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The speakers discuss the use of "will" and "will" in relation to political and social conditions and how they relate to their own values. They stress the importance of avoiding false statements and recounting them to justify their actions. The concept of a "slacky station" is discussed, and the speakers stress the importance of recognizing the shaping of the body and avoiding "has been recommended" signs of loss of control or self-control. They also stress the importance of examining one's actions and not just trying to claim to be perfect.

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I'm also

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to proceed. Today inshallah, we will have the chapter of a sick or intoxication and chapter of heroin that we will finish that offense online. Such an effect

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on marriageable women or women that are forbidden to marry.

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Which you can also say men who are forbidden to marry.

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But First Baptist soccer or the station of a soccer one of the stations

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of determinism.

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By the Madhavi, who died in the year 481, after the Hydra, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he wrote this book

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about mathematics Luke or the station's man, as I said, in the Stations of the wayfarers.

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It's about the work that we do need to do on our foods or or in ourselves to advance in our journey to Allah subhana wa tada and he said that the journey that could be 1000 stations or more on this journey to Allah subhanaw taala, but he for the sake of brevity,

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only address 100 of those stations, and he divided them into 10 sections and each section is 10 stations. And this is Station Number 87. And we are in the section of

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which was a very advanced section. So any station in this section would be a very advanced station.

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The next section would be

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the endings expectedly. And it would have been stations as well. So Station Number 87, intoxication, Lima Moroccan Allah tada said, Palazzo del cholera, br any under a

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lot of mighty said, he said, that's in reference to masala Islam, my Lord, show me yourself that I may look at you, My Lord, show me yourself that I may look at you. So what's the relevance of this ayah

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may be subtle, but obviously, remember how he is saying that the man that musalla he said, he heard a lot talk to him.

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He got so excited

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that he lost sort of discernment that he now asked to see him. And if and that is basically because So good luck because lots of control lots of self control. Like how could you ask to see Allah.

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But when he heard a lot of talk to him, he got so excited that he lost self control and he asked to see him

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mandatory except a sucrose he haven't Bab is manjusha to be supported tomorrow give

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intoxication in this matter is a name that is used in reference to the loss of control or loss of self control. During the state of excitement therapy is it is basically a state of joy.

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A state of excitement that makes you a little bit unstable like makes you a little bit sort of

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not collected not to lose your composure, because you're so excited that you lose your composure. So he says that circuit intoxication in this matter is a name that is used the reference to the loss of control during the state of excitement.

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And, as an amendment claim, recommended law says and adapted. Soccer has never been mentioned with positive connotations in the book of a law the son of his messenger or even among the first community and they are beacons of light and guidance and they are sort of the most guided most learning that most guided peers that are most learning and most guided they have never talked about in a positive sense. So crowd always meant negative connotations. Whether it is the physical soccer or it is the mental psychological so emotional so so there is soccer shower and you know soccer,

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rock bash, greed, last etc. The different types of sucker that cause you to be intoxicated to be heedless.

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Later on,

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you know, it became like an established station. So what do we make of this? Do we reject to the station? Do we reject the No, we don't reject you reject the station because what they are referring to are valid meanings that these are valid concept, the concept that your excitement could lead you to a point where you actually lose control, or lose self control, it's a valid concept, and we will come back and see

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how valid it is. But then we look,

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you know, like I said, we're always reading our legacy, our heritage, the legacy of the scholars, our heritage, we're always reading it lovingly, and critically, right, lovingly and critically, but lovingly before critically, your approach is basically rooted in love, love, for the

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heritage, love for the tradition. And also, it is a discerning love.

