Yaser Birjas – When Modesty Is Gone

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The importance of modesty in the culture of the time is discussed, with a focus on the message of being in a certain language and avoiding doing inappropriate things. High in Arabic language is not a virtue, but rather a message taught in public. Decency and modesty are essential for society, and it is essential to teach others to be honest and decency. The speakers also touch on clothing choices and the importance of building relationships with Allah sub hangers.
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undeliverable Alameen salatu salam Bara Muhammad and while earlier also he was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira some my bad

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nomina Rahim Allah Tala, if you could have the other side of hand, cadaver Montura to Almora Hadith number 1844 Coronavirus, Odin, Mr. Della Tran who are caught up in the view SallAllahu wasallam in Madra canasa McCallum and Naboo Lulu either alum Testa hi first name Masha. Raul Bukhari

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of almost rude around side of the Lord TerraNova narrated the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam said, one of the admonitions of the previous prophets, which has been conveyed to people is that if you discard modesty, you may do whatever you like. Oh al Bukhari. What does Hadith mean? Sometimes very profound in regards to the culture of our time as well to Naveen Salah Sela mystery, this mmm ADRA canalso McCullough Minobu Talulah is a look, some of the things we've learned from the beginning of time.

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He's saying that almost every prophet, every prophet shared this wisdom with his people from the early time, and some of the dilemma they say, and Naboo Lulu, the first prophethood he refers to,

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or the manager, or the man is Sunnah, the very first prophet, or the Maricela, which means these words of wisdom, they go back all the way to the beginning of mankind from the very beginning, which means it's very valuable. And it's been conveyed to us from generation to generation, from the prophet to Private Messenger messenger. without any interruption, every single prophet conveyed the exact same message. Can you guys imagine that? How valuable how important this message is right now. Every single prophet conveyed this message. So what is this message he says, call it LM tester, Hey, first timesheet. If you have no higher,

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then do whatever you want.

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What's the meaning of this? So the word hire the poor translation to the word hire in English is modesty. That's what they say. If you have no modesty, then you can do whatever you want. But the higher is bigger than this, the Prophet saw some sort of higher ordinal. Eman al Hawa is one of the the characteristic of faith and Eman one of the qualities of faith. A man one time the Prophet Salah Salem, he saw another man advising his friend about higher like damn, come on, you're too weak, don't keep doing this. So the Prophet says I'm torn on Clodagh who leave him phenol higher Allah to Allah because higher brings nothing but good. But we need to differentiate between higher and Cajal

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in the Arabic language.

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So higher in the English, the poor translation it's actually suggests modesty.

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But the aroma that refers to higher Hodo can feel called of enough's, you have to Allah Digenova. It's some sort of like an intrinsic value, intrinsic characteristic, that will that will prevent a person from going into that which is considered inappropriate. Now, who defines what's appropriate and appropriate? That's good depends on your value system. And for the believers, we go back to divine instruction from Allah subhanho wa Taala from the Creator. So basically, your higher is that inner color to keep you away from doing something inappropriate and Allah will never be it will not be pleased with some some some like what, for example, like drinking, for Nikitin, doing something

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that is absolutely unacceptable lying and these things so you stay away from these things. That is good. There is no such thing as being too weak when it comes to preventing yourself from falling into that was considered inappropriate and haram.

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But hudgell bashfulness is a weak is a weak characteristic. That's when you when you use higher, or at least you allegedly lose higher to prevent you from doing that which is supposed to be appropriate or good for you. Like what so for example, speaking in public, let's take something neutral. speaking in public, how many of you guys would say that handle I have no problem, I will go stand in front of everybody and talk. Not everybody. Those who say I don't dare do that. You can say stay with the word stay in Arabic language like the word higher. That's not what it is that schedule now. It's considered harder and harder as bashfulness as bashfulness is not good all the time, but

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higher is good at all time. So the prophets Allah Sam is saying here that if someone has no regard to higher no regard to the ethical aspects of modesty, as Allah subhanaw describes this in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam first nama should go do whatever you will.

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Okay, is that a command from Allah subhanho wa Taala he's telling the people hey, if you have no hair, do whatever you want to do.

