Patience Towards the Hypocrites

Hatem al-Haj


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The speakers discuss the idea of the Prophet Mohammed sauces being used to signal mercy towards Muslims, and how it could be tied to past experiences of harms and Oppressors. They also discuss the importance of showing mercy to oppressors and rapists and how it could lead to a "haratory act." The speakers emphasize the need for people to show mercy to oppressors and rapists and that it is important to reconcile their qualities.

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Salam Alaikum. So, regarding the Prophet Mohammed sauces on the treatment of even salute in terms of giving his commies making the janazah laws and so forth, could that be tied back to your last lecture about, like mercy to mankind that he showed softness and mercy to this hypocrite, who basically put a lot of Muslims in jeopardy and harmed a lot of Muslims? Could that be a form of that, like, you made a good point to say that

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there are certain situations where you don't show, I guess, the mercy in which I say in in terms of the others, if you show mercy to an oppressor, or a rapist and murderer, like you said, and allow them to go free, not punish them, let them be fair to the overall majority. So for those people who are harmed, not be merciful to the overwhelming majority, yes, not just to fair, but not be merciful, for no matter what the cause of mercy for all? Yeah. So wouldn't that be the same situation applies to even saloon in terms of that open will be made, that if you show softness and kindness to a hypocrite like that others who maybe get that idea that, well, if this person did all

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that in the past, and I'm still paid on him, maybe same to me? Yeah, it was a very good point for those theories, which was,

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you know,

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coming up,

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against the profits of a sudden have been done, the prophets of Salaam would have shown him his courage, bravery, valor, and all of the other qualities that the Prophet had the person who was sleeping in the saloon, with this level of forbearance, patience, kindness, gentleness is the same person that the Sahaba used to take, you know, protection behind them, or, you know, say behind his back for protection in the midst of war, that is the process we used to be the front lions, the Sahaba would even

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things back, it would be safe to have this extra protection. So, that is the same person who lives so this is the mercy of the

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capable, powerful.

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When the prophet SAW centimeters to exhibit the other qualities, he exhibited, valor, courage, purpose for the sake of Allah.

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But the conflict is against the purpose of the law. And that is why

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we felt that we could sim handle him in this way, and then salute afterwards, all of the Londres strictness salute fill in afterwards happened while he was experimentally Muslim, and the profits of some every time I'm around the other way around, you know.

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So every time Omar comes to him and he's having a really big salute, the profits are significant.

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Mohammed and takoradi Asahi from makara Ramadan, we should not let the people say that Mohammed is killing his own companions. Yeah, Omar, we should not the people, the people say that Mohammed

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Park along his companions and then he kept them for them, how much

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sought the help of his companions to fight with them and when he fought against them and killed them. So, that consideration of public opinion is something that someone has always given attention to consideration of public opinion like

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let us not make the people say or allow the people to say that Mohammed does. So multiple factors in play here within the circle, the one of them is the fact that he did not pick up arms against the problem, when it comes to the fact that it would not be good.

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From from the, you know, the position of public opinion

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to do something to keep in mind also in saloon was the key from his seat was a hazard and if we

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treat him,

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you know, on the property developers have to

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remember exactly Okay, when you told me to

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have done this. A lot of people a lot of people would have been extremely angry.

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If I tell him to kill him now, they would do

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so, but he did not tell them to kill. So he was just trying to prepare the armor, that patience and prudence pays off at them.

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And you continue to

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It practices patience and prudence and gentleness will never settle until you die.

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wisdom is basically to reconcile between all of those qualities.

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Can period

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can old scenarios had enough?

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feathers? The Prophet talks about reconciling with me and all those things qualities of courage purpose for being a part of the truth, power, mercy gentleness of the battery reconciliation of the product of reconciliation was the province of Alberta.

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