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You know, and it has to be this discerning love because the the bearers of the tradition disagreed among themselves, like to say lovingly and uncritically it would not make sense. Because what if they disagreed among themselves, you will have to be able to discern between this and that, and you will have to choose something. And whatever you choose, you either choose on the basis of power, just simple bias, because it is a you know, you belong to this group, or you belong to that group, or you're, you feel like this is the right position or feel like this is the right thing. Or you base it on your whatever capacity you have, the certain discerning capacity that you have. And I

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think that it was the second would be better. Certainly, you know, we did not treat the rybovich the hab in any of these disciplines, whether it is in fact porn, or something of that nature, but you use your own capacity when they disagree, to choose that which you think you think and that is how you humble yourself. Because at the end of the day, you think

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what you think is closer to the intent of the legislator to the core and the Son and the way of the first community.

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So now, we do recognize that soccer as a

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term, is probably suboptimal. Because if it has not been used in the parameters and

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in a positive sense, has not been used by the first community in a positive sense, then it is suboptimal. Our slogan is always Locanda hydrolysable una la haven't been good, they would have beat us to it. The first community

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that has to be also be like, we have to think this rationally. So you can say, well, Saturday morning, they did not have a class on Saturday morning, and they were not sitting on chairs. And

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we're talking about approach here. We're not talking about technicalities, we're talking about their approach their like general understanding and the general approach to the poor and the sudden.

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So, it is optimal, but again, at the same time, what the chief is using it to refer to is a true valid station or a state that is true. It happens to some people and they refer to it as intoxication because there is some loss of self control in this particular station.

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Does that mean that this station being of the intersection of realities Does it mean that the station is

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is basically a

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unnecessary station to ascend to higher stations isn't the highest station

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in this respect to know the next station, the chief himself will say that the next station at a station at eight is called what? A saho. That is sobriety. So being sober to the sheikh himself is higher than being intoxicated. So let us agree on this, that the circuitry can be we can understand the circuit to be valid to be a lofty station for some people who may be much better than us, but they are inferior to the Sahaba who were always sober. The Sahaba were always

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sober they were not intoxicated, that we hear any shots of heart from the Sahaba those little sort of esoteric statements that they say in their spiritual trances, you know, the latter generations we hear from the heart from the mothers or Asians. And the way we like if you go back to the introduction, you will find me discussing the issue of SATA heart to heart or these esoteric statements. So when I was even with Tommy for instance, Rahim, Allah tala,

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you know, a master of the past, a great a great master of the path says so pennies of honey, well, that is that the head of this the apparent meaning of this is clearly a cough. So pennies a penny means the glory be to me, glory be to me. So, he is saying that he is God.

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And that is clearly

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Well, we will take a few steps back.

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Like Kamala said.

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So, Islam said that, given that we as it was generally agreed safe,

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given that was either bustani and he did not say all of this, but he found the excuse for abusing the bus stop he excuse them, he said that this was a chance, and that he would not be liable for what are the conditions, the main conditions are to one, generally speaking, you are a law abiding Sharia compliant shape

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to you say you make those utterances in a trance, and then you recount to them you take them back in your state of sobriety. You don't sit down after you come back from your chance, and sit down and write like a treatise on,

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on whatever statement or others you made and trying to justify it. Once you do this, this is not a trance. Once you sit down and try to sort of branch off from it and justify it, this is not a chance, and you will not be excusable, but these are the two conditions that they apply to have iezzi that are common law, they apply to a B, can you say that? Can you apply that same to nara anahola?

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Well, the problem here is that if Nora B and I do say Ramallah, if you're surprised, have not

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had extensively sort of written on these issues. So, you find that hard to justify what he wrote

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versus a statement by Javier de la, who just made a statement and we can do that and he will he would recount it when he comes back from the state of sir. Now, the reason why I say have an audible ally is some people say that these are these statements are materials that these writings are zoos. So, some of the things that cannot be justified, some of his followers say that they are much they are interpolated into his books, they are fabricated, they are interpreted, then it is not my business to judge him as a person, the this, this part of his legacy is extremely dangerous. Now, if this is not his, or if he if he recounted it and he repented, if it is not his mud shoes, or he

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canceled or he repented, then he may be one of the greatest out there. And it is not, you know, I have I have

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I don't wish for any Muslim anything other than gender. So that is not my problem.

