Hatem al-Haj – Manāzil al-Sā’irīn #84 – Chapter on Absence

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The concept of " absence" is discussed in various ways, including the concept of a mother, a father, an object, and the three objects. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the heart in shaping one's life and behavior, and the significance of resisting doctor's wills by creative actions. The presence of gods in Islam is also discussed, and the speaker emphasizes the importance of working towards a better life.
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To proceed

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double variable

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and in fact we will

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go over the chapter of odd not ham or the chapter of

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the week or ham, which I told you before I translated that as other kin and we will see why translated as other kin,

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not remote kin resistant kin or anything. So we'll talk about their inheritance.

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But first let's talk about libre absence. Lima Malhotra, Nicola died in the year 481 after he Jura seven is Berkman as LSAT in Babylon, the chapter or the station of Alabama chapter on labor or the station of a valuable absence, absence.

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Palazzo gelato Allahu mukalla as a further use of Palazzo gelato la norma Paula Asafa Allah, use of a lot of Almighty said and he turned away from them and said, Oh, my sorrow over use of Joseph. So all my sorrow over Joseph, the wider the chef start by this particular verse.

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It's a little subtle, but it's not too. So, Chef wanted to say that his grief over use of has made him absent from any other sort of

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incident or, you know, the fresh incident of losing the other son, which is according to you know, the the Israelite literature. Benjamin Binyamin, the fresh

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not able to divert his attention from his grief over use of so when someone comes and tells you that we've lost your son Binyamin, and you say your Asafa use of

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that is valuable, like he's absent from the current reality or the current incident. Because he's consumed into his

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love and grief over use of love for use of and grieve over use of loss.

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And that is what an IBO is about

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is about being absorbed into consumed into a particular pursuit or a particular concern to the extent of being otherwise absent from all other concerns from all other pursuits.

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You are not here.

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I give the example. And you know, this is the sort of the

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strongest example that I can give

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here would be the example of a mother who's sitting in a gathering.

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But she is concerned about the safety of her child like she she she's heard something or her child is far away. And she's concerned about their safety.

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So and she hasn't diverse gathering. And this gathering could be the best the gathering gather, and the people around her Maybe her best most intimate friends and it may be the happiest gathering or the saddest the gathering. But she is not partaking in spirit. In this gathering, she is only present in form because she's completely consumed into her concern about her child was absent was far away.

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That is what the variable is about. That is what absence or absenteeism is about. It is about that concern that consumes you that you that you are here but you're not here. You're not present in soul in spirit

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in mind,

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then the shifts available to let you shadow and if you haven't barbarella said it that the absence that is referenced in this matter in this chapter is of three levels

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of data that will vary between Maria DB the financial cost

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or you know

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It means the homeless or madness of pasta in some manosque manuscripts on I did Allah Aqua darken our gluttonous and haka variable in marieta holosun cost or the least cost. On it Lada Ecuador Kira alkalinity method haka. The first level is the absence of the seeker and rescuing the intent from the grab of attachments and the seizure of hindrances to pursue the realities or the truth.

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Reality is often used by you know,

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Sophie's are people of philosophical orientation.

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The first level is the absence of the seeker and rescuing the intent from the grab of attachments, and seizure of hindrances the pursuit of truth or realities, to Carlos Castaneda, Delilah, kodaka, Rocklin, Thomas and haka. Basically, you're trying to purify your intention. And in order for you to pray for your intention, you need to cut off all the, you know, a de la la, la la accardi attachments, anything that attaches you

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to other than your intent other than your ultimate goal, or your final goal, anything that causes that attachment to or that that, that you're attached to, that will impede your progress will slow you down and will distract you will keep you behind, you cut it off, you kind of cut off all the attachments

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I did either apiece given the ease using sort of like a metaphorical

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expression here, he's giving those attachments hands. So I translate the ideas that grab, because the hands grab you

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grab of attachments ideally,

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because they grab you they keep you behind they slow you down,

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you think of the attachments right? Everybody has so many attachments in this linear that could slow them down. So think of the attachments that you have that are slowing you down and you cut them off. So that you have this agility and speed on the journey.

