What Caused the Hair of the Prophet ﷺ to go Grey

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Any of the scholars

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said that what caused the prophets campaign to go gray is something

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that can

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cause the prophets name to go gray in

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many important discoveries

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It is also important to buy

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from us from herbicide

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and then somebody points out and it couldn't have been possible to be on time and honor one time

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that comes into the province of

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Sri Lanka St.

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st is growing fast on your federal messenger of Allah is creeping fast on to all your evidence.

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And then the facts about someone said calm or what. So yeah, Bethany Rubin

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what caused my hair to go gray is who sort of food and IT systems.

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Amanda said

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in some other hobbies, they were mentioned to be the Sisters of sort of two. But then when the scholars talk about which part of Ruth wine

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Yeah, many scholars said this one first in sort of two. And in fact some of the scholars reported that the the saw the prophets was living in a dream. And he told them that this is the verse

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of sorts. Now,

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it is important that we know that

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any messages you get from the President in the dream do not have to the D

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The sooner is what was conveyed from the problems in his life.

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But this is basically a matter of it's been a matter of you no corroborate of

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evidence, not read evidence and you can base your your your rulings, you can base your rip the crazy thing on dreams.

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But the scholars look through solar. And we found her this verse

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is what a lot of said to the prophet SAW someone came out America

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was talking to a

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these three, as you will commanded,

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as you were commanded to the preface or something is getting this order now that I have to comply and have to show

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absolute compliance, straightness as you will, as the recommended camera commentator, and those who repented wisdom,

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it returned to a lot of wisdom.

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One out of them cannot exceed the limits

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of what you do. He sees all what you do. Love sees all the scholars said this ayah is what caused the prophets of

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the prophets here to go gray and stuck him

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then stay straight as you are commanded. What is being asked here is 100% compliance. What is being asked here is 100% conformity. So that's the scanner is set up and come on, let's be straight on that for that we have revealed to you stay straight from the past of the program that we have revealed to you. So, the issue is the karma is not a light matter, it is not a matter to be taken lightly. It is a matter that caused the purpose was among the best of mankind, the most compliant with the commands of Allah subhanaw taala maintain the most beautiful of mankind. So it caused him so much concern and worry that his hair gray does it cause you know, concern and worry maybe or

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errors because we're having some issues who talk you know, but this idea of this sort of profits.

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So it's the kind of money is not easy. So what is this the power?

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So as the former basically is,

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is that like I said, like isn't 100% compliance is 100% compliance

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Without cultural barrier,

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it is not 100% components of that which you like and what Allah has revealed, of that what you choose.

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Sometimes you choose certain things.

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And then you you basically

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have adjust everything to a law set to suit your understanding, your desire.

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The ahmadnagar he said, It is not the mixing of our prayers and fasting is not by praying and fasting above and mixing between the parliament is to meet every command with

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compliance, submission, you know,

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and to meet every prohibition with abstention.

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So, wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you say whatever you believe in whatever you think of is in compliance, conformity with the pleasure of above, with one of the

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top set

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and the schema Hello, everyone, we're not going

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to be that fast on the commands and prohibitions of law. And that you do not beat around the bush like foxes.

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you know, be Foxy in your understanding of the mean in your practice of the

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then choose and pick what you like and leave what you don't.

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Don't let your desires and your vanity and your wants and your you know, pursuits of celebrity, your pursuit of fame, your pursuit of your greed for money. And all of this cloud your understanding of the dean or your practice of the dean, this is what the problem is, is that you are waiting for a last command to come so that you, you know, comply for our last prohibition to come so that you refrain immediately. With complete acceptance. Even the law says the profit per hour of legalized marijuana continue hacking coffee machines or have been named by a goal that he would not have believed in did they make you judge in the matters that arise between them some goofy unforeseen

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and then they have no resistance in them in their hearts against what he said, against what you decreed?

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Why was that little disagreement and then the surrender with post submission, the surrender with no resistance and you surrender and with full submission. So why is that you see the emphasis here, not only that, they will accept what you

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decree, but be accepted the surrender to it with full and absolute submission.

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So that is, you know, that this department that we are required to go by