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My problem is that these writings are dangerous, I can justify them as I justify what he said because I was either Kamala said what he said in a trance and it is quite obvious that he would recount it

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and he was would otherwise be Sharia compliant. Do you know that

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a mayor Amala used to

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honor Edna how to be a great deal he used to love him not to be honor. Bobby, you have an RV, by the way, is absolutely in his

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in his Arpita in terms of the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala is and the you know, many of them, I mean, they accuse him of being a Harry and his, his literalism because he was like Harry in fact and they say that his literalism and you know

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Basically hurt his understanding of our pizza because he continued to be a literalist also, and his understanding of it, then they had wished he would not, he would so even if they may allow us to honor him, and tell him that it became clear to me that he made such statements and

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or that that he had such positions that were irreconcilable with the Quran and Sunnah by no means are the reconcilable so

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has anything in common law says, certain reports may come to you and can cause you to be confident in their truth and their veracity and then you act upon them, even when it comes to the Quran and Sunnah. Certain reports can come to someone through Tabata concurrence, and come to someone through singular, basically, chains. So the person who heard those reports through concurrence, he would have certainty in them, the person who heard that those reports the same reports, through singular chains, he may not have certainty in them. So what happened is that for him on what he heard what he came to know about him not to be just like, it is not the setup he had.

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He says that the lies of novoselov recanted his position about the hobby later in his life. But at the end of the day, the idea here, the idea here is that salon was extremely critical of ethnography, and many people are were critical of an RV and it's not limited on values because actually home values they should have some affinity to him because he was a authority

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in his scripture list in his archy that particularly when it comes to the names and attributes of God, but the the

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the it was not eliminated the combat is it was Japanese was Chinese and so on, who were extremely antagonistic towards nada B because of what we heard about him. Now he you know, so whatever it be heard, so as of now said on first heard

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bad things, and then he heard some good things. So he may have changed his position. That's what CTR common law says. He may have not because what is confirmed, criminalized when I've said earlier, extreme criticism of anatomy.

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He says that he is like, a person who does not, you know,

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like moholoholo Hello, Harmony does not antinomian like, Antonio, meaning anti law

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does not recognize how Dallas has cut out or harvest haram and so on. But

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but then maybe he changed his position with me, I initially used to love an RV and value emigrate D. And then he changed his position based on what he came to know,

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to judge the person himself, you probably don't need to do this, what you need to be able to do is to recognize that these statements, that these positions are irreconcilable with the operands and irreconcilable with a way of the first community, we reject them totally, categorically entirely. And then we leave the person

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the judgment of the person to Allah subhanaw taala. If they were in fact muscles, if they were in fact fabricated against them, then then he may have been one of the greatest out there and then we don't need

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to basically have animosity towards him.

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Or if he repented, then he you know, then he inshallah would be forgiven and and that's it. If he continued to say them, then that's the different story. But since we we have no ability to be certain and repented was that was what have you wished? And that is why he

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said that we hope that we wish that he had recanted those positions and repented from them and use

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them. So. So the idea here is, you do want to be able to recognize what is executable as a state of soak, like what we

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had said. And what goes beyond this state of soak is a brief chance. You come out of it and you recant what you said.

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And, in general, you would be otherwise

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orthodox in your and compliant with the Sharia.

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In your beliefs and in your practices as HDFS either him or laoise

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Okay, so so creepy have a bed this morning shadow be in a supported amount of photography intoxication in this matter is a name that is used the reference to the loss of control or self control during the state of excitement.

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We have been recommended to be in it is not the best station suppose sobriety is the better station, soco is the station of the Sahaba and we seek and we aspire to imitate the Sahaba hold the time, because they were

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the best of this nation. He says then we have them in micromatic will have been accosted in Isla Taku women as Isla de la Tableau

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it is of the stations of the lovers in particular because the certainties of financial self-annihilation don't accept it and the stations of knowledge don't reach it. So are you in infinite a lot of battle here?