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But that is also like

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it is within reason because those attachments, sometimes you you water, those relationships or you improve those connections or those attachments, if they can be aligned with your ultimate goal, as long as they can be aligned as long as the can serve. Like, you know if you if you if you love your spouse, for instance, that is an attachment that could slow you down. But it could also be a way to serve the ultimate goal, to show kindness to show like affection, kindness, sacrifice, could that serve the ultimate goal? It could it is. You know, because that is what Allah wants of you.

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You know, your your parents, you know, one of your parents, for instance. You have extreme love for one of your parents. Could that slow you down? Yes, it may slow you down if it diverts you. But is this year? Wait again? Yes, it is your Babbitt's your daughter, Jen. So it depends on what you make of it and how you align those attachments. But if those attachments cannot be aligned with your ultimate goal, those are the attachments that you need to cut off your career also could be an attachment.

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Do you can you align it if you can, then it is good. It will carry you it will help you. You cannot. You can't off because there is nothing that is worth sacrificing the ultimate goal. So that's the idea of the grab of the attachments, the seizure of hindrances as well any impediment, any cause of impediment that comes in between you and your Lord

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should be it can overtake you. He says darkest hour so it can catch you and seize you by fours. So you run away from them, or you just remove them and the thickest veil between you and your Lord is what

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yourself your ego is the thickest veil and the greatest hindrance impediment that will obstruct you from beholding your

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And working for his pleasure,

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the method and that is to pursue the realities, because you are surrounded by phenomena that does not mean that the phenomena are not real. But in order for you to pursue the realities, you should not be distracted by all the phenomena that you are surrounded by.

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And like in Islam, we don't have any hard the distinction between the nominal and phenomenon.

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Because we do believe that Allah subhanaw taala created this world and created this order and

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do believe that God created the world and the world is basically functioning in a certain order that God also create,

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and is in control of and can change whenever he pleases.

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But, but certainly the phenomena around you particularly the mechanistic explanation of nature, sort of Newtonian type science is not sufficient to

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basically make you

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aware of the realities of this world, what the what the world is truly about, not sufficient.

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So a naturalistic explanation of the world,

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or a mechanistic Newtonian explanation of the world is certainly not sufficient amounts of pursuing the realities. The Ultimate Reality is the reality of the firstness or Walia of God.

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And that we all came from him, certainly not through emanation, but through an act of creation.

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And then the sheikh said what data to Sania right but to saticon rizoma anymore analysts say or officer for two.

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Tara Sania via to Sally can resume it. Meanwhile, Alyssa euro cos alpha to

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the second level is the absence of the traveler from the technicalities of knowledge, or assumed means the forms of knowledge and not necessarily just the technicalities, but the very form of knowledge, the exterior knowledge,

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the salary, the defects of service, the defects of service, workers alpha tour, and the concessions of lethargy, the concessions of lethargy. So what does he mean by this? Well, the first Well, usually the first level is for the Marine, the seeker the second level is for the SAT like the one who embarked and made some progress on the journey to Allah subhanaw taala, the traveler, first is the seeker. Second, the moreread. Second is the Sadek the traveler. And third, he keeps this for the RF, which, like we said before, you could translate this as gnostic, but because of the negative connotations, let's translate, let's just say RF, and then transit sort of explain it. The No, we're

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the one who has the internal knowledge, the knowledge of the realities, the beneficial knowledge, the knowledge that is in the settings and the heart,

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or the knowledge of the heart.

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That I just standing by the salad counter assuming the enemy the absence of the traveler from the technicalities, or the form of knowledge, to the facts of service, I had a side hustle for tour and the conditions of lethargy, Well, certainly a sonic does not is not the static is absent from rizoma. And when we are like

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when we teach or we learn, and we're mainly concerned about the form, were mainly concerned about technicalities, when they're in sort of these the minutiae of knowledge, which is, you know, that would make you say, Ah, you know, such a good shape, you know,

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and then you get like something that is really sort of weird and subtle and like a grammatical Latif

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intricacy and then you just keep on, you know, for days you're just like focused on this.

