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Last summer, so it allowed me

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to proceed.

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So, today inshallah we will have later the chapter on residual ears, loss of art that will also be in the book of inheritance in GitHub ignore ease.

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And now we will go over the station of submersion algabra drowning, submersion

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or absorption and it's Station Number 78 in an

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environment hobbies book mirazur serene, which has 100 stations on the path to Allah subhanaw taala on your travel to Allah subhanaw taala you would go

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we hopefully go through those stations and

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they are 100 he divided them into 10 sections, each section has 10 stations, we are at station 78 now, which is a lava rock submersion.

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So she said, Paula was

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from Salinas slama with the beam, as usually starts with a verse from the Quran, and he said, a lot of hanada Allah, the Almighty said, and then, and when they had both submitted that Ibrahim in his mind when they had both submitted

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meaning to our world, and he put him down upon his forehead, meaning Ibrahim Put a smile down upon his forehead, to slaughter him, as he was commanded.

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So this version sort of populated the shift start the chapter on submersion or drowning, by this verse and sort of itself.

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Well, the chapter on submersion or drowning, what does it mean to begin with submersion or drowning means that you are completely consumed into the your devotion to Allah subhanaw taala, to the point of the complete abatement of the self, the ego disappearance, fading out. So the self is completely absorbed into your devotion to the Lord, until you do not feel it, you do not see it, you do not feel it. And it becomes completely

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outside the picture. And that is what happened to him in his mind at that moment. It's a moment of complete submission, where there's sensation, that awareness of the self, the ego, had this appeared. You can't imagine a father putting his like, obedient.

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You can't imagine a father putting down his obedient, young son onto his forehead, and attempting to slaughter him, if he still has any sensation

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of himself or his feelings. So, he had completely lost sensation of the self and the feeling because he was consumed, absorbed into his devotion to the Lord, to his Lord. The same applies this night, he was also in a state of complete

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absorption into submission into this, this lead into this devotion, that he did not have any more sensation or awareness or recognition of the self. So, that is why he was

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accepted, accepting with out any

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reluctance or hesitation that failed. And for a young boy to be this accepting,

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of being slaughtered,

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is enormous. So, that is why the shift started with this verse and it is very suitable verse. Certainly, it's certainly a state of complete absorption into devotion, complete loss

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of sense a sense a sensation or awareness of the ego. I just wanted to say here that it is because we try to find the right balance.

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We will all we always seek the right balance and moderate understanding of our heritage. It is important that you realize that the the clarity that Brahim had about this command

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It was like the sun in the middle of a summer day, he is a prophet, he is the one who escaped from the fire by the command of God, he, you know, he knows he is a prophet, he is certain of his prophethood, he is certain of the communications that he receives from God. Therefore, he will, there was no shortage of certainty here, that this command is actually coming of God, and that my understanding of it is actually appropriate

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for you,

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particularly, as a young man or young woman,

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that absorption and devotion does not mean that you do things hastily, or you do, or you that you give in your intellect to someone

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to basically

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mislead you,

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you do want to maintain some level of, and I don't want to say this isn't here in the negative sense. But in the positive sense, some level of skepticism about people's interpretations and people's intense is healthy,

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is essential for your survival.

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What you want to be absorbed into what you want to be consumed and absorbed in, to fade out into completely are the universals of Islam, that are not subject to doubt or interpretation, that you are completely certain of those you want to uphold

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with strengths, and with complete devotion, strength and complete devotion. And if you want your ego to fade into them, let your ego fade into them. But these are the universals of Islam, that are not subject to interpretation. These are the definitive universals of Islam.

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So, doing things that are counter rational, you know, if that would not apply to us, we do want to make sure

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that what we're being told is actually true.

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And even if someone cites verses of the Quran and Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you do still want to ensure that their understanding

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of the these text, textual proofs, or rational proofs that they may sight, and the application of them is actually appropriate, is actually guided. So that is an important

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concept that we have to stay aware, aware of. Because you're not Ibrahim and you're not ismaila humans.