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Are you one means the eyes It means here the certainties the true reality is the inner core sort of

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so infinite, that does not accept so

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is it understandable?

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Because for itself validation,

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you don't perceive yourself to perceive excitement? You're like you vanished perceptually perceptually, not ontologically perceptually that is an absolute, that's the only thing you vanish perceptually so if you're not perceiving yourself, how could you be excited if you don't have perception of the self? So he said, When are you gonna find a lot of

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women as either the enemy letter blue and the stations of knowledge don't reach it, ominous, Malacca blue and the stations of knowledge do not reach

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the stations of knowledge, don't reach it, because why not? That is not a criticism of knowledge, he is not trying to disparage knowledge, because he does not you know, she was a scholar himself was a combative scholar himself. So it is not trying to disparage knowledge. But he whenever he talks about knowledge in a way that you think may be disparaging,

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he's talking about knowledge that is not accompanied by head,

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state that does not produce an interstate that's congruent with that knowledge. So it is the knowledge of the exterior only. It is the information. It is the intellectual sort of component of knowledge, the information that you store in your mind, and certainly, certainly, certainly, the element of love is different from the hell of love. Isn't that true? You could know about love, but you may not have had of love is to be a lover of love is to know about love. You could sit down and read like so many chapter you could talk about love.

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You know, like the best preacher ever. You could talk about love, like Adnan Josie, for instance. And you'd have none none of it because the talk is completely different from

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walking your dog or

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having the hand that is congruent with this thought. So and the stations of knowledge do not reach it.

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There are three signs or you could say that, you know, the it doesn't have to be like a hypocrite. It could be a person of knowledge, but he is he does not have

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the appropriate had to reach the level of smoke

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or intoxication. Then the GX said what is sukriti lasala? Math there are three signs for intoxication.

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The first of the 400 externality we'll cover what are the most

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of the quantities the value will cover what are the cause there are three signs of intoxication, one aversion to occupation with reports occupations to help cover occupation with reports and, you know, transmitted reports, scriptural reports that are transmitted. So the kind of stuff about aversion to occupation with reports what the mocha was worth with perfect veneration, you know, validation is established or so perfect veneration it means that you revere you respect the bar,

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but you have aversion to hearing them but this problematic, right. And as an amount of time, Rahim Allah and medabots points out that to hear about your beloved

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To hear about and from your beloved is the joy of the believer. How could we not enjoy hearing about and from our most beloved, that's the joy of the believer. Okay, so let's try to reconcile it here. The shake is probably meaning one of two things.

00:25:24--> 00:25:33

This occupation was reports could sometimes divert you from a service of Your Beloved, that is more important

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than listening to reports. And sometimes the people who are occupied with reports, they just want to listen to reports. They want to listen to subtleties, you know, and they want to talk about, you know, it's not enough now is and require this Maven is from the Mediterranean. And what might happen is from the Hijazi, when it's made of NIOSH reports from the 70s and 80s, magic words are Jazzy, and they want to get into the technicalities, and so on and so forth. And there could be a fire next door, and they wouldn't trying to put it off

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or the you know, there could be a service like another service, that is more important than sort of hearing the technicalities of us might have and is and so on. And they would not they would consume the into their studies there or they consumed into their sort of hearing of reports, and they would ignore or neglect another service that is more virtuous in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala.

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You know, to basically serve your your parents to do this, there are many things. So the reports should have made them more deserving, should have made them

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basically more

00:26:56--> 00:27:15

capable of prioritizing, but they were not. So that that would be the aversion to this occupation, it is the excessive occupation with reports that may divert you from something that would be most more noble than hear at the hearing of reports. Also, they could have a version to occupation with reports if the conduit was pretentious,

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you know, so to sit down and hear like someone preaching about you know, this or that and he just like they are not really living up to it. Or you feel that the teaching gets pretentious, he does become a little uncomfortable, you have this aversion

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to the to the knowledge not because you are uncomfortable with the knowledge itself with the reports from

00:27:46--> 00:27:53

Allah and His Messenger, but because the conduit is not the appropriate conduit.