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When you may have when there may have been so much knowledge that you need to learn and earn in advance in your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. These are the technicalities of knowledge. That could be sometimes deceptive

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And that does not mean that perfection is perfection and knowledge and acquisition of mana. But sir, it means that you are predominantly more like you are concerned

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mainly concerned about your salvation, you know, the benefit the fruit of this knowledge, not the technicalities, but rather the fruits of the knowledge that you learn so, and had

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in the Sadek as someone who has a hand right, you know, that this level, your hand has already surpassed your knowledge. In the first level, your knowledge may be ahead of your head. In the second year, Hal has already surpassed your knowledge and now,

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your experiential phase takes over, but it does not, it does not contradict the knowledge, it refines it, it complements it, it does not substitute, its substituted or it's not a substitute for it, but rather

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a complement to it, but I complimented that will not that will that will be in control now. So, the knowledge now will be sort of

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directed by the head towards that which is a benefit for you, for those who are around you.

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Because when the knowledge is ahead of the hand,

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the knowledge could be the effects of knowledge could be it could become more obvious, could they make you arrogant, it could make you prevalence, it could make you the defects, the known defects of knowledge without or without a corresponding inner state.

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So the

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absence of the traveler from the technicalities of knowledge, the defects of service, what are the defects of service, there are so many defects.

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You know, the servants, Hall was have defects except for those

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wanted to purify their, their si or their work or their deeds, from the facts, but the defects there are so many defects, the worst of all defects is to allow those services to be hindrances to coming your way. Once you have taken pride in those services as your own accomplishments, then not gifts from Allah subhanaw taala, then they become obstacles, they don't carry you, they actually hold you back. service should carry you, if it is intended, it is sincere and devoted to Allah subhanaw taala, it will carry you to him, for sure, there is nothing that is better

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than that. And we don't mean by services only the acts of the exterior, but also the acts of the interior all the actions, whether they are the actions of the heart or the actions of the body, or matter caravela, AB de la mmf, Tara two who are a My servants does not draw closer to me by by anything more beloved to me than that which I have made obligatory on him or that which I have required of him, required of him. So the service will carry you to him as long as the service is pure is devoted to Allah subhanaw taala and you're not seeing your service as your own accomplishment, but gifts from your lower

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kindness sigh so if that is extremely important, too, because we, you know,

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sort of the Sharia compliant so have never undermines the importance of worship never undermines

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the importance, the importance of

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you know, compliance with the Sunnah where the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. And anything else would be deviation from the past of purification or the scale. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said montserrado, who has an attorney who was at to say to Vatican

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whoever rejoices in his Hassan and his good deeds, and the grieves over his bad deeds. That is the believer as the promises on Sabbath tirmidhi reported this hadith from the prophets of Allah Solomon Serato Hazara to who is that who's

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Yeah to radical moment, wherever rejoices

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in his good deeds and

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grieves over his bad or aggrieved is aggrieved by his bad deeds, that is the believer. So, yes, your heart center should make you

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should make you happy.

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You should be content and happy and pleased that you're able to do this or that, that you're able to feed the poor, that you're able to pray for records before fat, that you're able to do this or that, it should make you happy, but it certainly will not make you arrogant, and it will never make you think that this is

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your own accomplishment, it is rather a law's gift.

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And you should be thankful for it.

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Then the GX add

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Rufus alpha tour, so absence of the traveler from the technicalities of knowledge, the defects of service, and the concessions of lethargy, the concessions of less lethargy.

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This person is at this point here Memorial. So he is very supportive he has carried

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his faith carries him he does not carry his faith. It is not a burden, it is a

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an assistance or support help. So

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he does, he doesn't have lethargy, he doesn't have lassitude, because he is being carried. So he has the energy that will not make him seek those concessions, the concessions of lethargy, not all concessions, the concessions of lethargy, because they're offers that are legitimate requests that Allah The Lucas could actually make you using the Rojas or the concessions that he lost anata Allah had granted you. And even every once in a while, using the easier of two possessions may improve your relationship with Allah May moist in that relationship may make it

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sort of sweeter.