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So that means if I would like to obey this command, what do I do? Take off my hair and just do whatever I want to do. Absolutely not. This is from the Prophet says, I'm an Arabic expression. He doesn't mean Salah Salem. It's not an order to do that. It's more like a scolding somebody and challenging somebody and then they say, You, Toby, let's call them some are like, if you have no higher than they are, do whatever you want to do. Which means what? Allah subhana wa will punish you for it.

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Allah will punish you for it. Some of them are the Sunnah of the Prophet says and is explaining what happens if somebody has absolutely no hire.

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So if someone has no hair, what happens to them? What are they gonna do?

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They have no boundaries. And this is exactly what was in our society today, right? Why do people do what they do? Things that you can't even comprehend. You can't even imagine? People, humans, humans will do something like this, forget about being intelligent or otherwise just a human being. And when you look at that, it just because they have absolutely no sense of decency, no sense of higher and modesty. So for them who says I who said it's wrong, because they have no compass, no moral compass that goes back again to the divine instruction from Allah subhanaw taala, as a messenger. So once again, if people start removing Allah subhanaw taala from their lives, and removing all these

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boundaries, they will have absolutely no regard to higher no regard to modesty and whatsoever.

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But for a believer, that is important. It's a message that came down from the time of Adam Alayhis Salam, until today, what also we'll all learn from this destruction with the prophets of Allah Salam, when it comes to the subject of a flock and manners and ethics. And these manners actually, these manners and etiquette, they don't change by the change of time. They do not change by the change of time today in our time in our culture, it says people changing everything, even though genders.

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But Will there be at any time in the history of mankind? Will there be at any time to say that lying becomes a virtue?

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What happens in our time, politicians do that very much right.

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And they consider this to be a virtue, you lie on unit, get away with it. But it would never be accepted to be a virtue, stealing to be a virtue, never backbiting to be a virtue, never. These things are basics. And they don't fluctuate, they don't change the wrong from the beginning. And they will continue to be wrong until the Day of Judgment. Why? Because this is an example of this. From the time of Adam nslm, until the profits are same until the Day of Judgment we've been taught HYAH is essential to mankind. And if you remove it, you're no longer human beings, you act like animals. So if we would like to restore back humanity in the life of people, we need to teach them

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higher sense of decency and modesty. And people will never accept that unless they have what countability to whom,

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if it's going to be up to the people, they change that frequently. But if they go back and pillar accountability with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, they will realize okay, there is a code of ethics that I need to adhere to regardless of the circumstances. Regardless of the change in the environment, I have to fulfill that because the Prophet saw Sam says in the Hadith, he developed a Stivers namaste shirt if you don't have that sense of modesty and decency, you will end up doing whatever you want May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from the cerebral element Wallah any questions

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you're gonna have to speak up a little bit

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to differentiate between good and bad and higher

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good point about law higher Virginia mean Okay, so there's a very common popular statement in Arabic says law higher if it did they say and there should be no no higher or no bashfulness when it comes to asking about your faith and your religion, this statement is actually is not a hadith at all. And it's wrong to begin to begin with you can't say law if it didn't why because at the Kulu higher our faith is all modesty and all hire that true statement is to say in Hola Hola, esta HeMan will help that ALLAH SubhanA wa does not shy away from telling the truth. That's the proper statement to say in Allah. La is the heat mental health. So when you say that say look, there is no shyness when it

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comes to learn about your faith and your religion. And you ask a question no matter how sensitive that subject is, just like and this was actually mentioned in the in the,

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in the context of the Ansari women

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As they were asking the prophets I said I'm very bolstered questions that the Mahabharata will feel shy from asking the prophets of salaam that and I surely ALLAH Anna, she reported that she says,

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I've never seen I've never seen people. I've never seen women who are so courageous in asking that question and the answer to women let me Anna let me I'm not gonna hire oh, I need to focus on evading Allah, being shy and sense of modesty did not prevent them from learning about their faith and their religion. And she mentioned an example. In that example she mentioned the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam, he was speaking to the ladies answering their questions, and one of the ladies asked him about the period. So the professor was and he was asked about the period what will she do for the Professor Sam says she needs to clean herself with a cloth or a piece of cotton.

