What Should You Do If Your Awrah Is Exposed In Salah

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As Muslims, we pray 5 times a day. We all are aware of the awrah and what must cover during salah for both brothers and sisters. There are different scenarios where the awrah could be exposed. What should one do in this situation?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various scenarios and ruling related to the art of painting. They explain that while some individuals may have a ruling during their painting, others may not, and that holding a ruling during a painting is important for protecting their health and well-being. They also mention that holding a ruling during a painting is a common practice for protecting their health and well-being.
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What is the ruling of during the prayer small part of the hour is revealed.

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If part of the hour revealed during the salaat there is different scenarios and each day has a ruling.

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Number one I want to start that if the hour is showing, prior to the salon, you enter the salon while you know the for a sister her hair is showing her neck is showing, or a brother who goes and he knows that his thigh is showing in the out in the salon. The salon is invalid because babies are sometimes at law solitary higher than

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that the the adult woman must have humor She must have hijab And that applies to men and woman in the same way so men and women must cover the hour before the start of the salon. But you start the salon covering your hour but during the soft part of your our show. There is also your scenarios as I said earlier, number one, the pug that was showing his small part of your neck a little bit of hair and that part small part parts of your knees when you basically bend or your thigh. So that part is a smaller part of your back because if your shirt is short, it's small part from your hour. And in the same time that part was showing for a short period of time.

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In this case, there is nothing for you and your saliva is valid. Number two, a big portion of your body if you're outshone, let's say your whole scarf fall down and your hair your neck, your upper part of your show may be shown.

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We say if this is for a short period of time you picked up the hammer and you put it back or somebody has us fall down again he pulled it back or the wind comes and you're wearing a third and the third go above your head and show your our in this case a short period of time is still your soul as well. Number three,

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it is a short part of your body but for a long period of time. The whole soul I didn't know that your neck was showing the Salah is valid. The fourth one a big portion of your our a showing for a long period of time for a long period of time. This issue majority of the art said you repeat your Salah, but I feel comfortable more decide if it's a solid done and hamdulillah it says you don't need to do it because it's done unintentionally, but many of the causes and if this has happened, maybe you should repeat the Salah if a big portion of our showing for a long period of time like most of the Salah. In this case you should pray make up this prayer but if it's done in the past and

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you don't know about it, you should not be worried about it shallow data, but this is something to consider in the future will love it was a colossal amount and it'd be no one