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So those are not the conditions that are mentioned here. But the concessions of lethargy, concessions of lassitude is when you are

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lazy. When you're tired of service, you feel tired, and you want to take concessions, like you have been committed to a particular service or a particular act of goodness, for years and now you want to take the concession

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you know,

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as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about about Pema Leyland, as the President also said about, you know,

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most beloved deeds in the sight of Allah are the consistent ones, even if their religion

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the Sadek will not resort to those concessions of lethargy, the chef's

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that have the status and the strength keeps this Narada for life for the one who reached the station of finance or self-annihilation, the RF the knower

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to reach the state of self annihilation and as I said before, I keep on repeating it, because every time we have met one may have new people but the you know, self annihilation is not the highest station and it is not a necessary bridge to the highest station by station is Baka to subsist by Allah for Allah with Allah subhanaw taala that was the station of the Sahaba wanna lay him and it is the highest of stations, but certain aspects of finance need to be realized before you subsist by a law with a law firm law you cannot claim to be subsisting by law with a law firm law, when your ego is like so thick you can see through it

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certain aspects of finance must be realized in order for you but not necessarily that complete self-annihilation that is, that is mentioned

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by the shape or that is considered by the chef to be the highest of stations.

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Although the chef does not mean anything that is

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sort of in principle, wrong or deviant. But we're just saying that the way of the Sahaba

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the sobriety of the Sahaba the way of the Sahaba was

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I always prefer to intoxication to

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absence in that sense also doesn't know whether she was talking about particularly the absence here in this particular level or phase. He says right, but then I found a unit I was sure I had Wi Fi hustle, Gemma.

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And I bet a lot of the third of it is the absence of the knower on our unit, a Hawaiian watch. So I had one project, from the beholding of the state's manifestations and levels,

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to find shelter in the fortress of union to find shelter in the fortress of union. And the sheriff does not mean by Union, the the deviant the corrupted understanding of the concept of Gemma or like union with the divine and the sense of union with the that of the Divine or merging. These are all concepts that are completely reckless, and completely dangerous. They come from philosophical

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sort of

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trends, that that used to be prevalent at certain times that are completely foreign to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions, particularly that sort of reunion with Allah subhanaw taala comes from the concept of that we emanated from him we're not direct creations but rather, you know, in this fight that we have, where the emanation

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from the divine, our we emanate from the divine, therefore reunion with the divine as possible because you emanated from the divine through a line, or a hierarchy of a hierarchy of beings that ends up with the divine and the divine, at the top of the ladder. Certainly, these concepts are not our foreign interest, we are the creations of the Divine and are returned to him does not mean a real merging with Satie, the inia does that of the Divine it means that we will just return to Him to be in his company and his Jaguar in the jungle. May Allah subhanaw taala make us a halogen.

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So I bought an iPhone a unit a while, so he's not. He's not watching.

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And he's not even being found by it. So he does not go through. There are no colors anymore. No one anymore. There is no variability, there is no diversity anymore. Because if you think about being was that one was the true one was India, does that have the true one, there are no colors. There are no variations.

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No variability.

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Once you have gotten gotten there, you don't want to see any variability. Because you see anything coming from the true one.

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Do you is that preferred is that wanted, what is prefer this to see the multiplicity in the Oneness is to see the variability in the unity, to see the variability in the unity of Allah, the variability of his work, like his doings, the variability of his actions, the birth of lt, even of his wealth, the creative, well, the prescriptive, well, you know, credit is sorry, federal county is you are able to see all of this. And being able to see all of this does not at all, mean that you are not able to apprehend the oneness of the source that is always there in your mind.