00:27:55--> 00:28:18

Then the sheikh said So first, Allah or sign up Soca is the panelists development coverage of the Makarem aversion to occupation reports with perfect veneration, walk the hammer at the McDonald's, walk the harmonica to sell macaroni, sailing through the middle of the ocean of yearning. And we talked about the station of yearning before

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with proper perpetual establishment that is establishment in the indications of knowledge that is establishment in your

00:28:29--> 00:28:33

practice and your the indications of knowledge.

00:28:35--> 00:28:40

So, sailing through the middle of the ocean of yearning to the beloved

00:28:41--> 00:28:49

will not cause you to lose your establishment the McCaughan and indications of knowledge.

00:28:53--> 00:29:14

And then the third one is the batteries rule was Abraham and drowning in the sea of bliss with the struck patients drowning in a sea of bliss with the struck patience. Now he drowned. So first, he said through the middle of the ocean, now he drowned in the sea of bliss

00:29:15--> 00:29:25

was Sabra. Mm hmm. And from her man, it's when you're distraught, sort of perplexed. So he lost patience. In other words,

00:29:27--> 00:29:41

like his pursuit of the Hereafter, his pursuit of his beloved made him lose patience. So now he drowned in the, you know, ocean of yearning in the sea of bliss, as he calls it.

00:29:42--> 00:29:51

Once you have the hierarchy, he's done with the three signs and then he says, well, Matthew, I have a higher tone tone, Hallo smooth sukriti hella.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

Anything aside from that is a mere confusion hierarchy that is ignorantly referred to as

00:30:00--> 00:30:47

intoxication ignorantly referred to as intoxication. So So, you know, don't pretend to be sacrum because you're probably not there in any of these stations. So it not anyone who's just confused or perplexed or anyone who's lost. discernment is sacred, this is a very high station, that when you lose the American, you don't even need to cross the station to get to the higher station of sofware sobriety which is the station of Sahaba. So but but any but the problem is, and that is why that's what gave a bad name to Sufism is that there are so many claimants, so many other so many claimants that just corrupted the

00:30:48--> 00:30:55

it's not a discipline like and scientific discipline, but the whole sort of image.

00:30:56--> 00:31:00

Because there were so many claimants that had it so much, and

00:31:03--> 00:31:14

that that cultish following God, one se, is, is, is just like an amazing thing. It keeps on hurting people day after day.

00:31:15--> 00:31:24

When you when you say to the masses, you should be like a dead person in the hands of your safe. Who's your washer,

00:31:26--> 00:31:50

you are like a dead person in the hands of the safe. And then we keep on talking about good checks and bad checks. So if you realize that there are bad checks, why are you basically sacrificing legions of Muslims so that they can discover after 10 years or 15 years of their life, that they that it was a bad faith that exploited them, that hurt to them?

00:31:52--> 00:32:14

Whoever said of the you know, the prophet or the Sahaba, or whatever you never say, say that you should beat yourself like a madman, Adam was sitting like a dead person in the hands of the washer. None of them said that. Whoever said that you have to take one Shere Khan, you don't listen to anyone. None of them said that they do it. None of them did.

00:32:15--> 00:32:54

They were obviously open to and Heckman wherever it comes from. Yes, they have a main shape. Many of them have the main shift that is for sure. But they It was not an exclusive thing. And they weren't, they were not told to lose your discernment. Keep your keep your intellect out by the door. You do this only with a lot of pinata Allah in one sense, you want your intellect with you inside so that you could understand what the law says. But not so that you could argue or so that you could sort of discern what is what I'm getting better because of that. And you're the

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the word of your Lord has been, has been fulfilled in truth and justice. So we do accept everything, every hover accept every armor as odd from our Lord. But we still don't even need our intellect there. But when it comes to people, we we we keep our intellect to understand what they're saying. And to also verify that it is right. It is also the verify that they are right.

