Omar Suleiman – Can A Muslim Woman Go To A Male Chiropractor

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As a Muslim woman, can I go to a male chiropractor.

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So there's the general rule, which is that when a person is seeking medical attention or seeking some sort of some sort of healing, that is outside of an emergency, and you have time and you can choose your doctor,

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a person should try to find someone of the same gender. And so you should start with that and you should not look for a male chiropractor. If it's if it's, you know, a routine procedure or something that you're seeking to do, you should look for a female chiropractor, then there are emergencies and when a person is in an emergency, obviously, it's what the hospitals providing at the moment or what the clinic is providing at the moment, and you don't have a choice to make. And then there is a very special type of treatment that you need to seek. And there's someone from the opposite gender that is the only person that is addressing that very particular needs. So in that situation, it becomes

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permissible. So this is it's Apple law must apply to them. Be as mindful of a law as you can, a person should try their best to, to avoid being in a situation but just like when any one of us becomes ill and goes to a hospital or a clinic. And at that point, it is really beyond our control. We seek our best we make requests, but at the end of the day, we you know we seek forgiveness from Allah for that which is beyond our capacity alone.

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