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So the oneness of the source. But certainly there are certain things that you will have to

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deal with the you know, in those in the state of Florida, certain things that you have to deal with while watching the oneness of the source. So you'd have to resist the doctor by a locked door, you'd have to resist the wills by creative welds by creative wills, but particularly resist creative whereby the prescriptive will. So if Allah decided like that you get sick and the professor salon tells you to Tao, seek treatment, then you throw it out, you seek treatment, that is resisting the creative well by the prescriptive will. But then if the disease overtakes you, then you are completely at peace with the fact that you cannot really resist this creative will

00:30:01 --> 00:30:15

What you're doing is you're doing your best from your end. That's it. You're just complying with a prescriptive, well, you're complying with a prescriptive way. So if the enemy attacks your city,

00:30:16 --> 00:30:23

what do you do your rise to defend your city? That's the prescriptive? Well, if the enemy overtakes the city,

00:30:25 --> 00:31:08

you are completely at peace. You don't say to Allah, why have you done this? Like, you're you, but whenever, and then you started the resistance. It is not like, okay, it happened, I now need to surrender. So your surrender to the creative well does not mean that you don't do what he prescribed. So at the time, the enemy attacks, you're, you're, you're repenting the attack, and then after the enemy overtakes the city, you're resisting, and you're still you're still at complete peace with his creative will, but his prescriptive well is that I resist and so, I continue to resist.

00:31:11 --> 00:31:20

So, he says that, you know, a better RFP or your honor unit, or show I had, so I had the manifestations, the signposts

00:31:21 --> 00:31:22

the end, Dickens

00:31:23 --> 00:31:24

and Dickens signposts

00:31:26 --> 00:31:37

that point to God, because you are seeing him by him not seeing him by the science at this level, remember, this level is when you have

00:31:38 --> 00:31:47

when the the lights of the antecedents of a law and while as I said a year have shined on you.

00:31:50 --> 00:32:50

And once they shine on you, and you see the antecedents of Allah subhanaw taala, then all the silver all else will will take its place will completely sort of fade out. And in, in this case, you do not need the signposts to point you to him, right. So, when we talk about faith, and we talk about evidentialist phase and naturalist phase and experiential phase, the natural spaces is just like the evidential space, but it is the neatest face that you like apprehending the Lord with your Hessel Barton with your internal sense. And this is, so sometimes it is so clear to people like it has survived the external sense, the sight, the hearing, touch, smell, so on, that cell has survived

00:32:50 --> 00:32:57

that those are your five senses, your internal sense with which you apprehend your Lord through this

00:32:59 --> 00:33:15

naturalist faith is just as strong as for, for for people, for some people, for natural people. But for some people, there's just as strong as your and has survived. But certainly, there are people who

00:33:16 --> 00:33:38

basically rely more on the evidentialist face. You know, they convinced you know, the signposts they read, they are able to read the signposts to see where they're pointing, and to come to the proper certainty, and their Lord. But,

00:33:39 --> 00:33:56

but the experience of faith, which is this phase is all about experiential phase. They don't need the evidentialist they don't need they're just they're they're, they're seeing him by him. So, they are seeing his antecedents by the likes of his antecedents

00:33:57 --> 00:34:43

not by the signposts, so shall I had signposts would drop sometimes they mean by the show, I had also the difference between the attributes and the is that the support and the that the attributes and the obscenity, the essence of Allah subhanaw taala. So you don't see here, your absorption into the that will make you Hopsin from beholding the attributes and that is not preferred. And as we said, you see the multiplicity in the Oneness in the unity that is best. That is the best condition that's the best status to see that multiplicity in his unity.

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And if you look at the the reason

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this vibe as long as it does not this guy, but this time

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absence as long as it does not keep you from beholding Miranda lamb in what Allah wants to view what Allah wants of you, not what you want of Allah, but what Allah wants of you, that is fine, then it is part of the path that it is a station on this journey.

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I mean by this if you say that you're so absorbed into the divine, so absorbed into the the that the the absurdity, the essence of the Divine, that you're unable to watch,

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that you are unable to observe what the divine wants of you, is that something in commendable? No. So if you're sitting like uncertain, you are allowed masala to live amongst the most perfect parable. But if you are sitting in the presence of a king, and you're so absorbed into

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the king's majesty and beauty and so on,

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that you are unable to observe the king's commands, are you a better servant, or the servant that is just sitting there, you know, buying a king, waiting for the king to point to anything.