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So it is. So because there are many claimants that corrupted the image of the past, then we have these problems. And we have the people who were excessive and rejecting everything. And the people who continue because they have seen the good in the past. They continue to commit to everything, even some of the you know statements and some of the

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some of the practices that are not traceable to the first community. And that is the dilemma that we live in. So the only way that we

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enjoy benefiting and the only way that we can benefit from the masters of the past is to examine everything lovingly and critically. And

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that's that's the proper way proper way. Anyway, so it is not about confusion. It is not about you know, acting insane. Does that used to be like people grew up in Muslim countries, you find a lot of people that were

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just like typically

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they truly have a mental disorder. And then you find the people thinking that they are in a trance like a prolonged trance, and they are, how they are and so on and so forth. And for those people who truly have mental disorder, the more confused they are, the more weird or awkward the content of their thought is. They become

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More venerated and sort of more respected, because they're really deep in so they're really really deep intoxication. And that destroys the dean because then we have no

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sort of parameters to go by.

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So logic says anything aside from that is a mere confusion that is ignorantly referred to as intoxication. Oh hi Amanda Newsome. ebizmedia Ron Hira turn. harrowsmith soekris matsuki Jalan Oh hey, Amanda new some ebizmedia

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or mystification that is unjustifiably given its name, he consider as Mr. mystification, a lower station, but soccer to him is a higher station.

00:35:45--> 00:36:01

Well, Matthew, I've added for coluna piddle basa, Erica soccer and heresy or soccer in Geneva. So Croatia, anything aside from that is inconsistent with true insight, such as the intoxication of greed, the intoxication of ignorance and the intoxication of lust.

00:36:03--> 00:36:31

Anything aside from that is inconsistent with true insight, such as the intoxication of greed, the intoxication of ignorance and the intoxication of lust or desires, vain desires. And the intoxication of greed could even be greed for spiritual fulfillment. You know, sometimes people want to reach a level, sort of, they're looking for spiritual fulfillment or even as spiritual supremacy.

00:36:33--> 00:36:37

And that is greed for something. That is greed for the donor, by the way.

00:36:39--> 00:36:49

It is not the pleasure of Allah that is intended, they want to have karma, they want to have trances. They want to have those feelings, ages, like

00:36:50--> 00:37:14

they want to have them in dystonia to enjoy them and dystonia, that is part of the donia It is not that they want ultimately, the pleasure of Allah and the pleasure of Allah alone, but they want and then some people you know, can pray night prayers, like for a month, and then then they would be waiting for everybody that now the spiritual importance, you know, okay, now send me something.

00:37:15--> 00:37:16

And those people can actually be,

00:37:18--> 00:37:19

they can be

00:37:21--> 00:37:22

your family,

00:37:23--> 00:37:44

they can become misguided, or they can lose hope, or they can become desperate because they feel like you know, I've been praying in the night prayers for two months now. And I'm still not getting the those worry that that people are talking about, it must not be true, where is the experience of faith that people are talking about, and the worry data and all of that?

00:37:46--> 00:38:16

That is because in the first place, you are doing this so that you could feel something you're not doing this to please Allah subhanaw taala you're doing it so that you could have the spiritual fulfillment, and that is retort adonia that is not excellence in his service. That is your greed for the Dhoni, but you are a little bit better and smarter than the people who are who have greed for like a good meal or you know, this or that.

00:38:17--> 00:38:51

You recognize that spirituality is more important than, you know, those lower desires, you're better yet a little bit better off but you're not at all there. Because the people who serve Allah subhanaw taala the serve am not expecting any compensation in this dunya they're just seeking His pleasure. And those are the people that Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased with and who will eventually have spiritual fulfillment probably have suffered a lot yeah, like it was critical of Mohammed inshallah. Lance. today. It's good that we finished