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And what we have received the revelation, there are things that are mahkumat that are decisive. And there are things that are subject to interpretation. And interpretation does not only is not only limited to the mere interpretation of the text, but the contextual interpretation of the text, the inter textual interpretation of the text, to compare it to other you know, texts, and application, the proper application in in different circumstances and different environments. Therefore, your absorption when we talk about absorption when we talk about

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fading out into the commands of God, we're talking about the universe, so the definitive universes of Islam. We're not talking about what some tries to convince you of as

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their interpretation of it.

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Okay, then the shift said, how that's when you show to be if you have a Bab elementos subtle Mahamaya was a hot that the Federal

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project. This is a name that refers in this chapter to one who reached the middle of the station and crossed the boundary of the federal power dispersion and it is of three levels. Now that's when you shall be the other web development costs.

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This is a name that refers in this chapter to one who reached the middle of the station and he did not say any particular station but in macom

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The station, according to the masters of the past, or according to some of them, is another station by itself. It's called the station in Makkah.

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Or you may say that it refers to the different maklumat it's like sort of a denominator

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between the different mathematical you could say that the mechanics The, the it's a name of a station by itself. But why did he say that you come to the middle, because rock submersion drowning with expected us at the end of the middle,

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but it is like you are in the middle of the ocean. So all you are concerned about, you know, is is this macom It is not that you are looking for the next macom It is not that you're concerned about the previous macom or the previous station that you're in, you are completely consumed into this,

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to perfect it. And to reach the peak of it, like you are in the middle of the ocean.

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When he said was our hub, the tougher rock and grasp the boundary of the Federal jail as a HUD that the Federal cross the boundary of the Federal. And when we talked before about the federal and foreign, we said that there is a difference between fatca and the federal right? Far is difference to federal is dispersion comes from foreign. But foreign is your realization of the different manifestations of the divine attributes, divine actions, divine powers, divine decrees, it's, it's your manifestation of the variety, the manifestation of the you know,

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the variety of phenomena around you,

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which will make you do what is right in different circumstances. Gemini is your togetherness with Allah subhanaw taala that is together and this with that the inia the absurdity of Allah subhanaw taala that is the wholeness union together and as with a lot of Allah is when the different manifestations subside. And you see the work of Allah subhanaw taala, or that you see that the absurdity in every thing. So you are whole. And we said that in order for you to maintain a proper relationship with Allah subhanaw taala you need to see the fact in JAMA in etc, that variety in the oneness, the variety of his attributes are the manifestations of his attributes, in his oneness, so

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that when it comes to your actions, you are discerning, you know, what needs to be done. When the you know, in every circumstance in every condition, you know, if this is the time for drama, you go to go into drama, this is time to be a host to the guests, then that's what you're doing. This is time to look after your kids, that is what you're doing. If this is a time to go to work, that is what you're doing. If this is a time to call your parents, that's what you're doing, that's what you're doing. The You know, every time has its prescribed function, that is fun. You are concerned with a

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variety of commands, variety of prohibitions, different manifestations of His glory, as

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that is all you are seeing the decrees and you are trying to be discerning your associates in the decrees and you're trying to be discerning between, you know,

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going to a doctor that is Shariah, you know, the, or the sort of creative will of God and the prescriptive Word of God. And you're you're making the distinction is clear in your mind, that not every creative will conforms with the prescriptive, well, all of this is fine. All of this is your awareness of the rule, pure awareness of the variety and the differences. So you are resisting sometimes the creative world by the prescriptive when

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or you are resisting creative well by creative will know you know when as Iraq or Libya.

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we resist that will by the wills of Allah subhanaw taala by the wills of Allah subhanaw taala. But then, at one point, you do want to have that holiness, that union, that feeling of oneness, and you're realize that the origin is one of everything, that the origin is one. So that is you know, Jama

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product, but fabric is always bad.