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Like, give me this, give me that? Do this, go do it, you know, bring someone from outside the door,

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you know, is that servant, a better servant or the servant that is just sitting there, watching the majesty and the beauty of the king. And then whatever the Kings tells him, he's absent. He's absent from morale that came from what the king wants of him. I mean, it's not that he's absent from the distractions, he's absent from what the king wants, you know, what Allah, Allah to Allah belongs the most perfect and greatest parable. So your absence should not ever make you absent from rod lemon from what Allah wants of you, you should always be present there. And then part of what Allah wants of us, falafel are the right, he made you an agent on earth, He made you an agent on earth, He wants

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you to

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be his agent and establishing life on earth and progress and all of that, that's the killer for was that if a philosopher the faculties functions of the philosopher, you should uphold the functions of the * out, give you an example of, you know, the profits are the last element, the profits, awareness and the sahabas awareness, even his hyper awareness of the reality as it exists, as it exists, because there is a there is extreme.

00:37:58 --> 00:38:18

It is extremely important that you are aware of the reality as it exists. You are aware of the reality now and here, and you engage the reality now and here. So in the Battle of better before the Battle of bed was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told of the victory beforehand?

00:38:19 --> 00:38:58

Was he told that he will be victorious beforehand? Yes, he was. He was promised and Salam was told that he was he will be victorious. And in the end, he was even shown, as he says, masal count, he was shown where everybody will fall sinabi Quraysh, the chiefs of Christ, chiefs of disbelief, wherever. And then after this, he has Amara Dylon, who reports of Naba says it isn't Bukharian Muslims, highly authentic report in Bukhari and Muslim from nobis, Amara Golan told them that

00:39:00 --> 00:39:03

on the day of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

00:39:04 --> 00:39:18

looked at the disbelievers and he found them to be around 1000 and then he looked at the Muslim muslimeen and he found them to be around 310 and a few more without Asha,

00:39:19 --> 00:39:20

without Asha,

00:39:22 --> 00:39:35

chemists that are familiar with Asha, so they were a few more than 310 and then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam kept on beseeching is lower than saying a lack of Mantis Lima Tony la Mandy's

00:39:37 --> 00:39:39

lament is demartini

00:39:40 --> 00:39:44

until his mantle fell off or slept off his shoulders.

00:39:46 --> 00:40:00

When he was like la manzanilla, Tania lament or LA accomplish what you have promised me. Now, does the Prophet says I don't have any doubt about Allah, you know, accomplishing his promise. No, but he is actually

00:40:00 --> 00:40:15

Engaging the reality as it exists. Now, he's being present in the in the, you know, time and place. Now on here he's being present hyper aware of the, the existence reality.

00:40:16 --> 00:40:21

And he was doing this it's not like an act. He was doing this with complete

00:40:23 --> 00:40:25

like force and

00:40:27 --> 00:40:32

presence alone man's demartini alarm antastic heavy hitter sobre

00:40:36 --> 00:40:40

la la Metallica Saba letter but for the avid

00:40:44 --> 00:40:56

Allah, Allah accomplish what you have promised me accomplish what you have promised me, Allah if this band of believers if the small band of believers is destroyed today, you

00:41:00 --> 00:41:02

you'll never be worshipped on earth.

00:41:03 --> 00:41:15

And then he was doing this and Abu Bakr felt for him his radar has upper garment or mantle fell off his shoulders and abubaker came from behind them and put it back on his shoulders

00:41:19 --> 00:41:32

and embrace them from behind and then he said caca. When I said that dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka Manasa it's the different

00:41:33 --> 00:42:00

Rebecca Ross will allow sufficient for you or once a five year besieging of your Lord is sufficient for your suffice you your procedure, besieging of your Lord, your your beseeching of your Lord will be sufficient for you or messenger of Allah it is enough. He why he was saying to him It isn't enough because the preference was Adam was so emotionally invested in the moment that abubaker lavonne who

00:42:01 --> 00:42:11

feared feared for his safety fear that for his well being because he was so emotionally invested in the moment to now and here.

