudney where's the button now monitor can't get it done not be here. Those have to be hidden Amanita mirkovic he's just saying what you do a live is what you will get paid back with. If you don't believe it, give it a try. He used to say paradise does exist and the firewall also exists. If you don't believe it die and give it a try. Then you'll find out that you stand up of Allah subhana wa tada that allows it give us all the trophies and ability to awaken

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to this remembrance and allows allow us all to submit ourselves to the to the orders and commandments of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that allows it allows us all to change and turn into pious servants and the loss of power without pardons all of our mistakes that we make before we die and allow us to stand with a sign of heat, and then have been in this been in the Shahada on the Day of Judgment. So along with all that