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The fabric is not your awareness of fabric, the fabric is the is when your soul is fractured, when your soul is scattered, when your soul is being pulled away in different direction, that is the federal. So that's why we call it dispersion distraction. Because that is not your awareness of the product or the group around you, and the different functions for the different circumstances and times and places and so on, and the difference between the creative will of Allah subhanaw taala, that which he, you know,

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that which he created that which he will have that with and the prescriptive way of that which he loved, that which he wanted of us, all of that this awareness of focus fine is good is important, but your federal is never important is never good, it is a sign of disease, that your soul is scattered, that you're pulled in different directions between the donia and the dean, between Allah and your friends, between you know, your earnings and your

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compliance with commands of Allah subhanaw taala. But that is, you're being pulled in different directions, that is always

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a disease of the heart that you need to

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My job was to have the tougher rock and cross the boundary of the Federal. So, this person has is in that state of submersion and in a state of submersion your, your ego yourself which caused all that effort broke down

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the ego, the self that caused all the difference, because that ego that self is concerned about all of these things, you know, family and friends and earnings and health and, you know, status and, you know, fame and so many things, leadership is that recognition

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that ego had now faded out that or submerged into the devotion to Allah subhanaw taala. So, now, you could say that you have crossed the boundary of the federal or the distraction, dispersion, scattered nurse

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who are authority data and it is of three levels of data to rule us terracota lm epi in adhan, we have Raja Raja Farah minister Karnataka population refers to

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the first level is the submersion of the knowledge into the inward state. And that is a man who accomplished rectitude or uprightness ascertain the signals are in Dickens, thereby desert deserving the Providence attribution, okay?

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The first limit is the submersion of the knowledge into the inward state submersion of the knowledge into the inward state does not mean that the knowledge

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is lost. It means that the knowledge is not necessarily accompanied by but the knowledge is now overwhelmed by the inward state.

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Because there is a difference between knowing and

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so the bottom line here is that he's trying to say that unless you act, upon your knowledge, your knowledge is when will lead you nowhere, it was hurting, you know, capital, if you don't act upon your knowledge, that's the bottom line. But what he's trying to say is that the knowledge becomes subservient to the inward state,

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consumed into the inward state.

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That is not to create a conflict between the knowledge and the inward state because it is important for us to realize that the best way after some of our spirituality or you know, purification of the soul was the way of the prophets of Solomon his companions and that is the they are that are beacons of light that will always look up to them, for their approach to everything, to armel. to,

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to salute to in action, in creed and in spirituality. We always look up to them. They were always sober.

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You know, even in their most intense spiritual experiences, they were always sober.

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They never created those dichotomies between between the interior and the exterior between the happy time the shrubbery or the realizations of the heart or the rest.

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Everything with them was seamlessly harmonious, you know, no conflict, no dichotomies at all. So there is no conflict between a lineman and hell, they should be in harmony. However, the chef is trying to say that there's a huge difference between the people who have the aisle.

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But their health is beneath their are ill, or even at the same level, he says that you will not get there until your head is up is higher than your ad. And that is when your atom is submerged into your head, you're not he will not be deserving of this macom until your Hal had surpassed theorises, which makes it even more difficult for people who have more

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to get into to be deserving of this McCombe. Because they will not be deserving until their oil

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is submerged into the hat.

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There is a difference between a physician who knows everything about diabetes, and a patient who is diabetic.

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You could describe the symptoms of diabetes, right.

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But that diabetic patient has a different awareness of those symptoms that you are describing. Isn't that isn't that true? So there is there is there, the this difference applies everything and it doesn't have to be just disease. You know, it could be health, it could be power could be this.

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So there is a difference between someone who describes and someone who is aware of the reality of what what is being described.

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The best sort of endocrinologist in the world will not have the same awareness of a diabetic patient concerning their symptoms. You know, this, this fellow feels it, you know, you you can sit down and describe to him how he's feeling. But you know, it will never be like his own awareness

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of his symptoms. So that's that's, you know, clear. The SEC says the rapid enemy API and it had we'll have the Roger katsafanas department accomplished rectitude or uprightness What the heck happened a Shara ascertained the signals. So his signals are always true.

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indicates indications are always true. And the point true stations and the point the true experience,

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not simply

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for status or happiness by thereby deserving the provenance, thereby preserving the provenance which is which Providence is attribution to Allah. Yeah, I bet. Hopefully.

