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There is no problem whatsoever in the speaking English as a second language, like I said,

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but when you when you feel a little bit of discomfort that, you know, you want to look like as if you're naked.

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And then you work on improving your accent. Before you improve your vocabulary, when you try to improve your vocabulary before you improve your grammar, structure, the sentence itself, when the structure of the sentence is messed up, and you're trying to be perfect, the accent doesn't look right, does it sound right? It doesn't, people will actually not be impressed.

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then is also the case with work. So I

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used to use this on any

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home. And we wrote the us this morning. And we wouldn't use anyone else's if

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someone else came and sat next to him. And he asked him for permission to you know, the students of knowledge and scholars and so on. He used to not find it problematic to use your neighbors they will take from each other from each other. So that was like the custom.

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Because everybody got this little pencil.

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Right? So some of you

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probably would not do that.

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someone sat next to him. And when he asked him permission for using his name.

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So I said to him,

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let me

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do that. Lisa,

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Morehead my work is not at that level, certainly not try to be humble, because here's what I was at that level. But he said and that person

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is moving a little bit. You know, make sure that you avoid old forbidden things before you act to work.

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Avoid the conditions that are pretty vicious. So then from the bottom up, not from the top down. When you try to protect, you know, your, your, your, your attitude,

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to act like someone from you know, the second century

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have to

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walk like 110 or something of that nature. Don't do it when you're there is nothing down there. There's no foundation built from the bottom of

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the foundation and work on the plates one by one first, second, third,

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from the top down, if nothing will be so unstable and it will collapse at the first test first.

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work from the bottom up meaning avoid the conditions first, before we avoid to the smell

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and take it from there. You know rise up infestations of water without fakeness you know be true to yourself.