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And we That's enough, you know, answer for her to figure it out, obviously. So the lady that she thought that there is something more to it than what she knows, normal to do. So she insisted on more explanation. She goes color Tara, so Allah, how do I use it?

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Like, how would I use this cotton? Or this this piece of cloth? And the professors are more surprised and shocked from the question. And even the Prophet says he feels shy to answer because of Han Allah. Toto Hibiya

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Subhanallah just deal with it.

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You repeat yourself with it? She goes, Yeah, but how? And the process? Um, yeah. So just do deal with it, just do it and clean yourself with it. I just said I had to pull the lady to the side and say just follow the trace of the blood. That's it. So it was this complicated to her and SubhanAllah. So but again, she said that the ladies did not shy away from asking these straight questions. Forward question to the Prophet SAW Selim, even under the guidance of other women, so And hello, someday we probably we learned from experience as well, when it comes to the subject of higher when it comes to the subject of higher, there are different categories, which means people

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have different perspective perception of higher sometimes the culture, the culture put a standard to that. What does that mean? Let's say those who come from the Middle East, for example, they have a certain standard for hire. For example, in regards to how men women talk to each other,

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how men dress up how women dress up, for example, there is a level of higher and modesty let's say, in most Muslim countries, at least. Let's go to the subcontinent, for example. It's very well known if you're in the countryside, you have to cover your head when you walk around, and you dress up in a certain way. And if they see without having a head covered, something wrong with you,

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what a shame. I've got an adult you can't walk, you can work like this, for example. But that's a standard different understand that we have a way similar to the women for example, here, let's say even at the time of the Prophet says I'm the MaHA Girard versus on Saudi women. So the MaHA Jarrah, the Mahajan woman, who came from Makkah, they were more in terms of the category of modesty, they would not raise your voices not for example, answer back and they have their certain standard dealing with it. And even when it comes to intimacy, they have certain behavior to it. The Ansari women there are different level

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they will talk they are very loud and sometimes actually in the message they will you can you imagine speaking out loud

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and one time the Prophet saw somebody came out you saw the men women are talking because you're talking about intimacy and stuff like this. They all went quiet

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and then in a Saudi woman she goes yes sir salah they do that I talk regularly even.

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My Wow, the Prophet says, he says don't do this. If you talk publicly about this marriage if you're talking about two shutdowns meeting together right now. So again, level of hair sometimes is different. So when you travel from one country to the other country, you're probably going to see that level of higher but there will always be a standard for the Muslim ummah. Like bare minimum. You can't cross these boundaries especially with the interaction of the opposite gender between men and women. Talking on an equal mental level for example isn't going to Sergeant kind of like flirting and talking as if there is no any higher completely no no you have to be careful how we

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talk with each other. Those levels should always be preserved inshallah Tabata Kota

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lower, larger de la caja de Can you say la caja LaFontaine? I mean you can but it doesn't really make sense in Arabic Ghana because it's about higher na Allah Ana

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bills like expensive

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for yourself and then also like kids does have higher as well. Yes, it can be mentioned in Washington game.

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Yes. It's like hearing actually fearing

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a loving relationship a lot easier if you'd like

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only build that.

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So the question is when you build if you would like to build that higher you have to build a relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada, contributor Lazada okay if I love Allah azza wa jal that's that's the first thing. How can I then move this to build that higher with Allah subhanaw taala I believe personally if someone truly have the true understanding of the relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala having the standard of higher becomes easy, because I feel nobody when it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so when it comes to dealing with the matters of Deen I have no problem I'll speak I'm courageous. I'm not gonna say Oh, I'm so scared to talk to the to the people about this issue. No, I'm gonna conquer. I'm gonna talk to the people about this. If you truly have that sense of responsibility and accountability to Allah subhana wa Tada. It gives you it gives you courage, because now you feel nobody but ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna Mala it's fun to Columbia 100 I should have asked if I'm gonna love it.

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