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So yeah, I bet he that, that that all my servants

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is the highest attribution that you could ever aspire to right? To be called by a las panatela or my servant. That's the highest attribution that anyone can aspire to. for us. The hackles are hot and is thereby deserving the Providence

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adalja 270 as a shout out for guests, who have Roger on Yom Kippur animo Judy, when Cyril mamas who did well, so burnetii rasmi.

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Under the sunniest agricultural forecast for the second level is the submergence of the signals into the disclosure and that is a man who has gone to Quantico God speaks of his own finds where Cyril Muhammad who did mushroom walks along with his visions, while his sober onetti irassman and it does not feed his crude form.

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So the second element is the submergence of the signals into the disclosure. This is not someone who is pointing you know, with complete awareness, this is the one that someone who's submerged in cash after cash through realization of the heart by disclosure, that's divine disclosure. So Allah subhanaw taala immerses him in disclosures. So is the is there is no more pointing because he's in the middle of it

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and he speaks of his own fines.

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So when we

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With the point of that concept of before, there is a difference between someone who's speaking from a position of knowledge, and someone who's speaking from a position of awareness or experience. This person speaks of his own finds. He's not describing something that he did not taste.

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But he's only describing what he had already found. What he had already found.

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Where ciroma should he and he walks

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along with his visions.

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he, he's always seen the lights of the city, the lights of the destination.

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And if you're walking to the city, your hometown, your destination, seeing the lights of that city that is very different from someone who's walking with a map.

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Is that is that true or not? This person is always seeing the lights of the city on his travel. That's why it's zero mama Judy walks along with his vision,

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what his Subaru Coronavirus me and does not feel his crude form does not feel as good for the crude form is what you're that you're in a year, your absurdity your ego, your self. As long as it remains in your travel, you trip over it. You're obstructed by it, you're slowed down, you're distracted. It comes to you from the front from the sides from the back distracts you impedes your progress pulls you back, until you are not feeling it. So this one does not fit his credit for. But this one, remember when we talked about the third station being reserved for people who have attained

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self annihilation self-annihilation and we have always said that the greatest of the stations is the success the by Allah for Allah with Allah, that is the station of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the companions. They have always subsisted by Allah for Allah with Allah.

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And many of the masters of the past recognize this, but the station of finet has become more desirable to a large number of the masters of the path and we believe that the best

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guidance is that of the first community and

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they were, they have ascertained the or they were established in that station of subsisting by Allah for Allah with Allah. And we said before that going through fenetre, each two bapa may be needed by some people.

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But it may also not be needed. It's not necessary. But for some people, you do need the complete dissolution of the self to reach to the station of Baka which is the subsist the by Allah with Allah for Allah, you need to have first

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lost your ego so that when you regain it, it would be only by Allah for Allah with Allah is not necessary for everyone. It may not be necessary for everyone. But he says does not feel his crude form and meaning that there is still a form. No, we did not get into complete self annihilation yet. There is therefore a rudimentary form, still, like something that's faded out like complete is very thin, but it's still there. But for most of his journey, he's not feeding it. And it's not causing him it's not slowing him down. It is not impeding his progress. It's not distracting him because he is not feeding it while his Subaru and it rubs me and does not feel his crude form.

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Then he said what data to Sally says developer so I had some German Rajan Sameera and Warren Walia

00:29:27--> 00:29:45

Kala salmon and him and then a Roger to Sally says developer shall, via Jama. The third level is the submergence of the manifestations into the union. And that is a man who Sharmila to Anwar over the year was cloaked by the lights of divine and dissidents.

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

Fattah hyena who came in as a year so he gazed with open eyes into pre eternity for the fellow seminal human DNA and thus he got rid of the lower aspirations

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So this is the stage of finance that the GPU usually concludes with,

00:30:07--> 00:30:15

or the phase of finance, which is a degree in every station that the ship usually concludes with. So this man

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the first one, his knowledge was submerged into his inward state. The second one, the his signals were submerged into disclosures and the third one submergence of the manifestations into the union submersion of the manifestations into the union could refer to the manifestations of divine attributes.