00:42:13 --> 00:42:21

Finn Joseon de sala kamada FACA Manasa Touka Rebecca Yara Soto la fere in San Diego, la kamada.

00:42:25 --> 00:42:36

You he is sufficient for you, your positioning of your daughter, the Messenger of Allah He will accomplish what he promised he will accomplish for you what he promised you he will accomplish for you what he promised you.

00:42:37 --> 00:42:41

And then Allah subhanaw taala revealed those verses in which you know,

00:42:43 --> 00:42:55

is the study so not many medical and medical team will defeat when you are teaching your Lord then he responded to you in that, that that sense of response, you know,

00:42:57 --> 00:43:05

responsiveness, receptive receptiveness and responsiveness between you and your Lord, it's by its mutual, its bilateral

00:43:06 --> 00:43:18

is basically the essence of worship and your awareness and your being with him for him, with him for him. And that's extremely important with him for him,

00:43:21 --> 00:43:23

by him as well. So,

00:43:24 --> 00:43:45

if you look at this picture, the prophets on Sonam was not absent from reality. It's not like he's in a state of intoxication or a state of absence from reality. He's completely connected to the reality but to do what to serve his Lord. Did you know what what was he concerned about? lat orbit fill out the evidence.

00:43:49 --> 00:43:53

You will never be worshiped on Earth. That was his main concern.

00:43:57 --> 00:44:04

Not even his physical safety and the safety of the Sahaba. And a lot of him because he knows monitor them is you know,

00:44:05 --> 00:44:14

is welcomed by by his companions, but that is his main concern. So he is present. He is engaging the moment

00:44:16 --> 00:44:20

he's with his Lord, but for his Lord for the cause of his Lord.

00:44:22 --> 00:44:27

And that's what we want to be and

00:44:28 --> 00:44:38

your togetherness with him. for him. It does not take away from your awareness of the reality or awareness of the reality sometimes shapes it.

00:44:39 --> 00:44:44

To an extent a chump, sometimes she Do you remember all this talk about you know?

00:44:47 --> 00:44:59

Anyway, I don't want to make this like more philosophical than it should be. But but that sort of synthetic creative role of your self consciousness in the reality

00:45:00 --> 00:45:12

Kant says the categories of reality are the category the categories of understanding, are the categories of reality. I'll give you an example from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that when the Prophet says Adam went to visit

00:45:14 --> 00:45:18

a man like an older man as reported

00:45:19 --> 00:45:37

in secret body, the problem was that I went to visit and an older man who had fever and then the usual thing his professors would make the app for people's he would say, the horror when he visits a sick person, so he said to him love as a horror inshallah.

00:45:38 --> 00:45:49

There is no harm or before you you will be cured inshallah. And then the man said, did you say to her, according to Taco Bell here hamata for Allah Safin, Kabir to zero.

00:45:50 --> 00:45:53

So did you actually say the whole word or they say that I'll be

00:45:54 --> 00:46:06

cured? No, it is not. It is a raging fever that that had befallen an old man. So you studying him? You know?

00:46:07 --> 00:46:17

You he is saying the promises. You don't know what you're talking about. This is a raging fever. I'm an old man. So

00:46:18 --> 00:46:24

the natural thing is that this fever will overtake me to zero and

00:46:25 --> 00:46:33

take me all the way to the grave or the cemetery. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said phenom isn't that it will be

00:46:35 --> 00:47:00

so that to some extent, and that does not mean that you are in part creating anything last minute Allah is the one who creates everything but your your own awareness because you're looking at the reality from the lens of yourself consciousness, your own awareness, your own outlook, your own perspective can have an effect on the reality and it was and the guy

00:47:04 --> 00:47:21

so, so like I said, and a positive like an engaged engaging the reality for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala was positivity is what is prescribed for a protocol you have suffered by clinical and external events.

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