00:30:40--> 00:30:44

The sort of the plurality, the variety

00:30:45--> 00:30:57

of divine attributes. Now, when submerged into the absurdity, the inia, does that have the divine so he's completely consumed into

00:30:58--> 00:31:04

this funnel into the divine annihilation into the divine, that the different manifestations

00:31:05--> 00:31:10

have subsided in his vision. And he's only seeing

00:31:12--> 00:31:28

the that the absurdity, but as we said, to recognize the variety in the Oneness is the highest of stations to be able to behold the variety in the Oneness in the unity of the that

00:31:29--> 00:31:55

is the highest station, because that is greater recognition that is more robust the recognition of your Lord, you're recognizing his oneness, the oneness of the that, but you are still able to behold all the qualities of perfection that your Lord has, and jabiru mallacoota and lava and Kibriya and

00:31:56--> 00:32:12

Rama and wood, cara, Jude, all of these manifestations that your Lord or have the qualities attributes, divine attributes, being able to be hold them apprehend all of this in your

00:32:14--> 00:32:30

absorption into the that the absurdity is more complete, is more complete, that is more robust recognition of the Divine Subhanallah Todd, and as we said, the way we do this is

00:32:32--> 00:32:40

to prime our understanding, with prime our understanding of the Divine with

00:32:42--> 00:32:56

his transcendence and incompatibility, transcend this an incompatibility. And then you allow the revelation to form your conception of him unimpeded by any

00:32:57--> 00:33:21

objections of abstract reasoning, philosophical arguments, just prime your understanding with his transcendence and incompatibility, and then allow the revelation now to flow unimpeded to form your conception of the Divine unimpeded by any sort of hidden, neatest,

00:33:23--> 00:33:31

rational inquiry. Certainly, empirical knowledge does not have any place here.

00:33:33--> 00:33:51

But also no innate is rational inquiry that would impede your acceptance of the dictates of the revelation as the supreme teller of the truth. Okay, so, as we said, You watch that variety, you behold the variety in the oneness.

00:33:53--> 00:34:32

But he's saying that this man, this man, like I said, throw the blanket and keep on, you know, extending the blanket go back back back to the point where Allah was, and the universe was not the Creator, the creations around this did not exist. So that is the point that he wants to take you back to. Once you have seen that cloaked by the lights of the vine antecedents, cloaked by the lights of the vine and dissidents, when a year then he gazed with open eyes into eternity.

00:34:33--> 00:34:47

Now, when you gaze into eternity with your open eyes, you're not seen by your eyes, you're seeing by sight, not your sight, come to some level, yes, Mojave avasarala. Do

00:34:48--> 00:34:57

you know I would be the hearing with what he hears, and the sight with which he sees and so on. So now,

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

not only that, you've lost your

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

Self but everything vanished. That is vanished ontologically or perceptually perceptually vanished from your perception, you know that in the extra mental reality, everything around you does exist. But in your mind advantaged because he traveled, the mentally traveled back to the point of to that point of eternity.

00:35:28--> 00:35:45

And now nothing exists around you, to distract you. And you're seeing with sight of Allah subhanaw taala you're hearing with a hearing of Allah subhanaw taala as as the Hadith says. So once you have reached that point,

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for the Kabbalah, seminal moment, then he does he gets rid of the lower aspirations, lower aspirations to him means everything other than

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as that everything other than the essence of the Lord. They say it's the essence of Allah subhanaw taala wanting Allah subhanho wa Taala

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anything else will be him at a lower aspiration. And as we said before, that there is no conflict here between us seeking paradise and seeking Allah subhanaw taala because we know that the best thing in Paradise is, you know, the holding our Lord being with our Lord. So that is the ultimate prize. Even in paradise. You know, how could you compare you know, like

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regardless of what the honey is not like our honey, nice, gentlemen adonia lol asthma, there is nothing in general, you know, that's comparable to this dunya except the names

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so the honey is not like the honey. But how would you compare any of these things to to be holding your Lord and being with your Lord, certainly all of that the national personnel, Ziad for those who excel that there will be a good reward and more the other is the you know, you're beholding of the Lord's Connaughton. So, it is applicable that does not mean that we have no interest in his reward.

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because it is not grateful to not to have to not have interest in his reward, but certainly our interest in his reward will fade out in our interest in his pleasure. For the quality of our stuff for the lady I'd like to

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show that lady lanceton forgotten